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Saw 3D
Saw 3D(2010)

The story line was kinda bad, and watching it in 3D was totally pointless. But it did have me squirming a little. Not one of the best in the series, but not the worst either


Good action packed star studded cast. Typical Robert Rodriguez movie. Had some laughs, some gore, lots o violence. Jessica Alba and Michelle Rodriguez, HOT! Lindsay Lohan, not so much. Her "revenge" plot at the end was so stupid

Paranormal Activity 2

The movie seemed so much longer than it actually was. Not as entertaining as the first one. It did keep me on edge, wondering what was gonna happen, where it was gonna come from, but after it happened, it was like "that's it???!!!!" however, one or two parts did startle me, but that was after long bits of silence and then all of a sudden "BANG" a loud ass noise....not something I'd recommend, but hey if u wanna just for the hell of it, go right on ahead

The Killer Inside Me

This movie was going so good, had me wondering what was gonna happen next, "omg, why'd he do that" I thought on a couple scenes, but then it got to the end, and it, for lack of a better word, sucked. It was just so disappointing after everything that had been happening, and then part of the story was just unnecessary (had to do with his step brother) I couldn't give it a full star because of the ending, the two stars are for the story alone

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

The ONLY thing I liked about this movie was the sarcasm between Emma Stone's charachter and her parents, Stanley Tucci and Patricia Clarkson. Other than that, I could have done without seeing this movie

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

Of course, the original was better, but I like how closely they stuck to it in this american remake. The focus was more so on the kids rather than everyone else involved in the story. I could have done without the special effects, but whatchu gonna do!

Hot Tub Time Machine

I remember I laughed at a couple parts, but since I cannot for the life of me remember what exactly made me laugh, makes me believe it wasn't even that funny. The whole idea of this movie was just ridiculous, and to say it's the funniest movie since The Hangover, um, no....

Nothing Like the Holidays

Typical family holiday movie, but I still enjoyed it


I didn't expect much from this movie, but I was still pretty disappointed. I usually like vampire movies, whether they be just ok or totally awesome. This one had a good concept, but I felt the movie just fell flat


I started to lose interest in this movie pretty quickly. It sounded interesting enough to check out. I forget at what point I predicted what was or rather what wasn't going on, but it was pretty obvious

Hatchet II
Hatchet II(2010)

I thought the first one was better. Danielle Harris' acting was pretty bad, the death scenes were pretty extreme, but I think it had more of a H**Y SHIT feel to it in the first movie. I say see it if u enjoyed the first one, but don't expect much

A Perfect Getaway

If I hadn't already heard that there was a twist at the end, I wouldn't have seen it coming. Knowing that there was, I kept thinking I knew what the outcome was gonna be, but I got tricked. Good movie


I rather enjoyed this movie. I didn't think I would, and I'd heard that it starts off good but then starts to fall flat towards the end. I liked it all the way through. And Hit Girl, what an awesome 12 year old, or however old she was

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

The acting was well done. But this is a story that's been told so many times, whether it be a movie based on fiction or real life. Granted, this was a real life tale, nothing about it was different than what's already been told.


Cute movie, had some funny parts but Heigl was kind of annoying after awhile. Ashton pretty much carried the movie. Not the best movie but worth checking out.

The Promotion

I got about 20 minutes into the movie and didn't find anything funny about it. Not even interesting enough to get over it not being funny to just watch and see what happens. I'm all for dark comedies, which I take this as, but it has to have something going for it if it's not flat out hilarious laugh out loud funny.

Nights in Rodanthe

Didn't think I was going to enjoy this as much as I did. It was a nice love story with a tearful ending. Almost up there with The Notebook, but not quite

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

Definitely not as good as the first two Mummy movies, but it was ok, if you can get past the fact that someone else is playing Rachel Weisz's charachter, which was very hard for me to do

The Forsaken
The Forsaken(2001)

I saw this movie when it first came out and enjoyed it. Watched it again recently, and I don't see why.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I really enjoyed watching this movie which is based on the book with the same name. I watched it after just finishing the book so the story was still pretty fresh in my memory. I thought they did a good job converting the book to film. A lot was left out, but nothing that was really important. All the key elements were there. I also think they cast the perfect girl to play the lead role....Can't wait to see the American version.

The Guilty
The Guilty(2000)

This movie was really good, I'd never heard of it, I read what it was about and recorded it awhile ago, finally watched it, and what a trip.
Highly recommended

Step Up 3
Step Up 3(2010)

I enjoyed this one more than I did the first two. Watching the previews got me so excited to watch it, but sadly, it didn't satisfy me enough. I did enjoy the dance scenes, however the music selection could have been a whole lot better, and that would have made the dancing that much more exciting....I think with dance movies it's required to have great dancing but bad acting. Would have liked more dancing and less story, I didn't go to see this movie for the storyline, just for the dancing, but I guess u can't make a movie without a story huh!! I do recommend this movie, but say it would be just fine to watch at home. It was also cool to see contestants from So You Think You Can Dance in the movie. But I could think of other dancers from the show they could have used. Was happy with tWitch though :)


This movie was boring to me, and made no sense. Maybe if I was into the comic I would have enjoyed it. Not my cup of tea

The Soloist
The Soloist(2009)

Ok movie, nothing special.


This was a total waste of time, what a pointless movie this was

All About Steve

This movie gave me a couple laughs, but it was more so an "oh my, what the hell am I watching" type of laugh. I'd heard about how bad this was, but had to see for myself, and it's definitely as bad as people said it was

Funny People
Funny People(2009)

I'm used to the director of this movie doing hilarious types of movies (40 Year Old Virgin, Knocked up) this one has a more serious feel to it. Wasn't bad, but I wasn't too crazy about it. There was maybe a couple parts that made me laugh, and Adam Sandlers charachter was such an asshole, that I couldn't even feel sympathy for him


Pretty awesome movie, a lot goin on, you have to keep focus on the movie or you will get lost. The effects, the concept, very cool


The only Predator movie I've ever seen was Alien v. Predator. I have yet to see the first one, so I can't compare this one with the old one, but this one was okay, not a great movie I'd care to watch again, but worth checking out once

Despicable Me

cute movie, nothing about it stands out, but it was enjoyable

The Rocker
The Rocker(2008)

Was actually pretty funny, I thought it was gonna be just dumb and boring, but it had me laughing.

Labor Pains
Labor Pains(2000)

I had hoped this would be somewhat cute, but the humor was a little over the top, and none of the charachters were likeable

State of Play

Started off good, kept my interest throughout but had a disappointing ending. What a shame because it has a good cast

In Dreams
In Dreams(1999)

I saw this movie when it first came out, but I couldn't remember it. I just remember thinking it was weird. I thought maybe I just didn't appreciate it for its "weirdness", so I watched it again. And yeah, a little too weird for me


This movie was pretty interesting, you see events in one night happening from different views leading up to something that happens at 11:14pm.

Ghost Story
Ghost Story(1981)

It was really hard for me to keep interest in this, I fell asleep, woke up thinking it was getting good, but was still boring. Maybe I'll have to give it another chance, just no time soon


The concept of this movie was pretty interesting, and the death scene in the tub was crazy, but overall it wasn't that great. The ending was pretty dumb, I thought

The Chamber
The Chamber(1996)

The way this movie started, it had my interest right away, even though it was real sad. Chris O'Donnell plays an attorney trying his grandfathers case, who was a Klans man and is on death row for murder about to be executed in about a month. I thought it was going to be very hard to watch, although a couple parts were, it was a pretty good movie

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

I'm pretty satisfied with how this one was done compared to the book. The only thing I didn't like was how the newborn vampires were being killed, like they were made of glass, other than that, I thought it was good

The Karate Kid

I had no intentions of checking this out, but had heard from many people that it was worth it, and it was well worth watching. Excellent perfomances by Jaden Smith, Taraji P Henson and Jackie Chan.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

This movie was so damn cute and funny. I don't know what more to say, but check it out

Bart Got a Room

nothing to write about, very un-interesting

My Sister's Keeper

such a sad but really good movie. I couldn't even imagine having to go through this with my kids.

Great acting by Cameron Diaz. I'm hearing that the book is better, I think I'm a have to check it out, but if it's gonna make me cry like the movie did, I'm not to sure.....

Four Christmases

funnier than I expected, but, can't really go wrong with Vince Vaughn


Hella funny and super ghorry...never heard anything about this movie, watched it while in LA for the Horror convention. The killing scenes are so ridiculous, and over the top, but entertaining at the same time. Can't wait to check out part two, which is going to have twice the amount of death scenes.

