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Wiener-Dog (2016)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This is what pretentious fop would taste like. Dead pan acting set to maximum for ultimate effect. Crude and ridiculous humour on top and a side of depressing stories with dark characters so it shows realism. Oh yeah There is a dog in it too. Just enough to signify the title of the movie. The dog plays no role in this film but to push you out of one story and into the next. There is however one scene where the dog plays with a child in slow motion. Probably the only amount of emotion in this film. It even has has-been actors playing has-been characters. Hey first world story tellers, please stop thinking your views on life and humanity are important lessons to be heard.

Logan (2017)
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Is this the best Wolverine movie? Yes, but that's not saying much. Is it the best X-men movie? It is definitely a very strong contender. One could even argue that it is a great superhero movie. But the story of Logan is nothing new. It is a cliche post apocalyptic/road trip movie starring mutants.

The scenario of wanderers escaping to a promised land is not unique in a post apocalyptic film, in fact that's usually how the story goes. But the movie pulls on your emotional strings knowing that the two main protagonists, Xavier and Logan, have been in plenty of films before this. (plenty of disconnected films that is) And to see them in their old age, crippled and withered makes you want to watch how they handle this future setting. But the movie sets itself so much to be a great send off for Hugh Jackman's Wolverine, it succeeds in showing you a huge story arch for that one character and no real plot for anything else. The threat to mutants still exists, the girl who needs a father figure has to settle for a grumpy chauffeur instead. And now the universe set up in the film shall carry on as usual. The antagonists here seem to just be playful obstacles that entertain us with many sharp objects going through faces. But they seem very non-threatening to the likes of the two most powerful mutants in the X-men franchise. They even take a step back as the child X-23 growls in front of them. There is a bigger more recognisable baddie that comes to destroy wolverine in the end, showing us some deep symbolism of Logan's inner battles.. but it also just looks like an over the top grande finale for Hugh Jackman. I would have loved to see Wolverine grow from here to becoming something he has always been striving to be in previous films but it ends instead with a long drawn out good bye. In the end you get closure for Wolverine and a lot of severed heads.. some will love this but I personally wanted more.