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Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
30 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Solid all around, and with an excellent script worth writing home about,, this action film delivers a fun adventure in which the pacing and structure are the real heroes.

Thor: Ragnarok
30 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I had already watched a Guardians of the Galaxy film this year.. Uninspired, forgettable and without its own personality. Is it funny? Sure, it takes the Guardians minimum common denominator comedy formula that can be applied to anything & turn it into a funny meme. In this movie, Thor becomes Starlord, who is raiding unique items to prevent a prophecy and ends up becoming the epicenter of an incoming apocalypse. He forms a team with a strongman, a deadly female fighter, a creature with funny speech patters and the lovely antagonistic Loki (Tommy Wiseau version) who solve everything easily in the last moment because the power was always in him, just like Starlord's first Guardians of the Galaxy arc. It does nothing to move forward any plots of the general MCU. It really feels like a GotG clone made solely to fill a spot because they didn't know what to do with Thor.

Of course there was good stuff, Hela, Heimdall, Dr. Strange had good scenes, all the five minutes of them. The ambiance is spot on (something they have done before and have practice with). It's watchable, even fun at times (even though it suffers from the joke, joke, joke, joke... syndrome) but it lack the central & most important thing th MCU had going on until recently: movies that can rely in having strong personalities of their own.

Justice League
30 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Certainly a step in the right direction for DCEU's superhero team films. It's not without it's flaws and evident rocky production, but it manages to be enjoyable, fun, and present a superhero group to actually look forward to!

Get Out
Get Out (2017)
6 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

#GetOut is way boring, derivative, generic... but let's start from the top; most of the characters are caricatures. Except for the underdeveloped protagonist who we never get a chance to relate or empathize with, and his co-star whose character is too predictable by the direction of the film, even when Jordan Peele made a very poor set-up for her twist and had to do it in the middle of the third act.

The script is very lazy; 75% of this painfully slow movie is basically something that should just be set-up in the teaser alone. All the key factors for the resolution happen way too conveniently and are crammed in a pace-breaking, rapid Act III.

The comedy relief moments--even though unfitting for the theme and tone of the film--are actually the most memorable scenes. This alone should tell you how much of a mess this is.