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Captain America: The Winter Soldier

A good relaxed action movie. Not too pretentious but entertaining to the right extent and decently written -- what more would you ask from a superhero action movie?

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

One of my favourite movie of all time. What would you do of somebody broke your heart? If that hurts too much deleting them from your life would sound like heaven but would you give up all of the special memories and moments? In every human interaction there is good. And there is bad. And sometimes you just can't escape destiny. Brilliant movie.

The Wolf of Wall Street

Most brilliant movie of the year!! Scorsese's masterpiece and one of Di Caprio's best performances. It's fresh and funny, an incredible true story that was turned into a stunning incredible movie full of twists and great moments. A must see.

American Hustle

It didn't impress me too much story-wise. But the cast was just great, along with the atmosphere revolving around the plot and tide awesome costumes. A few very funny scenes. It's a fairly complicated movie that needs to be watched multiple times to be completely understood... think I got lost in it last time I saw it!


One of the most boring, predictable action movie I've ever seen. There really isn't too much that I liked about it, the only thing I remember a few months in is a couple of mew scenes that I'd rather just forget. Maybe just stick with the original one?

Inside Llewyn Davis

It was very unexpected but I really enjoyed this small indipendent movie. It's just difficult to forget about that chasing after the red cat and the drama. It's a very well written, simple story that doesn't want to hit any strong or high points.. but it does, in the nicest way. This movie will surprise you.

12 Years a Slave

One of the best movie I've seen in the past 10 years if not the best. It is the most shocking, powerful experience I've ever had at the movies - by the end of it you just get that overwhelming feeling that leads you to sobbing and crying. Great cast and incredible true story that you should try and experience at least once. I know that no matter how much I did like it I couldn't go for a second round...not anytime soon anyways. It was that intense.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Has its ups and downs. Some tragic, unexpected dramatic scenes that did hit the right buttons for me. An overall good action movie that, even if it doesn't stand up to the first one, is entertaining as a Hollywood blockbuster should be. Might be worth watching in 3D.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

What a huge letdown!!! The opening scene was just awful, made me feel like if I walked in right in the middle of the movie which is something I deeply dislike. Don't get me wrong, there are a few good moments here and there like the barrels scene in the river, a few funny lines but... the more the movie progressed the wrongest it felt. The Hobbit wasn't ment to be split into 3 different movies, 2 would have been more than enough. And what about the final scene? Why would I want to see a movie with no sense of conclusion but a cliffhanger? Not fair as this is not a weekly episode of your favourite tv show. That felt wrong. And pointless as we all know how the story ends!

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 1

Probably one of the best Harry Potter movies, I really like it because this is when things start getting dark, and they do for real. The movie is nicely done and could have been easily matched with The Deathly Hollows part 2 as I don't really see a reason for splitting the two movies if not to make more money out of the franchise but --- the overall result is just amazing in this case. Great character developement and story telling. Always worth a watch as I found it really entertaining.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2

Yes it was entertaining but not as much as part 1, sorry. "The Deathly Hallows part 2" lacks that real darkness and deep feelings that made me enjoy part 1 so much. Still, it's Harry Potter and this is the last instalment so you kind of feel like you have to enjoy it, right? The soundtrack is great as always and the story develops exactly like in the books but then again, I never really loved the last book of the saga and same thing applies to the last movie here. But there's that thing about the last pages and the last few minutes: I find them really moving. Yep, worth a watch if you've been there till the very start.

Grave Encounters

Quite scary and wisely shoot at points, "Grave Encounters" might be a good choice if you're looking for a confusing movie. There are a few good ideas here and there but the whole movie misses a solid plot and some real details to it... I would have liked it to focus more on the history of the place instead of just scarying me to death with funny presences and killings -- cool ending though.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

Sweet stupid little comedy. "How to lose a Guy in 10 Days" is what it is so don't expect anything exceptional or fantastic when watching at it -- but it's sweet and fun, it doesn't even try to reach certain goals. Cool characters and yeah a nice relaxing story. Nothing more, nothing less.

No Country for Old Men

Not particularly thrilling or great at all. "No Country for Old Men" is a peculiar movie, set in 1980, it does indeed surprise sometimes here and there. The killing scenes are kind of great but after a while the movie starts to become repetitive and it gets lost within itself. The ending kind of lacks closure. Don't get me wrong, it's a nice movie but not an exceptional one --- best thing about it is the character of Anton: simply unforgettable, just as Bardem performance in this movie.

Walk the Line

Eight years in, and I still see this as one of the best biopics ever shot. "Walk the Line" is great at summarizing the story of the higs and lows of Johnny Cash's life -- the loss of his brother, how that got an enormous influence over his music and his entire lifetime. The love for June Carter, the drug addiction and getting over it and the troubled relationship with his father. Yes, it might not be perfect but every time I see it I kind of have the feeling that everybody involved in the project just did his/her best to turn it into a great movie. Might very well be James Mangold's masterpiece -- great music. Stunning acting. It's a beautiful tribute to one of the greatest music legends ever -- Watch it.

Requiem for a Dream

Forgot how much mind-blowing this movie was. It's one of my favourite and it tops all of the others when it comes to freezing the blood that runs through my veins -- I still consider this Aronofsky's masterpiece: it's a 90 fast placed minutes deal that offers everything, it's a 360 degree view that gives you the idea of what it means to be addicted. What freezes me is Ada: she has the most shocking scenes in the movies, no doubt about that. Her story keeps on turning me upside down every single time I watch the movie. Great screenplay based on Hubert Selby Jr novel -- perfectly orchestrated, telling the tale of addiction through the seasons passing by: might very well be one of the best ideas that ever turned into a movie in the last 15 years or so. Oh. And that soundtrack kills me. Every. Single. Time. Nerve wretching, but a must see.


The best part of the movie is Ian McKellen's performance. It's just brilliant, it almost makes you believe that Neverwas really exists -- everything else is just plain, unexciting and confused. The soundtrack is quite good at points but the writing is just fair and nothing special. In all yeah, it was ok to watch but nothing exceptional or that I'd like to see over and over again -- Might be worth the watch if you're looking for something quite peculiar.

House of Sand and Fog

Quite powerful at times, "House of Sand and Fog" is a classic and a must-see. It feel like there's "life" running through it, bouncing from one character to the other... It's a dramatic story that was turned into a pretty decent, but slow movie -- It is quite peculiar and there is more than just one unexpected twist that will lead to a powerful and meaningful finale. Great cast, Ben Kingsley did kind of an awesome job. So the answer is yes, it's worth the watch.


Start out as a innocent, naive movie but soon starts to bend towards a darker, more mature and dramatic kind of plot. "Trust" is about issues that we might or might not run into while living in nowdays society but it also deeply revolves around family matters and trust matters. It's heavy, scary and very true at points -- also a great example of Stockholm Syndrome where the victim doesn't want to accept the fact that her aggressor was indeed a mean person. In all a great, powerful drama supported by a great story and an outstanding cast. Kind of got me thinking, that's the main reason why I liked it.


Didn't thrill me as much as I expected it to. I found it rather predictable as the script wasn't at all that good and I had heard all those lines before. Great special effects, though. In all, it's still worth watching because the first 10 minutes and the last 20 are kind of a blast -- too bad that many questions stays unanswered and the movie ends right when it was starting to get interesting..

Not the best sci-fi movie ever released but not the worst either.

The Darkest Hour

Ok. One of the dumbest movie ever! Predictable, it's just the same old story told over and over again. And if this was not enough of a good reason not to watch it, well "The Darkest Hour" is also really terribly acted. What a letdown. But seriously, I don't think that this movie could be improved in any decent way... It's boring. An horrible movie. Just skip it and watch something else.

District 9
District 9(2009)

Not as exciting or unforgettable as I remembered it. Still, "Dristrict 9" is a great movie, very peculiar and well orchestrated. You're not going to find anything like it out there -- it might start out funny but towards the end it starts getting more splatter and dramatic. It's a sad story, thinking about it. But it's fun too. And it has some great action sequences. And a morale (kind of). So yes, totally worth watching it!

Catch Me If You Can

One of my favourite movie, sticks in my top 10 even if it's been more than ten years since its release. "Catch Me if You Can" is amazing because it's based on a true story. Great cast, wonderful screenplay -- everything is perfectly melted together and the result is one of Spielberg's best works. Lovely soundtrack, always gets me. I'll never grow tired of watching this movie.


"Inception" is surely a beautiful, exciting world to experience and get to know more about. That's the world of dreams and dreaming, so everything is turned upside down and nothing is like it seems to be, and the main point is understanding which one is the real world and which one is not. This is what the first half of the movie is about: discovering this interesting, intriguing world we don't know nothing about. Nolan created his own world and turned it into an amazing project, a world you'll get lost in

Acting was terrific - all actors and actresses deeply believed in what they were saying, that's one of the reason why the movie turns out to be so realistic and powerful. Nolan shoot every single scene of the movie, whish should be considered his own personal movie since he had it his own mind for decades. Well, hats off because the movie turned out really well.

To me the best part comes toward the ending. You'll need the first hour to understand the main rules of this parallel universe; just after that the real fun will be about to begin and you'll get sucked into this brilliant reality, and you will not want to let it go.
Everything is so confused, many things are left to the interpretation of the audience (I so loved that, there's so many discussions to make!), but in the meantime every single piece of this giant puzzle fits one way or the other toward the ending.

The last 20 minutes just blew me away, they're probably the best minutes of entertaining I've seen at the movies this year. I was so shocked by the final scene, that was just perfect, I got through many different feelings. And after many thinking, I still believe that to me that throttle kept on rolling...

Not Nolan's masterpiece (that's "The Dark Knight"), but one of the most peculiar movie I've ever watched. You could watch it over and over again and still have questions. One of the best movie (if not the best) of 2010.

Minority Report

Saw it again after 10+ years and it's not like my opinion changed that much. "Minority Report" is a decent action movie, but it's not Spielberg at his best and there's nothing particularly exciting about it. It's fairly entertaining, but not spectacular. It's based on a Philip K. Dick story but lacks that sense of strangeness that characterizes all of his works -- in other words, not the best movie adaption ever. Not a great screenplay, often confusing. Lacks a sense of conclusion just like most of Spielberg's works. It might be worth watching if you're into sci-fi but it's not one of those movies that will stick in your mind for the years to come.

Ocean's Twelve

The whole story feels a little bit lazy and slow. "Ocean's Twelve" takes a very different direction from its predecessor, and that results in its being the worst movie in the Ocean's trilogy. The whole cast signed up again, so we have the chance to see Tess again. The new add is detective Isabel Lahiri, played by a not so convincing Catherine Zeta-Jones: I didn't like her character.

The ending isn't predictable, but it's kind of dumb. While still funny and entertaining, this second instalment doesn't focus on the theft part but on the characters. That's ok, but the turnout is a slower, less exciting movie. Not saying it's not good, just saying that it doesn't have lots of layers to work on and feels kind of forced at times.

Ocean's Eleven

A cute, funny movie that I always enjoy watching. "Ocean's Eleven" is the first chapter of a trilogy about a charming group of thievs, and it does keep on entertaining from beginning to end. I remember the first time I saw it: I didn't actually figure out how they did it, so I guess that means the movie isn't that predictable. And now, after all these years, even if I've seen the movie for at least ten times I have to say that it still doesnt' bore me.

As previously said, "Ocean's Eleven" is entertaining. And funny. It smoothly works out. It's decently written and having Pitt, Clooney and Damon all in the same picture isn't really all that bad. It's a funny little ride to be on, so go for it.

Silver Linings Playbook

Am I the only one who wasn't thrilled by this movie? I found it predictable, boring at points and ridiculous at others. "Silver Linings Playbook" is pretty much a collage of Dirty Dancing, It's Kind of a Funny Story and Little Miss Sunshine so I honestly can't see what's so exceptional or new or exilarathing about it. Seeing Pat's family being so into games really got on my nerves, and dialogues in general were pretty flat and boring too. The whole picture was cute, but not particularly impressing or remarkable.

I tuned in expecting to find an exciting love story, instead I found a regular story about a 'not-so-crazy' man who finds himself back home, living with his parents. He doesn't work. He doesn't do a thing all day long, for at least two whole months: sorry, that really got on my nerves. I liked the character of Tiffany, but I wasn't thrilled by her. The dancing scene was just ridiculous. And acting was really just ok, nothing exceptional and surely not worth a GG or any Academy Awards nominations.

This movie isnt' that bad. But it's really simple, predictable and silly. I can't honestly say I saw something special or different about it and I'm afraid I'll forget about it soon enough. "Silver Linings Playbook" isn't even perfectly written: sure, there are a couple of funny lines but that's not enough to make this movie a comedy. A regular movie worth the watch, but I'd not expect anything more if I was you.

Les Misťrables

If you watched it without dropping not even one tiny little drop of tear well, your heart might be made out of stone. "Les Misťrables" is sad, tragic, moving, heartbreaking and many other things but it's not a musical, or at least it isn't a good one. I think the world anti-musical better describes it, and that's kind of a pity because all the actors/actresses involved have a good voice and would have made up for a good musical.

Almost all of the 'dialogues' are delivered by some sort of monologue that sort of explains how the character in question feels and thinks. That's quite dumb. And incredibly predictable. The result is that characters share lots of on-screen scenes, but don't interact a lot. Music isn't good at all: the sound it's the same throughout all the movie, and songs are 'spoken' and not really sung. That's probably what let me down the most, right along with the badly written screenplay. I mean, this could have been one the best musical of the last ten years, but it really wasn't.

But. I loved the years presentation: it just gave that feeling of time passing by and helped making the movie understandable and clear. Costumes were just perfect. And the way the story was delivered was really touching and tearful. Great cast. The movie has something theatrical at points, but after some great initial 40 minutes it kind of starts getting slow. For some reason the ending moved me in quite an unexpected way, so the movie hit its point and did it well.

Yes, I'm glad I saw it. But I'm not dying to see it again anytime soon. It really reminded me of "Sweeney Todd" at points, and I consider this latter music a better one so I guess I'll stick to it. This is not a musical, it's more like a pleasant mix of words delivered by a faint singing.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

Ok, I'm one of the few people who thinks that this movie isn't that bad. Sure, "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief" is not perfect and has it flows, but it's still really entertaining and made out of its own blend. Slow at points, but the speres quest was really a fun ride to be on. Uma Thurman played a fantastic Medusa. And the whole story felt complete and decently brought to the big screen.

Not the best movie ever, but it's got that nice mix of childness and action in it that just Chris Columbus is capable of. Quite enjoyable, relaxing and with a little bit of adventure. A midly thrilling ride that I don't regret taking.

Velvet Goldmine

If you haven't seen it already, go watch it right now. "Velvet Goldmine" is quite a unique movie. It's a crazy, confident ride that will turn your mind upside down. Confusing at times, it's one of those movies that needs to be watched more than just once to be completely understand. The screenplay, written by Todd Haynes, is astonishing: it lets unfold the '70s rock music right in front of your eyes. It's all fictional, but the background and the glitter and the songs are real.

Also, if you think that either Ewan McGregor, Jonathan Rhys Meyers, Toni Collette or Christian Bale can't act watch "Velvet Goldmine" and change your mind. Rhys Meyers gives a mind blowing performance, Collette keeps on 'changing face' in each of her scenes, and McGregor gives one of my favourite performances of his to the date. Curt Wild is just a rocking character and all his complexity is brilliantly brought to life in the movie.

All those colors, all that changing in the tide, all those glittering costumes. A rockcing soundtrack. Great well-explored characters. "Velvet Goldmine" makes even the opening titles look cool and interesting. I understand why some people didn't like it: it's kind of confusing, a messed-up story about some seriously fucked-up people. So my advice is: take it as it is, don't try to read any parallel into the real '70s and 80s and you'll probably enjoy it more than you'll ever expect to. Recommended.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

I hoped to find an exquisit new movie, instead I just found a new, visually imporved, version of "The Terminator". The way I see it "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" is some kind of remake of the first movie: even most of the lines are exactly the same! Sarah Connor looses most of her charm, while his son John Connor is treated by anybody like if he's the new messiah. I honestly don't think this movie is superior to the first terminator. It's mostly special effects and the plot feels recycled: simply put, after the successs of the first movie, Cameron finally got the money to make the movie the way he wanted to make it. So he re-did it.

On the other hand, the story stays good and fresh. Half an hour into the movie there's an unexpected twist that I just love, even if I have to say that I think Schwarzenegger is better off as the bad guy. But hey, that was indeed a great twist! Robert Patrick and his T-1000 make a good bad, scary, invincible guy. The ending of the movie is something I still remembered from my childhood. Special effects are great, considering this movie is from 1991. Ahead of its time, just like almost any other James Cameron project.

An overall good action movie. It didn't thrill me as much as I expected it to, but it was cool to watch the story unfold in front of my eyes so I think it's totally worth the watch even if a few scenes are, in my opinion, far too long and drawned. It's still one of the best action movie of the '90s and it's entertaining for sure.

South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut

Pure genious! I'm not a South Park fan, but I got to say that I enjoyed "South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut". It's a very funny movie, its characters are just hilarious, plus you get all those silly, braindead songs. That really sets the mood for the rest of the movie. The opening scene is one of the best I've ever seen in an animated movie, too bad that after the first wonderful half the whole story starts getting repetitive, offensive and slightly boring.

I didn't like all that Canada/USA heist. Sure, it's just a 'fantasy' movie, but that wasn't cool at all. The Devil was a cute character but making jokes about political figures really isnt' my thing. Anyways, the main character looked really cute and funny -- An intelligently written movie about present issues that gets far too heavy at points. But it's really original. It was fun, and you can tell there's a brain behind it but it's not the best animated feature I've seen. Try it.

The Terminator

A total blast. And I'm really surprised I'm writing this right now. "The Terminator" is a stand alone movie, different from anything you've ever seen before: I can't image what it would have felt like seeing this new genere back in 1984. Just the idea that this movie is from 1984 kind of blows my mind. This proves that, once again, James Cameron was ahead of his time, a visionaire that was able to reinvent the world of movies.

"The Terminator" might seem just a silly action movie, but it really isn't. Not only is brilliantly written, but it's also beautifully acted out and every scene is really well delivered. Cameron brought to life his own world, and he really did it in the best of ways. Arnold Schwarzenegger does a great job: there could not be a better terminator. I just love the story. It's really simple, but also clear and touching. In its simplicity it just makes sense.

One of the best action movie ever. I'm not really sure I'd change anything about it, but for some reason it's not a 10 right now. But go for it: "The Terminator" is more an experience than a simple movie, and it's worth even more than a watch for sure. So get on this thrilling ride and see how the whole Sarah Connor story begun. I honestly can't wait too see the following chapter. Great story, great cast, a very well-assembled movie. Recommended.

House at the End of the Street

Well, I didn't hate it. "House at the End of the Street" isn't a bad movie. The first few minutes are a little 'uneven' but then the story starts getting to its point. Not everything is as it looks like, and there are a couple of unexpected turns in the plot -- good enough for me anyways. Still, I wouldn't define this a horror movie or a thriller. Tension is quite mild if you ask me so if you're looking for some over-the-edge scene this won't do it.

Jennifer Lawrence did good in here too. I liked her character. I also liked the shooting locations. What this movie lacks is a little bit of character insight: they all seemed to have an interesting background, but it wasn't fully explored and that's kind of a pity. Dialogues are not execellent or amazing, but they were entertaining. Good enough for the other night, but don't expect awesome things. This is just an ok movie, nothing outstanding but still entertaining.


A very simple, nice, enjoyable and relaxing movie. "Emma" is a movie that fall into a forgotten well, probably because there's nothing about it that makes it different from any other movie inspired by a Jane Austen novel. As a matter of fact, this is not the best movie ever shot set in the XIX century and about a lonely rich woman -- but it's still really nicely done.

Set in its own world, "Emma" is well written and directed. Douglas McGrath did a good job, and the result is a very enjoyable movie. Gwyneth Paltrow did good as Emma, but Toni Collette was probably the biggest surprise. The soundtrack was really nice and appropriate. Good costumes, nice locations. And a good story. Nothing outstanding, but all these elements make "Emma" a movie worth watching.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Ok, this was a funny one! "Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted" gets all our animal friends up to Europe, where they end up joyining a cyrcus, NYC bound. I got to say that the turnout was pretty funny, colorful and joyful. A pleasure for both eyes and hears. I'm not sure this is the best one in the trilogy (the second one stays as my favourite) but this is for sure the most colorful of the three.

Also, I kind of liked the movie conclusion -- it's cool to think about Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria in a cyrcus for the rest of their days. It does indeed make sense. A decent, funny conclusion to a good animation trilogy. Go for it.

Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs (Ice Age 3)

Boring in most parts, a real letdown. This third installment of "Ice Age" lacks all those friends binding moments that made me like the previous movies. There's Sid the sloth who finds some dinosaurs eggs and decides to adopt them to be a parent too... Nope, I didn't like that plot twist. Plus having Diego moving away from his best friend Manny didn't work out fine either: that was so out of character.

If it wasn't for Scrat I would not even have laughed. He was, once again, the real star of the movie. Seeing him meeting Scratte was really funny. Also, the way they falled in love and then out of love was really coincise and realistic -- loved that. But I really hated that underground world, it was literally suffucating me. Just not the best movie of the franchise if you ask me.

The Hours
The Hours(2002)

This movie has one of the most compelling, interesting, beautiful opening scene I've ever seen. But after those first 10 minutes, it slowly starts getting downhill. "The Hours" is a very peculiar movie where three parallel stories alternate one another before reaching quite a good conclusion. The last lines are a total blast. And the soundtrack is one of the finest you hears will ever hear: it literally gets the movie going.

You get three amazing actresses coming togheter: Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore and Nicole Kidman. They really are the base upon the movie is built on. Oh, and that wonderful Ed Harris! Without them "The Hours" would not have turned out in this nostralgic, out-of-time tale. The movie is not perfect, and it's too slow at points. But what's really nice to see is how the story slowly unfolds in front of your eyes, and the whole project is really beautifully written.

This all makes "The Hours" a unique project that should not be missed. In its imperfections it will leave you with a nostalgic feeling that not many movies can leave you with. Recommended.

Dream Boy
Dream Boy(2010)

I really loved the simplicity with which this movie unfolds a beautiful coming to age story. "Dream Boy" tells the story of Nathan, a new boy in town who falls for Roy, a school bus driver and student. Everything in this movie is very laid down, linear and simple. I loved the two main actors, the dialogues, the filming locations. Acting was really good, and I'd like to read the book this movie was inspired from.

I was surprised by this cute little movie. "Dream Boy" demonstrates how even the smallest movie can deliver a powerful, touching story. This one didn't move much from the starting point, but it delivers a very strong message, and it does that in a very beautiful way. I found the ending a little confusing, but in line with the rest of the movie. Many things are left unsaid and unexplained, but in this case I liked that. "Dream Boy" is a very peculiar, forgotten gem. Don't loose it.

Dream Boy
Dream Boy(2008)

I really loved the simplicity with which this movie unfolds a beautiful coming to age story. "Dream Boy" tells the story of Nathan, a new boy in town who falls for Roy, a school bus driver and student. Everything in this movie is very laid down, linear and simple. I loved the two main actors, the dialogues, the filming locations. Acting was really good, and I'd like to read the book this movie was inspired from.

I was surprised by this cute little movie. "Dream Boy" demonstrates how even the smallest movie can deliver a powerful, touching story. This one didn't move much from the starting point, but it delivers a very strong message, and it does that in a very beautiful way. I found the ending a little confusing, but in line with the rest of the movie. Many things are left unsaid and unexplained, but in this case I liked that. "Dream Boy" is a very peculiar, forgotten gem. Don't loose it.


Not a bad Bond movie. It's cool to see James back in the dear old URSS, fighting for the queen's sake and playing with guns. Under that point of view "GoldenEye" is quite the classical Bond movie, and the final result keeps on being good even 15 years after its first release. Special effects are cool, considering they're from the '90s. And Pierce Brosnan made a good Bond, at least in this first movie of his. For some reason I find the first minutes of the movie particularly entertaining.

