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Dirty Girl

Dirty Girl(2011)

A hilarious and emotional tale of two loser freaks. Juno Temple and Jeremy Dozier shine in the story of Clarke and Danielle, two misfits who get partnered on a flour child assignment and after blowing off both sets of parents go searching for her biological father and end up finding themselves (it's less corny than I make it sound). Both of the leads show incredible talent, and the script rocks with every emotion conceivable. Special mention needs to go to the costume and makeup designer, who manage to match Danielle's evolving personality to her look in every scene, and to the director.....or at least, to the crew member who had the bright idea to give Joan the flour bag a changing marker face that nearly makes her as much an active character as any human in the cast. Also worth noting are the roles of the parents, played with a unique perfection by Dwight Yoakam (Clarke's dad), Mary Steenburgen (Clarke's mom), William H. Macy (Danielle's stepdad-to-be), and an unexpectedly impressive Milla Jovovich (Danielle's mom) and Tim McGraw (Danielle's absent biological father, who pops up for a brief but heavy role near the end). This is a movie that's so full of love and laughter that you'll be crying tears of pain one minute and joy the next, which makes this one of the best movies that you could hope to see.