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According To Greta
5 hours ago via Movies on iPhone

One of the better roles i have seen Hilary Duff in. I was expecting just a nice teen type movie out of this, but it was a little darker than I expected, and deals with some serious issues. Of course it does not delve as deeply in as it could do, as I think they were still aiming at a teen audience here, and it does of course, tie up neatly by the end, which it probably wouldn't really in real life, but still quite a good film I think.

Rewatch 2017 - well, it's obvious I'm 10 years older than last time I watched this- it's still a good teen movie, and Hilary is fantastic as Greta, but wow she's hard to like. She's a rude, disrespectful little cow for most of this, and I was vouching for her grandparents to send her packing off home. Why should anyone put up with that in their own home, grandchild or no. Of course it's a movie, so there is redemption at the end and when you meet the mother, things become a little clearer. Unlike real life where many have the bad attitude without the dark past.

The Gift
The Gift (2000)
2 days ago via Movies on iPad

ReWatching 17 years later. Not as great as I remembered, but decent.

Serial Mom
Serial Mom (1994)
3 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Trashy fun. Seen it many times over the years.

Saved! (2004)
4 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Liked this a lot years ago. Not entirely sure it stands up to the 5 star rating I gave it, but at least a 4 still. Enjoyed my 2017 rewatch and seeing some of the stars who aren't so popular anymore. Still funny, maybe not quite as biting as it was 10 years ago.

Tokyo Idols
Tokyo Idols (2017)
6 days ago via Movies on iPhone

I enjoyed it, but I did feel it was deliberately hinting at squeezy undertones that may not necessarily have been there. I also read the translation was a little off, making it appear some of the men were talking about developing bodies when they were actually talking about the music.
I have to admit, I'm a 40 something female and I own a few jpop cds. I love the happiness and energy. I can fully get how some of these men interviewed with quite depressing lives, get into it and enjoy the dancing and the friendship with the girls, no matter how false and one sided.
It would have been nice to see the female fans represented (aside from one seven year old girl, and I think that was in there to tut over as she reveals she wishes to be an idol when she grows up too).
I'm not denying there's a few issues with portrayal of the girls, but I truly don't think it's the total evil this doco implies.