A classic. It's not perfect and after you've seen it a few times it mights start to bore you. But it's still a cool action movie that could easily be replaced by any other new action movie sure, the only difference is that Bond is in here. And there's a strong Russian component. I kind of like that. Plus you get Cuba. And all those cute little gadgets. And a cool car. Disappointing ending, that lacked a sense closure.

As said, it's a Bond classic worth a watch and kind of entertaining. Blowed me away the first time I saw it, now I just think it's a cool action movie.


Out of all those movie about Marvel comic books characters, "Elektra" is one of the worst. It's tasteless, ridiculous at points and its plot isn't particularly thrilling or exciting. The movie is quite predictable, and its characters reminded me of empty places -- there's something deeply wrong with this movie, and it starts out right from the beginning. Acting is kind of awful too, just as the story the writers came up with.

Yes, there are one or two kind of cool action scenes. But a part from that I'm not really sure why you should watch this movie. It's all really slow, and you can't really tell who's the bad guy. I mean, "Elektra" is basically a killer, so I'm not sure she quelifies as the good guy. -- A messed up mess. A movie you'll forget about soon after you've watched it. It's forgettable, and pointless. Don't watch it and you won't loose a thing.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Fresh, enjoyable and with a subtle but always present morale. "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" is a really cute, well written film not only for kids. I'm pretty sure adults will find the story and characters really pleasant and never boring or irritating. It's really easy to end up liking Alex, Marty, Gloria and all the other characters. I for sure like this movie better than the first one: it's funnier, more original and it's just cool to see these animals finally living where they do belong, naturally.

Give it a shot. It's honestly one of the best written animated movie out there. They did a nice job and improved since the first installment. Really funny, but also really smart. Give it a try, you won't regret it.


Simply put, one of the crappiest movie I've ever seen in my entire life. "Catwoman" is rotten, a movie gone bad under all the possible points of view. Acting is just horrible, and Halle Berry's performance resembles more the one of a monkey rather than a cat. The plot is really poor, almost funny. And the whole movie is really badly written and executed.

I'm not even sure Halle Berry was the right actress the play Catwoman. She was just ridiculous in most if not all of her scenes. Sharon Stone made the movie barable, she made an almost decent 'bad guy'. The soundtrack is just awful. The whole concept behind the story is wrong, or at least it feels so probably because this Catwoman is ridiculized and isn't made into a fully believable, realistic character. That's the first thing they did wrong, followed by many others.

The Basketball Diaries

Didn't blow me away, but I honestly enjoyed this forgotten movie. It helds one of DiCaprio's best performances, once again proving his acting capabilities. There's also a very young Mark Wahlberg, and for some reason it's always cool to see them back when they yet had to become stars. This not only was a beginning, but also a fresh start for the both of them.

If that's not enough, well -- "The Basketball Diaries" is based on a true story, and on a book that was written about it. Director Scott Kalvert did a good job in bringing to life the story of Jim Carroll, a NYC teen who lost himself while coming to age. But then he was able to find his equilibrium and himself. That's pretty clear in the movie. I like the evolution of this character. When we first meet him he's just a kid who plays basketball in the school team. Then he starts doing drugs, girst joints then cocaine to heroine. We see him strumble down this dangerous spiral. At first friends are there, then he starts loosing them one after anoher for all the different reasons. He ends up alone. -- I really liked this character evolution. It was really well done.

"The Basketball Diaries" isn't a perfect movie and has its flaws. It's not wonderfully written and it's kind of predictable and unreal at times. But it's kind of a cool story, a nice journey to be on, especially if you're into those drug addicts stories. Give it a try, you might actually like it.

New Year's Eve

Almost unbearable, I had to fast forward more than a couple of scenes. "New Year's Eve" is a dumb, simplicistic movie that focuses on what, according to the writers, most people do on the last day of the year. The scenes in the stucked elevator were my favourite ones I think, but we had already seen it all before in trillions of other movies so that was not an 'original'. Then, for some reason, the whole relationship between Michelle Pfeiffer and Zac Efron's characters was really fun and decently developed so that did the movie for me.

The whole problem with this kind of movies is that they're meaningless. New Year's Eve isn't a big deal for just everybody, some people just don't care about it. So it's pretty much ridiculous and doesn't lead anywhere. There's no deeper meaning, no strong message, just lots of childish hopes and dreams that shall never come true. Honestly, it's not such a big deal. So there wasn't much of a point in doing this movie in the first place.


Good movie about WWII. "Enigma" is about secret messages, U boats, cospirations, traitors and it pretty much summarize a part of what it meant to be in war for England. I did like the fact that the story focuses of this often forgotten part of history, but I have to say that characters didn't look real to me. Acting was ok, but the whole plot was kind of 'unrealistic' and I honestly think it was just maximized for the big screen.

An overall good, enjoyable project. Just don't expect a particularly accurate historic movie. This one isn't either particularly well written and the story feels at moments kind of flat. But it's still ok and watchable. It has its highs an lows, though.

Katy Perry: Part of Me

Looked fake to me. "Katy Perry: Part of Me" goes behind the scene of the 2011 world tour that singer Katy Perry took. We see her pleasing her fans, suffering from her marriage gone wrong and we learn how she embarked on this beautiful career. Well, I'm not a huge Perry fan but I enjoyed those few scenes from her performance on stage. But I would have liked to see more from the backstage -- at the end not much is revealed, just things we already knew about.

It's still cool to see all those 'fantasy' dresses and some of the making of the live performances. I think Katy is really a great actress: I almost ended up believing that what I was seeing was real, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. All the scenes she was featured in were made up for the movie, and you almost can't tell that so good job! Almost tricked me. Still, 90 minutes of ok pop music and colorful scenes.


Visually stunning, but quite poor on the plot side. "Prometheus" leaves the audience with far too many doubts and questions: nothing is really explained, and it's all based on theories and suppositions. While watching we just can't be sure of anything, mostly because actions are not really explained and don't always make sense. Sure, this whole picture is kind of realistic -- I guess that would be the case then landing on an unknown moon far away from Earth: we wouldn't know exactly what was going on, at least for a long time.

I got to say that Michael Fassbender and Noomi Rapace did an awesome job and helped me getting the most out of the movie. That, plus the magnificent special effects make this sci-fi flick bearable. Still, that doesn't change the fact that the plot stays dumb and predictable and most of these events aren't even explained properly. -- The turnout is kind of messed up, a bad copy of 'Alien' or any other good sci-fi project. But still kind of enjoyable, if you stop on the visual side of the movie.

Sleeping Beauty

A different, interesting movie. "Sleeping Beauty" is kind of slow and doesn't complete itself, much is left to the imagination of the viewer and a few things are left unexplained. The ending is much open -- that's what I didn't like. This time really too much was left to the audience. It's cool that the story is set in Australia, and the main character is quite real and interesting if you ask me. Emily Browning did a good job in bringing her to life.

Written and directed by Julia Leigh, "Sleeping Beauty" isn't as bad as everyone says. It's kind of a bucholic movie, but it does have a deeper meaning and holds its points quite steady to the very end. Just try it.

The Hole
The Hole(2001)

Not a bad movie, I enjoyed the fact that we get to meet a character with a double face. When I first heard about "The Hole" I thought that it was more like an horror movie, but as it turns out this is a thriller. Not a very intense, compelling one, but a decent one. There are a couple of unexpected turns that I didn't see coming, we get to see both a fake story and the real story -- it helps getting a good insight on the characters involved.

Sure, it's not particularly well written and it's not astonishing. But it helds up a little tension and no matter how dumb and naive the ending is, the whole concept and story is still dark and entertaining. I was surprised that I liked it, but I did.

The Roommate
The Roommate(2011)

A dumb, naive, meaningless movie. "The Roommate" is empty as all of the other characters, nothing is explained and honestly the story behind 'the roommate' is really predictable and not surprisingly at all. Her obsession with Sara isn't justified and neither are her actions - plot holes everywhere. And what she did to the cat was not only terrible, but also a mean, unjustified action that makes me feel sick.

An easily forgettable, useless movie that you should skip right away. It's just a plain, unsatisfying disaster.

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World

While technically stunning, "Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World" didn't turn out to be a fantastic, remarkable movie. It's good, the HMS Surprise is really stunning along with the tempest and the battles, but the plot feels kind of repetitive and 'pointless' given that open ending -- Still, characters are indeed entertaining.

Captain Jack Aubrey and Dr. Stephen Maturin's friendship is probably the most interesting and well developed storyline. But many of the other members of the crew have some really entertaining stories too -- that's what makes this movie a good one. The representation of a ship in 1805 is pretty accurate too and makes up to what's a good but somehow empty movie that doesn't lead much further away, spiritually speaking.

Quite detailed, it just gives the right idea about what was it like to live on board of a British army ship in the early XIX century. Really interesting and beautifully done, too bad it hasn't got a straight start and ending. It's still really watchable and informative though, so you should give it a try.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Best movie these eyes have ever seen in their entire life. "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King" is like an explosion of life, hope for tomorrow, faith. It's got the best soundtrack I've ever heard, it just helps keeping emotions running high. All the right messages are there, the final battle is just breathtaking and the end breaks my heart every time. It's like if every time I watch this movie a little part of me dies with it, and I can't tell this about any other movie I've ever seen. After 9 years this third instalment stays strong in my heart, keeps on moving me and astonish me like no other movie can. It's got values.

Fran Walsh, Philippa Boyens and Peter Jackson wrote a stunning screenplay that perfectly closes what should be remembered as the best triology of the history of cinema. It just works out so well, so nicely. So many words are spoken, and most of them are dense with meaning. This movie is a big flow you'd wish could never come to an end, but every good journey must come to one. And this one is pretty epic and unforgettable. It's painful, sad and for some reason, even if this is a fantasy story, it helds much truth in it and it's really easy to rely on it.

The whole picture come to an end with this thrd instalment. My favorite one remains "The Two Towers", but that's just because I love its plot. If it has to come down to technical details and screenplay -- sorry, "The Return of the King" wins. It just has it all, from an extraordinary cast to some fantastic locations and costumes. It's not perfect, but it's the closest you can get to it. They all did a great job, and the result is this whole armony where everything is just in the right place.

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

This is the movie that made me fall deeply in love with "The Lord of the Rings", this is the movie that made me realize how cool the work of a director is. "The Two Towers" changed me, it made me see the world with different eyes, took me on a mind-blowing trip that I'm still travelling on. This is one of those movies I'll never get tired of, no matter how many times I've seen it already.

The best part about it is that it maintained all those good elements that made me like and appreciate "The Fellowship of the Ring", but got rid of all those slow, complicated things that made the first movie so 'heavy' and long. The details are still there though, and there's some character developement and some beautiul words are spoken. Toward the end of the movie, the battle at Helm's Deep and the words spoken by Samwise the Brave -- and the visual effect of having Gandalf with Eomer and his army following him -- that scene gets more and more astonishing the more you watch it. It's just stunning.

As a matter of fact, the extended version of "The Two Towers" flows by like really soon, like a very light, entertaining, action packed movie. I love every scene. And the storyline is just so much more interesting if compared to the first movie; well, the way I see it "The Fellowship" was just an introducion to Tolkien's universe. Then it come the battle of Helm, followed by the greates battle for Middle Earth. --

When I first saw "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers" I hostestly thought it was the best movie I've ever seen. That was before I saw "The Return of the King". That's the crazy thing: it just keeps on getting better and better!

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

For so many reasons, "The Lord of the Rings" are among the best movies of the history of cinema. They did change the way movies were made and, after more than 10 years I'm still completely astonished by how they did all that -- Bringing to the big screen three fantasy novels is not an easy task, especially because of all the details that made up for Tolkien's universe. But Peter Jackson, Fran Walsh and Philippa Boyens did it and they did it right.

"The Fellowship of the Ring" is my least favourite movie in the trilogy. I find it really 'heavy' to carry out, and every time the ending seems to be so out of reach. But when we get there I just know that I want more, that the real journey is just about to begin -- I love the prologue and the ending, and the cure for details. There are such a lot of change of scenary, many characters, and the whole rythm is very slow -- As a matter of fact, I hated this movie the first time I saw it. And it still gives me a headache every single time I see it. But it's so beautifully done. And those two amazing movies that follow just don't make any sense without this first 'introductory' movie.

Sure, not all the episodes described in the first book of "The fellowship of the Ring" made it to the movie (see Tom Bombadil), but all the main facts are there. And they're easily understandable even if you haven't read the books. What amazed me the most is the fact that yes, the screenplay is extremely complex and rich of details, but it's also so much easier to follow if compared to the books.

J.R.R. Tolkien's universe, Middle-Earth, is beautifully pictured and developed in detail. Rivendell and Lothlorien, along with the Shire, are a pleasure for the eyes and hears. And the cure for the characters wardrobe, accessories. And casting. And not only that amazing scenary that is New Zealand, but also that great, fantastic soundtracck composed by Howard Shore -- it just sets the right mood for each and every scene.

But the best part of it all is that, despite the fact that it already starts off in a pretty great way, the movie(s) keep on getting better and better till they reach their maximum beauty in the third and last movie of the trilogy. Maybe that's what makes this movie(s) so unique and special. So take this cult ride, and don't stop till you reach the end of the journey.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

One of the best movie to hit the big screen in the last 25 years. "Forrest Gump" is an emotional, sweet, tearing story that will move you soul, it is one of the sweetest movie I've ever seen. It's full of beautiful truths. There is more than one unforgettable, meaningful line. And Forrest Gump is, honestly, one of the best character ever coincived and developed in a movie. It's a compelling, great, astonishing story beautifully adapted by Eric Roth and directed by Robert Zemeckis.

This is probably Tom Hanks' best performance. The soundtrack is great too. I love the locations and the period of time the movie covers; you've just got it all: the Vietnam war, the protests in the streets, the veterans. Oh, and that Alabama touch adds a new layer to the movie --- I don't know, it's just lovely. And brilliantly written. You just can't help but falling in love with all these characters.

If you'll manage to watch it without crying well, that's the proof you heart is made of stone. Because this is the one movie I can't watch without crying. I love Forrest's story: it's just sweet to the bone and I can't help but feeling sad towards the end of it even if my heart fills up with love and tenderness every time I watch it. Once you'll get to know this fantastic character, he'll forever stay in your heart. Recommended.

Across the Universe

This movie has it all: passion, love, friendship, hippies, NYC, the Vietnam war, Liverpool, great songs, a great story, Bono, and much more. "Across the Universe" brings together all the Beatles' most famous songs and incorporates them into a very moving story, and it does that with just a little words. Thanks to a great cast and screenplay this movie turned out to be pretty good and one of the best musical that I've ever seen: those little details spread all around the place, the Vietnam protests, the '60s. I just love to see that historic period being brought up to screen, and in the form of a musical that turns everything from b/w to colours --

The best thing about this movie is the use of songs: they just fit perfectly with the story and characters. And in a few scenes here and there "Across the Universe" gets also visually stunning: that 'negative' turn, the cyrcus in the middle of nowhere -- it was like a mind trip, and I guess that's what it stand for. I like those tricks, especially because they were in line with the story. Although it took a while to me to see the greatness of this movie, I have to admit that I do like it.

Every time I watch it it saddens me, but it also fills my heart up with love and positive feelings because I know that it's gonna be alright and that all of us should make up our own decisions. So deep down this movie, like all the Beatles' songs, carries a very strong message. But that's not the only reason why this movie is recommended. Go on and see for yourself.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

Great songs, and I loved the location. And the cast is great, too. "Mamma Mia!" is a good, funny musical that entertains me every time I watch it, but let's face it: there's no deeper meaning there and all the characters do is fool around for one hour and a half. Sure, there are some good coreographies and the mood is brigh and shiny all the time but also quite lame and childish. This is a very light harted movie, good to enjoy on light harted times.

The island location is just gorgeous and despite the fact that I find the whole plot a little bit silly and predictable I still like it. It just cheers me up. It's positive, and it's got Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnan, Colin Firth, Stellan Skarsgard and Amanda Seyfried, all on the same 'boat'. I find it really enjoyable and I think you will too.


"Shame" just got me. I had to watch it three times over the last year to get to this conclusion, but this is it. This movie is a crazy ride I love to be on: you have to read between lines to get its full meaning but I got to say I just like its premises and the way they are developed in the movie. The fact is that all the characters involved in the movie are extremely interesting, intriguing and involving: why do they do what they do? How did they end up being so messed up? What's going on in their heads? All the answers are there, but they're not spoken out loud. So you just have to watch and let yourself being absorbed by the story.

"Shame" is really slow and unconventional. I always appreciate long takes and in this case I thought they were very appropriate: I think my favourite scene was that amazing dialogue on the sofa between Brandon and Sissy. Those were 5 amazingly executed minutes, the dialogue was great and acting even better. I'm really impressed by Michael Fassbender and Carey Mulligan's work: the tension, the unspoken words between those two siblings. They just helped creating the right atmosphere, put the seed of doubt out there. At the end of the movie I was left with a very distinctive feeling and for some reason I would have liked to watch again right away. I just loved the "New York, New York" song scene, and the running scene, and the open ending.

There's a meaning, a hidden message that's very difficult to get because it's very abstract, but I think it somehow manages to picture nowadays society and its being lost. Brandon isn't capable of establish a stable relationship with someone, he's just seeking sex (he's indeed a sex addict), for some reason he can't get along with his sister and the result is that no matter how physically close to another human being he can get: he's really lonely and there's nothing he can do about it.

Steve McQueen wrote a great screenplay and directed a great movie. So I say go for it. Give it a try. This is one of those movie you'll either love or hate but you'll never know unless you try. One of the best movies of 2011. Recommended.

Boogie Nights

I can't really tell what made me like this movie, but I know I did like it. It's just made out of its own peculiar blend, it's something I've never seen before and I don't think there are other movies like this one out there. "Boogie Nights" will take you down that exploding road that was porn industry back in 1977: it's filled up with scenes that you won't forget that easily. It's just one movie, but it feels like you're watching more than one at the same time. The story is quite simple and linear but it's also well developed and really well delivered to the audience. The soundtrack is just amazing and it helps in getting the story done.

What makes the movie work is its great cast. I really couldn't recognize Mark Wahlberg who did a great job: you can just see his character evolving from a kid living with his parents to a young adult starting off as a star, to a rotten star, to a lonely young man who wants to find redemption and start all over again. Alfred Molina was also incredible. I thought that each actor was just perfect for the role, and without that cast this movie would not have turned out so good.

Paul Thomas Anderson wrote an incredible screenplay with some great characters that star in a movie that should not be missed. I loved the cure for details and the fact that the story focuses on both highs and lows of life. If things start going the right way that doesn't mean that's meant to last -- that's what makes this movie a thrilling ride full of surprises: the fact that it just keeps on going up and down, and changing scenes and situations. It's not a static movie, it just keeps on going and that's what kept me hooked to it for almost 3 hours.

A great piece of cinema about one of the many aspects of the late '70- early '80. It's more like an experience so it's kind of difficult to summarize here all the reasons that make this movie a masterpiece. I honestly enjoyed every minute, and I'm pretty sure you will too. Recommended.


I got to say that it seems like this movie doesn't lead to anything. But it does. "Mallrats" is a crazy ride and the best thing about it its all those particular characters: they're all related in some way and speak in a rather funny way. That's what makes this movie special, along with the fact that it manages to give a cool portrait of what kind of movies used to be produced in the '90. Talk shows, no cell phones, malls all around.

Well written, greatly executed. Not the best movie out there, but still a fun one to watch. Made me smile a couple of times and it's got a cool cast with a couple of typical but useless situations.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

If you loved the book(s) as I did, you're probably going to love this movie as well. In almost 10 years this is the first movie based on a book that DID NOT let me down, but left me deeply satisfied: if I had to do a movie starring Stieg Larsson's characters I would have shoot it the same way more or less, so thank you David! Characters are not as deeply explored as they are in the book, a few details have been changed, a few lines have been erased, but the scenes I've seen... I've seen them in my mind while reading, and they did look almost alike.

"The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" just makes me want to get lost in Stieg Larsson's book once again, this is why I can tell this movie is right and a wonderful adaption. It just made me fall in love with these characters once again, and makes me want to explore them more and more. David Fincher did a beautiful job along with ALL the others involved in the production; sure --- I would have added a couple of dialogues between Lisbeth and Mikael, I'm sorry Lisbeth's mother wasn't a part of the movie and that relationships weren't as well explored here as they were in the book --- but that would have been impossible, wasn't it?

This doesn't change the fact that Steven Zaillian did a great job when writing this adapted screenplay, and David Fincher did a beautiful job in putting together these 'fast running' 150 minutes: I wish it was 30something minutes longer. And by the way, I could not have imaged a more appropriate soundtrack for this gothic, 'uncomfortable' movie -- I did like the opening titles and thought they were really right. But I didn't like the closing song very much... that's one thing I would change.

This said, Daniel Craig proved himself to be a great Mikael Blomkvist. He's not exactly as a pictured Mikael, but he's close enough -- I was looking forward to see the scene where he meets Lisbeth for the first time. I loved that scene in the movie, it was just as I pictured it in my mind while reading the book. And Rooney Mara was good too, along with the rest of the cast; I must say that watching the movie you can't really tell how deep and complex the character of Lisbeth is --- for that you do have to go read the book, and I really suggest you do that.

The ending is exactly as it is in the book. I loved that detail. Too bad we couldn't hear what was going on in Lisbeth's mind in that and other moments of the movie; that's why I think the book is one hundred times better than the movie. But this movie could not have been better -- so it's absolutely recommended. But be sure to read the book before you watch the movie!

One of the best movie released in the last 4 years. So my advice is go watch it right now, do not skip it. Now I'm looking forward to see the original Swedish movies too ---


A very interesting, diverse biopic regarding professor Alfred Kinsey (Prok) and his studies about human sexuality. The movie, written and directed by Bill Condon, starts out great in black/white and asks just the right questions that will keep you attached to the screen for quite a while. "Kinsey" isn't much accurate, it doesn't care about dates but it still manages to give that time passing sensation and will give you an overall idea of Kinsey's work over the years.

Liam Neeson was cool as the provocative professor Kinsey and did a good job along with the rest of the cast. I personally love the first half of the movie, but after that the story kind of starts to repeat itself and doesn't seem to reach a satisfying conclusion. Despite this, I'm still able to enjoy this movie every time I see it, probably because it deals with a subject that was seldom if not ever explored in the history of cinema. A good movie that could have turned out to be slightly better.

The Five-Year Engagement

A long story about a long term relationship. "The Five-Year Engagement" is a movie about two people who can't make up their minds. That's what it's all about. The result is a 'going around' movie that entertains but doesn't astonish its audience: I was cool with it for the first half, but after that I just wanted them to get to a conclusion, soon.

I loved Emily Blunt's performance and thought the whole cast was pretty great. The story felt different and has a couple of unpredictable twists. It will make you question important things such as marriage and kids, but it will also make you smile. It takes commitment to be in a relationship or in a marriage, that's true. And that's also the main reason why this movie works. But that doesn't change the fact that it gets to its conclusion very slowly and in a rather silly way that doesnt' really get along with the rest of the movie. Still, it's a nice romantic story if you feel in the mood for it.

The Amityville Horror

I'm not a huge fan of horror movies: they're usually too short, have a silly plot, they all end the same, and they'll try to scare you to death even if they've no point. "The Amityville Horror" is no different. It might be loosely based on a true story and tension runs high during a few scenes. But seeing Ryan Reynolds with those black contacts just put a smile upon my face and I coulnd't buy the fact he was the bad guy. And the explanation about why were those presence in the house didn't thrill me at all.

Overall kind of predictable, repetitive: an empty house. It's not an awful horror movie, tension was there. But the plot isn't that strong and tries so hard to scare its audience that it forgets to do anything else. Wrong cast, inexsistent soundtrack, great sound effects. I suppose you might actually like it if you're into horror movies.

