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Jack Reacher

Jack Reacher(2012)

What do you get when you cross Ethan Hunt with John McClane and throw in a good dose of Frank Castle for good measure? Probably someone who looks a lot like jack reacher. There's never really any worry about whether or not things will work out for him because he's so badass that things just kind of fall into place for him, logic be damned. Tom Cruise may or may not be the right guy to play him, but he is definitely one of the more awesome characters to come onscreen this year. All the other characters are pretty much reduced to walk-ons by the presence of his greatness, and the idea of a romantic plot is pretty much torn to shreds. There are a few memorable setpieces to keep things interesting, and the story does have you question motivations and sides of some characters, but the sheer badassity of Reacher keeps there from being any concern over him, and in a movie like this, that kinda works against its favor. The script also contains a few laughs at the expense of audience expectations and the final setpiece is almost devoid of music which actually makes it better, but overall, it's basically Die Hard crossed with Mission: Impossible, only not as good as either.