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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


And so continues Jennifer's Aniston's quest to co-star with the most successful silver screen comedian of the hour: "Along Came Polly" (Stiller), "The Break Up" (Vaughn), "Marley and Me" (O. Wilson), "Bruce Almighty" (Carey), "Just Go With It" (Sandler), "The Switch" (Bateman). Trust me, even as time goes by and Aniston gets "older", we don't mind and can't tell. I'd consider all the above films to be categorized as quintessential romantic comedies, each holding their own weight but generally headed in the same direction. So, naturally, I expected the same going into Rudd's experiment with Wanderlust. However, what separated Wanderlust from the rest of the pack can be said with one word and this review can be altogether wrapped up, Apatow. Apatow's injection of his own brand of humor made Wanderlust a comedic roller coaster that left me thinking that I should start shedding my worldly possessions. Although sometimes over the top (typical Apatow), this dive into a hippie commune in rural Georgia was pleasant and strung together nicely by a nice chemistry delivered by the Rudd/Aniston team.