KennethElliott's Rating of Brave

Kenneth's Review of Brave

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


I was torn in half watching this. One the good side, the film prevents a central female protagonist, (unique to the Boy's Cub at Emeryville.) The CG medievel world of Scotland is lush, mysterious, and moody, a refreshing change from the studio's focus on the hip iphone world; the directors' choice to present a strong-willed, middle-aged mom is also a thing sorely needed in animation. However, on the bad side, I felt that filmmakers squandered Merrida's potential by making her a selfish brat most of the time; the message was less "be strong and find your way," and more: "follow your elders and maybe good things will happen," which put me off. On a final note, I wanted to see Merrida actually use her bow and arrow to solve problems, not create them.