Sex and the City 2

Anyone who knows me knows I LOVE me some Sex and the City, so the fact that I was VERY disappointed is saying a lot. The story was just so bad, and the acting, OMG what the hell happened to these ladies. And my goodness, Liza Minelli with her "Single Ladies" routine, *ugh.

The movie wasn't completely horrible, it did have some of that SATC humor that I love so much, but it was very rare. But, Samantha, my favorite charachter annoyed me. Carrie's one liners, which are usually really funny, were pretty dull. Miranda, oh I wanted to slap her she was so irritating. The only one who was the same was Charlotte.

They should have just done the first one and left it alone. With this one I found myself thinking "when will it be over", but, with me being a huge fan, I can't hate it.

Death at a Funeral

Funny movie, bout as funny as the original. I loved James Marsden as the cousin-in-law who's high (accidentally) on acid.....so much like the original in so many ways, it could have either sucked really bad, or been even better, I thought it came in between. If I had to choose one though, it'd be the British version.....I didn't find Martin Lawrence funny, that's one negative thing I have to say about it. Chris Rock either, but really, his charahter wasn't meant to be all that funny, so, I give him a pass. The ones who made me laugh most were James Marsden and Colombus Short, and they're not even the comedians

A Nightmare on Elm Street

I couldn't believe they were making yet another horror remake, and I didn't like freddys makeover when I saw the preview for the first time....but, I figured I'd still give it a chance. And I enjoyed it. I thought they did a good job re-doing this horror classic. But, I didn't care for freddys portrayal. Yes the Freddy humor was there a little bit, but it's hard to have a killer from the classic slasher movies redone, unless they were masked killers ie: Michael meyers, Jason....

I do recommend this movie, even to the die hard Robert englund fans :)

Reservoir Dogs

Almost 20 years old, it took forever, but I finally watched it. Really enjoyed it. Typical Tarantino film, awesome!!


really enjoyed this movie, really good concept with a couple twists that I didn't see coming.

The Losers
The Losers(2010)

This was a pretty good movie. Good action, pretty funny, great cast. Recommended

Public Enemies

man, so boring, I fell asleep


Okay movie, not great, was pretty funny


Pretty good movie, had me on the edge of my seat

How to Train Your Dragon

Such a good, cute kids movie.

Wall Street
Wall Street(1987)

This movie was on my list of old, talked about movies that I wanted to check out, see what the big deal was. Also, with part two coming out, I wanted to see the first one first....maybe the fact that I know NOTHING about stocks, had to do with me not being able to get into this movie. Didn't even finish it.

Clash of the Titans

Kinda disappointed. The medusa scene was the best part of the whole movie. The special effects were pretty cool, but nothing amazing. I didn't expect it to be EXACTLY like the original, but I thought it would at least have more from it. The Gods are barely even in it, which I think had a lot to do with my disappointment. Okay movie, glad I didn't pay full price plus 3D glasses for this, I'd have been pissed

Why Did I Get Married Too

Not as good as the first, but almost, this one was more on the sad side....Tasha Smith's charachter was so funny in the first one, a little over the top in this one....I didn't consider any of the charachters in this movie "main charachters" but I guess Janet's was. I thought the very end was so dumb and pointless. Overall, funny and emotional, good movie

Death at a Funeral

This movie had me laughing from beginning to end. I really enjoyed this movie.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

Pretty funny, I had hoped for funnier, Steve Carrell and Tina Fey, I expected to LOL a lot....the movie was good though, the stripper scene had me dying, couldn't stop laughing

Clash of the Titans

this movie was so cheesy, from the acting, to the effects, the kraken looked like swamp thing, calabos, medusa and that damn owl, my goodness, this movie was borderline comedic...lol...but all kidding aside, for the time this movie was made, it wasn't bad. Watching it now, yeah you can be very critical about everything, but you gotta give it the benefit of the doubt...the story was pretty cool, now I wanna check out the remake.

The Hurt Locker

Good movie, very deserving of the awards it took home for the oscars, don't know if I so much agree with calling it the best picture though. There were a couple moments of the movie where I lost interest, but then it would get me back. Worth watching, but I wouldn't see myself watching it again


Good movie. Weird seeing Tobey Maguire in another role other than spiderman, but he was really good.

The Informant!

Just could not get into it

Sorority Row
Sorority Row(2009)

not bad, has a whole "I know what you did last summer" feel to it. Not the best horror movie ever, but worth checking out.

The Invention of Lying

This movie started off pretty interesting, but after awhile I was just like, eh. It was funny how everyone lived in a time when there was NO lying. Everyone was honest, about EVERYTHING. It was also pretty cool to see the celebrity guest appearances. But at a certain point of the movie, I just wanted it to end.

She's Out of My League

wasn't as funny as I'd hoped, but it was cute. I say wait for video.

The Stepfather

as far as remakes go, this one wasn't half bad. I remember in the original when the stepfather was flipping out, I think it was in the basement, and the stepdaughter walked in on him, I'd hoped to see that in this one, but, what are you gonna do....

The Princess and the Frog

still need to watch it all the way through, but from what I saw, I enjoyed it.

Alice in Wonderland

I didn't care to see this movie, especially because when I first heard they were doing Alice in Wonderland, I thought it would be a remake of the original disney movie, and when I realized it wasn't, I didn't care after that. Then I thought, well maybe, let me see the previews. Saw the previews, and went back to not caring again. I like the teaming up of Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter, but, I think I'm a little over it. Like Avatar, visually I liked it, but I didn't like the movie as a whole....I liked the Hare at the tea party that was acting like he need a fix of some sort, but in all honesty, Johnny Depp's portrayal of the Mad Hatter annoyed me

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

I never thought the words "whoop yo mommas ass" would come out of my mouth. But in one scene, it happened. The way this girl was treated was so, for lack of a better word, fucked up. And what makes it worse is you know for a fact that these types of things are happening out there.

It took me forever to work up the nerve to watch this movie, from the clips I saw, and from what I'd heard, I thought to myself "I won't be able to handle seeing this". Very sad what happens to this girl, but, in a way, things come out better for her later on. Well worth checking out. And Mo'Nique, very deserving of the awards she's been given for this role.

Shutter Island

aw man, I REALLY wanted to like this movie. A lot of critics were giving this bad reviews and I thought they were just being a holes, but, I can see why it got bad ratings. When I heard there was a twist at the end, I knew exactly what it was. I didn't guess all the details, which were actually kind of interesting, but I pretty much guessed the big part of it. I love me some Leo, but what a disappointment

The Blind Side

everyone has been saying that Sandra Bullock did an excellent job in this role. I was sure that people were giving her more credit than she deserved. Then I finally watch this movie, and man, was she good. An amazing story about how Michael Oher finds a family and a place to live when he had nothing. Sandra Bullock was awesome, and the relationship between her son and Michael was just so adorable.

The Lovely Bones

very slow, sad yes, but, not interesting enough for me. Maybe because of how it ends. But then again, when it comes to situations like these, a lot of times there isn't any closure. Based off a book, maybe I would enjoy the book more, maybe there is more detail in it rather than in the movie. The heaven or "the in-between" world kind of had a "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" feel to me.

Don't really understand why Stanley Tucci is being nominated for this role. I thought he was much better in Julie and Julia.

Away We Go
Away We Go(2009)

why it took me so long to watch this movie, I don't know. I've owned it for like a couple months now and finally watched it. Such a good movie, John Krasinski was hilarious as an expectant father who along with his girlfriend travel to visit family and friends in different states to figure out where they want to live and raise their baby. Krasinski and Maya Rudolph were so adorable together. It was funny when she tries to tell him he needs to raise his voice more, they need to fight more, when he does, what he says is so funny.

Valentine's Day

this movie was actually pretty good. It has humor, and it shows love, heartache, breaking up and making up. SO many celebrities in this movie, which I thought was going to add so much hype that it wouldn't be good. Some of the charachters inter-act with each other, but for some you don't know who they are actually connected to from other scenes until later on in the movie, which makes it more interesting I think. Not so much a sappy love story, like I thought it would be. This is worth watching.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

so disappointing. Predictable, slow, bad story line. And the acting wasn't that great either. The best scenes were the transformation and killing scenes. A lot of the attacks had me cringing.

Sunshine Cleaning

a woman who makes a living cleaning houses, goes into her own business of "crime scene clean up" with her sister in order to make better money to be able to put her son into private school. Not a great movie, but not so bad either. Amy Adams was the best thing about this movie.


ok movie, pretty predictable.

