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6 years ago via Flixster
I Am Love

I Am Love(2010)

Really quite awful. Mostly it got my attention because it incorporates music from various of John Adams' orchestral compositions. Now that I have sat through this bland drama, I am shocked that the composer consented to this appropriation. And the torrent of praise given this film, from even our most insightful professional critics, confirms simply that a tale about a woman who feels trapped but escapes in the end will milk, without fail, any faux-progressive's heart (like auditing coursework from a women's studies program). This is basically a second-rate revival of Tilda Swinton's early feminist film "Orlando" in a rather different era and with much less subtlety. The cinematography aspires toward epic luxury but basically conveys a lazy, digital aesthetic with awkward coverage shots and uninventive tracking shots. As a low-budget film, "I Am Love" needn't have bothered trying to look like a vintage studio picture, admitting "I Am Not."