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Who Can Kill a Child? (Quin puede matar a un nio?)
14 months ago via Flixster

a powerful film but... were those scenes from the holocaust and other war-torn regions in the opening really necessary? that felt exploitative to me. and it's żquién puede matar a un niño?

Samurai I: Musashi Miyamoto
17 months ago via Flixster

good film. see mifune defeat 50 swordsman using only a stick! it just me or is he still playing the fool from seven samurai? pt 1 of a that's 3 i'm in the midst of lol. this one covers takezo's origin and the beginning of his training as a samurai

I Fidanzati
I Fidanzati (1964)
17 months ago via Flixster

such a beautiful film that i don't know where to begin. maybe with the music, the use of which is extraordinary throughout. a simple tale told touchingly well and without overt sentimentality. olmi is a miraculous director

Mother Joan of the Angels (Matka Joanna od aniolów)
17 months ago via Flixster

this amazing film stands in great contrast to ken russell's wild tale of possessed nuns, 'the devils'. also based on historical events in loudun, france in 1634, this film begins after the burning of the priest, urbain grandier, who was likely the victim of a political frameup engineered by the powerful cardinal richelieu. both films take the story at face value, suggesting if not literal demonic possession, at least sexual repression leading to mass hysteria. however this polish film couldn't be more unlike russell's psychedelic riot, choosing austere black and white minimalism to reproduce the medieval atmosphere. the haunting horror tale is also a love story between the possessed mother superior and her exorcisor. for as a hostile kabbalist tells the bewildered priest who reluctantly seeks his advice, love is at the root of everything on earth.