The Book of Eli

started off kind of slow, but as soon as it picked up, it kept me glued to the screen. I do need to watch it again because there is something I'm not too sure about. Has to do with how it ends.

Inglourious Basterds

aw man, this is on my list of my favorite Tarantino films. Typical one of his movies, the violence, the dialogue, the humor. Sooo good. Brad Pitt was excellent in this movie. I loved his Italian accent!!!


was just okay, something I could have just watched at home. Nothing about this movie creeped me out. The granny going psycho and climbing the wall is the best part. Sad thing is, you see that everytime they show the previews.

When in Rome
When in Rome(2010)

kind of cute, kind of annoying, the only parts that made me laugh had to do with Josh Duhamel's charachters clumsiness. Another one I could have just watched at home. The side charachters, Dax Shephard, Will Arnett, Danny Devito and Jon Heder, weren't even funny to me, I thought that maybe that's what would have done it for the movie, but nope, not recommended

H2: Halloween II

I barely remember the first Rob Zombie Halloween movie, but I do remember thinking that it wasn't that bad. The lead girl, all of a sudden she's a rocker-bad ass? I don't think so. And then, Michael Meyers, I don't remember him making grunting noises as he killed people, or him walking so damn fast. I know it's a remake and it's supposed to be Rob Zombies version of it, but, I didn't like it. Also, what the hell with the ghost of his mom the freaklin white horse and his child self? I understand what it represented, but my goodness, ridiculous.

District 9
District 9(2009)

um, not exactly sure how I feel about this movie. It took a litte while to get going, and when it did, it was just, eh, the end was pretty exciting to watch. Other than that, wasn't too crazy about it.


Visually, this movie was stunning. The flying and action sequences were awesome. Wasn't too crazy about the story line, but the whole concept was pretty cool. Also, I love how it ended. Almost a 3 hour long movie, but you really don't feel it, the visual effects kept me amazed.

Julie & Julia

I didn't think I would like this movie as much as I did. I really enjoyed it. Meryl Streeps portrayal of Julia Child's was amazing. At first I was annoyed by her voice, but then I fell in love with her charachter. Amy Adams was lovable too, as a woman who decides to write a blog about cooking from Julia Child's cookbook, 524 recipes in 365 days. Oh the food in this movie, looked so yummy....this movie showed how Julia Child's became who she was, very interesting how she knew nothing about cooking at first....another thing I really enjoyed about this movie was Julia Child's relationship with her husband. You could tell they really loved each other. At least, that's how it was shown in the film :) Award winning performance by Meryl Streep, definitely

500 Days of Summer

from the previews of this movie you would think that this was a straight up love story, at least that's what I took from it, but nope. A love story this movie is not. Yes it shows how a boy meets girl, how boy falls in love with girl, and it shows how their "relationship" progresses but eventually ends, but throughout you also see that it was hardly a boyfriend/girlfriend relationship, at least on her part....Zooey Deschanel plays the role of the careless, free spirited girl so well....I loved the part in the park where he's walking along, on cloud nine after his first night with Summer, and all of a sudden him and other pedestrians break out into a dance number.


Jesse Eisenberg's charachter has to get a job in an amusement park to earn money to go to Europe because his parents can no longer afford to pay for him to go. There, he falls in love with Kristen Stewart's charachter who is having an affair with a married man played by Ryan Reynolds. This movie was better than I thought it was going to be. Taking place in the 80's, it was so funny seeing the trends and hearing music from that era. Kristen Stewart, not the greatest actress, but she wasn't bad in this movie. More on the serious side, but also pretty funny at times.

Jennifer's Body

Ok, I watched this movie again and I actually paid more attention. A girl from a small unknown town called Devil's Kettle is sacrificed by a rock band who plays at a bar in their little town one night. They mean to sacrifice a virgin and since she (Megan Fox) is not one because "Yeah, right. I'm not even a backdoor-virgin anymore, thanks to Roman. By the way, that *hurts*. I had to stay home and sit on a bag of frozen peas", it goes terribly wrong and she becomes a demon who needs to feed on people to stay "healthy", so she feeds on boys from her school. This movie was pretty funny, and intense. Definitely a favorite of mine.

A Tale of Two Sisters

this movie bored the hell out of me. This is the original foreign version of the movie "The Uninvited", which I really enjoyed, the twist at the end was a trip. A couple parts were pretty creepy in this one, but the story was just, ugh, the ending wasn't even too shocking, actually, it kind of confused me.

Sherlock Holmes

pretty freakin awesome movie. I thought this was really good. Robert Downey Jr was excellent in this movie, as well as Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. It has action, comedy and suspense, good from beginning to end. Over 2 hours long, but worth the watch.


the best thing about this movie were the musical numbers. I didn't too much care for the story line. It kind of just dragged on. Daniel Day Lewis' charachter was so un-likeable. Fergie, Kate Hudson and Penelope Cruz's numbers were very entertaining. Kate Hudson surprised me with hers, she was really good. Penelope Cruz was sizzling hot, and Fergie, I just love her....this is no Chicago, that's for sure, this was pretty disappointing

Alvin and the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel

so cute, maybe even more so than the first. The chipettes performances were so adorable....the only thing is, I remember in the cartoon Alvin and Brittany not getting along, so I had hoped for more fighting between them, but even still, this was still good family fun....it even had Qwest Crew from America's Best Dance Crew in the movie :)

It's Complicated

A man and woman divorced for 10 years, start up an affair after a night of drinking and dancing while out of town to see their son graduate from college. He's remarried to a younger woman, and she starts to become interested in another man. Steve Martin, Alec Baldwin and John Krasinski were so funny. Martin and Meryl Streep stoned was just one of the memorable scenes from this movie. Very well casted, very enjoyable story.

Up in the Air

Okay movie, very slow paced. George Clooney lives life flying all over the U.S. for work. His job, firing people. Companies bring him in to "let people go" without having to do it themselves. Young adorable Natalie, who is trying to make their jobs easier, and more cost efficient by having the firing process be done electronically, flies along with George's charachter Ryan, so he can show her how it feels to actually do it in person. Ryan, who doesn't like any kind of commitment, meets a non-committal woman whom he starts up a "casual" relationship with....There was some humor in this movie, but it basically just shows a man who is very content with his life, not having any steady relationships, including with his family, and with a goal of reaching 5 million frequent flyer miles.

The Ugly Truth

This ended up being funnier than I thought it was gonna be. The dinner scene when she's wearing the vibrating underwear was priceless. Gerard Butler was good in a comedic role, Katherine Heigl was great, but then again she is in her element.

The Tournament

so much action and body explosions in this movie, it was great. 30 assassins are chosen to play in a "tournament" the only rule is kill or be killed. A chip is placed in each one so they can be tracked by the other assassins. It also gives the rich people betting on the assassins a chance to watch what progress each one is making. A must see if you like kick ass action, with a semi-good plot to it.


This is one little psycho Russian girl. Good on the edge of your seat thriller. A couple loses there would have been 3rd child as a still-born. They decide to adopt and fall for this sweet and charming little girl. Soon, the mother starts to realize somethings not quite right with this perfect little girl. Kind of The Omen meets The Good Son, but so much more intense, in my opinion.

Planet 51
Planet 51(2009)

I didn't realize all the actors that played the voices in this movie. This one was a good one. Very original. I like the fact that the dog in this movie looked like an alien from "Alien". A little adult humor in this, like most kids movies nowadays, to keep the adults into it as well. I would say this one adults would enjoy as well as the kids.

I Love You, Man

Paul Rudd's charachter was so corny and was trying so hard it was sad. But that's part of what made the movie funny. I was a little disappointed, it was only okay. I think that maybe the parts where he went on his man-dates to find a best friend, and best man for his wedding, were the best scenes.

Drag Me to Hell

Kinda creepy, lots of it disgusting. Very reminiscent of the Evil Dead movies. The end was predictable, but still cool. Loan officer Christine is cursed by a client that she refuses to give an extension on a loan for her house so it's not repossessed....I had the kids watching it with me. My son jumped on one scene, which was pretty funny. And my daughter actually predicted the end before I did.

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

This mans womanizing was annoying. He was too much. Great cast, not so great movie. The concept was okay, very "Scrooged", other than that, eh


NOT as funny as Borat, but I still laughed my ass off. This charachter was so ridiculous you just couldn't help but laugh. I cringed on a lot of scenes, I shook my head in amazement at a lot of scenes, because I couldn't believe what was happening. There's very few people I would recommend this movie to. It's not like Borat, that's for sure.

