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Pixels (2015)
1 day ago via Movies on iPhone

Prefaced by the fact that the standard for an Adam Sandler movie has dropped significantly over the last decade... this movie was okay. There wasn't too much forced charisma from Sandler (tho the love sub-plot was a little annoying). The charm of he movie was the 80's references and video game characters (pixels) that kept me smiling. Alright movie to kill 90min.

Chappie (2015)
11 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I gave it 3 stars because I suspect I will appreciate it more with time. However, I was irritated watching it because it didn't seem to know what kind of film it wanted to be. It sets the foundation for a philosophical exploration, then has a cute robot they seem to be selling to kids, then it becomes an action/gangster film, and finally a bit of a thriller. Totally lacked flow and pacing was awkward. Film was also a little long, and I didn't 'get it' (what the message of the film is meant to be).

Spider-Man: Homecoming
11 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This version of Spider-Man is the closest to the comics I read in the 70's/80s- playful, innocent and 'friendly neighbourhood' Spider-Man. For this reason, I was bothered a bit by his new suit from Stark (which had competed interface a bit too much like Iron Man), and his lack of Spidey sense. But overall, great characters, pacing and good storyline.

Rodney King
Rodney King (2017)
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Not really what I was expecting (wasn't a documentary, but a one man show). Surprisingly, the man and his slam poetry type performance managed to keep my attention for most of the show. Some heavy moments/topics,and well delivered.

San Andreas
San Andreas (2015)
23 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Very weak/thin characters, and the Rock 'acts' straight-faced (when the movie mighta been more bearable if he used some of his charisma). The story is non-existent almost: there is a premise that ties together all the action scenes. There really isn't much flow either: the movie just seems like a series of closing scenes where a big 'life or death' event starts, tension mounts and there is a big relief as characters escape with their lives (that's when the overdone special effects aren't resulting in hundreds of casualties). And the intense score thought all these scenes also gets pretty tiresome.