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For Your Eyes Only

For Your Eyes Only(1981)

(3 1/2 Stars) For Your Eyes Only has one of the best opening scenes and original songs of the whole James Bond franchise. It goes for a more serious approach than Moonraker and Live and Let Die to mixed results. A lot of these somber elements are pretty great, but feel a little odd seeing Roger Moore do them. It feels like a Connery screenplay with Moore as Bond.

There are a few underwater scenes (which dragged Thunderball down) and the climax isn't as good as most James Bond movies; it feels a bit long. There's a lot of rock climbing and a surprisingly small amount of bad guys Bond dispatches. And there's a weird side story involving a seductive figure skater and Bond that makes it feel like we're in another movie. But there are a lot of positives with For Your Eyes Only: the action scenes are pretty good, the Bond girl (Carole Bouquet) is good, and I can't say I'm bored by it.