The Proposal
The Proposal(2009)

Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds were a great team for this movie. Both really funny actors. She plays a hard-ass editor who needs to get married to a US citizen to stay in the country otherwise she will be deported back to Canada. She blackmails her assistant (Ryan Reynolds), to be her husband to be. He takes her to Alaska to be with his family where they start to realize they have feelings for each other....Storyline was pretty generic, two people that can't stand each other eventually fall in love after having to spend time together. My favorite scene was when Sandra's charachter was in the woods with the grandma played by Betty White and they were chanting, and Sandra breaks out with Get Low by Ying Yang Twins and starts gettin down...so funny

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

I have to say, I wasn't disappointed. It pretty much stayed true to the book, which made me happy. Couple things were changed a little, but, that's expected right?!
Best parts of the movie, ALL the werewolf scenes, and the Volturi scene. I'm Team Edward, but Jacob is so darn adorable, I may have to jump teams, although he is jailbait!! Something about Edward in this movie, not so hot as the first one.
I do have to say that the acting was pretty horrible, it wasn't great in the first one, but this one seemed a little more, I don't know in this one. Kristen Stewart's screaming scenes were awful....The best actor was Billy Burke (Charlie Swan), I also liked Dakota Fanning (Jane) and Michael Sheen (Aro).

Trick 'r Treat

This movie is kind of all over the place, but it was cool. Wasn't expecting the woods scene with Anna Paquin and the other chicks.

Sleepaway Camp

Can we say "horrible". This movie was so damn ridiculous, the acting, the wardrobe, the men were wearing little mid-drift shirts, it was bad. The best part of it, talking shit with the family from beginning to end. That's the only way to watch this movie.

Law Abiding Citizen

SUCH a good movie. Gerard Butler's charachter's wife and child are brutally murdered in front of him. Justice isn't served properly, and he believes the district attorney (Jamie Foxx) had a part in the killer being set free. Years pass and he goes for his own justice....just when you think you know what's going on in this movie, if flips on you. Excellent movie.

Saw VI
Saw VI(2009)

not bad, not bad at all. I told myself I was done watching these movies, but this one was worth watching. Very gruesome with a good plot.

The Devil's Rejects

given that this movie was pretty disturbing and crazy, it was actually pretty enjoyable. It had some humor in it which I thought was pretty damn funny. Don't think I will ever watch it again, but, I thought it was worth checking out. If you liked House of 1000 Corpses, then this is for you

Star 80
Star 80(1983)

the story of Dorothy Stratten, a young girl who becomes a playboy playmate with help from her husband, whom she soon realizes is not the man she thought he was. Very obsessive, needy and jealous. She tries to stray away from him, with no such luck, she meets a tragic ending....very sad, true story

Paranormal Activity

not a horrible movie, it had a lot of funny moments. As far as it being scary, I wouldn't go as far as to say it was "the scariest movie ever" One part tripped me out and the end was crazy. Maybe if I had watched it at home, alone, with the lights out, I'd be singing a different tune. Worth checking out, but don't expect to be scared shitless.

How She Move
How She Move(2008)

Not bad. I love dance movies, but I'm not too much into Stepping. But the story wasn't bad, and the last dance scene was enjoyable...main reason I watched it cuz it has the girl from True Blood...lol

Into the Wild

Such an excellent, true story, about a guy, after graduating from college, sets out on an adventure to get to Alaska with no money in his pocket and no type of identification. Hitch hiking along the way, he meets new people and develops relationships with every one of them....it was interesting to see how he made his way around, and how he survived. Wasn't expecting the ending....good movie.


a handful of passengers survive a plane crash. Anne Hathaway plays a grief counselor who helps them work through the terrible event. She tries to help one passenger, one on one, who is in complete denial of what happened, in doing so, she becomes very close to him....this has a surprise ending, but it didn't throw me for a loop, kind of saw it coming.


um, I know this movie is meant for kids, but I was hoping to enjoy it more myself. It had it's cute moments. But I thought a lot of the dialouge was so corny....also, I fell asleep...lol

Happily N'ever After

cute movie. Nice little spin on some of the disney fairy tale's. Best part of the movie, listening to my kids say the dialouge, especially my 3 year old...I think maybe they need to switch to another movie....lol

The Unborn
The Unborn(2009)

did not like it. I didn't have high expectations for it, but I hoped I'd enjoy it more. The very end was so predicatable, I called it early on in the movie....the creepiest part of the whole movie were those damn bugs *uck*

The Covenant
The Covenant(2006)

this movie wasn't great, but it wasn't totally horrible either...well, the acting was pretty damn horrible. It kind of reminded me of a male version of "The Craft", but with even worse acting....lol

The Last House on the Left

I haven't seen the original, didn't really want to because of the brutal rape and murder scene I'd heard about. I heard that this one wasn't as brutal. It still wasn't fun to watch (the rape scene), but the movie turned out to be pretty good. The revenge scene at the end of course is what did it. There's nothing better than watching parent(s) getting revenge for something that's happened to their child(ren)

The International

I love Clive Owen, but I couldn't get into this one. Maybe one day, I will give it another try.

Smiley Face
Smiley Face(2007)

I didn't get to really pay attention to this movie, but from what I saw, man, Anna Faris is ridiculous. This one day, she has all these tasks to get done, but, cannot keep it together because of the "special cupcakes" she ate that her roommate made for a party....I really need to watch this again.

Nothing But the Truth

a newspaper journalist finds out from a source the identity of a CIA agent and writes a story revealing who the person is. After doing so, she is then prosecuted and told that unless she reveals the name of the source she will spend time in jail. She refuses and is sentenced to serve time. As time goes by, you see she stands her ground, not budging and you see the affect it has on her and her family....this was such a great movie, and the end is a trip.


this was just ok. I was kind of disappointed in the story line. A married couple witness an "incident", which requires them to go into witness protection....I enjoyed watching Joseph Gordon-Levitt's crazy ass charachter. But I couldn't stand looking at Mickey Rourke....lol


This wasn't a great movie like I was told it was, but it was good. These guys go home after doing a tour in Iraq. Ready to get out, one of them (Ryan Phillippe) gets stop-lossed. Refusing to go back he goes AWOL and heads out to see the senator, in hopes that he can help him from having to go back. On his trip you see how the war has affected him.
Worth checking out.

The Love Guru

I couldn't do it. I just couldn't do it. I got like 20 minutes into the movie and couldn't watch it anymore. Justin Timberlake was awful from what I saw of him.
I usually like Mike Myers' movies, but this one, I just couldn't make myself watch anymore of it.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

this is my new favorite comedy. This movie was so funny, from beginning to end....I wanna party with these guys!!

Revolutionary Road

An un-happy married suburban couple in the 50's make plans to better their life and relationship. Of course like most plans, nothing seems to work out. Why Kate Winslet wasn't nominated and given the award for this movie rather than for The Reader is beyond me. This was such a good movie with great performances by both Leo and Kate.

He's Just Not That Into You

As this movie was getting started, I wasn't too sure I was gonna like it. Eventually it started to get interesting, but it wasn't a GREAT movie. Ginnifer Goodwin's charachter Gigi was so cute, but she was just so pathetic it was funny....it's funny how when you are going through something negative in your life, someone you know knows someone who knows someone who went through the exact same thing and the negative eventually turned into a positive. This is one of the things that is brought up constantly in this movie....worth checking out, but don't expect a whole lot.

Miracle at St. Anna

this movie was going good (except of course the massacre scene which I had to turn my head on)....I'm not a real big fan of war movies, so I was hesitant to watch it. When it started I was thinking "oh good, it's going to have a cool little story other than it just being a war story", it left a couple things un-answered. I didn't understand "the sleeping man" or "the man who sleeps", whatever it was. And who was the man who was shot in the beginning. When it ended I just sat there thinking "ok, what in the hell"....if anyone watches this or has watched it, please explain to me!

The Devil's Backbone (El Espinazo del diablo)

I don't know what his deal is, but, Guillermo Del Toro has a thing about bad things happening to little kids in his movies. This one was interesting, but not as good as The Orphanage and Pans Labyrinth. A little boy joins other little boys who are either orphaned or abandoned and left at a little school during the spanish civil war. While there, he see's and hears "the one who sighs", the spirit of a little boy who was killed before his arrival. This one did creep me out a little more than the other two. Not bad.