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

Killer soundtrack! And the idea of having all these bikers going around NYC delivering packages was kind of cool too. But after a while I kind of started to get bored: keeping on seein the same scenes over and over again, just Joseph Gordon-Levitt cycling and speaking on the phone and getting into crashes. Seriously, that was repetitive. And what was in the package didn't turn out to be such a life or death matter: why couldn't they just make a phone call?

That said, the "Premium Rush" has the privilege to be a fresh, different movie with its own soul and story. I like how it kind of starts and ends on the same 'note' and the visual graphic was really informative and fun to watch. Yes, there were some cool scenes in there. But this doesn't change the fact that after 20 minutes or so the movie started to repeat itself -- to me it lacked some socializing moments. I would have liked to see them having a beer all together.

The ending wasn't great, but kind of naive if you ask me. But I enjoyed the whole spirit of the movie and its being different from anything I've had the chance to see before. So I'd say go for it and enjoy this killing ride!

500 Days of Summer

Great soundtrack, I loved every single tiny piece of music included in the movie. "Days of Summer" is kind of a slow movie that won't leave you far away from where it picked you up, still -- it's interesting to watch because it makes you think about life, love and other little things. The most intriguing thing about the movie was probably that 'diary page' showing which day were we in, and the jumping backwards and forwards throughout their relationship.

Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the movie, just toward the ending I got lost and asked myself 'why did she do that'. Then, after lots of thinking I got it (I think) --- The metaphor through which the movie is told is simply beautiful: Summer turns into Autumn and then into Winter and then into Spring, and that's also like love and most relationship go. I had so much thinking about this after having seen this movie.

Acting was pretty good, the script was fun, and images were original and colourful. "500 Days of Summer" is a really up-to-date movie that might be interesting to watch once or twice or maybe more. Recommended.

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

Not really super action packed, "Taken 2" is just a pale copy of the first instalment. It is a very violent, sadic movie that can also be very naive and foolish at points. For some reason I just can't help but like the character of Bryan Mills: the relationship between him and his daughter Kim is probably what makes me like these movies and drowned me to them in the first place.

I like seeing how this man keeps on fighting to the very end to make sure his family is safe. That's a very basic, strong feeling which is seldom explored to these extremes in the movies so it's kind of cool to see how far he goes to reach his aim. On the other hand I don't like the fact that in "Taken" both Albany and Turkey are portraied as third world countries where everybody tries to harm people: that's not true, at least not for all of their population. Also, I doubt that getting into a US embassy would be that easy!

Everybody gets what they want or what they deserve: that's all far too easy, real life isn't like that. But in "Taken" they can drive like crazy, kill people and they never get stopped. But I like the characters, Liam Neeson's one especially. That's why I'm sticking with it and I suggest you give it a try. It's not the best action movie ever made, but it brings up all those family stuff and that's kind of cool even if the plot might seem quite predictable.

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

The more I think about it, the more this movie seems to fall apart piece by piece. "Total Recall" is a visually stunning piece of cinema, but the magic behind it kind of stops there. After a good opening the story quickly starts to escalate before ending into nothing: the meaning of the movie gets lost in that huge hole that is its plot. The premises were good, but then it all went wasted in what turned out to be quite a predictable, unconclusive story.

The saddest part is that I got that he was living in a 'fake reality' right from the beginning, after he woke up from his dream: that should not have happened, the suspance should have run much higher than that! This movie looks like a sci-fi movie on the outside, but on the inside is just an empty action movie with just a few very predictable turns. 'The Fall' was really cool, but you almost couldn't understand on which side of the planet were they. Plus: was it always dark and rainy, on both sides? Also, I would have liked them to explore all those levels people lived in more.

These 2 hours weren't perfect, but I kind of enjoyed myself so I'd give this movie a try if I was you. It is indeed a visual pleasure with all those future cars and highways and phones -- that was a blast, too bad that dialogues and stories and tension couldn't keep up to that.


I honestly liked it: the entire premise behind the movie is undobutly very interesting and new. "Dredd" is a movie you shouldn't miss if you're into those catastrophic movies set in a distant, rotten future. It will probably blow yourself away. I personally liked the story and the characters: judge Dredd is a very sympathic character. What's a little distubing is the fact that we never get to see his face -- but we get to see his pure heart and his ways to act kind of speak for themselves.

The idea of these 'Judges' trying to protect what's left of the human population by instant sentences is just great. Oh, and the big bad Ma-Ma was kind of cool and in line with the rest of the story too. An overall nice standalone project. The soundtrack is really great too and the idea of this hyper populated future world kind of feels right -- I'd like to see more of it, so I hope Judge Dredd will soon be back with a sequel or something. This all makes "Dredd" a really nice piece of sci-fi.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A great movie, really enjoyable both during Christmas and Halloween or even all year around. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is probably Tim Burton's best project so far, and it's easily the best story he's ever written and starts the best chracters he's ever invented. It tells an amazing, different and imaginary tale that you've never heard nowhere else: it's something very new, surprising and stunning. Doesn't matter how many times you might have seen it in the last 19 years: it still stays strong and it's always a joy to watch.

Not only it's got some great characters. Its soundtrack is also great, composed by that genious who is Danny Elfman. The words spoken during the singing songs are the heart and soul of the movie which would loose its spirit without them -- the soundtrack is truely memorable. But what gets me every time is the character of Jack: I kind of love his story and the way he thinks. But also the use of lights, costumes, art direction looks just great to me. Every time I see those trees in circle I kind of wish I could open all those doors and see what kind of world lies beneath them. This is one of those movie I would not change much about 'cause "The Nightmare Before Christmas" is just about perfect the way it is. Recommended.

Arthur Christmas

One of the best Christmas movie I've ever seen. "Arthur Christmas" will make you remember what it feels like to be a little kid waiting for Santa and believing in Santa, it will make you feel that special Christmas feeling. Well, that's what it did for me. This cute little story by writer/director Sarah Smith surprised me in many different ways and made me feel that Xmas athmosphere once again. The character development is kind of cool and you'll end up liking Arthug; Santa's helper are just the cutest you've ever imaged and all that Santa familty turned out to be more interesting than I expected it to. It was a funny ride to take along with all those funny characters!

The opening scene is really entertaining, and the way the plot developes is quite peculiar and not so predictable. On this crazy tripping around the world on Christmas' day you'll have loads of fun, surprises and your holiday spirit will start growing on you once again. Recommended, I promise it will make you feel a kid all over again.

20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

A timeless classic to enjoy at any moment of the year. "20,000 Leagues Under The Sea" might be almost 60 years old, but it's still capable of holding itself together: I'm kind of surprised by how they managed to bring some of the special effects to life back in 1954 and the Nautilus is really cool and at its best. It's an interesting trip full of surprises and beautiful scenary this one!

It has the spirit of old times, it's very visionary and well done. Dialogues are really pleasant, but one again characters aren't that well explored and the ending felt kind of uncomplete and too sad for a Disney movie though it's still a very nice adaption for Jules Verne's novel.


Well written and well acted, "Looper" is a good movie to watch. Sadly it didn't thirll me, probably because it lacked a complete story, dropped out of a few characters along the way and picked up others leaving me 'incomplete'. But I did like the premise, and I'm honestly astonished by how Rian Johnson was able to create this interesting, appealing, different world all by himself just using his immagination. Kudos to him for that.

On the other hand, there were so many stories left uncompleted: I wish I could know what happened to Seth. I know he was probably killed, but I would have liked him to play a bigger role in the movie. Also, I would have liked to have a deeper insight on the future and on how Joe's action affected it. That would have been really cool -- Also, I didn't like that kid: he seemed so spoiled and scary but that was the point, wasn't it? Don't let first impression influence your actions. What you think might happen isn't what will really happen, so you should always just give it a chance.

It didn't thrill me as much as I expected it to, but I think that "Looper" is a very good movie. It's different and it will surprise you on many levels. I like the idea of time travel and I really would have liked them to explore it a little furtherer and give me more insight about the characters. I think that's where the movie let me down: it wasn't as much detailed as I'd liked it to be but I'd still suggest you to give it a try. It's just worth it.

Pitch Perfect

What seemed to be the most naive, dumb movie on planet earth turned out to be a fun, different, huge surprise. "Pitch Perfect" is set in college and tells the story of choir groups who end up competing one another. What makes this movie so special and enjoyable is its characters: each and every one of them is made out of a different blend. I honestly ended up liking them all: there's more thank just dancing and singing in "Pitch Perfect". There are a couple of disgusting scenes that one way or another surprised me, and the movie is really well written.

I had fun. Once again Anna Kendrick prooved to be a great actress who can take a very different role from her previous ones and give a stunning performance. Her character (Beca) was really interesting and even if her actions turned out to be quite predictable that didn't ruin the movie for me. "Pitch Perfect" didn't blow me away, but I got to say it has a very professional cast, its story is quite good, dialogues are 'new' and stimulating. The soundtrack is ok and the whole movie turns out to be quite the project. Might not be perfect, but it's absolutely recommended.

I'm Reed Fish

After quite an exciting start this movie quickly begins going downhill, it starts to repeat itself and gets really monotonous and static. "I'm Reed Fish" is one of those movie that had potential but wasted it quite ingenuously: 30 minutes after the movie starts, when we actually discover that we're watching a movie into the movie, that was quite a revelation. So I expected the story to focus more on the 'real life' but it didn't. It was all about the premiere and not about its characters and their hearts and stories.

Characters all seemed nice, but none of them was well explored. We get to know something about them, but the feelings flow isn't clear at all and honestly most of their actions just doesn't make any sense to me. They turned out being pretty lame and kind of pointless. But -- this is still an enjoyable movie. Locations are great, and even if the story ends up being kind of repetitive it was relaxing and not terrible to watch. So you might want to give it a try.

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

A tale of coming to age, "The Perks of Being a Wallflower" is a confusing movie that keeps on developing in a rather confusing world. I don't know if that's what writer/director Stephen Chbosky was looking for, but I personally think that this movie felt uncomplete and didn't lead to much of a conclusion. Sure, we have the sufference of being a freshman in high school, not having friends, all those teenage problems -- but the character of Charlie didn't charm me as much as I would have liked him to and I honestly wasn't able to have a complete idea of his character by the end of the movie.

I tried to love this movie, but I couldn't. I did appriciate the small details such as the VHS players, the tunnel song, the relationships between these teens, but I wasn't impressed at all by this little tale. Logan Lerman and Emma Watson both gave good performances, but the real star here was Ezra Miller whom was just shining as Patrick. At points I couldn't understand what was real and what was just mere imagination, and that's what confused me the most -- so I think I should see the movie again, and maybe change my mind. As for now all I can say is that I can't understand why most people liked it. To me this is just a medium level movie, nothing too special. Then again, I might be completely wrong.

When Harry Met Sally

Beautifully written, "When Harry Met Sally" is one of my favorite romantic movie. The story unfolds over a period of 12 long years, it's charming and starts off pretty well in the most drastic of ways: a road trip from Chicago to NYC. Billy Crystal is great as Harry Burns, while Meg Ryan is an unforgettable Sally Albright; both these characters are incredibly well-written, fun and really likeable but the best part about this movie is its screenplay: it kept me glued to the screen from beginning to end, and I loved every second of it.

This is the story of two people who at first couldn't stand themself. Then they become friends before finally admit their love for each other. "When Harry Met Sally" is like the perfect recipe for a great love story which should always start off from a great friendship. A really enjoyable and pleasant movie that with its lines and performances will blow you away. Recommended.

The Dark Knight

With this movie Christopher Nolan re-invented the super hero action genere. Before 2008 who could have ever imaged that Batman had that much potential? Well, nobody saw that potential till 2005, when Nolan got on board. "The Dark Knight" is the first movie of its genere: it's so action packed that you'll loose yourself in it if you don't watch closely and pay attention to every detail. It's full of surprises, turning points, things you've never seen before on the big screen. It's something new, and that's why it's so special.

It might seem just an action movie, but it really isn't: it's got a beating heart, many layers and many deeper meanings to it. It's about corruption, a world crashing into chaos and about someone who, despite everything that he's lost, tries his best to do the right thing. Special effects are great but what's more important in this movie is faith and human feelings, and sufference, and switching sides. Then there's the best villian of the last 10 years, a great soundtrack, and a great director.

It starts with a crazy action packed scene that I love. It ends with some of the most thrilling words and in the best of ways with drama and suspance, exactly when you don't want to let it go. That's when you realize you'd want more of it, and that's right where it ends. This might be my #1 action movie of all time: great cast, an unforgettable Jocker and a great screenplay. Nolan somehow managed to improve his already great work on the Batman franchise. And he did it in the most stunning of ways. This 'Dark Knight' is finally one to remember and appriciate in the years to come: they finally did it right! Recommended.

4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days

I've seen this movie just once, and I do not intend on seeing it again. "4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days" is a very strong movie, maybe the strongest movie I've ever seen in my life at the movies -- it's about illegal abortion in Romania, and I will never ever forget it till I live. That's a really tough subject which is brilliantly explored and delivered in the movie; acting is just perfect, and the lines you'll hear in here along with the scenes you'll see will just drown you down that spiral of desperation that is illegal abortion.

"4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days" is a very important movie that explains why the pro-abortion laws we have nowadays are so important. It's so difficult to be a woman, and being a woman who cannot decide for herself is even harder. That's why everybody should be able to decide for themselves: this is the message of the movie. And this is why this is a movie that I won't ever forget. But honestly, I'm not capable of watching it again: it's so sick, tormented and relistic. I hated it. But I recommend it to everybody because it will make you understand how importat free will and power of decision is.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

Being back to Middle-Earth was, simply put, a pleasure. Hobbits, wizards, elves, trolls, dragons and all those fantasy creatures you might be seeking for will make their appearance in this cute movie adapted from a JRR Tolkien work. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" might not be perfect, but it delivers what was promised and it's a really nice way to escape from this 'normal' lives of ours. In some ways it's kind of a small scale copy of "The Fellowship of the Ring": I saw many parallels here and there, and I'm not saying that I've not appreciated them.

Visually stunning, very detailed, but it isn't of course capable of reaching the levels that "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy did. "The Hobbit" isn't as profound, and it doesn't have that deep meaning that made me fall for those movies, but it's still nicely written, fun at points, much more light-hearted and well acted. But it tries so hard to make the audience laugh that it gets ridiculous at points; it's still a really nice insight on the hobbit's lifestyle which is, as always, much appreciated. And 3 hours fly by like if they were less then 2, so I'd say this movie is fresh, worth the wait and absolutely recommended.

Peter Jackson did a good job as the director of this ambitious project. Sure, splitting a 350 pages book into 3 movies might have been a 'wrong' move, but only time will tell us. I found a couple of scenes being a little too long, especially while in Hobbiton and in Bilbo's home. But... Rivendell looked shinier than ever. And it was great to see the 'old' actors of the previous movies reprise their roles. The scene between Gandalf, Galadriel, Elrond and Saruman was a total blast, and the talk about the prelude to the big war brought back old memories from the trilogy.

I loved how they decided to start in 'modern days' and then go back in time. It was so cool to see Ian Holm play Bilbo once again! My favourite scene has to be Bilbo and Gollum first encounter! To me Gollum is one of the coolest character in the entire history of cinema so it was really cool to get the chance to 'chat' with him once again, for a fairly long portion of time. And Andy Serkis played him brilliantly, as always.

Great cast and locations. Good soundtrack and screenplay. "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" might not be the best movie set in Middle-Earth, but it's still a very valid revival of what was. It's 3 very enjoyable hours of cinema. So I'd say go for it, on the big screen where it belongs, and don't let it go! Recommended.

Ice Age: Continental Drift

It might be the fouth one, but "Ice Age: Continental Drift" still keeps the fun in! The opening scene is just hilarious, and a really nice explanation on how continents formed. Scrat stays as my favourite character in an animated movie: he's so funny, and he doesn't even need to talk!

The story is kind of exaggerated, but it was fairly entertaining. I don't think this is the best out of the four "Ice Age" movies, but it's still totally worth watching. It stole more than a couple of smiles from me, even if all that water was starting to get repetitive at some point. Also, since when do animals play the pirates game? Anyways, it's funny and I think that's more than enought to expect from an animated movie.

Take This Waltz

I honestly liked it. "Take This Waltz" leaves you with an unconfortable feeling in which you suddently realize the sad, bare truth: we're all alone, no matter how much we try. Each and one of us might just find the right someone just walking out the door, while others will never find him/her -- that's it. And we all might change our mind during this crazy ride called life, but this doesn't mean that we'll end up happily ever after. Happiness is just a temporary state of most relationships, and it almost never lasts, and it changes us on many different levels: this is what this tiny, cute Canadian movie is trying to tell us.

Sarah Polley did a good job in writing and directing "Take This Waltz". This simple, tragic story follows the life of Margot, a married woman who falls for another man. But the movie doesn't develope as you might expect it to: it takes a while before Margot gives in to her feelings. And after she does, she's back to square one. Or at least that's the feeling I had: she's back being alone even if she has a man by her side, a man who used to care for her and give her signs of his affection every day. But things change. That's the constant that everybody keeps on forgetting about: change.

The story of a woman in search for some real affection, and for a person who really cares for her. But again, "Take This Waltz" is so much more profound than this, and words just can't describe it in its integrity, so I guess you should just go on and watch it.


This movie was kind of a disappointment. After a bright, brilliant opening "Brave" starts to get downhill after 30 minutes or so. I found the 'mother bear' storyline extremely boring and not so well explored: sure, it had a morale, but it wasn't explained as it should have been. Who was that whitch? Did she do the spell on purpose to ruin the kingdom, or was it just a coincidence?

On the other hand, I loved the first half an hour. And Merida's red hair might very easily be the most beautiful hair I've ever seen in a movie. The songs were pretty good too, and I really enjoyed the animation and the colors of the movie. But "Brave" doesn't lead to a particulary meaningful ending, it's not funny and I honestly can't see its point. It's not bad, but it could have been much better. I've appriciated the characters but the story didn't get me and bored me at times. Still, you might find it enjoyable.

A Scanner Darkly

Finally, after six long years, I've found the courage to watch this incredible movie again. "A Scanner Darkly" is, simply put, just unique. The visual technique by which the movie was made (Rotoscoping) is just awesome, mind-blowing and just the perfect way to bring this incredible story to the screen. I keep on thinking that, if "A Scanner Darkly" was shoot in a 'regular' way it would not have the same effect -- I so love this visual technique and I'd really like to see it applied more often.

Set 7 years into the future, based on a Philip K. Dick's novel, this movie will probably blow your mind away. Drugs, mind tripping. The main character is many people and nobody at the same time. It's scary, and no matter how much imagination the author might have put in it: it's still feels pretty real to me. The D (Death) drug might very well represent any type of drug, and what we see in the movie is not so far away from what happens for real. That's why it's scary. --

Great cast. Wonderful plot and screenplay, stunning dialogues. I'm officially in love with the ending: it's kind of poetic and really sad. And I much appreciate the visual technique that was used here -- So give this forgotten gem a try. You might end up linking this sick, broken, tragic piece of cinema. I surely do.

Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason

A real letdown, "Bridget Jones - The Edge of Reason" kind of destroys everything that was built up in the first movie. It's rotten on such a lot of different levels: it just doesn't feel genuine to me as the first movie did. Jokes are pushed so far over the edge that end up being ridiculous and not funny. Important matters end up not being taken seriously -- the pregnancy scare, the fact that Mark's lesbian friend was in love with Bridget. That was just badly written and executed. Also, I really didn't see the need for that Thai holiday that ended up badly: it really reminded me of the movie "Brokedown Palace" and I don't think that something to make a joke about.

I just prefer to stick with the first movie and forget about this absolute, pointless, meaningless, empty disaster. Then who knows, if they make a third movie I might so well enjoy it. This movie still has its characters, and that's why I'm still able to enjoy it. But it's really nothing compared to the first one.

Bridget Jones's Diary

Funny English accents and a really nice story, that's what "Bridget Jones's Diary" is. Engaging yourself into the story of this single UK woman will quite sure be an interesting experience: she's different from any other character you've ever met at the movies -- her mood, the people she decides to date, everything is just far too peculiar. And Renee Zellweger portraits her role amazingly, in a way that keeps on astonish me time after time. It might not be a serious, profound story but it still got a morale and a charisma. It kind of makes its point. So it's recommended, and if you happen to like it I'd suggest you give the Helen Fielding books a try, too.

Batman Begins

One of the finest action movies of the first decade of the XXI century. "Batman Begins" is different from any other Batman movie you might have seen: why is it? Well, because it's the only one that really explains you how and why Bruce Wayne become Batman. That does indeed add many important layers to the character who has now the chance to become more 'human' and 'real'. The result is a very deep, solid movie.

On the other hand, I'm not a huge fan of the scarecrow as the bad guy. But the whole hallucination thing is kind of cool. David S. Goyer and Christopher Nolan wrote a good screenplay that makes you understand what it must mean to live in that corrupted habitat that Gotham City is. Hence, the need for the 'Bat-Man'. The movie just keeps on getting better and better with time -- I really like how at the very beginning it keeps on jumping between Bruce's childhood, and the reason why he left, and where he went. All that training in the mountains is really cool, a real improvement from the Tim Burton movies that didn't let me believe that the character was 'alive' and 'real'. Sure, it's not much action packed as I wish it would be, but there's much more to it, this is the builind up of the real superhero that we're going to see in the following stunning chapter, "The Dark Knight".

Christian Bale is the perfect Batman. I couldn't picture nobody else playing this part. It's great to see Liam Neeson playing the bad guy, and I've always loved the character of Mr Fox -- Morgan Freeman plays him brilliantly. Oh, and this movie just couldn't be without Michael Caine and his flawless Alfred. And Gary Oldman's Jim Gordon is like the glue that keeps it all together. All this just to say that I really think this was the best Batman cast ever.

"Batman Begins" is a beautiful, fantastic, exciting beginning to a brilliant Batman franchise. Nolan just knows what he's doing, he's the best director of this generation and I still need to watch a movie of his that I don't like. The final scene of this movie just makes you want to have more -- blows me away, every single time. So it's absolutely recommended. Watch it, I'm pretty sure you won't regret it.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

I kind of enjoyed it, but I think I expected more from it. "Fright Night" is a horror comedy movie that will make you smile and jump over the edge of your seat a couple of times here and there -- it's not bad, but it doesn't get to a steady point either. This movie is just there: there are a couple of farily cool scenes, there's a beginning and a ending. It's not badly written, but I didn't find a reason to start laughing out loud or get terribly scared -- and the plot wasn't that much entertaining -- so I'm not sure what was the purpose of the movie: just be?

Now I'm looking forward to see the original one. But I'd still recommend this "Fright Night". It's a different movie about vampires. There's a little bit of Vegas in it. And Colin Farrell as a vampire was pretty hilarious, and that's kind of a good enough reason to watch this movie, isn't it?

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Still fun and enjoyable, yet "National Treasure: Book of Secrets" doesn't keep up to the previous instalment. It's slower, less entertaining, more predictable -- it's, simply put, a mere copy of "National Treasure". Just this one really reminds me of the Indiana Jones franchise, and in a bad way. If you think about it you'll realize that the events of this movie are exactly the same that you saw in the first movie, so why do this movie? It was still fun, but pointless.

In the Bedroom

A beautiful movie. It slowly takes you into the deepest pain of grief, it's about loosing someone, it's about how different people face the pain and the loss, and the saddness. "In the Bedroom" surprised me in many different, unique ways. I didn't expect a few turning points, and given the simplicity of the plot I for sure didn't expect this movie to grow so much on me. This is one of those movies that make you think and ask yourself about how you'd act if you were in that situation. And the answer is never an easy one...

Todd Field did a great job. The sleepy, calm town of Camden, Maine won't look the same to me anymore. And Sissy Spacek, Tom Wilkinson and Marisa Tomei were all great in their parts. Dialogues were simply written, but very effective and meaningful. "In the Bedroom" is a really good movie to watch. Just be awere it's really sad, and it might close on a very high, strong note. Recommended.

