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Brent's Review of Carrie

4 years ago via Flixster


This movie can best be reviewed in several levels. First off, the performances by Moretz and Moore are fantastic, giving legitimacy both to the mother-daughter relationship between the two and to the extreme religiosity (Moore) and hurt-fueled anger (Moretz) of the two female leads. Second, for Stephen King fans, things do stay quite close to the book, with some updates made for new advances in cyber-bullying. As far as the movie itself goes, it's entertaining enough but doesn't exactly stick with you, so you'll likely be hard-pressed to remember anything major about it once a few hours have passed. The girls bullying Carrie seem to have gotten their degree in sadism given how determined they are and how much they enjoy this (I swear at one point the girl playing Chris actually cackled). Mostly it was a good time, though, so even if it was forgettable I still feel comfortable recommending this to anyone looking for a quick-and-fun run at the theater.