WilliamHolt's Rating of Arbitrage

William's Review of Arbitrage

4 years ago via Flixster


The only time in cinematic history that "fraudulent conveyance" was used, correctly to boot. But a pretty paint-by-numbers financial thriller. Not bad, but not great - it falls well short of something like Michael Clayton. I got distracted picking nits with some of the details: Gere's trading firm founder/financial superstar is on the cover of Forbes, known by everyone, but he is running a firm an order of magnitude smaller than Madoff's, something with $5bn or so in assets under management and worth $500mm or in a sale in the world of this movie, a lot of money, but a pipsqueak in terms of the size of influential funds or people who manage money. It's actually one third the size of the commodities hedge fund run by the director's dad, Henry Jarecki, a firm that was sold to Nuveen. These guys should know better. Graydon Carter of Vanity Fair and Lapham's has a cameo wherein he exhibits anti-charisma as a financial impresario of some sort. Also, Laetitia Casta of all people plays Gere's mistress.