La Vie en Rose (La Mome)

One of the best movie of 2007, it simply took my breath away. I did expect lots from this movie, but not this much, not really. It's a very pleasant, surprising, different, exciting, deeply emotional, stunning movie that is also able to give a great French impression. Marion Cotillard took my breath away, I think I forgot to breathe in some parts of the movie; the ending was just stunning, completed with some very unexpected revelation.
"La Vie En Rose" it's an amazing movie because it makes you love Edith Piaf, even if she's selfish and arrogant sometimes; still, thanks to this movie you can see what she's been through from her childhood to her sad death. Sad, but a very human movie. The soundtrack is gorgeous, songs are brilliantly performed by Cotillard. Clothes are perfect, and everything is taken care of till the smallest detail.

I found a little bit confusing the fact that we jump from the '50s to the '20s, and then to the '60s and then again to another decade, but I do consider that a peculiarity of the movie, and I'm sure that when I'll watch the move again everything will make more sense. A very pleasant, beautiful movie that everybody should see. Recommended.

The X-Files - Fight the Future

Being a X-Files fan, I just can't help but like this movie. "The X-Files - Fight the Future" is a brilliant movie that manages to summerize all that tension, mystery, questions that have been building up for the previous 4 years of the tv show -- and yes, it does that in the best of ways. Questions won't get answered (that's the whole point of the show, isn't it? You either believe in what you see or you don't), there's one tiny little step forward into Mulder and Scully's relationship, and the bad guys starts looking more and more dangerous. Government conspiracy, right?

Anyways, if your're into the tv show you'll probably enjoy the movie. I personally love its ending. And the fact that it still leaves many doors open, and many questions that are still in need of an answer. It might not be perfect under a technical pov, but I love it. In 15 years I still didn't grow tired of it and it's still surprisingly good every time I watch it. Recommended.

First Knight
First Knight(1995)

A personal childhood favourite of mine, "First Knight" tells the story of Lancelot and King Arthur and Guinevere. It's not exactly the real story, but it's really pleasant to watch -- the movie itself it's really detailed. Not much happens, but I always enjoy seeing it, so it's not a bad movie in my opinion. Sure, it's not wonderfully written, we all know the story and the writers kind of put the accent on Lancelot and Guinevere leaving the story of Arthur and his knights in the shadows -- but I still don't think this movie isn't good. I honestly like it. So I'd suggest you give it a try.

Julia Ormond as Guinevere did a good job, but the real heart of the movie is Sean Connery and his King Arthur. Also, costumes are really great. Battle scenes stunning, and "First Knight" kind of manages to bring you back in time -- maybe that's one of the reasons why I've always considered this a good movie. Just go for it and see for yourself.

National Treasure

I honestly enjoyed it. "National Treasure" might not be the best movie ever produced, but it's still really entertaining and fun to watch, it's relaxing and just perfect if you're looking for a movie you don't have to commit to. It's good for both kids and adults, so it's just great to watch during Christmas holidays. Acting is not the best, the story is quite predictable, dialogues are not particulary well written -- but sometimes here and there I do like to watch this kind of movie. It's a Disney movie. What more should I expect from it? Try it.

Mona Lisa Smile

I love this movie, and I really can't see why critics seem to be so against it. "Mona Lisa Smile" is really good. Set in 1953 it tells about the women condition at that time; it features many strong female characters and it sends out a very strong, powerful message: never let someone else tell you what to do, you have to decide by yourself what's best for yourself. The cast is amazing, just as its characters.

Beautiful soundtrack. Great message. Sure, it's not the best-written movie ever, but I find it extremely stimulating and nice to watch. It's a pleasure for both eyes and ears -- so I'd recommend it.


Pointless. Meaningless. It was almost impossible to sit through this movie. "Cosmopolis" is, simply put, boring to death. Repetitive. And no, it just doesn't get to a point. For a second there, 25 minutes into the movie, I thought that was all about to get somewhere. But then no, it was all back to square one (the limo) and to this mysterious spoiled 'man' who just sits there with apparently no purpose.

Want my advice? Read the synopsys. It will explain what happens in the movie better than the movie itself. And, by the way, the movie is so slow that I'm surprised there's someone out there who managed to watch this ridiculous project in its totality. Robert Pattinson was just not the right choice to play the lead. Movies are supposed to entertain you, not to bore you to death.

Batman Returns

Boring in most parts. "Batman Returns" is more like a movie about Catwoman than a movie about Batman -- you have to wait barely 30 minutes before you get to meet Bruce Wayne in the movie, which is absurd, cosidering that he is the main character and he's in barely one fourth of the film. Also, Vicky is not even mentioned. Movie continuity anyone?

But there are a few good parts. I like Catwoman. There are a few unexpected and unexplained twists. But I don't particularly love Penguin -- he's childish and repetitive. The Jocker was a much better evil character! Still, "Batman Returns" is a fairly enjoyable classic that's worth watching. Just keep in mind, this is not Tim Burton at his best.


Batmobile! Jocker! Tim Burton's "Batman" is really different from the movies by Nolan, it just doesn't hold up to them. But it's still really entertaining and ok to watch. It always takes me a while to get the movie, but 35 minutes into it I'm fairly entertained. Still, "Batman" is not perfect: it's someplace bordeline between an adult movie and a kids movie -- but I suppose that's what Burton wanted: something for everybody.

It's a classic. If you like me grew up watching it you'll still enjoy it. It's not spectacular, but its made out of its own blend and it sets quite a peculiar mood so it's worth 2 hours of your time I guess.

Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen

A pretty dumb movie. "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" tells the story of many brainless female teenagers who lie and end up getting whatever they want. Oh, and at the age of 15 they somehow manage to travel to NY, dress up as whores, and get to know the singer of their favourite bands despite the fact that they don't have the money to purchase the tickets for their gig. --- All very mature, instructive and plotless.

Stars Lindsay Lohan and Megan Fox. It's fun to watch if you're really tired and hopeless. But it's really dumb and for sure not Disney's best movie. Almost unberable, but not the most horrible movie I've seen in my life.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

Nothing exceptional or unforgettable. "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" is one of those movies you might watch one night because you're getting bored. And that's pretty much it. Why is that? Well, it kind of lacks details, and it pictures Abraham Lincoln as a killer, a hunter that somehow manages to learn how to kill vampires in just one day. Oh, but he's not even capable of reckognizing them!

The main problem I had with this movie is the fact that it doesn't know what it wants to be about. It doesn't even know if it wants to charm adults or kids: a few scenes are just to dark for children, the plot gets twisted at times -- but adults will easily laugh and notice the many plot holes. The ending is rushed and kind of meaningless, mainly because we don't get to a steady point. Oh, and we get a glimpse over the future: wdf?! It was ok for one night, but I don't think I feel like watching it again anytime soon. I just don't happen to find a reason to do so.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Despite its being really fun and entertaining, this second instalment of "Iron Man" doesn't quite hit a particularly hig or prestigious level. Sure, flying and action scenes are as stunning as always, and the first 40 minutes of the movie are a total blast -- but then it all gets wasted, the movie starts getting boing and you can feel the tension get low. I have to say that I did like the 'I'm dying' plotline, and that I think they should have sticked to its till the very ending.

I loved Mickey Rourke as the bad guy, his accent was just priceless. And Robert Downey Jr. confirmed himself as the perfect Iron Man; too bad that his character didn't manage to live up to my expectations. I still love his relationship with Pepper Potts, though. "Iron Man 2" is decently wirtten, its plot holds it together and let's just face it: when it comes to superheroes Iron Man is one of my fav's so I just can't help but love him. This, plus other positive elements make this franchise in particular one of my favourites if not my favourite in the whole world of the avengers.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Despite the fact that "Kill Bill, Volume 2" is a good movie, it just can't keep it up with the first one. It just lacks all those peculiar moments, that unique soundtrack and details that made me appriciate Volume 1 so much. But it's still a great movie, totally worth watching. It will, simply put, give you the whole picture behind The Bride: the first movie just isn't complete without the second one.

Sure, it's not as beautifully written. It's got Chinese and Mexican influences. Not very Japanese, hmm? It's just a different blend. But it's still really enjoyable. And there are a few unexpected and really great twists -- sure, not Tarantino's best. But if you did enjoy Volume 1 then you should definitely stick to the story and watch this one too.

Kill Bill: Volume 1

Tarantino at his best. "Kill Bill: Volume 1" is just stunning, and it's quite impossible to find another one like it --- it's magnificently written and acted. Oh, and that soundtrack is just perfect. Fighting scenes are a blast, all the motives behind actions are so strong that it's impossible not to believe the character's actions.

Quentin Tarantino's masterpiece. Well, one of many. It's probably better than you remember it, and you'll much appriciate it also because they don't make this kind of kung-fu american movies anymore. "Kill Bill" is a cultural blast, I just love too see that Japanese and later Chinese influence. I love those dialogues. Even the photography for the movie is just perfect. Colors. I just wouldn't change a single thing. The whole movie is, simply put, a bliss. Watch it.

A Dangerous Method

A very intense journey through Carl Jung and Sigmund Freud's psychoanalysis. "A Dangerous Method" is a wonderful movie that got me interested pretty soon; it's really well written and well explained. Shooting locations are lovely. The soundtrack feels just right. And both Mortensen and Fassbender did a fantastc job. What let me down was Knightley's acting: she just wasn't right for the part, and I don't see how Cronenberg didn't see that -- In my opinion she was just too young to play Sabina Spielrein. And that's probably the one and only thing I'd change about this movie.

I honestly found it really interesting, well balanced. Complex, but yet really linear and with just the right amount of details. It kind of felt real. Dialogues felt real too, and it was just a pleasure to hear them speak. Just please don't ask me to watch Keira Knightley do those trange faces yet again. That said, the movie is absolutely worth a watch or two.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

Liked the beginning. Liked the funny ending. Loved the train ride. But "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows" isn't as good as the first installment of the seires even if it shares with it all the defects that didn't make me love the first one. Sherlock Holmes is a fun character, but he really gets way too dumb in most situations -- so he kind of gets on my nerves. Oh, and doesn't matter how funny a few scenes were: the movie was really boring and lame and pointless.

Not well-written. We wave goodbye to a few characters and not even once their loss is felt. These 'Sherlock Holmes' movies are not deep in feelings, that's my problem. And this second installment lacked that pint of joy that made me enjoy the first one --- still, I can't say this is a terrible movie. It's a little dark and I honestly can't see its point. But it's always funny to see Sherlock behave in his own peculiar way, and see how his brain works it out. Oh, and I keep on loving those slow-mo scenes. Guy Ritchie is just the perfect director, but they should try to lit the plot up in the following movie.

The World Is Not Enough

I just like this Bond movie. For some reason, I see it as a classic and I deeply appriciate its plot. Don't know why, maybe that's because this was the first 007 movie I've seen at the movie theatre -- but I still feel a connection, and enjoy it a lot. After 10+ years I can still enjoy it. I love it because there are lots of twists and enjoable, funny scenes. Needless to say that the ending is, as always, really dumb and disappointing.

Director Michael Apted shoot a beautiful action movie. It moves really fast, but it's really easy to follow. "The World Is Not Enough" is kind of well written: I like the bad guy and all the twists. Oh, and the shooting locations. One of the best starring Pierce Brosnan as 007, if you ask me.

Die Another Day

It's always fun to watch a James Bond movie. Is this the best of the 007 franchise? No. It's just isn't. But it's still really cool to see all those funny gadgets and action sequences -- and beaches, military and whatever else you might enjoy. But "Die Another Day" committed a few mistakes: first of all, the opening scene is far too long and drawned for a very long long time. It's boring. Then, 45 minutes into the movie, that's when the fun begins.

Still, not particularly well written or well directed. And the storyline isn't that appealing. And acting looked bad too. I loved the idea of an invisible car, but the whole airplane scene was just too much. Lame, lame ending. It was sad to see Pierce Brosnan waving goodbye in that way -- wish they could have written a better ending to his part of the story. After all, I liked him as a double-0-7.

Tomorrow Never Dies

Quite a poor Bond movie if you ask me. The opening scene is just great, but the ending was, as always, disappointing. All those 'invisible ship' scenes were really boring too, but I really enjoyed that motocycle ride and all the scenes that were shot in Asia. Also, it was good to see for once that 007 deeply cared about a woman and felt guilty because of what happened to her. As always, Vincent Schiavelli was great as the bad guy!

Director Roger Spottiswoode did a good job. This is not the best Bond movie ever, but neither it's the worst. It was kind of enjoyable even if boring in a few parts. Decently written. So good enough if all you're looking for is some form of entertainment.


I can't think about a movie that's similar to "Gattaca". No way, given the fact that this one is so peculiar and true to itself. Andrew Niccol wrote and directed this amazing piece of cinema which might seem slow and boring and predictable, but it really isn't. Everytime I watch it I find myself drowned into a parallel universe where even the impossible might be possible. And I just love it.

Sure, the whole project isn't perfect and could have been improved in a few ways. But it was 1997. And "Gattaca" is so peculiar that I just can't forget about it. And I must say that the ending is quite powerful and emotional, I just adore that last lines. Truth is I just love its story, it makes me dream and believe that it is indeed possible to fly to the space and beyond. Try it. In its own peculiar way "Gattaca" is one of the finest movie you'll ever get to experience.

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

It's the first one. And I just love it. It might be childish, but it's still very entertaining and 'pure' and magical. Chris Columbus is an amazing director when it comes to kids movies -- and "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone" is no exception to that. The best part is that if you liked this one you'll probably fall more and more in love with the series because on a general line it can only get better, darker.

This first chapter not only is the 'lightest', easiest one to watch. It's also the beginning of a wonderful journey that, for some of us, lasted almost 10 years. So I'd suggest you take this ride, especially if you enjoyed JK Rowling's book in the first place. Just try this.

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

After a first and a second magical movies, Harry Potter hits a series low. "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban" lacks that magical feeling that characterized the previous installments, and it just doesn't work out for me -- something feels wrong. Everytime I watch it I feel like if something really important is missing from this picture: magic.

It's still worth watching. Mainly becuse it's part of the series. But I don't think this is the best movie; this is my 2nd favourite book in the HP saga, but it's my least favourite movie of the saga. Don't know what went wrong here.


A movie filled up with cliches, but still a classic that has to be watched at least one in a lifetime. I found "Flashdance" boring, boring and again: boring. I don't really understand how it managed to get into movie history. The plot is so basic, it hasn't got anything to tell the audience, and you're not even able to feel her passion for music or dancing. And what about its runtime? I can barely call it a movie.

Seeing this young girl getting with her boss (a divorced man, 10+ years older than she is) is just lame, disgusting and gives the wrong impression. And how did she manage to be hired for that job? Least but not last, I seriously doubt that somebody would get in a ballet school with no experience at all and with that crap dance.


Watched this one a while ago. I think I remember I liked Kevin Bacon's performance. Loved the dancing scenes and its soundtrack and the character of Ren, but apart from that kind of nothing else. But "Footloose" is still a classic, so it's surely worth a try -- who knows, you might enjoy it more than I did.


Loved the soundtrack. But it got boring in more than a few parts. And I still can't get this whole 'dance is forbidden' thing even if I've watched both this reboot and the original one -- I don't really care about dancing, so I guess that's the reason why I just can't get it.

Still, I'd say give this new, improved version of "Footloose" a chance. I think it's slightly better than the original one. Well, let's say that this music is better, but if we put it down to the storyline and the dancing abilities I think the original one would win.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Have to say that these Harry Potter movies are all kind of good. "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" is no exception to that. I honestly didn't want to like it. I wanted to come here and write how non accurate this movie was, how lame its characters were, how magic was completely lost if compared to the first two movies of the franchise. But I can't do that. Because Mike Newell did an amazing job as a director, and the movie is really well written.

Darker, but still magical. This is where the Harry Potter saga starts getting down a tragical spiral that will lead to many painful deaths. Sure, it's not as detailed as the book is. As a matter of fact, many scenes have been deleted. And I kind of hated the ball scene: that music just felt completely wrong -- but all the other elements were just good. Recommended, if you're a fan of the saga. It's just worth it.

The Prestige
The Prestige(2006)

If there's a movie I'd like to see again for the first time, without knowking anything about it, this is it. Don't get me wrong, "The Prestige" holds itself up even if it's the 10th time you're seeing it: details are so dense that the more you'll watch it the more you'll pick up -- I've seen it 6+ times, but I still have doubts and questions that need an answer. And I still shiver every time I see it. I just love its twisted plot -- it's magical, tragic, sad, and really entertaining. This is one of the few movies I can still sit through for 2 straight hours. Magnetic. That's the word I'd use to describe it.

Christopher Nolan, along with his brother, adapted a wonderful book into a great movie. I love the way the movies keeps on floating from the past to the present, just back and forward -- and I love the fact that the story is set in 1899. -- And honestly, I could have not asked for a better cast: Jackman, Bale, Caine. And David Bowie as Tesla. They just all gave a great interpretation to all their characters. And Nolan is my new hero: this is the movie he directed that got me, not the Batman saga or Memento. This was such a difficult book to translate into a movie, and he did it in the most wonderful of ways. I love the feeling this movie leaves me with: it's somewhere between bitterness and sadness and disgust.

So it's the whole package that makes this movie so special. It's not just its story, it's more about the feeling this movie leaves yourself with: confused, but still with lots of very clear ideas about what was going on. And you'll keep on thinking about "The Prestige" for the years to come. I can't think about another movie that resembles "The Prestige", and it just got under my skin. Watch it and you'll understand. It's just too difficult to explain by words only. Recommended.

The Amazing Spider-Man

The cutest Spider-Man movie ever! After seeing it I got to say that a reboot was much needed: this version is far superior if compared to the Sam Raimi one. It's a totally different world, and it scores where those other movies didn't.

"The Amazing Spider-Man" is just really well assembled. It's really funny, but it also manages to get really dark and dramatic. And It's also really emotional, too. This movie is about a very human Spider-Man, one who has weaknesses and struggles to get on with his own life as any normal person. I love the fact that this Spider-Man is still enrolled in High School: that adds a layer to the character who not only has to face the fact that he was abandoned by his parents and lost his uncle, but also has to win many teenage daily battles.

I loved the cast. Quite surprisingly, I loved how Andrew Garfield played the part. He was just about right for it. Director Marc Webb put together an amazing group of people who passionately worked on this project. Action scenes are absolutely amazing, and a few scenes quite unexpected. I got to say that I deeply regret not seeing it at the movies, in 3D -- that would have probably be a hell of a ride. Sorry I didn't see it. The soundtrack was great too: if at some point of the movie you, like me, thought you were listening to the 'Titanic' soundtrack you were not hallucinating but you got it right --- the soundtrack is composed by James Horner. And he did a great job, too. Also, I loved the sequence when 'Till Kingdom Come' by Coldplay plays in the background.

All in all, all the right elements are there. But this is just the beginning, and believe me if I say that I want more. And that I can't wait to get it. You'll probably be surprised by what you'll see -- I honestly had fun, and the movie events moved me. One of the best of 2012. Watch it. Recommended.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

"Up is down" -- that scene totally makes the movie for me. I just love the whole rescuing Jack Sparrow part of the movie, going to the far end of the world. It's just such a cool plot twist and for some reason I just like it. "Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End" is a really peculiar movie that will astonish you in any way possible. It's well written, and imagination is set free in most of the scenes.

The final battle will just take your breath away. There's that touch of Asian magic. The pirates council. Keith Richards. It's the last instalment of the trilogy -- and its 150 minutes are just totally worth watching. I could have not imaged a better conclusion for this saga, and I wouldn't change a single thing. It was a funny ride to take. Can't wait to take it again in the years to come. Recommended.

The Wrestler
The Wrestler(2008)

WOW. It just took my breath away -- it's probably one of the best movie of 2008. Director Darren Aronofsky is a genius, and this masterpiece is the proof he really is. "The Wrestler" isn't really about wrestling as you would expect, it's about a lot of things, least of which wrestling. There's passion, myth, love, hope, and desire to live a life worth living. Mickey Rourke gave a stunning, involving, exciting and unforgettable performance: he's the real heart of the movie, he's what the movie is about: it's about a rebirth of a great myth who somehow lost his path, it's about trying to reconnect lost boundaries that we still care about, it's about deciding what we do want to live for, it's about being ready to die for what we believe in.

Marisa Tomei also added something to the movie with her beautiful performance that somehow completed Rourke's one. Director Darren Aronofsky once again surprised me much more than I expected him to: "The Wrestler" is so full of meaning, the story is beautifully shoot, and everything is just perfect; even songs choice, and the last shoot. I can't think about one thing I didn't like, and I didn't even want to watch the movie because I thought it was about wrestling (I don't really like wrestling).

I absolutely recommend you to watch it if you loved "Requiem for a Dream" by Aronofsky. "The Wrestler" is a completely different movie, it left me with a unique feeling that I had never experienced before, but there are some tiny little points in common.

Totally worth watching. Don't miss it, really.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

A really enjoyable movie. This second "Pirates of the Caribbean" movie installment is maybe nicer than the first one: its plot is more twisted and articulated. Most of the filming locations are just beautiful, and you can appriciate a certain character developement -- For some reason I just love the first 45 minutes and the last 30 minutes. What's in between feels kind of flat at times, but it doesn't ruin the quality of the movie even if the character of Jack is, in a few circumstances, exaggerated a little too much.

Go for it and don't let it go if you enjoyed the previous Pirates installment. This one won't let you down: same old characters, a few new additions, and an ending that will make you crave for more. Oh, and it's really very fun too!

Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl

Ok. It had been a long, long while since I last saw this movie. Brought back memories, 'cause 9 years have already gone by -- Disney production, but it's appealing for both kids and adults. That's what makes this "Pirates of the Caribbean" so special. So get ready to sail away on the Black Pearl into those blue Caribbean waters...

The movie itself is a little too long, repetitive in some parts, a little boring and confusing in others. But it's really well written and decently acted. For sure one of Depp's best performances to the date. You just can't help but fall for that crazy, hilarious character who is Jack Sparrow -- he kind of is a myth. Just watch it if you haven't already and judge by yourself. The last 30 minutes of the movie are a total blast, and the soundtrack by Klaus Badelt is one of the finest ever composed. So it's really worth it.

Dirty Dancing

A neverending classic. It's always the right time to watch "Dirty Dancing" and it doesn't matter if this is the first time or the 50th time you watch it: the movie stays fresh and entertaining. I just love the characters, the way they're written and acted out --- Johnny Castle and Frances "Baby" Houseman will stay forever in movies history, also because they've been magnifically portraied by Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey. It's really surprising to see how Grey manages to "change" and improve her dancing performances throughout the movie.

It's beautifully written. It's set out of time and out of space -- well, it's 1963 and in the Carolinas, but that's not such a significant detail... I love its soundtrack. It always goes perfectly with the related scene in the movie. The people who made this movie put love and passion in it and you can clearly see it because the final product is absolutely great. I'll never get tired of watching it.

"Dirty Dancing" isn't just about dancing. And it's not just a love story. So don't make the same mistake I did for over 20 years in skipping it: just give it a shot. You might be surprised by how much you might like it. I surely was.

One for the Money

One of the most meaningless movie I've ever seen in my entire life. It was a total waste of time and brain energy. "One for the Money" lacks personality, it's about nothing and it doesn't lead anywhere. Seems to me like if it was written by a 6 years old kid -- go use your time in any other way, skip this movie and you won't loose a single thing.


Well, for once "Buried" is not a boring movie considering the fact that it's totally and completely shoot in a coffin. That was sort of a surprise 'cause you'd think that just one location for a 90 minutes movie would be a little repetitive, right? Well, it takes sometime to get it going, but when it does this movie kind of works. I wouldn't call it full of suspance or thrilling, but it was indeed entertaining in a very peculiar way. That's it: this movie is to appriciate because of its being unique...

The script felt real but I didn't appriciate all that terroristic talking. It's cool that even at the end you can't really understand what really happened -- everything is so confused, just as it would happen in real life. "Buried" is not only well written, but also well acted. Probably Ryan Reynolds' best interpretation to this date.

