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In Her Skin
In Her Skin(2011)

Ruth Bradley is so ridiculously good in this movie. The Australians are pretty much dominating cinema right now.

On the Road
On the Road(2012)

Was expecting it to in no way hold up and that Salles was crazy even to try this. Also thought it would damage the purity of how people find this book. I was totally wrong. Salles captures the spirit of the novel and for me it was like re-experiencing my own discovery of Kerouac and that world, but this time through film. Hedlund, I thought, nailed it. The critics are destroying him, but these are not people I expect to understand the spirit of Dean anyway.

Englar alheimsins (Angels of the Universe)

One of the most beautiful films of all time. The composer should have won the Nobel prize.

Dolphin Tale
Dolphin Tale(2011)

After a terrorist attack at Sea World (it's called Fish World in the movie) a little kid saves a talking dolphin (Morgan Freeman) and takes it home to live in his pool in Reseda. Homeland Security agents (Kristofferson and Judd) are staked out next door surveilling a suspected serial killer (Harry Connick Jr. in his most eerie and chilling performance since Copycat) and soon catch wind there's a talking dolphin (the great Morgan Freeman). PETA activists, angry neighbors, and more Feds show up and just won't leave the dolphin (again, portrayed by Oscar-winning icon Morgan Freeman) alone. But when it turns out the dolphin is really God and Connick Jr. wants to barbeque him is when this tale goes truly biblical. And it's based on a true fucking story. Rent it!

Red Riding Trilogy

Really well put together, well acted, etc, but not anything like the advertisements. Amanda Seyfried is nowhere to be found, unless that's how the filmmakers intended it. Also, there's no wolf, despite what the poster makes you think. Not sure what the marketing people were thinking, but it's still quite a good trilogy.

Essential Killing

Terrorist Mohammed (Vincent Gallo, who should have played Manson and should have played Christ and come to think of it, should still play them and it should be one movie), dodges American operatives and battles nature in all sorts of weather conditions without saying a word the entire film. If you're in the mood for a silent action movie, look no further.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Tilda Swinton knocks it way out of the park in this poignant drama that chronicles the difficulties of raising a gay, obese child in suburban America. Swinton's currently in production on "They Call Me Herman," where she plays the reclusive and often misunderstood author of Moby Dick. Who knows, this might be her year. John O'Reilly is also terrific as Kevin's Tourrette-afflicted guidance counselor.


A regurgitation of a very tired premise. It starts out promising, stylish, and quickly becomes a snore-fest. Disappointing because Soderbergh and Dobbs have made a fierce combo in the past. The great Fasssbender couldn't even save this disaster.

Megan Is Missing

About midway through this film is when you'll realize it's brilliant. What makes this film so disturbing pretty much comes down to 3 very quick shots, everything else is left in the negative space of your imagination. As far as found footage movies go, this one is very well crafted.

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

Part 3 is a masterpiece

The Snowtown Murders

Zach Galifianakis gave the performance of a lifetime in this movie. The extent to which he's possessed by his character recalls Hoffman in Capote, or Pacino in Godfather 2. One can only imagine how challenging it must have been to maintain a virtually flawless Australian accent while embodying the very soul of that country's most notorious serial killer.

War of the Worlds

Ask yourself why he's always running TOWARD the spaceship.