The Orphanage

such an excellent movie. It keeps you into it from beginning to end. A woman and her husband buy the place she grew up in while it was an orphanage and makes plans to turn it into a place for disabled children, when something goes horribly wrong within her family and changes everything. Great movie with a bitter sweet ending.


I hate to say, that I was disappointed in this movie. I don't know what it is exactly, but I had hoped it would be more entertaining. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't the type of Pixar movie that I enjoy i.e. Monsters' Inc, Bugs Life, Finding Nemo etc. It was a little more grown up than I liked, especially since I took my little boy to see it, who by the way fell asleep. The montage showing the relationship between him and his wife was very cute, that was the best part of the movie I felt.

My Best Friend's Girl

I've heard that Dane Cook isn't funny. I thought him and this movie were pretty damn funny. He's hired by guys who's girlfriends have dumped them, and his job is to be a complete total asshole to the girls, so they realize that dating is no picnic, and they go running back to the guy they left...He's like the Anti-Hitch...The way he acts, the places he takes them, and the things he says, it's just hilarious. He's hired by his best friend and the girl he's supposed to repel, he ends up falling for....The wedding scene towards the end, and the scenes in his car listening to 2 Live Crew, best parts of the movie.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

such a beautiful, excellent movie. It's about 3 hours long but you get so caught up into the story that the length doesn't even bother you. Although I was aware of the backwards aging process, seeing it was just amazing. Especially the very end. The whole cast was wonderful. Definitely one for the collection.


when the movie ended I wasn't too sure how I felt about it. Throughout, it had my attention, and I was curious to see how everything was going to come out. I was sure that I knew that the priest was up to no good, but after the confrontation between the priest (Hoffman) and the prinicipal/nun (Streep) I wasn't convinced. Like the title, it makes you "Doubt" your own accusations. Also the scene between the principal and the mom of the little boy (whom the priest is being accused of having an un-natural relationship with), you can't believe the words that come out of the mothers mouth. Slow paced movie, but a good watch.

Not Easily Broken

this movie, like Tyler Perry's movies, had to have that one charachter who was just a major asshole. In this case there were two, Taraji's charachter and her momma. You felt bad for Morris Chestnut, the way they belittle and emasculate him. The movie overall was just okay, pretty predictable, and sad. Worth checking out at least once.


There really wasn't a plot to this movie, it shows this very chipper, bubbly, fun loving woman, an elementary school teacher who takes driving lessons from a very uptight man whom she just drives crazy. It was fun to watch her not really taking anything too seriously, just having fun, something funny and witty to say about everything.
The title says it all.


Not bad, but not great either. Derek Luke did a great job playing Puff, the dancing and everything. Jamal Woolard portrayed Biggie good also. This was the story of BIG's life, but, it's not something that hasn't been showed in movies already.


Great, great, great, excellent movie. There's nothing more to say. The fighting sequences were great, the story line was great. A new fav of mine.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

Really enjoyed this movie, but then again I enjoyed all the X-Men movies. Although I never read the comics or followed it in anyway, don't really know the stories behind all the charachters (I had to ask a lot of questions).....Ryan Reynolds, funny as always, Liev Shreiber, fun to see him play this kind of role, and Hugh Jackman, well, what can I say, he was awesome!


Actually wasn't that bad. Pretty intense. Starts off a little blah, but it picks up.

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

This was actually a cute funny movie. I enjoyed both Kate Hudson's and Anne Hathaway's performances. The dance off at the strip club was hilarious.

The Haunting of Molly Hartley

I went into this thinking it was going to be along the lines of like Amityville Horror, I thought "haunting" meant that the girl was going to be haunted by some kind of spirit and it was going to make her start acting insane....um, not so much. I was however enjoying the movie, regardless of the fact it looked hella low budget, it had my attention....until it ended. It gave no kind of explanation as to the outcome. It left me wondering "what in the hell happened". Also the very beginning had no explanation. The ending made me change my opinion of the movie. Started off okay, overall, not so great!

Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans

Unlike a lot of people, I really liked the first Underworld with Kate Beckinsale. I really enjoyed watching this one, seeing how Lucian, the main lycan, had a forbidden love affair with the head vamps daughter and how the feud between lycans and vampires came to be.

The Spirit
The Spirit(2008)

not like sin city as I thought it was gonna be. Not bad, however, I enjoyed sin city more. It had humor and the fighting scenes were fun to watch. Didn't so much care for the plot

The Uninvited

it's been awhile since I've seen an enjoyable thriller with a twist. This one had you wondering what's going on and what's going to happen. I enjoyed this one...I think had I watched it in the theater I'd have jumped multiple times.

Let the Right One In

I enjoyed this movie, kind of slow paced, but enjoyable. After watching the Twilight movie, and the True Blood tv show, there's some things that are a little different, some things that are the same. This movie is a little more on the creepy side, but the relationship between the two charachters was great to watch

The Reader
The Reader(2008)

kind of slow, but interesting. Kate Winslets transformation to an older woman was amazing. Sad ending.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

cute, funny, predictable, but entertaining. Zac Efron did good in a role that wasn't constant singing and dancing.

Crank 2: High Voltage

Other than the ridiculousness of this movie, it was actually entertaining. I wouldn't watch it again, once is enough. A little over the top, but pretty much like the first one as far as intensity goes

Rachel Getting Married

Anne Hathaway did an excellent job playing this charachter, but the movie did nothing but annoy me. I don't know what it was, I think a lot of the scenes just dragged on a little too much for me.

Fast & Furious

Aside from being able to watch Vin Diesel's sexy behind for an hour and a half, I enjoyed this one just as much as I did the first one. The action scenes were great and it had a good story line.

Observe and Report

I like Anna Faris, I love Seth Rogen, I didn't like this movie. I had a couple chuckles here and there, but the movie wasn't funny like I'd expected. It was on the lines of Pineapple Express for the way I felt about it, disappointed.

Marley & Me
Marley & Me(2008)

such a cute, funny, sad movie.

No Country for Old Men

I was so disappointed with this movie. It was all so hyped up, and I just didn't see the big deal about it....great cast, but I guess you have to be a fan of the Coen Bros. to appreciate this movie.

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

I didn't want to watch this movie, it just looked too damned stupid..It ended up being pretty funny. Amy Poehler made the movie, she was so ridiculous....I pretty much called what was gonna happen, so there was no shock for me...Steve Martin also made the movie in the scenes he was in. I would say check it out!

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

um, yeah, didn't like it. I couldn't help thinking that I hella wanna see Observe and Report while I was watching this one!...I didn't expect that it would be that great, but I still hoped I'd be entertained.

Yes Man
Yes Man(2008)

What can I say, Jim Carrey never fails me when it comes to comedies. This movie had me laughing all the way through. Zooey Deschanel was so adorable in this movie with her little band with like 5 fans. Very funny movie.

Grace Is Gone

this movie was interesting to watch. Sad at the end. John Cusack didn't really pull of the "dad" role in this film for me. I think it's great when actors do a role different than what they usually do, I haven't seen him play a father before, but it didn't really convince me....other than that, great story.

Monsters vs. Aliens

such a cute, funny movie. Lots of voices in this one, but it was hard to make out who certain charachters were voiced by....had some humor in it also, geared towards adults, which a lot of the animated movies now a days are doing.


man, I was doing my best to keep my eyes open on this movie. He figured out everything just too damn fast for me....the scenes with the disasters were the best parts, very detailed, especially at the end. Other than that, movie was whack!!

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

I haven't seen Shaun of the Dead yet, but I was told that it was funnier than this one. I thought this one was pretty damn funny. The motive behind all the murders in this little town was just ridiculous.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Such a good movie. Worth watching.

West Side Story

Romeo and Julet type of love story, except with street gangs. I enjoyed watching it, even with it being an old school musical.

The Ruins
The Ruins(2008)

not great, wasn't really a complete waste of time, but either I wasn't paying attention, or they didn't explain what the deal was with why the people wouldn't let them leave, why it was such a cursed place.

Center Stage
Center Stage(2000)

I don't know why it took me so damn long to watch this movie. I love dance movies, or should I say I love "GOOD" dance movies. The end performance was very enjoyable. I liked this movie a lot

Be Kind Rewind

just ridiculous, I kept asking myself why the hell am I watching this, then something funny would happen, then it would go back to being ridiculous again....there's only so much of Jack Black I can take.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

I didn't have any kind of expectations for this movie, thank goodness, but it was still a bit annoying. I understand that movies have to be done to entertain people, but why do they make people so damned stupid, for instance, the scene where they finally see the creatures and homegirl was going at it, fighting with two of them, then her friend just walks up behind her and "whack" she's taken out, now, why the hell would you walk up on somebody like that, just dumb....but anyway, I couldn't get over the damn small spaces they had to crawl through, I was freaking out just watching it! Not a horrible movie, but not one to recommend either.

