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The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

makes me cry everytime. sad to see what most peoples last days of old age has in store for us.

50 First Dates

very romantic and cute. perfect first movie watching together date thing.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

freaking johnny depp plays a brilliant wierdo in this movie.

The Incredibles

super cool i used to watch this one a zillion times a week!

Kill Bill: Volume 1

i want a cat named beatrix kiddo. and ill call her kiddo.


he hits it on the bullseye with what women want!

Scary Movie
Scary Movie(2000)

these movies are never really that funny.

8 Mile
8 Mile(2002)

a stupid waste of 2 hours of my life

The Ring
The Ring(2002)

makes me scream. wanna own it.

A Walk to Remember

sad but a beautiful story.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

very rough sexy movie.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

very adorable movie.


i cry every time. not necessarily when jack goes but at the end when you see she lived her life.

Meet the Fockers

i want to be mrs. focker!