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4 years ago via Flixster
Taken 2

Taken 2(2012) After a great first entry, the producers - prehaps unsurprisingly - felt the need to revisit Bryan Mills a year or two after he rescued his daughter, who is surprisingly upbeat and non-psycholigically damaged for someone who was nearly sold into sex slavery. Although the motivations for the villains follow well, the resultant actions everyone - on both sides - takes are highly suspect, leaving several spots where the viewer is able to think of something that would have made a much better movie. Even with all that, though, that could have been saved by a reworked ending:

1 - Mills doesn't kill the main guy (excellent performance by him, by the way) and after Mills's speech he instead turns the gun on himself instead, giving things a sense of drama and sorrow that could have made the film better than it actually is, or....

2 - After the above scene, there's a bit where Bryan finally meets his daughter's new boyfriend, who has been mentioned but never seen or heard. During the above scene the bad guy mentioned how he still had a son left, and if that son actually happened to be the "boyfriend" of Kim, well....that would explain a few things about the movie and would make for a good last scene too, possibly.

Sadly, they did neither of those, and what we're left dreck.