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4 years ago via Flixster
Taken 2

Taken 2(2012)

(3 1/2 Stars) I think many people expected Taken 2 to be an inferior sequel simply for the plot... how many times can someone be taken? Actually, the plot isn't why I think Taken 2 is inferior: it's the sometimes odd editing, the sometimes dubstep soundtrack, and the action isn't as good as the first. That being said, I still like Taken 2 because Liam Neeson is one hell of an action star.

The bad guys in Taken 2 are getting revenge for the nameless thugs killed in the first; this is a mostly believable plot. The action is okay, although it's surprising how much of it is put on Neeson's inexperienced daughter (Maggie Grace); you wonder why she gets to drive in the movie's big car chase sequence. And the editing is distracting sometimes... I remember one scene where Neeson meets his daughter's boyfriend and they cut between three or four different angles in about three seconds.

The first Taken is an escapist thriller and 2 is a second-fiddle of that. Unrealistic, sure... but so was the first. I'd happily see a Taken 3 any day though.