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After Earth

After Earth(2013)

(1 Star) It's kind of stupefying how After Earth is both silly and boring... most bad movies are either one or the other. It all starts with Kitai Raige's (Jaden Smith) bizarre, indescribable accent and it gets worse from there. This movie has noticeably bad green screen work, obvious film gaffes, a mix of over and underacting, and general "seen this before." I hate to jump on the M. Night Shyamalan hate-wagon, but this movie isn't going to help him get back in anyone's good graces.

I'm not sure if this is supposed to be an environmental film or alien invasion film, but one thing's for sure: neither is very well done. Supposedly, humans left earth because we suck at protecting the environment (when will we foolish humans ever learn?)... this is told in less than thirty seconds and with stock footage, so apparently, who cares? Then there's the alien invasion angle, where aliens kill people because they can smell their fear. If they do not fear, they are invisible to aliens. So General Cypher Raige (Will Smith) is a man with zero fear and is able to destroy the aliens easily since the aliens literally cannot see him... training an army of men is a good idea to fight your fear-hungered alien war OR YOU COULD JUST MAKE ANDROIDS TO DISPATCH SAID ALIENS!! Warp travel is possible, but the production of fearless humanoids to destroy aliens is not?

There's barely anything to praise in After Earth because action and survival in nature has been done way better, specifically in Avatar. Oblivion came out the same year as After Earth, which does everything better and even that movie is pretty tepid. I guess if you want to watch it, it's possible to have a little fun with it, but only if you're in the mood.