After a very powerful ending you probably won't feel like seeing it again ever in your entire life. It felt claustrophobic at times. Repetitive at others. But it's just a coffin with a man inside. Plus a lighter, a torch a cell phone, a pencil and a few other things -- so what else would you expect? Just try it.

Magic Mike
Magic Mike(2012)

Fun and entertaining, "Magic Mike" manages to tell the story of a male stripper. The movie articulates into three main acts and we get to follow the main characters for three months of their lives -- quite surprisingly, that's a really fun time. You might think that "Magic Mike" is just about stripping, but it really isn't. There's so much more in it: money and love trouble for once. But also hope for the future, need to change and dreaming of a better live.

What I loved the most about this movie was it simply screenplay. It just felt real in most of its parts; also, I loved those long takes. Acting was good too. I don't know, I just liked it and I think you should see it and not just judge it from its synopsys. You'll probably find more in it than you might expect.

The Lucky One

If you manage to get past the first 10 minutes, you'll probably enjoy this simple, naive movie. "The Lucky One" is a story that will fill you up with positive thoughts and will cheerish you with some romance -- what I didn't like about this movie was the fact that it made all seem so simple and reachable. And being back from war didn't seem to be like a big deal. And Efron's apparently does have just one single facial expression. Also, there was absolutel no chemistry between the two main actors -- which was kind of a pivotal element considering that this movie is based on a Nicholas Sparks novel.

But I did like the soundtrack. And the filming locations are just lovely. And, if you're capable of taking the movie just as it comes you'll probably enjoy it more than I did -- I just thought that too many facts were taken for granted, and the story got too cheesy at some point. You just can't expect a movie to be 'good' because it stars some pretty faces: you'll also need a decent screenplay and direction. Still, "The Lucky One" is watchable and somehow entertaining.

King Arthur
King Arthur(2004)

If you're looking for nicely dressed ladies, a wizard Merlin and a sword in the rock well, you're not in the right place. This "King Arthur" will give you battles, and mud, and epic deaths but no fairitale ending -- It's been 8 years since I first saw this movie, and my opinion about it hasn't changed much: I still love its soundtrack, the way characters have been developed and the general tone of the movie.

This "King Arthur" is different from any other adaptation. It's darker, and it really wants to explain the story behind the legend of Arthur -- and I think it does. The opening and the closing scenes feel kind of cut, they always leave me with a need of closure. But a part from that there's not much I'd change about this movie. In its own, peculiar way it's entertaining and never boring. It's really good in most parts, and I'm really sorry it's been forgotten already.

Legends of the Fall

One of my favourite movie of all time... Edward Zwick back in 1994 directed this masterpiece that has soon been forgotten, but not by me. A brilliant soundtrack - one of the best ever composed in my opinion, "The Ludlows" is just an amazing track. Then a great story, and performance by a young Brad Pitt, and by a great Anthony Hopkins is something I won't forget so easily... and then the costumes, the location and that perfect Julia Ormond in the role of a woman that managed to turn upside down the life of an entire family, a son after another.

The story is great, a bittersweet epic adventure of a lifetime that will suck you in and never let you go... "Legends of the Fall" is one of those movie that I sometimes feel the need to rewatch because it's like a drug, it's a movie that involves much more kind of emotions than what you might think.

Totally worth watching and unforgettable.


Ok, this is a guilty pleasure of mine. "Entrapment" was among the first 10 movies I've seen at the movie theatre in my entire life, so that's no surprise that it left a sign -- it might not be perfect, but I still watch it every now and then and I always enjoy it. I love the ending and the way Gin and MacDougal interact. Also, I love the places where this movie leads you to: London, Scotland, Malaysia --

On the down side, the script isn't perfect. And the story might seem predictable. But. It's still really entertaining, well-shot. And the soundtrack fits pretty well too. And I love how it's all set in the last days of 1999. As said, I know it's not perfect but I can't help but liking it. Recommended if you feel like watching a great thievs movie!

Damsels in Distress

Beautifully written. And you're going to love all those dancing scenes. "Damsels in Distress" is a really well-done movie; acting is great, the soundtrack also. In its simplicity it manages to send many important messages -- but, to be honest, I can't see where this movie was aiming at. I could see the messages and I did appriciate the characters, but at the same time this story didn't seem to bring me anywhere...

This said, it's still recommended. The script makes it really worth a watch or two. Acting, costumes, the whole package looks appealing, so go for it!

Mirror Mirror

This movie tried so hard that it didn't succeed in breaking out very well. "Mirror Mirror" is a quite peculiar interpretation of the Snow White fairitale -- I loved a few details, but also hated a few parts like let's say changing the ending and some pivotal story details. I gotta say, Julia Roberts was great as the Evil Queen!! I enjoyed the acting quite a lot, and costumes were just amazing. Same goes for the art direction -- those felt like fairitale places and I loved that.

But. The screenplay could have been better placed and less repetitive. And the story could have been delivered to the audience by a more unpredictable, astonishing way -- I just knew she wasn't going to eat that apple. So this movie isn't a tight interpretation of the Snow White story, but it's really different in more than one way. Many lines were repeated more than once throughout the movie: I don't like that. And the closing song, even if kind of nice, didn't get along well with the movie itself.

A great Julia Roberts. Fantastic costumes. And the art direction is just great. Ph, and the soundtrack was kind of cool, too. -- There's just no other reason to watch "Mirror Mirror". I suppose you do already know the original story and let me tell you: that one's better.

Dirty Girl
Dirty Girl(2011)

I found myself being really surprised that I liked this movie. I had almost given up after 10 minutes, but then I kept on going because what seemed to be an empty, meaningless character turned out to be a much nicer, interesting one. "Dirty Girl" is set in Oklahoma in 1987: Danielle is a teenage who was abandoned by her father and acts like a little slut, while Clarke is a gay teenage who's facing deep conflicts with his family. They end up taking a road trip to California together -- and believe me if I say that's when the fun starts.

"Dirty Girl" might seem like a frivolous movie, but it turns out to be a quite profound one: it's the story of two people reaching out for their real sexuality, but also the story of two teens who are 'abandoned' by their fathers. They feel lost, but it will take some time for them to realize that and find themselves again -- don't judge "Dirty Girl" by the beginning: just bear with it and let it show you something new. It's a ride you won't regret to take. It doesn't have a really deep meaning, it's not spectacularly written or anything, but I still enjoyed it a lot.

The Good Guy
The Good Guy(2009)

Simple, sweet and kind of unpredictable. You won't know who this good guy is till mid-movie but, before that, you'll trust his person and actions. "The Good Guy" is a nice movie set in NYC that tells the story of a girl who's torn apart between to guys: one is a typical macho man, the other one is a shy one. I would have liked to know more about both of them, I kind of felt like if not much background information was given.

On the other hand, dialogues were pretty good and I loved most of the scenes. The first 5 minutes are kind of boring, it's an all already seen before tale -- but when the movie starts to take off you won't like it to stop. I wouldn't. I acually wanted more. Really enjoyable if you're looking for a simple, fresh romance.

This Means War

Not as bad as I thought it would be, but neither an exciting movie. "This Means War" starts with a very lame premise: two friends who try to get the same girl. Needless to say, she'll end up having to choose between the two. Well, the title of this movie is not only inappropriate, but also wrong -- I still can't see the connection to what happens in the movie afterwards -- also, it's not clear what they actually do for living and the fact that they were spying on each other to check the progress was just really lame and childish.

There are a few good action scenes. And there's a bad guys whom I'm not really sure fits the story. "This Means War" is somewhere between a romantic comedy and an action movie: it wants to do both, but that doesn't work. It reminded me of "Mr & Mrs Smith", but it's not up to those levels because those actually made sense. This plot kind of doesn't.


I used to love "Twilight". Now, after 4 years and 10+ views of the movie I'm starting to consider it a little slow and boring in most of the parts. The point is that you have to love the book first -- that's the only way you're going to enjoy this theatrical adaption. Director Catherine Hardwicke magically turned that book into a great movie that will suit most of the fans that fell in love with the book. What I like about this first movie instalment is that it's not one of those big Hollywood producions; also, it was shot in Oregon, and I couldn't agree more with the locations or the songs choice. It's still magical, makes me remember how I felt 4 years ago...

Director Catherine Hardwicke did a great job. Also, I still think Kristen Stewart was the perfect choice to play Bella -- Pattinson and Launter kind of let me down, you can tell they're acting which is never good. But that kissing scene and the final scene still get me every single time: they're exciting, sweet and lovely.

"Twilight" is absolutely recommended if you're a Twilight saga fan. I don't think the following movies of the franchise keep it up with it -- the screenplay quality falls, the filming locations aren't the same anymore, and the whole production just got too big. -- That's why I prefer to stick to the first movie and pretend nothing happened after "Twilight".


This movie had such a potential! Too bad it just got wasted. "Pulse" is blessed with a very peculiar plot and some really interesting ideas and intuitions, but it doesn't develop its characters or story as well as it should have. After its 80 minutes the viewer still feels confused: these 'ghosts' aren't explained, and neither is the 'antivirus' or why would such creatures do that to the human species. Still, maybe that's the reason why "Pulse" feels real: if this had to happen in real life we would all be gone before even realizing what's happening, so...

When it's about enjoying apocalyptic movies I'm usually the first in line: I just like them a little too much, that's it. But in this case I felt deeply unsatisfied because the whole "let's finish the human species throughout the internet" story didn't work out too well for me -- I needed more explanations, background history, conceptual work that the writers should have done before shooting and editing and release the movie.

I enjoyed the opening sequence and the soundtrack, and the idea of the red tape, but all the rest still stays blurred and confused. So I'd give it a try. Mainly because it's kind of interesting to see how much potential got wasted. Who knows, maybe someday someone will shoot a remake that will turn out to be 10.000 times better than this not-so-good project. Oh wait: THIS was the remake!!

The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2

A nice little movie that will help you relax. I loved a couple of storylines, hated a couple of others -- the introduction to the story is fairly nice, and the story of the pants is well explained. Too bad that most of the storylines do not find a decent conclusion and that loose ends are just around the corner.

Acting was ok, and the same goes for writing. "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants 2" is a nice movie to enjoy on a relaxed evening -- you could also expect a little more from it, given the fact that it might turn out to be a more emotional movie than you've imaged. The ending is quite touching, actually. Enoy.

Scent of a Woman

They just don't make movies like this one anymore. That's the point. "Scent of a Woman" is an incredible movie, beautifully written and executed. In its simplicity and linearity it manages to surprise you, move you and tangle you to the screen -- Al Pacino performance is absolutely stunning, totally worth his Academy Award.

Martin Brest as a director did a wonderful job too. This was not an easy book to turn into a movie, but he somehow did the best of jobs. Characters are really well developed, you get to discover more and more of them as time flies by. The only thing that did let me down was the ending: not realistic or particularly memorable, but still in line with the main plot so I'll just take it as it is. Oh, and the soundtrack was stunning too -- but the best part remains the screenplay: Lt. Col. Frank Slade talking was just brilliant, poetic in almost each and every scene.

"Scent of a Woman" is worth a watch (or even more, if you'd like), no matters if it turned 20 this year. It's a classic that you'll probably enjoy more than you'll ever expect to. Recommended.

Martha Marcy May Marlene

One of the most interesting production of 2011. "Martha Marcy May Marlene" is a psychological thriller that will intrigue the viewer till the very end. It's rich of suspance, ambiguity, tension, scare, and realistic moments. Even if only a few personal details are given away throughout the movie, the viewer will still manage to fill up the blanks and get a personal picture.

I personally enjoyed the movie. It's something fresh, different that keeps on making me wonder... It's really silent, but not boring. It takes the time needed to set the right mood for the next scene, to make you feel unconfortable and disturbed as Martha should feel. The ending is very ambiguous, and given Martha's state of mind I'd say we can be sure of only a few things we saw in the movie. "Martha Marcy May Marlene" is a jewel, it's brilliantly executed, written, and acted -- Not perfect, but absolutely recommended.

Underworld: Awakening

Quite surprisingly, I did enjoy it. There were a couple of action scenes that were a total blast, especially towards the end of the movie -- Considering this is the 3rd "Underworld" installment starring Kate Beckinsale I have to say I'm surprised the writers still managed to come up with a decent, entertaining plot. Acting was ok, the story doesn't belong with the original mythology anymore but it's still interesting.

Too bad that the movie feels and unfinished: I actually feel like if this was a movie cut in two, and we just saw the first part. -- By the way, it sucks when you have to pay 8 euro or so and you get to sit and enjoy a movie that's just 75 minutes long! Still, this is how they do movies nowadays...

Scream 2
Scream 2(1997)

Ridiculous and boring, this second instalment of "Scream" has no reason to be. The opening scene is just terrible, and same goes for acting -- I found "Scream 2" boring and useless, predictable, badly written and unoriginal. Still, there were a few scenes that I liked and I couldn't tell who the killer was till the very end, so the suspance was there. What this movie lacks is tension: it's supposed to be a horror movie, but it really isn't... I'd say it's funny in most of its parts. If that's what Wes Craven was looking for good for him, but if it's not - well, this movie didn't turn out exactly as it was supposed to be.


After 16 years, I'd say "Scream" is a not-so-scary horror movie that sill manages to entertain and make you wonder who's the killer till the very end. Ok, it's quite predictable and naive, dumb, even funny in some parts, but you know what? I enjoyed it. I did mostly because it's a typical '90s movie with actors that broke through in those years -- also, the style is quite peculiar and influenced the following horror movies. Doesn't matter how silly the plot is.

Plot holes are endless. I still can't figure out why a person should go around killing random people with such a mask on, and in such a theatrical way... That just doesn't make any sense. But I still consider "Scream" a watchable, entertaining horror classic.


Nice movie that starts off pretty well, too bad it gets lost in itself too soon. "Wake" is a really interesting project that could have easily been remembered if only characters were more coherent to themselves --- even if the first minutes are different and somehow inspiring the movie easily looses itself and ends up being a whole lot of nothing. Dialogues start off pretty well, and at the beginning all these characters seem to have a purpose, but as the movie goes on this is all lost and even the screenplay gets worst. And this is kind of a pity given the fact that this is the first movie I see with such a peculiar plot: it's not everyday that you end up watching a movie about a girl whose main hobbie is to go attend funerals!!

But Tyler feels like a plain character, while Carys seems to be so confused she doesn't even know where she wants to end up to. "Wake" had potential, but turned out just another movie gone bad. Still, you should give it a chance if you happen to see it.

The Vow
The Vow(2012)

Simple, nothing exceptional. But it's still amazing to know that "The Vow" was inspired by a true story. It felt like a low budget movie where feelings and characters were not well explored, but it still was a pleasant movie to watch even if it kind of comes with no conclusion at all. The couple McAdams-Tatum didn't have such a great chemistry, and the whole story felt incomplete but still pleasant to watch.

The Lucky Ones

Everything just keeps falling apart in this Neil Burger movie. These three army soldiers on a leave all have their own problems, but they somehow manage to reunite into one big family and help each other througout their adversities. "The Lucky Ones" tells the story of three un-lucky people that in 4 days or so have to face the strangest of problems: at the end you get to know them in a really peculiar, unusual way. You'll feel sympathy for them...

It's cool to see how people meeting them keep on thanking them for their job and for serving the Nation. Dialogues feel real, but they're kind of boring and difficult to follow. I almost gave up on the movie at some point becuse it's kind of dragged out and... I didn't really see its point. I won't say it's pointless - I acutally think it has a deeper meaning - but it's just too slow getting there, and when it gets there the movie is done with no conclusion.

Worth seeing once or twice. But don't expect anything steamy, exploding or particularly exciitng. Instead, expect a very lazy, lay down movie that might or might not bore you.

Trick 'r Treat

Very Halloween-y, if you know what I mean. "Trick 'r Treat" is a small movie that won't scare you to death, but it might surprise you: in fact, all these stories are somehow connected but you'll get the connection only when the movie is about to end --- multiple killings and killers, you'll sometimes get lost in the plot itself.

Not everything makes sense in this movie, but it's still a nice one to watch on Halloween night. It's not perfect, but it manages to wake up your Halloween spirit!


Sweet, different, scary, moving "9" is such a peculiar movie, I really can't recall a movie that resembles it in any way (well, maybe "The Matrix" does resembles it in some way, but that's really different anyways). The main subject, the ending of humanity, is such an intriguing one, and all the characters are so lovable that it's kind of difficult to let them go. I really wish "9" had a longer running time, I would have liked to explore that post-apocalyptic world a little bit more; in those 75 minutes I've seen such a lot of inspiring, new scenes that made me crave for more. The soundtrack was also great, and turned each scene in something more powerful and complete.
As I already mentioned, this movie has only one huge defect: it lacks a few more details, and its running time is just too short, so it might be very difficult for the audience to get into the story and stay focused.

It may be an animated movie, but it's not for kids for sure. There's pain, and loss, and hope. And lots of different objects and 'numbers' you'll just fall in love with. Absolutely recommended.

Dark Shadows
Dark Shadows(2012)

Why oh why? "Dark Shadows" had most of the elements needed to succeed and be remembered, but it really didn't do any of these two things. The opening scene, just like the closing one, is just terrible (too dark to really see anything!! Seeing it in 3D must have been like staring at a black screen for 2 hours). When I started watching the movie I was starting to get confused with 'Sweeney Todd'!! Then 'Shutter Island', 'The Ring', 'Casper', 'The Addams Family' came to mind... But I'm not saying that "Dark Shadow" is simply a copy/paste thing; I'm just saying that it doesn't have anything peculiar that will make you remember it and distinguish it from other similar movies. It's an extremely silly movie that teases vampires, witches, werewolves, ghosts, hippies, etc. Even the costumes look silly and I'm not sure why given the fact that I'm not sure this was meant to be a funny movie... "Dark Shadows" is a 'tasteless' movie that still hasn't decided if it wants to be a comedy, a drama or a horror yet.

The major problem I have with this movie is the fact that characters are far from being well-explored. After two hours we still don't know who they are, why they're doing what they're doing. Emotions are far too pale, there's no passion or excitement, they're all like empty rooms filled with dust. Barnabas Collins is just a boring character: he's not scary, not fun, not anything... Same goes for Angelique, Carolyne and Victoria. Why was Barnabas Collins in love with Victoria again?!

On the other hand I have to admit that I loved the fact that the movie was set in 1972. I had to smile when the date popped up on the screen. Hippies fooling around, and a GREAT music soundtrack -- and I'm afraid these are the only two elements I really enjoyed from the movie. Number two scenes made me laugh -- and I really enjoyed Michelle Pfeiffer's performance. And the mansion was kind of cool too.

Despite the lack of strong, solid characters I'd say go for it. Just don't expect much if not a messed up story that doesn't lead anywhere if not from one dark frame to another. Just be prepared to listen to some really enjoyable music... to me, that was worth the viewing.

The Hunger Games

If you read the books you're probably going to enjoy this first movie instalment. For me, it was all as I imaged it: the electrified fence, the train to Capitol City, even the Arena and Rue so it was really cool to watch. Truth is that I think the cast was just perfect: Jennifer Lawrence is growing into a great actress, plus there are the bonus appearances of Stanley Tucci and Lenny Kravitz... "The Hunger Games" is well written, well acted and well directed. Characters are fun, and I just can't help but feel sympathy for them. The soundtrack composed by James Newton Howard is emotional and goes wonderfully with the images, and the closing song is fairly good too.

"The Hunger Games" kept me hooked to the screen for its full length. It's faithful to the book. It's magnetic. It's full of action and emotions and right now I can't wait to see the second instalment from the Suzanne Collins books --

Snow White and the Huntsman

There's only one thing I liked about this movie: the land of fairies. Then again, it reminded me of Avatar's Pandora a little too much and it made me think about the Elves' lands described by Christopher Paolini, so apparently all these good ideas come from some place else...
This movie is almost a complete disaster. Where should I start from? Acting was just horrible: simply the worst interpretation given by Charlize Theron to the date. And a couple of kids would have given a better performance than Stewart and Hemsworth together. --- "Snow White and the Huntsman" is just poorly written, boring in many parts, dragged out to the limits of patience. At the beginning all characters seem to be just too dumb to understand what's happening, and the situation doesn't improve much with time. 30 minutes into the movie, and nothing has happened yet... And what about the guards in the castle, all knowing how Snow White looks like despite the fact that she was locked in a tower for the past ten years?!? That part just made me lol -- and what about that poor white horse? Did she just leave him there dying? ... Plot holes, people!!!

Poorly written, acted and directed. Still, I'd give it a shot if I was you: you might find a couple of scenes enjoyable, and might find yourself wanting to see what's next. The second half of the movie actually gets a little better. This was just the prologue, so that's not such a big surprise that not much happens in these 120 minutes. This said, writing, acting and directing all stay poor.

The Cabin in the Woods

Nowadays it's really difficult to catch a movie that surprises you in any possible way: "Cabin in the Woods" did it for me. Most of the time I went 'what the heck?!' and not even once the characters acted as I expected them to -- you won't be able to image the ending before actually seeing it, and when you'll be done with the movie you'll probably want to take another ride right away.
The first 15 minutes might me a little slow to get through, but once you'll be on the open road, in the middle of nowhere, with no gps, lost in the woods... that's when the fun will start showing. Just be prepared to see lots of blood go down, jump on your seat a couple of time, and follow these 5 young people in their actions: they won't do what they usually do in horror movies, they'll do something different. Whedon and Goddard wrote them differently, and that's what makes this movie so special, a pleasure to watch ---

"Cabin in the Woods" is a detailed, extremely well-written, unpredictable, apocalyptic movie that was 'conceived outside the box'. I so want to take another ride and get to watch it again real soon. The final scene is just priceless if you ask me!!!

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

Not an easy movie to review. "The Fountain" isn't for sure Darren Aronofsky's best project so far, but it's still a great example of good cinema: it's really complex and requires multiple views to be only superficially understood -- it's about the past, the present and the future and much of it is just hinted or left open to interpretation. It's fascinating, sad, slow and different from any other movie I've ever seen... Sure, it's not easily accessible to anyone because of its complex story, but I still see it as fascinating. You know, looking for eternal life, trying to save someone you love more than anything. Looking for the Tree of Life, finding it -- this is a really criptical movie. I've seen it a couple of times already and I still can't get it completely. The soundtrack fits the movie beautifully, and the special effects used to portrait Xibalba are among the best I've ever seen; for some reason I love the scenes where we see Tomas floating around in his bubble, I'm in love with those golden colors. Hugh Jackman and Rachel Weisz were just right for the part. And this was not an easy movie to act in, given the complexity of the story and the many multiple sub-stories that were just implied. This is a new genere, a movie different from any others with just little dialogues but much meaning implied -- Recommended, but just if you're in the right mood for it. Be aware that the movie is kind of slow and you might need multiple screenings to appriciate it.

We Bought a Zoo

Why would you buy a zoo? If what you're looking for in this movie is an answer, well you won't get one. "We bought a zoo" is a very disappointing movie that doesn't lead anywhere, and it's about a couple of weak characters that don't even know what they really want -- I found it boring and meaningless, but maybe that's just me. Basically, in my opinion, if your wife has died and you don't have an infinite amount of money... well, you do not buy a zoo. You'd start saving for your kids future and education.

I was surprised to learn that this is actually a true story, and that the zoo portraied in the movie really exsits in the UK. But that said -- well, I just didn't feel a single thing, and I couldn't wait for this lame story to end. Animals were pretty cool, probably the best thing in the whole project, put people were far from being called entertaining... It just lacked something, a soul. And Scarlett Johansson wasn't the right woman to play Kelly Foster, I just couldn't believe the romance between her and Matt Damon.

A family movie you might enjoy. I personally didn't get it. "We bought a zoo" is not the worst movie ever, but it's probably Cameron Crowe's worst movie to the date -- I can't wait to forget about it.

Jennifer's Body

An alternative movie, different in its own peculiar way -- there's nothing like "Jennifer's Body" out there, it's kind of a splatter and yet it's so far from being a splatter. Diablo Cody is really an able screenplay writer, she takes the audience into her world whether it's good or not, whether it real or not -- that's fiction with a good story.

