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Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania(2012)

It's official - Adam Sandler is at his funniest when he's animated and you can't see him....or at least that's the theory that this movie proposes, and it's a damn good one. The whole cast is brilliant and every character gets at least one scene they can shine in, from The Wolfman's clearing of sheep in a road to The Creature's (that being Frankenstein's monster, who really isn't ever named so don't call him Frankenstein cuz that's his creator not him) arguing with his limbs. The songs are all good and performed in-studio, which really helps the performance aspect of them, and even though there's one of those "We're all happy!" big song-and-dance numbers at the end, it feels like a good fit. Andy Samberg's guy does kind of get on your nerves at (frequent) times, but once we enter the home stretch and him and Drac start warming up to each other, that stops and you can just sit back and enjoy this Halloweenie great with or without kids while maybe even watching it accompanied by kids.