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Les MisÚrables

Les MisÚrables(2012)

I am somewhat pissed at the academy. Why? Because the cutoff date for Oscar nominations was already passed by the time this beauty came out. Granted, that may be for the best, since otherwise Lincoln might lose out on some awards it really deserves, like best supporting actress (Anne Hathaway), best actor (Hugh Jackman, best director (Tom Hooper), best adapted screenplay (duh), best set design, best costume design, and best picture. I was crying at multiple points throughout this thing, despite my best efforts to stay strong. Granted I wasn't a huge fan of his decision to have extreme closeups for the majority of the singing shots since people emote with their body as well as their face, but compared with everything else that's a pretty minor quibble. The whole cast turned in magnificent performances on both singing and acting fronts, and I was pleasantly surprised by Russel Crowe, who managed to not disappoint as Javert, although I still question his singing ability some despite the greatness of his performance. While there are moments that the bombast of the film feels a little overpowering, it never detracts from the performances, especially in such moments as "Master of the House" which has a bunch of little jokes occuring throughout the whole song. The whole production is impeccably mounted and should serve as a model for how Broadway musical adaptations should be done. (talking to you, Rent....)