Actors choice was just perfect, I cannot really image a different Jennifer played by someone who's not Megan Fox, or the movie without Amanda Seyfried and Adam Brody who played a super creepy evil guy. Even the songs were part of the movie and got me in the right mood for each scene -- I just loved the soundtrack.

"Jennifer's Body" is a rebelling movie, that wants to move on from the classical horror movie, splatter, or vampire story - I found it enjoyable, with a compact, simple plot. Ok, the story was kind of predictable, but also unique thanks to that strange location and those strange mind-pathways that each character follows.


An almost decent 'horror movie' that could have become a new gerere; the plot wasn't that bad, and the whole idea surrounding the story was kind of good actually. But "Whiteout" doesn't work out for a few reasons: it's predictable (I just could tell who the killer was, and it was obvious he did have a accomplice -- they just spent too much time on them even if they were meaningless, there was no other possibility), it does have tension but not enough of it, and there are just too many loose ends (where did they go from there? Which impact did this serie of homicides have?). So it lacks quite a few details...

And that's too bad. Because if you added some blood-thirsty, brutal, night creatures in the picture the effect could have been just amazing. The whole Antartica thing was cool at the beginning, but it should have brought somewhere and it didn't... the movie just kept on getting more and more predictable, repetitive and boring. But I was enjoying the cold ice fields, the wind, the hostile environment. So the location for the story was just right, but it wasn't used properly.

I'd suggest you watch it if you're a Kate Beckinsale fan. She did a good job in this kind of crappy picture -- but apart from that there are just a few reasons why you might be interested in this movie. There are way better ones out there!

The Divide
The Divide(2012)

Tense. Scary. Almost unbearable. "The Divide" is a thriller that prooves to be very different from any other apocalyptic movie I've seen before; it's violent and doesn't leave much space to human emotions, or feeling, or hope. It's basically the hopeless story of the few last sturvivors on earth -- and let me tell you that it's kind of well done and written. I was surprised by it, even if acting wasn't great. It could have been more splatter, violent and profound. But it establish a certain tension at the beginning of the movie, and it's able to keep it till the very end, so it works for me.

I guess that in reality that's what would have happened to them: one, and just one only would have succeed and survive. But on the other hand, why would someone who had built an anti-nuclear basement home accept so many humans to live there with him? I mean, water supplies and food are limited goods. So in real life Mickey would have accepted only a few humans in his basement --- that part didn't make much sense... But I kind of had the feeling that much was left to personal interpretation on purpose: this makes the movie even more special. And the whole story is still kind of open, and leaves the audience with lots of unanswered questions: who dropped the bombs? Who are the white suits guys? What happened?

Recommended if you usually enjoy those post-apocalyptic, violent movies that leave you with no hope but only emptiness and destruction.

Bel Ami
Bel Ami(2012)

Weak. Flat. Soulless. Emotionless. "Bel Ami" lacks all those things that make a movie a great movie: it's not well written, it's like an empty room and seems to me that it was just tailored on Pattinson... Georges Duroy is an incoherent character: you either want money and use women to get to it, or you just fall in love with them and get jelous. He clearly didn't give a damn about the women he slept with, so what was about the jelousy towards his wife's lover? It just didn't make sense.

This is not the story of the life of Georges Duroy. This is just part of it, so basically the movie doesn't have a beginning or an end -- we start and end with nothing. Ok, we see him starting as a poor man, and ending being a 'duke' by taking the right marriage, but the in-between isn't really well explained or explored as it should have. That's because characters are falt and soulless...

But this movie isn't a complete disaster. I did enjoy the costumes, the mansions they used as filming locations and the soundtrack which was the best part of the picture. So it's watchable. What really pisses me off is that even if the screenplay was written by two people, their two brains weren't able to put together a stronger, more meaningful and profound story to the screen. That's ridiculous, a nonsense that might or might not prevent you from watching this movie.

Young Adult
Young Adult(2011)

Past. Present. Future. It's all tight together, connected and broken. "Young Adult" is just the perfect title for this movie, which is about a broken character that's successful and relized, but doesn't realize it. She's just chased by her high school past; she writes about it. But that doesn't help so she has to go back to a place she hates, just to get it over with.

Well, let me just say that Mavis Gary is a great character. Diablo Cody gave away so many details about her that you could just get lost in them: you know, those little things such as singing a song over and over again in the car while driving. Then having a manicure, a dog, getting drunk, being mean and antipathic to people... Marvis is unpleasant, she's so difficult and determined to get her man back. She's mean. She gets angry, so angry... but at the end she gets it, and peacefully returns to her home town in Minneapolis. I don't know why, but it all looked somehow realistic, like a parody of someone's life.

The story of a person that has physically left high school 10 years in the past, but mentally still lives in it. Mavis is crazy, she scared me. But after all life starts after high school or college, right? Too bad that it took her brain 10 extra years to leave that school and her teenage years -- Recommended. Because Diablo Cody can write some wonderful screenplays. And Jason Reitman can direct sone amazing movies.

Birthday Girl

I did like it, mainly because it's filled up with many kind of unexpected twists. "Birthday Girl" is a different movie that manages to mix humor, stupidity, and easily explains how sick the human kind can be -- sure, characters are not perfect and John in particular acts in a pretty dumb way... No adult would never ever fall for that trick. But as previously said, the movie still contains a couple of unexpected scenes and it's entertaining to watch it.

The soundtrack was pretty nice, as for locations which were very English (but from what I understend the movie was shoot in Australia). Acting was also kind of great: Kidman did a great job as a Russian, pretending not to understand a word of English -- same thing for Ben Chaplin. I think his performance was good too.

Not a masterpiece, but a good, unconventional movie to watch on a normal evening just to do something. It didn't let me down, and I'd watch it again.

Catch That Kid

A family movie that you'll probably forget as soon as you're done with it. "Catch That Kid" is a very simple, dumb, boring movie that tries to be more than that, but because of that it just ended up being ridiculous. The soundtrack is inexsistent, acting is lame, the story itself is so fake that you just know where everything is going -- the only thing that I kind of liked were the first 5 minutes. Ok, they were plain and simple, but the introduction to the main characters was kind of cool.

Relaxing, do not expect it to surprise you. There's basically NO turining point or unpredictable storyline, you can see everything that's coming. But it was fairly entertaining even though I'm sure I'll forget about it in a few week's time. -- It just lacks a solid plot and something to work on. But it's decent if you don't have anything better to do, and kids will probalby like it.

The Da Vinci Code

First the book, then the movie. "The Da Vinci Code" is a beautiful adaption of Dan Brown's novel: it's detailed and has some strong main characters, the plot is well explained and developed considering its complexity. But the best thing about this movie is probably its soundtrack, tightly followed by its photography -- I just liked it the first time I saw it, and six years later I still do think this is a great movie. This was probably the 8th time I saw the movie, and I still can't understand why critics didn't like it.

Actors did a good job: Robert and Sophie were almost like I pictured them while reading the book. The screenplay was good but could have been better... This doesn't change the fact that the plot is easy to understand and accessible to everybody who didn't read the book. There's mystery all around, locations are just enchanting and right for every single scene -- the Louve Museum at night was just amazing. And Silas (Paul Bettany) made me jump on my seat a couple of times. So a great cast. A brilliant soundtrack that always manages to get me emotional in the closing scene: kudos to Hans Zimmer for that, seriously... a great soundtrack!

A quite good screenplay. Beautiful, exciting locations. And a good performance by Ron Howard as a director. Sure, this is not Howard's best movie, but I still consider it a great piece of cinema. I find it extremely entertaining and interesting, it just catches me every single time I watch it. Recommended.

Marvel's The Avengers

For some reason, it didn't thrill me but I wouldn't call it a letdown either. The movie is far from bad, but there's really nothing special about it. I found the story being too complicated and yet boring and predictable at the same time, there are a few plot holes (Hulk changing behavior) and little character exploration. Thor, Iron Man, Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America and Black Widow could have been more involved in action sequences -- Iron Man did a lot, but I really can't say the same for all the others. More than once I just knew what was about to happen, but another couple of times I just went 'wow', so I'm kind of torn apart, still trying to make up my mind about it...

The biggest problem with this movie is not only the lack of real action scenes (ok, there's that big final battle, but the first 90 minutes it's just talking and talking), but also the fact that "The Avengers" was supposed to be about the avengers. But this movie was more like an "Iron Man 3" movie... Robert Downey Jr's performance did the most heavy lifting, and that one idea did not suit me well as this is supposed to be a team work. But I have to admit that his actions, and the ending was kind of cool.

Because of the hype I went in expecting some game-changing in the superhero genre, but instead I found myself only reluctantly entertained. But I have to say that many lines in the movie turn out to be kind of funny. Among the 142 fastest minutes of my life, it just went by real fast. But honestly, I wouldn't watch it again at the movies. I'd wait for the DVD.

The Final Destination

Well, simply said this is one of the dumbest movie I've ever seen. "The Final Destination" doesn't add tension to any of its scens, it's quite predictable, dialogues are lame and most scenes boring to death. That's the same story, over and over again -- during that last deja vu my thought was 'oh God, please no I don't want to see those scenes AGAIN!'. If a movie needs to repeat itself multiple times it means that it doesn't know how to entertain, so it doesn't have a point.

This fourth installment of the series does indeed have the same esteem that all the others installments have: it's just fun to know that they're going to die, and you just happen to be curious about the how they're going to. Well, in this case the problem is that even the way of death is quite predictable: I just could tell, and I got almost all of them right.

I don't want to see it again. It's wasn't even a tiny little bit frightening. Just plain boring and predictable. My advice would be skip it and try something similar but different.

The Nanny Diaries

I actually enjoyed it. It's differently written, fun, meaningful -- ok, "The Nanny Diaries" might not be the perfect movie, but I still consider it a wise, nice project. Scarlett Johansson did a good job as Annie the Nanny, a character that has something to say but behaves in the wrong way most of the times. No student with a brain and a bachelor degree would ever turn herself into a nanny, even if in a certain way it all happened because of destiny. Well, I can live with that.

If you're looking for a relaxed, nice, stress free movie here it is. This movie won't change your life or anything, you'll probably forget it in a 3 months time -- it's not particularly meaningful, but it does have a message. So I'd say go for it.

Moulin Rouge!

This is one of those difficult movie to rate. On one hand I do consider "Moulin Rouge!" a masterpiece, but on the other I have to admit that there are many different defects here and there -- but I did grow up with it (kind of), so it's difficult to be objective and review it in the most righteous of ways. I'd just say that being this a Baz Luhrmann movie, it's very theatrical and stage-y: this can be either a good or a bad thing, depending on what you like. I'm kind of in between.

I do enjoy the soundtrack. I like McGregor and Kidman's voices, and all the actors involved in the production did a great job. It's not easy to sing and act in a movie -- so kudos for that. I generally like the plot and find it intriguing and very sad, but I think that Luhrmann made a big mistake: he made fun of its own story. This is a dramatic movie, it's supposed to be a dark and sad love story, so why are there a few lines that tease the most dramatic moments of the story? I really don't like that part and lines such as 'I forgot my line!' -- that just ruins those moments for me.

This isn't either the best musical ever realized or Luhrmann's best movie, but it's still a very well-shoot movie. "Moulin Rouge!" is different in many different ways, and I love the way most scenes were filmed -- but I think it could have been an even better movie if only everything was kept more serious. Be aware: this is a very sad story. Recommended, if you usually enjoy musicals.

Quantum of Solace

Ok, it wasn't as bad as I remembered it. But "Quantum of Solace" simply lacks all those elements that make me say that "Casino Royale" is one of the best action movies ever shot, and the best Bond movie ever realized. In this second installment starring Daniel Craig we find a boken, lost Bond who seeks a personal revenge -- this premise sounds great, doesn't it? Well, this movie could and should have been a triumph, might have been even better than its predecessor. But it wasn't. It's just wrong. Lifeless. Quite a mess-y project.

Still, it's a nice action movie. Very flat, with just a few decent action scenes, but watchable. There are a couple of scenes and dialogues that I loved and made me feel something: all of them included M or Mathis in the picture... Well, and I think that's all. I just loved 3 dialogues in the whole movie, all the rest was just plain and boring -- so I don't know what to say. Was the movie well written? Yes and not.

I do have a few problems with "Quantum of Solace" -- you see, I got used to this man who was somehow funny in what he did. A man who not only had a morale, but did things for a reason -- a profound person. In this case, every person Bond killed or hurt... well, seemed to me like he was doing that for no reason. Bond was just lifeless and 'absent', I don't know how many times I've asked myself wtf? while watching. Sure, this movie was about a broken Bond who didn't care about anything anymore, but I still believe that the situation could have been held in a much better way --- this movie could have been great, but it wasn't.

Then, I personally think that everything was too exaggerated. You know, the running, car crashing, fire etc. I had the impression that Marc Forster tried to impress the audience so much that he ended up in not impressing anyone at all... I didn't like how the movie focused on boring dialogues, instead of focusing on the soul of characters. But maybe that's just me.

If you're looking for an decent action movie, go for it. If you're looking for an introspective and detailed story of a 007 agent well, watch "Casino Royale" instead. Still, it's recommended. Because Craig makes a great Bond.


I consider this one of the greatest movie of all times, maybe the best movie ever shoot in the history of cinema. And I'm not saying this because "Titanic" stars Leo DiCaprio, or because it's about a quite involving love story -- I'm saying this because back in 1997 "Titanic" was the ship of dreams, and after 15 years it prooved to the world that it still is. This is what I call a movie. Something you never get tired of watching, because it helds so many details in it that every next round is new.

James Horner composed the best soundtrack ever for "Titanic". I've always thought that this movie is all about its soundtrack: it's the music that takes you higher and higher in each and every scene. It's involving, touching, so well orchestrated... The second thing that makes "Titanic" a great movie is the way it was written: once you've got on that ship, you'll forget where it all started, or at least that's what I did the first time I saw it.... And let me tell you that I didn't want to get off that ship, for no reason.

I love the ending scene (the 'white dream end' as I call it), every time I see it I do realize how I do not want it to end, how stick I am to this story even if I don't want to admit it. And that's something recurring in Cameron's movie: he shows you the "cherry", and you go like 'not interested!'. Then he takes that "cherry" away from you, so that you realize you desperately want that "cherry". -- Well, I do cry and smile and laugh multiple times while watching "Titanic". And it's not like I've seen this movie just a couple of times. In fact, I think I've reached number 45th. But still, I'm not tired of it. And believe me if I say that there are not many movies for which I can say that --

Dialogues feel very natural. And all the actions taken by the characters did make sense --- take Rose jumping off the lifeboat: in my mind it makes complete sense, because Rose was foundamentally a 'rebel' and had nothing to loose if not this cool guy named Jack who saved her life. So yes, I'm 15 years older now but that still makes sense. For some reason, it's like every and each element is in the right place, this movie feels completely right, a 'cold comfort'. Plus, now that's back to theatres going to see it it's like getting in a time machine!

So what makes "Titanic" so special? After 15 years of thinking I have to say that I think it's the ship itself. I cannot think about any other movie that was entirely shot in one place, but managed to stay interesting and shiny troughout. As previously said, this is the ship of dreams --- you just hire a brilliant art director, be sure your photography is right. The light are right. The wind is blowing. The stars are shining. You pay attention to details. That's all. Oh, and you do hire a couple of young actors who can act -- that's James Cameron's secret. He did it right.

Cameron is a movie pioneer. I think he can see the future of cinema. Otherwise I could not explain how a movie that was shoot 15+ years ago still looks like it was shoot yesterday and is better than any other movie in theatre right now. The 3D conversion is impressive -- and no matter how many times you've already seen it, it never gets old or boring. If you haven't already seen it, go see it. If you've seen it back in time, go see it. It's worth the price. Abolutely recommended.

Kate & Leopold

I don't know. Usually I'm not a big fan of romantic stories: they're just meaningless and characters behave like none would ever behave in real life. "Kate & Leopold" makes no exception to this rule. It's cheesy, unemotional and flat -- the idea of time travel is undoubtley interesting, but when the two main characters come together you just don't feel a thing, so to me this project didn't work.

Meg Ryan and Hugh Jackman have little to no chemistry. But yes, I have to admit that "Kate & Leopold" is not an horrid movie. Costumes are cool, dialogues are not horrible, and the character of Leopold is funny -- so it's a nice movie to watch if you're getting bored and have nothing better to do. This said, the love story didn't make any sense... Same with Kate's final decision. Predictable and ridiculous.

Not James Mangold's best movie, but still fairly entertaining.

Say Anything...

This might be the best directoral debut ever. Cameron Crowe did a great job, I could have never tell that this was his first movie ever -- the words he used to express his characters were lovely, real, meaningful, and they kind of touched me. I'm not a big fan of romantic movies, but "Say Anything..." gave me something, made me feel something. I just liked it.

One of the resons why I liked it is the way it was written: it's so fresh and genuine. And the character of Lloyd is different from any other character, I loved the way he talk. Just a beautiful character. Simple, but beautiful. Also, the soundtrack was great too: made me jump right back in the '80s.

A simple, nice, refreshing movie. "Say Anything..." is a classic. A movie that will inspire and please you -- it's got everything in it. This isn't just a plain, cheesy love story, it's something more. It surprised me. And the ending is different, too. Recommended.

The Golden Compass

Not as bad as everyone says, but "The Golden Compass" was a letdown for me who I read the book(s). This is a movie that tries to please both kids and adults, but to be truth I'm not really sure this is a movie for kids (a certain part of the plot is just terribly cruel and difficult to accept). While watching it I had this strong feeling that what I was seeing didn't matter -- it's like if this movie is about the meaningless things that happen in the book, and not about the important things that made 'The Golden Compass' one of my favourite books of my childhood. It was just plain wrong, soulless.

The soundtrack was just awful, it didn't lead me through this wonderful story, but it kept me down, it disturbed me. I don't think Dakota Blue Richards was the right choice to play Lyra, and this movie pushed too much on Nicole Kidman being in the movie -- this is not a movie about Nicole Kidman, it's a fantasy movie! Mrs Coulter in my mind was a fat, blonde 40 woman -- you can see why I was disappointed by these casting choices... Eva Green, on the other hand, was the perfect Serafina Pekkala, and probably the one and only 'thing' I really liked about this movie. She just behaved and moved like a real witch!

That said, special effects were good. Locations and sets were quite detailed, but not used in the proper way: they should have been magical, the whole project should have made me feel something but it didn't. It was flat. Emotionless and ridiculous at some point. Iorek Byrinson for example: I just loved him in the books, and I also loved the special bond that he established with Lyra -- Well, I didn't feel anything for him in the movie. I almost disliked him.

But the biggest mistake that Chris Weitz made was changing the ending: that didn't feel like an ending at all! The last pages of the book were so powerful, dramatic, mean, desperate... they are the reason why I kept on reading the "His Dark Materials" trilogy. And the second and third book are the reason why I love this story -- the first book was nothing special but it could have been turned into a magnificent movie no matter what.

I'd watch the movie if I was you. Just because I think this is a very personal thing -- you might like it if you didn't read the books. It's not horrible. But my advice would be, read the entire trilogy before or after -- because the other books are magnificent!

Where the Heart Is

I guess you could consider this a movie gluttony of mine. "Where the Heart Is" is certainly not a perfect movie, but it's heart whelming and a very nice story -- I love how Natalie Portman portrais Novalee Nation, she's just such a childish, sweet girl who happens to have a baby and magically start a new life. Sure, the screenplay is not very wise or intelligent, but when you're feeling down this movie will lift you up and give you new hope. That's why I love it and consider it a good one.

So yes, it's relaxing. Incredibly sweet and nice. A classic of my childhood, a movie that I've seen 10+ times and still I'm not sick of it -- that's why it's recommended.

Perfect Sense

One of the scariest and yet compelling movie I've ever seen. "Perfect Sense" made me realize how much our senses are worth, no matter how we might get used to them --- the idea of a pandemics depriving us of our senses is just horrible, terrifying, unbearable. It's painful just even to image that: I could live without a sense of smell, or taste, but what about hear or sight? Or touch? No, that would not be life -- so what are we? Are we our senses? In a way yes, we are because without them we would feel nothing and be nothing.

"Perfect Sense" is a great piece of writing. I felt desperate, scared, inadequate -- uncomfortable. And that's how it was meant to be. This is a terrifying movie, but I love the fact that it made me realize how important every and each of our senses is: we often give them for granted forgetting that there's people out there who lacks one of them. Well, now that idea scares me to death. Senses are important, no matter if we forget about them -- but life goes on no matter what, right?

Great movie. Totally worth watching even if, to be truth, I don't really know if I'll find the courage to watch it again someday in the future -- the ending left me heartbroken but at least made me feel something. Recommended.

The Ghost Writer

I unexpectedly loved this movie, it was really an enormous pleasure to watch. "The Ghost Writer" by Academy Award winner Roman Polanski could have been just another dumb thriller, but it really wasn't -- it was mysterious in the right measure, tense and totally unpredictable. It left me with many doubts that I had to fill up by reassembling the movie in my head -- and what a great, stupendous ending; not to talk about all the mystery that's all in between.
You start getting tense in those first minutes, and at the end of the movie that tension is still there, ready to explode. I loved, really loved the beginning and the ending of the movie; this is a masterpiece, it's able to keep you trapped in the screen till the very last shoot.

Ewan McGregor, Pierce Brosnan, Kim Cattrall, Olivia Williams, Tom Wilkinson were all just perfect for the role, and managed to make this movie more realistic and believable.

I highly recommend you watch it if you're a Polanski fan, or if you like those brain-stimulating thrillers that make you think about them for days after you've seen them.


Not Polanski's masterpiece, it didn't thrill me in any particular way, but still a good movie worth watching. At first "Carnage" might look like a random movie that keeps on showing you the same scenes over and over again, a movie that doesn't lead to anything -- but don't let this trick you. This movies knows exactly what it wants to tell you. It's not a drama, but not even a comedy -- it does have a couple of grouch, unexpected scenes and it's interestingly shoot.

Acting is good and casting was just right. The screenplay could have been better and 'stronger', should have been longer --- so yes, it's not perfect but is does contain a strong message so it's worth watching for sure. It's a very interesting portrait of today's society, marriage in our society -- it's basically a sick movie. Sick but realistic in my opinion. Simple and straight, it just hits the right buttons and it hits them hard.

A Cinderella Story

It's fun, and fresh and relaxing, but it's far away from being as good as the original Disney's one. I find "A Cinderella Story" an enjoyable, dreamy movie to watch when I'm too tired to watch something a little more full of meaning -- Maybe that's the problem: we all know the story, and this new adaption turned out to be a little bit too dumb and childish.

Dialogues are poor, and Duff/Murray look appealing just because of theirs aspects, not because of their acting abilities -- but after all, no acting ability is needed to play Cinderella since we've all dreamed to be her when we were kids...

The Girl Who Played with Fire (Flickan som lekte med elden)

Again, to enjoy this second movie about the Millennium installment you'll really need to read the book(s) first, otherwise I'm afraid you won't understand a single thing about this story. As for the previous movie, I do like the fact that this movie was made in Sweden -- that adds some typical elements that can be found in the books too, but on the other hand this time too some pivotal scenes were not included in the final draft of the movie --- that's a pity. Too many plot changes in my opinion.

I do like these movies because they're easily accessible by those who read the books: it's just nice to watch the movie if you don't have the time to re-read the book right now -- it actually makes you want to go back to read the book. But I hate these movies too: Mikael is a much deeper, emotional character -- and Lisbeth is way 'crazier' than this -- these two characters are the reason why I fell in love with the books, but in the movie(s) they're both so different, so not well explored. So flat, emotionless.

It was fun to watch, but "The Girl Who Played with Fire" is not as good as "The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo" -- in my opinion too many details were changed in this second installment. But the overall project is not awful, and it's still recommended to whom has enjoyed reading Larsson's books.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Better than its previous installment. "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest" is more action packed than the previous movie, the plot is well developed and the overall result is really good and similar to the book. Among the three movies, it's probably the closest one to the book -- I almost enjoyed it more than the book itself which was boring and difficult to read in the first pages.

