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Berlin Syndrome
1 day ago via Movies on iPhone

Slow but decent. I had a false start with this one where I found it too plodding and switched it off, but I attempted to watch it again and I did find it quite good once the story gets going. It could certainly put you off traveling alone and trusting anyone you meet, that's for sure.
It's not an overly talky movie, so there is a lot unsaid and a lot left to the viewers interpretation.

mother! (2017)
1 day ago via Movies on iPad

I agree with those saying this is wrongly promoted as a thriller/horror. I also went into it not knowing a lot and I didn't expect the turns it took either (Honestly I have seen and liked this directors other films, but I had not even researched this enough to know this was one of his films. If I had, probably would have expected this).
As it stands, it took me a while to realise some of the stuff happening was not literal (okay, the majority of it!).
Once you know what you're dealing with, it is actually a pretty good film, but having said that, not everyone enjoys this style of movie either.
I mostly liked it, it got way too dark and nasty at the end for me personally, and I don't think I'll be up for a repeat viewing, but I appreciate what they were going for.

Girls Trip
Girls Trip (2017)
3 days ago via Movies on iPhone

I don't understand the high rating. Though the end message was nice and empowering, the middle was an absolute mess. Crude for the sake of it, not funny, don't even start me on the pissing scene. I actually really hate how any girls night comedy has to involve drug scenes and heavy drinking and people behaving like animals. It's just really lazy story telling and it's not funny either. I'm not a prude and swearing doesn't bother me, but less is more. The heavy drama scenes with swearing would have carried more weight if the character didn't speak like that constantly. Honestly I found a lot of this nasty.
Boring too. Which is a shame because handled differently, this movie could have been good.

Everything, Everything
12 days ago via Movies on iPad

Nice movie. Didn't see that twist coming either.

Manchester by the Sea
12 days ago via Movies on iPad

Started off really well, but gets long and drawn out, and honestly I liked the character more when he was just a grumpy bugger before the past trauma is revealed.
I watched about half (and it's over two hours long).
Michelle Williams is underused.
It's a well made movie, I can understand the praise, but my copy was on loan and I needed to return it, but didn't have enough interest to renew it.