The Namesake
The Namesake(2006)

Excellent movie. Also pretty sad. Seeing Kal Penn in a serious role was a little strange, but it was a great story.

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

Strange movie, reminded me of a mixture of The Faculty and The Happening. It had potential for me to like it, but, nah!


Wasn't crazy about it. It had good fighting scenes, but I didn't too much care for the story line.


Great cast, great portrayal of Bush by Brolin, but it put me to sleep. I just couldn't keep myself up for it. And honestly, don't see myself trying to watch it again....and wow, I had no idea that was Thandie Newton playing Condoleeza Rice, she was excellent.

Killer Klowns from Outer Space

"what are you gonna do, knock my block off?"

This is a movie that back in the day was hella cool to watch. Thinking about it now, it was pretty damn corny. I have to give it a low rating, but as a youngster, it was a fav of mine


I love this movie, one of my favorites. I didn't see it until the late 90's, but I thought it was hilarious. I saw people in it that I had no idea were in a movie this old!


So sad, but so good. The police department did her so wrong, but it shows that if you have the power, you can do just about anything (referring to the police department)....there is a scene that I had to turn away from, I couldn't believe what I was seeing, I just wanted to grab my little boy and hold on to him tight....Excellent movie!

Frozen River
Frozen River(2008)

Wasn't a bad movie. As I was watching it I was thinking "I don't know about this one" But the way it ended, and after thinking back on the movie, it was pretty good....wouldn't say it's award winning good, but still, enjoyable.

Grandma's Boy

Haven't seen it from the very beginning, but what I saw, on regular t.v., was pretty funny. Gotta watch the unrated version all the way through. Maybe it will get another star!

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Don't care to watch this, however, I did see the end when my honey Vin Deisel was on. That was all I needed ;)

License to Wed

I just couldn't get into it. I stopped it like 20 minutes into it

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

eh, I didn't care for this movie. The best thing about it were the scenes with Penelope Cruz. Maybe that's why she is nominated!


Daryle: "getting married is a very natural thing"

Billy: "yeah and so is dying but people fight like hell to keep it from happening"

When I was younger I saw Julia Roberts on the cover and wanted to see it because she was (and still is) a favorite actress of mine. This ended up being a favorite of mine when I was younger...although, some of the things going on I had no idea what it meant!!!

Pride and Glory

I really enjoyed this one. I wasn't exactly sure what it was about when I decided I wanted to check it out, but I never really get disappointed with Edward Norton. Typical cop story, but pretty enjoyable.


Pretty good movie. I've never followed politics, and I had no idea what kind of controversy Nixon had stirred up back in the day. But I enjoyed watching the film....I still really don't fully understand what he did! But I know it was wrong!!


besides the fact that this movie was pretty damn disturbing, it was actually a good movie. Certain parts made ME uncomfortable, I kept laughing and looking away cause I just couldn't believe what was going on....I would recommend this to others, but I don't know how others would feel about this

The Savages
The Savages(2007)

not a whole lot going on in this movie, but it was still entertaining to watch. I thought they were going to be more dysfunctional and careless about their father.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

Cute. More of a mellow comedy as opposed to those raunchy crazy comedies I've been seeing lately.


um, this movie wasn't horrible, but me myself, didn't care for it too much...I've wanted to see Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrells, and Snatch for awhile now. But, if they are anything like this one, I really don't wanna waste my time.

The Hills Have Eyes 2

I wasn't interested in seeing this before, but it came on HBO so I figured, what the hell, not quite as disturbing as the first one, but still pretty gruesome. Not bad.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

one word, HILARIOUS. But then, I should have known...funniest scene is the one with Justin Long...most awkward scene was Zack & Miri's porno scene...and the most disgusting scene, well, if you've seen it then you know what I'm talking about!....Elizabeth Banks and Seth Rogen's laughs alone make me crack up.

The Visitor
The Visitor(2008)

Excellent movie. I don't think I've ever seen Richard Jenkins as a lead actor in a movie before. He did very good in this one as a bored college professor who befriends two illegal immigrants and shares love of music....I would say he is worthy of an oscar nomination, but don't think he will take it home. He still did well!

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

Actually wasn't bad. I got lost a lot of times trying to make everything come together. I probably should have watched part four before I watched this one, but since it was whack, I really didn't want to. Pretty gruesome also!

Talk to Me
Talk to Me(2007)

Such a good movie. I don't knw why I hadn't cared to see it at first. Taraji P Henson was great in this one. And of course, Don Cheadle usually does no wrong

Pineapple Express

I need to watch this again because I was a little preoccupied while trying to watch it. A few parts were funny, but from what I saw, nothing had me cracking up. I will give it another go....one day!

The Family That Preys

Really good movie. Sanaa Lathan was such a bitch in this movie, it was crazy to see her in that type of role, but she did good with making you hate her!

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

This movie was hella funny, and it didn't get corny at the end which was a good thing...the little boy had a ridiculously foul ass mouth, my goodness

The Strangers

It wasn't too much different from other movies I've seen. It was pretty creepy though. When she was in the house by herself and all of a sudden you see the guy in the mask not too far behind her, scared the shit out of me, I was lookin around my place making sure nobody was around to scare me....I was told that the ending was stupid, I didn't see anything stupid about it.

The Women
The Women(2008)

I expected worse from what I was hearing about it, but it wasn't too bad.



Slumdog Millionaire

Excellent movie. Another Golden Globe movie I wanted to see beforehand, luckily I was able to the day of before the show, and I totally understand why it won so many awards. Great story, great acting. I loved it.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

This is one of the many movies I wanted to watch before the Golden Globe Awards, I wasn't sure if I would care for it too much, but I really enjoyed it.


this was alright. Cool to see something a little different....Rachel Bilson's charachter was kind of irritating.

The Painted Veil

Great movie. I really like Edward Norton!

Noises Off
Noises Off(1992)

When I was younger I wanted to see this only because I recognized John Ritter on the cover as the "guy from three's company" because I loved that show. I enjoyed this as a kid and recently just watched it again and it was still as funny. It takes a minute to get really funny, but it's cool to see the build up to it.

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

Excellent movie. I always enjoy movies that take place in this period.

The House Bunny

um, kind of annoying. I wanted to like it, but it mostly got on my nerves....I don't know if it was because I saw Sydney White first, but that's what it reminded me of, just with girls....I just wasn't feelin it

The Happening

You've got to be kidding me. If the acting wasn't so damned cheesy, then MAYBE the movie would have had somewhat of a chance. From what I could remember, Mark Wahlberg was a good actor. This movie, it's like they told him to throw all his acting know how out the window and just go....I knew to not expect anything great from this movie, I had fun just making fun of it, but still, OMG!

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

you know what, I just had to check it out for myself, and man, people were right...it started off cool, but when he transformed to Ghost Rider, it was just so damned corny, nothing excited about it. And, a lot of it just had me dumbfounded like "huh, what"


such an adorable movie, wall-e was so adorable!

Burn After Reading

As I was watching it I was thinking "what the hell am I watching", but the movie was a trip. Everything happening over something that was nothing. Brad Pitt was hella funny. And all the "fucks" and "shits", it was crazy!

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

I don't want to say too much to give the movie away, but it was pretty damn predictable to me, especially with the fact that they made such a big deal about the outcome of the movie. It wasn't bad, but I expected more from it. I say see it, but maybe wait for video.


I enjoyed this one. It was pretty sad. It kind of lost me at the end for a second, but it was good!

Step Brothers

Lots of parts in this movie were hella funny, but I didn't care for it as a whole. The part with the nut sack on the drum set was ridiculous.

In the Land of Women

I didn't care to see this at first, checked it out, and really enjoyed it.


actually wasn't that bad. It was pretty creepy.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

only okay, I was really into it and then it was over, so it was a little disappointing when it ended.....Shia LaBeouf is cute as hell though :)


I really enjoyed reading the book, and the movie didn't disappoint, me at least. Such a beautiful story. Edward Cullen, the descriptions of him the book were just, wow, then to put visuals to the descriptions, this movie really had an affect on me, I really enjoyed it.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

The only thing I like about this movie and the first one is the penguins and King Julian. Other than, that, do not like.

