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To The Wonder
To The Wonder (2013)
3 minutes ago via Movies on iPhone

Beautiful to look at, but goes absolutely nowhere and takes forever to do it. Rachel McAdams is in it for about 20 minutes, so if she?s your motivation to watch (which I hate to admit is the main reason I picked it up), choose something else.
It?s very open to interpretation as there is very little dialogue and it seems to have religion as a strong theme too which may not appeal to all.

Heartbreakers (2001)
8 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Hasn't held up as well as some of the 90s stuff I've been rewatching lately, but still a decent use of 2 hours. One of Jennifer Love Hewitt's better roles.

White Chicks
White Chicks (2004)
10 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This is a favorite silly comedy. I don't watch a lot of them. I think part of the fascination is how wrong the "girls" look. It is funny too, though.

American Beauty
13 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Love this movie, it never seems dated.

Big Daddy
Big Daddy (1999)
18 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Rewatched 2017 as part of a big dvd cull.
Half half on whether I like this movie or not.
On the plus side, enjoyed some of the cast including Joey Lauren Adams, Kristy Swanson and Leslie Mann. Plus it's a light 90's comedy. I have been enjoying revisiting those lately.
What I hated - the whole long running "Hooters" gag and the humiliation of strong women by reducing them to a body part. I loathed that. Leslie Mann's character is now a doctor, but because Adam's character finds her unpleasant, she can be cut down to size by a quick reminder of a previous job she had.
Ditto to Kristy Swanson's Vanessa, rejected Adam Sandler, so of course her fate is to mind up in Hooters. Really, really skeezy writing as far as I'm concerned.
I did appreciate that it was fairly accepting of the gay male pair - surprising with that other train wreck Adam Sandler released which was highly offensive and homophobic.
It was also kind of strange that the kid never once pines for or asks about his mother,but again, light comedy, not particularly deep.
The parenting stuff was also pretty gross - peeing on people's shops etc.
I did decide to keep the movie for now as I can't decide if the good out weighs the bad or not. I suspect in the future it will move on.