I did like Noomi Rapace here. For some reason she was almost as a pictured her while reading the books -- I can't say the same for movies 1 and 2. She was really convincing this time. Same for Michael Nyqvist who, I have to admit is a really great Mikael Blomkvist, he really reminds me the Mikael I've pictured in my mind.

When asked: was it really necessary to remake this trilogy? Well, my answer is absolutely yes. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" by David Fincher is better than the Swedish movie, and it's also more true to its characters -- I really hope that also the second and third movies will see a Hollywood remake. It's much needed in my opinion and Rooney Mara is just a great Lisbeth, I loved her performance in the first movie --

Plus, the Swedish version of the movie made such a lot of minus changes and I'm not really sure I liked that. As said before, to me details is what counts the most - the Swedish production decided for some reason to change many little details, for example the scene at the very ending of movie 3. Seeing Mikael walking away from Lisbeth's door wasn't exactly what had happened in the book -- a minus change but still a very unpleasant one.

But the books were written by a Swedish author, so I still think that watching these three Swedish movies is a must if you liked the books -- recommended if you loved the books.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

I really liked it, but for some reason it didn't blow my mind as Fincher's remake. "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" is a splendid Swedish movie, absolutely recommended to whom who love the books --- when I think about it, I'd say that the two movie versions are complementary and complete each other. This version lacks most of the scenes that made me fall in love with the book, so that's probably the reason why I liked Fincher's version more.

But the Swedish movie is so typical and well developed. It's most realistic and truth to Larsson's culture, but not dark enough considering the kind of story that's being told here -- also, in my opinion too many details were omitted. You know, those little things that make you fall in love with a certain scene, or that you particularly liked in the book. For example, the cat. Lisbeth speaking in monosyllabs -- there was just one single scene in which I saw Lisbeth exactly as I pictured her during my readings.

Michael Nyqvist was perfect as Mikael, almost as a imaged him. But Noomi Rapace was kind of a letdown: she just talked too much, she wasn't as 'different' as Stieg Larsson pictured her in his books --- I didn't like this, she almost looked like a 'normal' character. In my mind Lisbeth is way more inward-looking and introvert; also, her feelings for Mikael were left out completely... I'm not really sure I did like that element.

It's still a very close adaption to the book. It's well shoot. Decently written. It's an overall good quality movie but it could have been better -- it pictures a scary, dark Stockholm but in the meantime the atmosphere surrounding the story is very light hearted. I missed feelings -- I missed the cat! And a few more Millennium moments, and Holger Palmgren -- but I did appreciate the fact that Mikael's imprisonment was made part of the movie.

Under a certain point of view it's a completely different movie from Fincher's remake. Again, if you loved the book(s) you'll probably love the movie(s) as well -- but if I was you, I'd read the books first. I don't think I'd have enjoyed the movies if I hadn't read the books first; the fact is that no matter which movie you'll choose to watch: they'll let out some beautiful, meaningful moments that will help you understand these wonderful characters better --

So yes, this movie is hardly recommended. If you loved the book(s).

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

A diverse, interesting movie that no matter how simple and straight it is: it will surprise you -- "Like Crazy" is a foggy, linear story of two people who fall in love. The problem is that one of them in from England, the other from the USA. I did like it because I tought it was realistic, not a regular cheesy comedy about love, but a brutal, painful love story. It didn't thrill me, but it bored me in more than one scene...

As said, it's very realistic. Decently written and acted. But it's extremely slow -- and at the end of the fair you'll realize that it doesn't lead to anything, it's just dancing around the main point without getting to a solid conclusion. There is one, but this doesn't change the fact that 90 minutes were just too much time to tell this simple story -- I do realize that the story had a meaning but since we already knew where this all was going...

I'm not sure it was worth watching. It's not a romantic movie, and I'm not sure I could call it a love story -- maybe 'crush story' would be more appropriate. I don't know, it did not steal my heart and soul, but it might take yours. Try it.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Might not be the most accurate historic movie ever done, but it's still a very interesting movie that will help you remember some UK history -- "The Other Boleyn Girl" is nicely shoot and written. It's a little too overdramatic, it's a little rushed towards the ending -- acting is not perfect, but I found it undoubtly fascianting, and I cannot deny the fact that this movie got me.

I just enjoyed watching it. Costumes were really nice. I just loved the ending. I do understand that the story was a little different from how it's told here, but I can still appriciate the movie. I like the fact that I can easily link it to some other historic movies set in England and I'd easily watch it again sometimes in the future.

I don't think it's as horrible as critics pictured it. Recommended.

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

I honestly can't understand why so many people didn't like this movie. I find it moving, emotional and very detailed: "The Duchess" is the story of a noble woman who had to shout up and undergo much sufference throughout her life. It's a noble movie, that wants to report a sad, dramatic story that should not be forgotten.

Acting was great. I'm still not sure Keira Knightley was the right actress to play Georgiana Spencer, but she did a great job -- locations were just perfect, the costumes delightful and much worty the Academy Award. The soundtrack was there, simple but effective...

Dialogues could have been improved. The opening scene was just perfect, too bad that director Saul Dibb wasn0t able to keep it up to that standart till the very end -- this said, I love "The Duchess". It's a movie I'd like to watch again and again in the future. It reminds me that womend should not just shout up, they shoul speak up.

Absolutely recommended.

Million Dollar Baby

This is Clint Eastwood's masterpiece, -- "Million Dollar Baby" is a complex, sad, moving story about passion, life, death -- and it's all told through box. It's got everything in it: all the emotions you're looking forward in your life, here they are. The screenplay is something unimaginable, rich of feelings and moving, so moving that you'll just fall in love with this movie for whatever reason. It's a painful story, but it does also include victory, and satisfactions, and a very particular kind of love -- it's so sweet and yet so sad and tearful.

So I just like it. I like its being different from any other movie I've seen. I like its characters and the very peculiar relationships that they install between each others -- I like its locations. Costumes. Soundtrack. It's like a very special journey that Clint wanted to share with us, and he did in it in the most beautiful of ways as he always does.

It somehow stole my sould away. Recommended.

Dances With Wolves

An endless poetry about American Indians directed and interpreted by Kevin Costner. "Dances With Wolves" might seem slow and boring, but it really isn't: it just stops over important details, and fully describes the last years of freedom in the great prairies before the white man conquered them all, destroying one of the most amazing population Earth has ever seen. It's nostalgic, sad, passionate, magnificent - a real pleasure to watch over and over again because despite its length it will sure take your breath away. It's so difficult to describe it, and yet to easy to watch and enjoy.

Probably Kevin Costner best movie so far. He did great as a director and as an actor in here, no discussion about that. I hardly recommend you watch it at least once in your life.

Revolutionary Road

Dramatic, deep, sad, profound, emotional, realistic -- this is "Revolutionary Road" by Sam Mendes. It's among my favourite movies of all time, I just love the story and its meaning, and I do believe it's true that many people back there and even nowdays do marry even if they're not tailored for marriage. This movie makes me think every single time I see it, it's like a steady point I do referr to whenever I'm in doubt -- as "American Beauty", this is a very meaningful movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet gave such a deep, profound performance and I really can't understan how come that nobody noticed this movie. Back in 2009 nobody was talking about it -- I guess because of its delicate plot -- it should have gained more attention because it's just great. I loved it back then, and I still love it right now. Great characters and a great, brilliantly shot story.

One of my favourite movies. Mendes' best. Recommended.


Watching "Atonement" is like getting on a thrilling ride that ends too soon, that's what I tought when I first saw it 2 years ago. Director Joe Wright did the most amazing job with this movie; locations, clothes, everything was perfect. I love how he plays with light and sounds, that's something you don't happen to see often at the movie theatre these days... Wright is special from this point of view.

THAT long shot on the beach is the best I've ever seen... everytime I watch it I wonder how did he and the actors managed to shoot a 6 minutes long scene; and that's far from being an easy scene... it tells so much about sofference, war, nature, feelings... I love that, it's just perfect. All the carachters are able to reach the audience, at the end of the movie you can tell a lot that is not said about them.
Actors Keira Knightley, James McAvoy, Saoirse Ronan did a great job. They did all manage to take and act in difficult roles...

I cannot avoid mentioning the beautiful, peculiar, deeply inspired soundtrack composed by Dario Marianelli. He really deserved the Oscar he won for this masterpiece, a mix of classical music and something new, that fits so well in this awesome movie... his soundtrack somehow gives rhytm to "Atonement", which runs around a typing machine. After all it all started because of a "wrong" message wrote with a typewriter.

The biggest peculiarity in this movie is that conversations aren't the most important part in here; if you watch "Atonement" again, or more closely, you'll notice that the main scenes are all non-spoken scenes (or with jsut few dialogues). We understand the main plot from some wanted silence -- beautiful over any words. Recommended.

Almost Famous

It just blew me away, "Almost Famous" is such an inspired movie, probably Crowe's best one so far. It made me laugh, it made me cry, and shiver and wish I was there living life to the fullest, living rock & roll when it was all about to end. Don't give up after those first poor ten minutes because the movie gets on and on after that -- the script is so simple, but yet it felt so real, and natural, and right. Acting was also superb: Patrick Fugit, Kate Hudson, and Billy Crudup were a great surprise and helped me appreciate the movie even more.

I absolutely recommend you watch this movie. There are so many interesting, fun, surprising scenes and dialogues so it's totally worth it. Just watch it.

Jane Eyre
Jane Eyre(2011)

A very well-orchestrated movie, "Jane Eyre" will easily make you jump back in time. Locations are lovely, the story very sad, the soundtrack very appropriate. Acting was also great: I couldn't recognize either Mia Wasikowska or Michael Fassbender even if I had a feeling I knew who they were --- I see this as a good sign, means that I was so taken by these characters I could not even recognize them! Also, you can clearly see the chemistry between the main characters which is kind of important considering that this is a romance/drama movie. Simply said, one of the best adaption of Emily Bronte's 'Jane Eyre'.

What I loved the most about this movie was the time line it followed. It added mystery to the story by jumping back and forward in time -- I thought that was an improvement to the book... A few scenes just blew me away. This is a movie I'd like to see again sometimes in the future, it just felt right in every single scene.

If you're looking into a quality movie set in the England of the past, here it is. Just be aware this movie is really sad, nostalgic, 'cold' -- but it made me feel something, and I really appreciated its care for details and its soft atmosphere. Recommended.

Memoirs of a Geisha

I don't hate this movie. But "Memoirs of a Geisha" is far away from perfection -- it's not an horrible movie, but it's not well written or majestic or emotional. It's flat, no matter how much potential this movie had. And I don't know who's to blame here: director Rob Marshall, or maybe the casting crew, or maybe the producers who took the wrong decisions in more than one occasion --

It had a great potential, but it all went wasted. Actors didn't work out ok for me, and dialogues were boring and predictable. But locations were just lovely, it felt like a fake Japan but you can't say that art directors didn't do a proper job. Plus, costumes were just fantastic, probably the best element in the movie. I loved the colors, the peach trees, the gardens: perfect art direction!

A story that was meant to be full of emotions but that was, instead, very flat and emotionless. I just couldn't relate to any of the characters, and I didn't understand the why of some actions -- this story is about some self-distructive, fragile characters, but it just doesn't lead to anything.

But visually speaking this is a very pleasant movie. I cannot think about any other movie like this one; maybe "Rise the Red Lantern" --- Indeed recommended. At least try it, you might like it more than I did.

Charlotte Bronte's Jane Eyre

Despite its beautiful filming locations, colors and costumes this 1996 version of Emily Bronte's "Jane Eyre" didn't blow me away, mainly because I could not see any chemistry between the main characters --- when did they fall in love? How did that happen? I just didn't get that from this movie. Also, this movie was too straight, it simply followed a time line jumping from one moment to another and even if it was meant as a romance movie I didn't feel a single thing.

Acting is awful, I just couldn't believe to one single line in the entire movie. William Hurt was incredibly irritating, the wrong actor to play Edward Rochester --- Charlotte Gainsbourg might have been the right Jane, but in my opinion she was just too plain and emotionless. Also, lights were completely wrong throughout the movie; this film was just too bright and you could clearly see light getting in through the windows even if characters were speaking as if it was nighttime...

Everything was average, nothing hit me in a particular way. I enjoyed seeing different versions of 'Jane Eyre' in these last days and I'm not saying to skip this one. But the 2011 version is way better -- so if you're running short on time and wish to see a good quality movie go see the 2011 Cary Fukunaga version of this wonderful novel.

Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace

It's pure entertainment, it's travelling across an unknown galaxy, and those opening titles are just always worth the ticket price: this is "Star Wars" - no matter which episode we're talking about. I'm not saying here that "The Phantom Menace" is the best episode ever in the series, I'm just saying that, despite a sometimes boring and repetitive plot, it's a very entertaining movie, and keeps me stuck in front of the screen. The story is exciting, locations are fascinating, and this is just the beginning! "The Phantom Menace" is a movie that takes its time to get on the good way -- but I kind of like it: in my opinion these new episodes helped making the story more complete and comprehensible.

Least but not last, the young boy who plays Anakin Skywalker is so sweet, and I loved how Lucas managed to maintain that '80s style even if the movie was shoot in the '90s. A classic for future generations, must be seen.

London Boulevard

When you realize that the only thing you really enjoyed about a movie is its soundtrack, well that means you do have a problem with the movie in question. "London Boulevard" doesn't have a meaning, it simply doesn't know what it wants to be about: a star opressed by paparazzi? A bodyguard? A man who just got out of prison? Micro ciminality in London? -- Too much meat on fire, but all I saw was tons of smoke...

The roles of both Charlotte and Mitchell were very confusing. He could have had a powerful, touching story but she was just hopeless, like she wasn't there. But the pieces of music featured in this movies are all great, and that's probably the one and only thing I liked about "London Boulevard" -- so I'd say skip it and use that time to watch something that has an actual plot.

Seven (Se7en)

It's rare to see such a well-written, involving, tense, unpredictable thriller. "Se7en" starts out as a 'regular' movie, but frame after frame it starts to change and ends up brining you into someplace you'd never expected -- seven sins, seven killings. What a stimulating, intriguing synopsis. And it's brilliantly written, too!

Might seem like it's just another detective story, but it's really not. It's simple and complicated at the same time, it puts some really delicate questions on the dish, but this movie doesn't look like it's almost 20 years old. It's so new even now in 2012, the ending was a huge surprise and I honestly couldn't see the whole picture till the very end... John Doe, I didn't see you coming!

So yes, if you're looking for a great quality thriller go for it! "Se7ev" won't let you down, the overall project has very high standards. You'll see that even if you're not much of a thriller fan. Recommended.

Becoming Jane

I can understand why some people hated it: "Becoming Jane" is just so untrue, false and it doesn't for sure portraits the real Jane Austen. We could have had any other name there matched with any other handsome man because as many have already stated this isn't exactly how the story went... But. That's what I like about movies: they can take one sad, depressing story and change it so that it's less miserable and more meaningful. And this is what has been done with this movie.

I loved the soundtrack, the locations and costumes. I was impressed by how this romance got me, I just couldn't see no chemistry at all between Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy but turned out that I was wrong. Non-corresponded love is such a painful, sad, common thing and I think that this is what "Becoming Jane" was really about: love hurts, that's the point. Acting was ok, but I still can't picture Hathaway as Austen ---

Might be just a cheesy, fantasized story, but a couple of tears run down my cheek at the final scenes. This movie gave me something: emotions. So yes, I recommend it, even if it's just some sort of made up story. Try it.

Bright Star
Bright Star(2009)

A majestic movie. Very slow, very sad but I loved how it grew more and more on me, and its being so realistic -- just follow it and leave out all the rest. "Bright Star" is the amazing story of poet John Keats, just it's told from his love's point of view. That was just beautiful, so innocent and light. Jane Campion did a wonderful job in bringing this story to life. I don't know how to explain it, but when I was done seeing the movie I felt relaxed and had a feeling of sadness...

Abbie Cornish was the right choice to play Fanny. The soundtrack was very delicate and appropriate for the story that was being told; the ending is just perfect. Same for the many locations. A forgotten gem that I'd recommend you watch.

The English Patient

I can't tell why, but I loved it. "The English Patient" was like a thrilling ride that never wanted to end -- at the beginning there's mystery, then after a while you start to make the right connection and the movie starts to take form right in front of your eyes like a paining. It somehow got me. What a masterpiece.

Acting was nothing special to me, none of the actors involved were particularly convincing or stunning. But I loved the fact that the story jumps back and forward in a six years period of time -- I'm not usually into war movies, and I'm not sure I should consider "The English Patient" a war movie, but I did like it throughout its 150 minutes. I didn't get bored for not even one second. I liked its cozy, slow rhythm. Its soundtrack. Dialogues. This is like a movie should be. Should tell a story with no hurry, with characters development, letting information‚(TM)s out piece after piece...

Minghella's masterpiece. Absolutely recommended.

Twelve Monkeys (12 Monkeys)

A forgotten gem. "Twelve Monkeys" is an incredible sci-fi movie that will leave you with many questions and doubts. It starts out as a post apocalyptic, cryptic movie where everything is so mysterious, you can just feel that strange feeling slowly getting into you. Then the puzzle completes piece after piece during the next 120 minutes of pure tension and revelations.

What I loved about this movie is how much is left to free interpretation. Well, if you want to 'read' the movie as it is given to you the plot becomes clear through the ending. But on the other hand I still don't know what to believe -- it could have been all a dream of a crazy man. Who knows... I kind of like that theory too. Lines are not statics, they keep on changing and every time you'll watch this movie you'll probably notice something new that you didn't notice before.

An absolutely recommended gem. Probably Gilliam's best movie.

The Pool Boys

Considering its simple, cheesy plot "The Pool Boys" wasn't bad at all. It was almost entertaining, but also fun and different. It's dumb on occasions and gives away the wrong messages, but it's still a watchable, relaxing movie. I just enjoyed watching it. And there isn't much more to add about that.


What can I say? I just didn't like it. There was so suspense, it was very predictable and almost boring. "Franklyn" could have been an unforgettable movie if only the plot was slightly different and had added some material to this inconsistent story; I got the plot and what was is about, but I don't find it entertaining. I honestly couldn't wait for it to end because I knew where it was going -- the only thing you have to do while watching this movie is wait for these character to get together. But that moment wasn't satisfying at all and neither were the characters.

Eva Green plays the part of a crazy woman who attempts suicide many times because of an art project. Ryan Phillippe plays Preest who was, in my opinion, the most interesting character -- too bad that his story didn't turn out to be as interesting as it initially seemed to be. Decent soundtrack. Insignificant plot.

I would not recommend this movie for one tiny reason: I cannot figure out a reason for you to watch it, really. There wasn't anything appealing or interesting in here.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

If you ask me, I see this movie as a step back and not forward. If I wanted to see a mute movie where dialogues are expressed through black signs carrying a white message I just need to watch the original "King Kong" (1933) or any other movie from that time period. So why do this movie? At my eyes it was useless -- plus, it avoided the problem of finding the right words to express the characters feeling, which is the most difficult thing most of the times.

But on the other hand, gestures can say so much with no words...And acting when no dialogues are involved is just difficult. Very difficult. What surprised me was the fact that after a while I realized that I knew exactly what the characters were going to say -- that had a huge meaning to me: we've seen so many movies already that all words have already been spoken. So there's no real need to have people talking in the movies because we already know what's coming.

But the only thing I really loved about this movie was the last 5 minutes. Those were just perfect, that was just a great sequence.

Casino Royale

Well, I've seen this movie many times now. Let's just say that if I had to pick a Bond movie this would be it. And the reason is so simple and clear to me: no other Bond movie managed to explore 007's soul and being as much as this one "Casino Royale" -- we see both the tough and fragile side of him in here. We see him getting extremely mad, then his reaction at the first killing experience, we see him in love, when broken, when mad, etc. Such a rich range of completely different emotions, I could easily watch this movie for another ten times.

I still remember the moment back in 2004 when it was announced that Daniel Craig would have taken over the role of Bond after Pierce Brosnan. I remember I wasn't ok with that decision, I just couldn't see Craig playing Bond. But I was so wrong. He's just the perfect 007, he fits the part perfectly both physically and personally. The way he portraits his character makes me laugh of a genuine laugh: this is the first time a Bond movie makes me feel something more than just 'wow, that action scene is so cool!'.

That's it for me. I love how we see many different sides of these characters, not only Bond. "Casino Royale" is a complex movie, built on many different layers. Martin Campbell did the most amazing job in bringing to life this new Bond character, while Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Paul Haggis did a great job in telling his story.

I'd say go for it. Fantastic action scenes. Lovely locations. Plus poker game. And mostly, character development. Such a deep movie, you'd never expect this from a Bond movie. I also loved the song that was playing in the opening credits. Just beautiful. Absolutely recommended.

What Happens in Vegas

A very cheesy comedy starring Cameron Diaz and Ashton Kutcher. "What Happens in Vegas" was good enough for me the other night, I enjoyed watching it even if it's predictable and kind of similar to "The Hangover" -- it made me laugh and relax, and I didn't expect anything more from it, so yes I'd recommend it.

Of course, don't expect some Oscar winning performance. Or a particularly brilliant screenplay; I'd rather say that this is the movie you would watch a night when you don't have anything better to do. "What Happens in Vegas" is good enough, watchable and yes, recommended.


How do you turn a low rated, loosing team into a winning team? You'll probably love "Moneyball" even if you're not into baseball at all: this is a true story that will steal both your hearth and soul, and will move you. "Moneyball" is the incredible story of a man named Billy Beane who twice in his life made the wrong choice: this is why I loved this movie. Because it's not about the winning people, but it's sad, realistic, very much like real life. Not everything always goes the way we'd like it to go, there are highs and lows, we always find ourselves in front of a crossroad and we have to make choices that might either be right or wrong.

For some reason I still have to understand, the very last scene moved me. And I just couldn't think about any other way to conclude this story. Brad Pitt did a great job as Billy Beane, but he didn't impress me for his performance -- but I did really appreciate this story. It's different, composed by a few good, solid elements that keep on evolving throughout these 130 minutes.

Recommended whether you're into baseball or not.

Kung Fu Panda 2

Visually speaking, "Kung Fu Panda 2" is just fantastic. It brilliantly mixed the CGI animation with some very cool 'old style' flashback sequences -- I just loved that. Characters are lovely, able to satisfy both adults and children. The plot is articulated and well developed, the soundtrack is just right for the story that's being told... Considering that "Kung Fu Panda 2" is a movie for kids, I just couldn't ask for anything more: I had fun while watching it, I was amazed by its colors and details and characters development.

Vividly recommended to both adults and kids.

My Week with Marilyn

I didn't exactly love this movie, but I do recognize it was well shoot and achieved a few good acting performances. "My Week With Marilyn" is a nice, relaxing movie, but the story doesn't lead far away from the starting point, and the plot does sound a little bit exaggerated and unrealistic. It's interesting to see Marilyn's story under a different point of view, but why destroy a myth with this little insignificant story? She was a great actress and she'll always be remembered. I don't need to know anything else about Marilyn, let alone what happened in England in 1956.

"My Week With Marilyn" doesn't go in too deep into the character. To me it was just a fantasy of a dreamy boy; the script doesn't have much substance and I didn't see a great character development throughout the story. And I wasn't really impressed by William's performance as Marilyn, that was just a pale imitation of who Monroe really was.

Cool movie to watch it once or twice. It's not bad and worth the ticket price, but don't expect it to be fantastic or unforgettable, or particularly involving.

Midnight in Paris

Lovely movie. Great script. Great opening scene, and I just loved every single word. Woody Allen is a genius and he proved that once again with this superb movie set in Paris; apparently "Midnight in Paris" is just a story about a few American people who get to the city to have a vocation, but the truth is that this movie is much more than what it seems to be. It will surprise you, you won't see that coming, to me it was almost like reading Arthur Schnitzler's "Traumnovelle". It has got so many details and hidden messages and it could be interpreted in so many different ways by different people.