Brighton Beach Memoirs

I'd never heard of this movie before, I happened to have it on HBO when I woke up and it was playing, I caught part of it and decide I wanted to check it out. Jonathon Silverman was so cute in this movie, I enjoyed it.

Wild At Heart

I loved watching this movie, before I was even a teenager, very strange now that I watched it recently. Nicolas Cage and his damn Elvis impersonating is very annoying.

Conversations With Other Women

eh, don't know about this one. Wouldn't watch it again that's for sure. It was interesting but at the same time boring and kind of annoying. So, mixed feelings on this one. And it's sad cause I like both Aaron Eckhart and Helena Bonham Carter


I haven't seen this movie since it first came out, but I do remember how it began and how it ended, this chick was freakin nuts

Righteous Kill

People said this movie was a disappointment, and I see why. You would think it would be so much more considering all the people that were cast in this movie. But the story just pretty much sucked. It had so much potential also, but, nothing....plus it was too damn obvious who DIDN'T do it.

Lakeview Terrace

This movie was so damn predictable, it was annoying. I didn't enjoy it, I didn't expect much from it, and for that I thought I would at least enjoy it a little, but he was just too much of an asshole, and Patrick Wilson's charachter just kept falling into his trap everytime.

Music and Lyrics

didn't care for this movie

The Lookout
The Lookout(2007)

ok movie, wasn't great, but worth checking out once


what the hell did I watch

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

You know, this movie was pretty cute, I can see why the youngn's would like it.

House of the Dead

OMFG.....if I could give this no stars I would, this movie sucked so much, I have no words for it.....I totally forgot about this damn movie until I was reading up on the "10 Least Scary Horror Movies" list, and this was on there.....whack ass movie

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

This movie SOOOO disappointed me.

Losing Aaliyah

I own this dvd and it really sucks. I'd rather have something that shows more of her life, rather than how she died

The Heartbreak Kid

This movie was pretty damn funny. I wasn't paying a whole lot of attention while it was on, but what I heard and did see, had me cracking up.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Could not get into it, and its sad cause I really enjoyed the first one

We Are Marshall

Enjoyable. But just another true story about a sports team. But it was still good.

Smart People
Smart People(2008)

I really wanted to like this movie, it had such a great cast of actors, but the characters they played weren't likable whatsoever. Plus the story line was just dull....I also expected the character played by Thomas Haden Church to be more funny and obnoxious

Planet Terror (Grindhouse Presents: Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror)

I thought it was more entertaining than Death Proof, but I have mixed feelings about this one also. Wasn't great, but it was worth checking out.

The Secret (Si j'étais toi)

This was pretty good, like Freaky Friday but suspenseful, and one of them is dead!

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

I don't know how to feel about this movie. It was entertaining but I wouldn't go as far as to say it was a great movie. I would watch it again.

But I'm a Cheerleader

I need to watch this again, I missed the beginning and I kept going back and forth watching it. What I saw was pretty funny.

Tropic Thunder

The movie as a whole wasn't all that great, but Robert Downey Jr. was HILARIOUS....I don't think I've seen him this comedic before.....I know I've never seen Tom Cruise this way before, not a big fan of his, but he was hella funny in this one.....if you want laughs, check this one out.

In Bruges
In Bruges(2008)

pretty good movie, Colin Farrell was hella funny


this was such a good movie, in a way it reminded me of the good girl, but this one was more quirky

The Bank Job
The Bank Job(2008)

wasn't too crazy about it. It was an okay movie, but it didn't make me go "man, that was pretty good", I was more like "eh, it was alright"

What Happens in Vegas

It had lots of funny parts, you couldn't pick a better duo for this movie!

No Reservations

I enjoyed this one. Good casting.

Catch and Release

In a way it kind of reminded of me PS I Love You, except the late boyfriend/husband had secrets.....I thought it was pretty good still.


I could not get into this movie

Overnight Delivery

I happened to catch this on cable years ago and really liked it, haven't seen it in awhile though

Prom Night
Prom Night(2008)

Wasn't that bad, considering a lot of slasher movies have been sucking lately. The only thing that pissed me off is, why in the hell did that girl go up to the room with her boyfriend if she hella wanted to be named prom queen, dummy....oh yeah, Idris Elba, so hot!!!


This was actually pretty interesting. Hella predictable, but I enjoyed it still.

Street Kings
Street Kings(2008)

This movie was very intense. So good, with hella people in it. Every scene it was like "hey, thats so and so" Check this one out.

Step Up 2 the Streets

I usually don't give half stars, but it was only a little bit better than the first, but not good enough for a whole star.....the dancing was only okay, the dance in the rain scene, I had hoped it would be a lot more, better.....it was okay

Vantage Point

Although it was like watching the same thing over and over again, it was still good


Actually not bad, I just happened to check it out cause nothing else was on.

Employee of the Month

Enjoyable movie, Steve Zahn is hella funny!

The Dark Knight

This movie was really good, even with all the hype, it lived up to it....Heath Ledger, what can I say, WOW, had it not been for all the hype surrounding his performance I would have forgotten it was him.....best part, the scene with the pencil....lol....hella funny.....I highly recommend this to any Batman fans, you won't be disappointed.

The Birdcage
The Birdcage(1996)

Nathan Lane is hilarious in this movie and I loved Hank Azaria as the gay butler, so funny!....and Gene Hackman in drag....lol


This movie was good, another movie with ridiculous stunts that just make you go "are you serious" but the plot was good and the ending, man, when Angelina did what she did at the end, that was awesome!


This movie was good, I was hoping for a little bit more, but it was okay....Will Smith of course was great, so was Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron, and it was a different type of super hero that was cool. But all around, just an okay movie for me


This was an excellent movie


It had a couple parts that made me laugh, but I wasn't crazy about it. Plus, I fell asleep halfway through

Definitely, Maybe

Cute movie, not great, but, enjoyable


This was okay. The scene in China Town was ridiculous...lol

Dressed to Kill

I couldn't even get into this movie, the beginning was dragging out sooo much, that I just nodded off

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

I didn't expect a whole lot from this movie because I have been so disappointed with the last few movies based off Stephen King novels, but this one I enjoyed. The ending especially was such a trip.


I missed the first few minutes of it, but I liked it. The music and everything was great....Zac Efron is a little cutie pa-tootie

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

I thought it was a cute movie. Seen it before, person leaves home, becomes successful in their career, doesn't see their family for a while, then has to go back home and gets put in their place for being so snobbish. Yet, it was still enjoyable.

Cassandra's Dream

It was a lot like Match Point (it was directed by Woody Allen), slow movie, good story though. I was hoping for a more climactic ending like Match Point, so it was only okay for me.

Strange Wilderness

it had a lot of hilarious parts, but the movie as a whole, I thought was just alright....Justin Long is starting to become a fav actor of mine

One Missed Call

the movie had a good concept, but the ending killed the movie for me.


It was an enjoyable movie, I was thinking it would have another ending, but it was still an okay movie

P.S. I Love You

I didn't want to see this, but I wasn't disappointed that I decided to. It shows you that just like that, the person you love can be gone at any moment, and you live to regret the way you treated them

Eye for an Eye

such a sad movie, but such a good movie, if that was my daughter that man would have been killed in the damn courtroom, send me to jail.

The Eye
The Eye(2008)

eh, didn't care for it

The Other Boleyn Girl

Not a GREAT movie, but it was good, Eric Bana is hot in this movie....it shows the lengths people will go through to get ahead in life

The Bucket List

I enjoyed this movie, two great actors Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson, you just can't go wrong with them

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

I thought it was a cute movie, kind of something that has been done before but a little different. It was enjoyable


I was pretty disappointed with this one, I had hoped to enjoy it more. The concept was good, the motive had potential, but it was too much like Saw in the sense that he sets them up to die but doesn't actually kill them, instead the internet world does. Plus, everything came together a little too quick for me.


It wasn't that bad, a little more of an explanation would have been great, especially as to why they freaked out when they found out the girl had been bitten. But, still okay.

Sex and the City

There was never a doubt in my mind that I would like this movie, I was so very satisfied with it, it stuck to the series and it was just great. I already can't wait to buy it.


I enjoyed this movie, it was funny, and it was a good story....Robert De Niro was so funny with his charachter, Michelle Pfeifer was great (of course) and Claire Danes wasn't that bad either.....I liked how all the dead brothers were still around and they were going along waiting for one to become king

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

This movie was so funny, I really enjoyed it. Everything they've done so far is just hilarious


It was okay, I thought I would enjoy it more....it did have a few funny parts in it though, and James Marsden was great playing an over the top Prince Charming

The Grudge 2
The Grudge 2(2006)

I thought this one was better than the first, but it lost me at the end.

Lars and the Real Girl

This movie was a trip, when I saw the previews I was thinking he was a normal guy, but watching the movie you realize he has issues. It was just so crazy how everyone was willing to go along with it. I can't say it was a great movie, but it was enjoyable, it had me laughing.

April Fool's Day

I couldn't even get into it, I fell asleep. I remember liking the original.

The Brave One

This was an okay movie, reminded me too much of Death Sentence, but still was good.

Death Sentence

The story was good but the movie as a whole I was a little disappointed....the chase scene was intense and he kicked ass, but when it ended I was like "whatever".....I was shocked at one scene though, not to give anything away

I Could Never Be Your Woman

I really enjoyed this movie, you don't really see a lot of good romantic comedies these days....Paul Rudd is HILARIOUS in everything he does

Batman Begins

I can't believe it took me forever to watch this movie, it was great, and I didn't think I could watch someone else besides Michael Keaton play Batman.....I'm anxious to see The Dark Knight now.

Gone Baby Gone

This was such a great movie, I like Casey Affleck a lot better in this one than in the Jesse James movie. Of course, like always, Morgan Freeman was great. The story was just so good.

We Own the Night

I was very disappointed in this movie, I'd hoped for more and a lot was just so unrealistic and everything fell into place so easily....I had also hoped for a better ending, and whatever critic said it was more intense than the Departed was way off, they must a been watching a different movie.....the quote I liked was when Mark Wahlberg said "It's better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6".....deep!

The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

It wasn't horrible to the point where I had to just stop it, I did finish it, but I wasn't crazy about it.....I did however think Brad Pitt did a good job in this one.

Why Did I Get Married?

I enjoyed this one, my fav, of course, was Tasha Smith's charachter....yes, she's that friend, the one that says things out loud that you would usually whisper amongst yourselves!

The Wash
The Wash(2001)

I thought this movie was just horrible

Daddy's Little Girls

I didn't care to see this at first but it was a good one

The Ten Commandments

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this movie....strange huh?....lol

Snakes on a Plane

actually wasn't bad, very intense....."I'm sick and tired of these muthafuckin snakes on this muthafuckin plane"

Corky Romano
Corky Romano(2001)

Hella funny..."I SHOULD BUY A BOAT"


I enjoyed this movie, I like Aaron Eckhart

Star Wars: Episode IV - A New Hope

I watched some of this for the first time the other night, but all I could think about was Family Guy's Blue Harvest episode....lol

Spice World
Spice World(1998)

LMAO....used to watch this when I was younger

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

I've seen some of this movie but I can't bring myself to watch it all the way through, everyone says it's a GREAT movie.....I hate that scene where the little boy gets shot in the foot, it just hurt my heart to see that whole scene!

The Fog
The Fog(2005)

Couldn't get into this one


This damn movie made J.Lo think she could sing....great movie, bad outcome!

Beverly Hills Cop

"Get the fuck outta here"

Batman Forever

If it wasn't Michael Keaton, I wasn't watching it

Jurassic Park III

I like this one and the first one. I hated part two!

Thelma & Louise

aw man, I used to watch this movie all the time when I was younger

The Punisher
The Punisher(2004)

Just could not get into it

Brokeback Mountain

it was hard to watch but I liked what it had to say!

Legends of the Fall

This is such a great movie....and wooo, Brad Pitt

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

I can't believe it took me so long to watch this movie, this was excellent


This was such an excellent movie, great charachters, great story and I LOVE the outcome of the movie. *tear*

El Cantante
El Cantante(2007)

I thought Jennifer Lopez was great in this movie, but the movie altogether was only ok.

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

This movie was so ridiculous it was great, the stunts and the action was crazy, it was hella funny....those damn carrots...lol

Gray Matters
Gray Matters(2007)

This movie had potential, but it lost my interest halfway through it

The Breed
The Breed(2006)

this wasn't all bad, but I what I don't understand is if the dogs didn't have rabies, then why when they bit someone that person started trippin!!!

Turistas (Paradise Lost)

actually wasn't that bad, makes me not want to go backbacking in Brazil though. Although I never would go backpacking anywhere!

Eastern Promises

That sauna scene was hilarious to me! But seriously, this was a good movie

The Good Shepherd

I have mixed feelings about this movie, it was good but it was slow and I kep t dozing off. I don't know how it ended but could care less to find out.


an excellent movie


I enjoyed this movie a lot

Maria Full of Grace

This movie was a trip, very good movie

Team America: World Police

America F*** Yeah, Comin again to save the Mutha F***in day yeah....lmao....this movie was so hilarious

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I REALLY enjoyed this, I would love to see the actual broadway show

The Golden Compass

I like the fact that everyone was attached to a daemon (animal) and anytime something bad happened to the person the daemon felt it, and vice versa

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

It was good but I coulda waited for video....the relationship between him and his dog was so sweet though.


"what is this, a center for ants....how are we going to teach kids how to read, when they can't even fit inside the building"...Ben Stiller is retarded

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

OMG, this movie was hilarious, and Ving Rhames is off the hook....."I'm not an animal...I'm a whore"

Reekers: L'Odeur de la mort

one of those movies where what's going on pisses you off but the ending made it good

I Heart Huckabees

I only liked Mark Wahlberg's charachter, he was pretty funny


was actually pretty good, the previews make it look so stupid, but it was worth checking out

28 Weeks Later...

This one was supposed to be better than the first, I didn't think so, I liked the first one better.


Considering it was kind of a remake, it was actually okay. It strayed away a little from the original in my opinion, but it shows why he went crazy.

The Invisible

It was an okay movie, interesting!

American Gangster

This movie was really good, lot of good actors in it too.

Ocean's Thirteen

I still think the first one was best, but the heist was good in this one also

Live Free or Die Hard

great action with humor also


I really enjoyed this movie

I Know Who Killed Me

this movie wasn't that bad, the ending was whack, but the movie was interesting.

The Insider
The Insider(1999)

I couldn't get into it, too slow and boring, I thought

Hell's Kitchen N.Y.C.

I thought this was just horrible

Alvin and the Chipmunks

This movie was so damn cute! Not disappointed at all.


This movie was a trip

The Black Dahlia

This movie was just horrible


I think because I was told by many that it was hilarious, I wanted so badly to just laugh all the way through, so I thought it was okay

House of Sand and Fog

This was such a good, sad movie

Once Were Warriors

This was such an excellent movie

Not Another Teen Movie

"I need some T to the 4th power Y"

Taking Lives
Taking Lives(2004)

I thought this was such a good movie

Flushed Away
Flushed Away(2006)

I was bored with it

Just Friends
Just Friends(2005)

So funny, especially the scenes where him and his brother be fighting each other

Family Guy Presents Stewie Griffin: The Untold Story

I still haven't finished this, but I love the scene when Stewie is drunk

Dennis the Menace

"Not unless you wanna see what the stork saw"

Blade: Trinity

"Ryan Reynolds was the best thing about the movie, I liked the first two better"

Rat Race
Rat Race(2001)

"It's a race....I'm winning, I'm winning"

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

F**k, F**k, F**k, Mutha Mutha F**k, Mutha Mutha F**k F**k, Mutha F**k, Mutha F**k noise noise noise

This Christmas

I was hoping for more from this movie, Lamar, I mean Chris Brown was great though....lol

The Matrix Reloaded

That freeway scene was crazy

The Long Kiss Goodnight

I used to watch this movie over and over again

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

First foreign movie I ever watched and really enjoyed

My Cousin Vinny

"my biological clock is ticking like this, and the way this case is going, I aint never gettin married"

The Lion King 1 1/2

I usually don't like sequels to disney movies, but this one was good

3 Ninjas
3 Ninjas(1992)

this movie used to be the shit

Ocean's Twelve

couldn't top the first one

The Blair Witch Project

watching this movie thinking it was a true story made it suck, but thinking back on it, it wasn't all that bad. Part two was better though

The Hot Chick

the best scene is the dancing scene at the club to "Shake ya Ass"


I wanted more from the dancing, so I was slightly disappointed

Wayne's World

"a sphincter says what?"

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

parts one and three were better

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

"how funky is your chicken"


"well I done seen bout everything, when I seen an elephant fly"

Grease 2
Grease 2(1982)

"we're gonna score tonight"


very interesting


"I like smiling, smiling's my favorite"

Training Day
Training Day(2001)

all the hype of this movie, I was disappointed