The opening sequence was just perfect. Allen wants you to fall in love with Paris, and he succeeds in that goal. Europe isn't exactly as perfect as he pictured it, but his reality was just charming. And I think he's right when he says that we always look back to the past, thinking that was better, but that really isn't it: we're just scared of the present, of the future because we don't know what's gonna happen. But we do know what's in the past. Just a charming thought.

Call it comedy, call it fantasy. Call it reality. In my mind the travel-through-time-to-meet-your-favorite-writers thing was all a dream Gil was having while writing his book. A really original idea. I'm not sure where did it lead to, except Gil deciding to stay in Paris, but this was for sure a very nice, relaxing and peculiar movie. So it's recommended.

Puss in Boots

One of the best animated movie I've seen in years! "Buss in Boots" was a huge surprise, a must for those who do like cats and felines in general: it's so colorful, cheerful, unpredictable, rich of twists and funny scenes ‚" but the story has a meaning and a morale too. I did enjoy it and I would have liked it to last longer; I think that's the biggest defect of the movie: most action scenes should have been extended. They're articulated enough, the plot is also quite entertaining, characters are really interesting, but the movie is too short.

Puss in Boots is one of the cutest creature brought to life by Dreamworks. It's nicely written. The soundtrack is also really appropriate. It's just so easy to fall in love with those bizarre characters, and let them lead you through this fairy tale land, gold eggs, magic beans and Hispanic atmosphere. I say go for it!

Cowboys & Aliens

Very fun and enjoyable, "Cowboys & Aliens" is a really nice mix of old and new under all points of view. I did like the overall plot and filming locations, the soundtrack was really appropriate, and the Craig/Ford duo was just hilarious, they made me laugh more than once. Plus the movie stars Paul Dano who once again proved to be a great actor, forgotten by most people, but still a great pro --
The plot didn't seem predictable to me, action scenes were good and the movie well balanced, so I really don't get all the hate for the movie: I've seen way worse pictures than this one, which at least had a leading story throughout and did make sense.

Jon Favreau did a good job... "Cowboys & Aliens" could have turned out better, that's for sure, but I didn't mind the way it actually turned out to be. I enjoyed it and I'd recommend you give it a chance despite what critics say.

Dream House
Dream House(2011)

Truth is I did like it. And if you haven't seen the trailer, you'll probably like it too. There are a few huge plot holes, that's true, but the story is incredibly interesting and involving; I would have liked it to have a deeper character overview and something more, but I really enjoyed the whole idea of the crazy man. Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz have an amazing chemistry together and worked out perfectly as Will and Libby, too bad that Morgan Creek wasn't able to use this incredibly interesting story in the best of ways. Great filming locations, adequate soundtrack, and I felt a 'different tension'.
"Dream House" is a good movie that could have been great: it should have been 20+ minutes longer with more characters analysis and explanations towards the ending. Also, the trailer should have not given away that much --- that was the biggest mistake. But the movie is still worth watching and enjoyable.

Superman Returns

An extremely slow Superman movie that could have been magnificent and unforgettable, but it was just boring instead. I didn't like the fact that it didn't focus on the characters that much -- I would have liked the relationship between Clark and Lois to be deeper explored, I would have liked more intense and shorter action scenes. Many great ideas, a superb soundtrack -- but it could have been perfect and it wasn't.

The Others
The Others(2001)

I did like it and found it intriguing, but I didn't love it or found it particulary exciting. "The Others" by director Alejandro Amenabar is quite an unconventional thriller, the giant house that was chosen as a location to tell this story is simply perfect and does add tension to the situation. Kidman did a great job as Grace, along with all the others.
The soundtrack was also able to get me more tense and anxious which I did like considering that I decided to watch this movie hoping it would get me tense. Photography is quite peculiar, most frames are different in 'shape' and color and add diversity to this film --

Really peculiar. Unpredictable, I would have never imaged that ending. It leaves you with kind of a different, unpleasant feeling. Recommended if you're looking for an unconventional horror.

Back to the Future Part III

Not as terrible as everybody claims it to be. I didn't love it, but I did appriciate it even if we basically get to see the same old scenes once again for the third time in a row -- just this time in the wild '800 west. It's cool and nicely closes the "Back to the Future" trilogy with kind of a strong message delivered by Martin: 'Your future is whatever you make it'.

On the other end, this third installment doesn't add much to the previous ones. The train scene towards the end was slightly exagerated, the beginning of the movie very slow -- it took me some time to get into it. But I did love the last scene and the West part was kind of funny. Recommended if you did like part I and II.

Back to the Future Part II

Quite surprisingly, I did like it better than the first one. "Back to the Future Part II" is a more articulated movie, it goes back and forward, the script is good, it's fast and unpredictable, and I do like the ending. I found it easier to follow and less static compared to the first chapter -- that's why I like it better. I still can't get why people love Back to the Future, but I do appreciate the franchise, especially when it goes TO the future and shows us lots of funny gadgets!

Back to the Future

It's a classic and a must see, but to be honest I find it barely entertaining. I do like the ending, but "Back to the Future" is a slow movie with no deeper meaning and not too exciting characters -- I do recognize that this was something new back in 1985, but after almost 30 years it's just ok. My main problem is with the plot: I find it interesting, but too slow and predictable, not as special as I wanted it to be or as people picture it. I barely enjoyed and can't say I hate this, but I can't either say it got me excited... Cool ending!


One of the best road trips I've ever been on in a movie, "Paul" is a funny comedy that will lead you somewhere (kind of). I enjoyed watching it, although I have to admit that a part from a unique, funny plot this movie doesn't have much to offer: it's almost predictable, there's no 'wow' scene and nothing is particularly amazing -- but it's nice to watch. Paul is just such a great character, let's just say that I like the idea behind the movie, and I'm sorry they weren't able to develope it in a slightly better way. Fun and recommended.

A Better Life

A bittersweet movie that was able to move me, totally worth watching. "A Better Life" is a very realistic tale of how Mexican people live once they've crossed the US border: it's sad, almost unbarable but leaves space to hope and freedom. It's nice every once and then to see the City of Angels under another angle -- Chris Weitz once again hit the right buttons, turining this simple story into something bigger and meaningful. I did enjoy it and I'd recommend it.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

Not as bad as everybody says or as I remembered it. "Spider-Man 3" is not even the worst movie in the franchise if you ask me -- it's slow, but all of Raimi's movies are. It lacks some pure adrenaline, but there are a couple of good action sequences that can be easily appreciated. The plot doesn't excite me as much as I'd like it to, dialogues are almost good, music is good and the visual effects part is just wow to me. But what I really hate about this third and final Raimi's Spider-Man instalment is the way characters behave: they're not themselves anymore, they're not interesting anymore and I'd say they're almost revolting.

So yes, I cannot say I hated the movie. I did like it, but it's not as good as the previous one. That Venom thing was extremely good, but it should have been introduced earlier in the movie -- not one hour into it because for the first hour nothing happens, and that's never good in an action movie. I couldn't stand Sandman, I just didn't like him. Probably the best thing that happens in the movie is Harry Osborn, I kind of appreciated the evolution of his character and James Franco is a great actor.

That said, I'd recommend this movie if you did like the previous Spider-Man instalments. It might let you down, but all considered this movie is not too crappy.

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

Plot-less. Meaningless. The soundtrack is recycled, they played exactly the same notes they played in the first "Pirates" movie. Jack Sparrow is a overexposed character that become a broken toy --- in this fourth pirates instalment he's just ridiculous, and not in a good way. I just hated this movie, "Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides" might have earned billions at the box office, but this doesn't change the fact that it's crap, a recycled movie that's a copy of the previous instalments.

Shame on you Disney. Or maybe I should blame Rob Marshall who, except from "Chicago" wasn't able to do one decent movie. I felt asleep the first time I saw it, and the second time I just couldn't wait for it to end: I just couldn't find nothing appealing for me in here. So lame. So boring.


I did like it, but I didn't love it plot-speaking. Quite surprisingly, I did love it visually speaking: this movie contains the best photography I've ever witnessed in a movie, every single frame just moved me -- but I don't think this movie is going to win the Academy Award as best picture of 2011. I did laugh more than once while watching "Hugo", and a few scenes got me emotional, but I do not consider this Scorsese's masterpiece: first of all it's a movie for neither kids or adults, and I don't think I got it. I mean, what was the real message behind that automaton? I'm still thinking about it and I can't just figure it out -- what was so special about that silver thing? It just didn't impress me for some reason.

What I really loved about "Hugo" was the story behind Georges Melies. That was just fascinating, a beautiful expression of somebody's love for movies and cinema. I couldn't help not getting emotional at those scenes, but thinking about it there was no deeper meaning there -- characters were interesting and decently explored, dialogues were good but not perfect. Kids were involved in the story but the plot is really simple and doesn't lead to a bigger revelation; but visually speaking "Hugo" was pure pleasure...

The overall project is very simple and self-standing, the "Hugo" universe is not that big or complex. It's just a train station, clocks, and mysteries. It's really entertaining and emotional at some points, but I couldn't see a meaning to the whole picture -- so that's what let me down. I wanted something more, not just an 'imaginary tale' with dreamy characters.

I did like it for some reason. Scorsese is a great director and does deserve the Academy Award-- but bloody roles fit him better. Recommended.

Captain America: The First Avenger

A pleasant, entertaining introduction to the character of Captain America. The movie is a little slow, but action scenes are great and you'll end up liking this unusual hero - I thought that the character development was good, but could have been better. The soundtrack is very appropriate and goes well with the movie.
To me the problem with this movie is that you do have a big happening at the beginning of the story, and then again at the end. I loved the ending and I can't wait to see "The Avengers", but this doesn't change the fact that the middle part of the movie is kind of boring... Nothing happens, but you do have a nice character development in exchange.

Entertaining enough for me. Chris Evans is a great Captain America, this role fits him way better than the Human Torch role in the "Fantastic Four" movies franchise. Recommended.

The Devil Wears Prada

Relaxing and fun, "The Devil Wears Prada" won't let you down. The plot might be a little cheesy, and the ending quite unrealistic, but characters are great and dialogues delightful. Songs are just perfect, the story is fascinating and makes me dream -- this is one of those movies I can watch over and over again, that cheers me up when I'm feeling down.

I love Maryl Streep in the role of Miranda, I still consider this one of her biggest role ever. Plus, this is probably the one and only role where I can stand Anne Hathaway. A refreshing comedy that's absolutely recommended.

Wendy and Lucy

It did touch me in a way I didn't expect. "Wendy and Lucy" is a very bittersweet movie about loss; we don't know why Wendy is where she is, we can just hypotize she had problems with her family so she now wants to get to Alaska to start a new life. And Lucy and her car are all she has. I found the movie being really realistic. Our society is so money-based that if you're left with no money then you have a problem; we still don't know why Lucy was in that horrible, sad situation but that's why this movie turned out to be so special. Wendy was ready to sacrifice everything for the one being she loved: Lucy. Very sweet, and very sady. Michelle Williams in unrecognizable in here, she did a great job and I'm surprised nboody noticed her effort; this might be one of her best roles to the date. I'd recommend it.

28 Days Later

A horror movie that's so far away from being called a horror movie. "28 Days Later" is a masterpiece, it hides so much more than what you might see on the surface; it's a brilliantly shoot thriller, acting is great and the soundtrack could not have been more perfect. It's not about the infected, it's about human race, how people killed people before for no reason -- and it's about lonelyness, and feeling lost.

Simply a great movie by Danny Boyle. I'd suggest you give it a look even if you don't like horror movies. I would not know where "28 Days Later" fit: it's not a horror or a thriller. It's a completely different story and genere. Worth watching for sure.

Sherlock Holmes

Just not as good as I thought it would be, "Sherlock Holmes" doesn't have a very exciting or unpredictable plot, is all joke-based if you know what I mean. One point in its favour is the soundtrack (by Hans Zimmer) which is just perfect, and one of the finest ever composed for a movie. The overall project is very good and contains lots of interesting scenes: Robert Downey Jr. is just perfect for the role, costumes are great too, and I did enjoy it at the theatre even if I have to say that I found it a little bit too long, and after some time the scenes sounded repetitive.

The slow-motions scenes were the best in the movie. I just loved them, Guy Ritchie was really the right man for the project. So the movie is good, totally worth watching, and it might even deserve a second chance at the theatre -- I did like it, but in the meantime it deluded me. But I'd still recommend it.

Final Destination 5

Not bad considering that this is the fifth film in the series, but this doesn't change the fact that "Final Destination 5" is nothing more than the copy of the previous movies. It's just that we know how it's going to end, no matter what. But I have to admit that it was kind of fun trying to image how they would die, and never ever guess... So yes, it could be enjoyable if you're in the mood and do like the genere.

The Smurfs
The Smurfs(2011)

Too cheesy for adults, too complicated for children. That's "The Smurfs" problem. I just didn't like the CGI-real humans mix, it ruined the entire story for me, I just wanted a nice, relaxed movie that would make me fly away with fantasy and stuff... But what I got was NYC once again. If I wanted that I would have watched "August Rush".

The plot is just awful. There's a cat and he's trated in the worst way. I did like the Smurfs and the way they acted, but after some time their song got annoyng and the plot too complicated. I so didn't like them in the Big Apple! A big lettdown, a soulless movie that I do not intend to see ever again.


Crazy, peculiar and unpredictable. "Heathers" is like no other movie I've ever seen, it's just crazy and unrealistic. I ended up watching it because Winona Ryder was in it, and yes it's worth watching; not stunning or unforgettable, or perfect, but peculiar enough to be watched. It was a suprise, coming right from the '80s.


A very solid fantasy movie that will make you dream and stimulate your immagination. "Stardust" is a really cool movie, a joy to watch. It could have been better, more entertaining, and the story could have been developed a litttle bit faster -- but I think that it was meant to be developed nicely and slowly.

The soundtrack is good. Locations are just amazing. And Claire Danes made the most perfect falling star ever. The overall plot is fascinating and characters are kind of good -- I'm not a big fan of that easy happy ending, but I do enjoy this movie every time I watch it. No matter if 5 years have gone by since it opened in theatres.

Totally worth watching if you do like fantasy movies with a happy ending.

Valentine's Day

I'm not saying this is a terrible movie, I'm just saying that "Valentine's Day" is a boring, meaningless movie that doesn't have not even a tiny, little bit of plot. Acting is pitful, dialogues are lame -- seems like the script fror this movie was written by a 6 years old guy. I just can't stand this kind of movies.

The best part is when they all 'get together' and we kind of understand how all these different people are related to each others -- and if this is the best part of the movie, it cannot be a good one.

X-Men: The Last Stand

There's nothing wrong with this last X-Men installment, but at the same time everything is completely wrong in here. You can tell that the man behind the camera isn't Bryan Singer anymore: whoever was staying back there destroyed the universe of the X-Men with this one movie.

"X-Men: The Last Stand" is a nice action-packed movie that leads you thorough characters emotions, pains and losts. It does get deep into these people's souls, but at what price? The biggest mistake they made was killing off so many interesting characters, or get them to loose their powers -- that was the special thing about the movie, so it's just senseless. The idea of a vaccine that could 'cure' mutants is really interesting, but too many important ones lost their lives here. That was sad, but in a wrong way.

So yes, I found it interesting but way too exaggerated at times. Like why would the bad guys move the Golden Gate to link Alcatraz and SFO? That was just ridiculos, I start laughing hard everytime I see that scene. -- "X-Men: The Last Stand" is undoubtly worth watching, the quality level is close to the other movies but I'm not saying that this is a decent conclusion to the trilogy.

X2: X-Men United

Nice sequel to the first movie, "X-Men United" is a good action movie that could have been better. I did love some details, such as the opening scene and the shooting technique but I would have liked it to be more action packed. Also, I think it doesn't focus enough on characters: they're all there, but their relationships are not further explored compared to the first movie. At the end we're almost at the same point we left 3 years before, there's no developing in that sense. Action sequences are great, but they're too far apart from each other. There's too much talking between man at the government and the movie is just too long. They should have focused more on the X-men -- it's just plain wrong to have so many informations about the enemy and not enough information about the good ones.

But don't get me wrong, "X2" is a good movie. It's not perfect and it could have been better, but it's totally worth watching if you did like the previous installment of the series.

Road Trip
Road Trip(2000)

A very dumb plot, and very weak characters. But what else would you expect from an American Pie style comedy? "Road Trip" is funny, has a plot (kind of) and gets you somewhere, which is more than enough for this kind of movies. It didn't thrill me. It didn't bore me. So I stand somewhere in between. It's not a terrible movie and you'll probably enjoy it if you did like the American Pie movies.

The Green Hornet

The first 8 minutes of the movie are simply great, too bad that the following 90 minutes are not equally as good. "The Green Hornet" is somehow revealing, there are tons of new ideas and material in here, and it's all decently orchestrated so the final result is to me quite convincing and entertaining. I do have to admit that I found some of the scenes boring, but at the end what I remember the most are all those gadgets, the Chinese guy, and this desperate but functional couple of good guys. Great car!Was the 3D necessary? Hmm, absolutely not. Once again, that's just an excuse to make you pay more money. Special effects are good, acting is also good. The story could have been better and more entertaining: all the elements were there but they weren't used in the best of ways. I'd recommend you watch it if you're looking for a funny, kick-ass movie.

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

A nice introduction to the character of Wolverine, "X-Men Origins" is a good movie worth watching. It takes a while to get the story going and understand its point but at the end the whole picture it's kind of good. On the other hand, this movie could have been 100 times better: Logan is such an interesting, complete character, and seeing this almost 'souless' movie makes you wonder.

A couple of scenes almost touched me, but they weren't explored properly -- this movie wants to be about this guy who become Wolverine, but the truth is that we got to know Logan better with the three X-Men movies than with this one. And this is a non-sense, considering that this is the Wolverine movie...

Shooting locations are amazing. The soundtrack is kind of good and felt proper for the character. Special effects were kind of a letdown, they were not as great as they were supposed to be and the beginning should have been more dramatic, or more explored. Hugh Jackmand makes the perfect Wolverine, I could not image anyone else in his place -- Liev Schreiber was also perfect for the role.

So yes, it's worth watching. You should see it if you're an "X-Men" fan and you did enjoy the X-Men trilogy. This movie is not as good, but I truely hope that its sequel will be more exciting and meaningful --

Love and Other Disasters

An actually enjoyable movie about another American woman in London, England. The special thing about "Love and Other Disasters" is the way the movie is developed: it's like you're reading a movie script -- it's kind of raugh under that point of view, but I find it original. It's not fantastic and I'll probably forget I saw it in a couple of months, but I think it's watchable. It's not a hit because it's boring at some points. Also, the story is really simple and doesn't lead to anything in peculiar. No deeper message or meaning. It's just a story. Seems like the writer sit down and wrote a story he was actually living in that exact moment; on one hand that's original, on the other it didn't work out that well. Easily forgettable, but still worth watching for its being peculiar.

Into the Wild

This is a movie you'll either love or hate. There's no staning in-between point, that's it. I just love it, it's my #2 favorite movie of all time, it just stole my mind away the first time I saw it. "Into the Wild" sends a very strong message, one of the strongest I've ever had from a movie I've seen -- Alexander Supertramp was a great man, he tried to stick with society but coulnd't do it, so he just ended up taking a different path that led him to a tragic ending. I see that ending as a gift to everybody: that's a message, 'Happiness is only real when shared'. That's one of the most powerful, true thing I've ever heard in my entire life. It's something we don't think about, but it's true.

Emile Hirsch gave a great performance. Sean Penn wrote and directed a masterpiece and one of the best story ever told -- it will just stick with you if only you'll let it. Locations are great. Dialogues are magnificent. The soundtrack is unbelievable, Eddie Vedder could not have done a better job.

Just let it carry you away. You won't regret it if you're a free spirit seeking for some freedom away from society, you'll probably hate it if you're in love with this sick society of ours. That's totally up to you and who you are. Recommended. One of the best movie ever made.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Funny, but also really dumb and meaningless. "Role Models" wants to be funny and it is -- dialogues are good, and the main idea of these two adults who have to look after these strange, problematic kids is really intriguing. But at the end I didn't see the point of the movie: Danny gets back with his girl, who was the reason why the whole story started -- so nobody looses anything, nobody changes, and no lesson is given. Augie and Ronnie do not change throughout the movie, they were and still are immature and unpolite at the end of the story... So what was the point in all that?

Anyways, I found the leading plot to be quite original and entertaining. It didn't lead to anything, though. So I would say that "Role Models" is good, but could have been unforgettable and funnier. It's still worth watching if you're looking for a couple of dumbasses who get in trouble, and the characters of Ronnie and Gayle are really funny, probably the best thing about this movie.

Dirty Dancing: Havana Nights

It's not as bad as I expected it to be, but... "Dirty Dancing 2"? Are we serious about that? How can you do a sequel of a movie that's considered a classic by so many people? The whole idea just doesn't work. Plus, this one is actually set prior to the original "Dirty Dancing", and music is completely wrong. How can you put a Shakira song in a Havana club if the story is set in 1958? And how did they dare mix it all with the Cuban revolution? That was just horrible in my opinion...

The plot wasn't strong or convincing at all. The two main actors were just horrible, they couldn't even dance and they had no chemistry. If anything good happened throughout the movie, it did in the wrong moment -- so lame. I felt pity for whoever was involved in this embarassing production.

If I was you, I would just skip it and re-watch the 1987 "Dirty Dancing". But maybe that's just me.


A very nice and convincing adaption of the X-Men comics. "X-Men" is an enjoyable movie: it lacks some unforgettable action scenes and the plot is kept really simple, but characters are well explored and beautifully portraied by all the actors involved -- that's the strong point of these movies, the characters. They do feel real, and there's humanity in them. Bryan Singer just did a great job with this one movie, you can easily follow the story even if you've never read the comics: the movie is not very comics-y but I did appreciate it anyways.

I got sucked into the movie for the whole lenght, and that's a good sign. Plus, lots of young actors that got to success in the following years -- Hugh Jackson, Anna Paquin, Halle Berry, James Marsden, etc. If you like this one, you'll probably want to check out the following movies in the trilogy too. Absolutely recommended.

An Education
An Education(2009)

Great movie, probably the best movie about entrance in adulthood I've ever seen. It contains a great moral, and its message is so bittersweet: we all commit errors in our lives, especially when we're young, but if we really want to we can correct those huge mistakes. Carey Mulligan is a great actress, she truely shines¬? in the movie, and eclipses all other actors/actresses: simply amazing, her performance is what I remember the most about this magnificent movie.

Since the opening credits, you get sucked in England, year 1961. The opening song is great, as well as the script: a movie to be seen, very relaxing, with a few surprises, and rich of dreams; it helps making the audience realize that the only person we can fully trust is ourselves. Men/ Women we fall in love with aren't really worth living our studies; if we love doing something the best thing we can do is continue on that road, and never look back. If we do believe in ourselves everything will be all right: we have to trust ourselves and our instinct.

Absolutely recommended. One of the best of 2009.

Labor Pains
Labor Pains(2009)

Not as bad as you might expect it to be. "Labor Pains" is funny, and there's a reason why Thea pretends to be pregnant and all that; Lindsay Lohan did a good job this time, no matter how stupid the plot is: the fact is that it's kind of meaningful in its dumbness... It's true that pregnant women are treated in a different way. In this movie you'll see that; personally, I liked the way characters evolved -- see Thea behaving like an actually pregnant woman. That's something I didn't see coming.

Decently funny. I enjoyed it. I'd recommend it if you're a Lohan fan.


And again, there's another movie that doesn't know what it wants to be about. "Abduction" is about many things and nothing in particular: first love, teenagers getting drunk at parties, conspirations, travelling, running to nowhere, loosing your parents -- so what is this movie really about? I'm still trying to figure that out. Acting was horrible, the story quite confusing and dumb. Locations nothing special... The only good thing was the music soundtrack: that one I did like.

Taylor Lautner is not a good actor, he was horrible in this. And that Lily Collins girl was 'wrong' too. In my opinion "Abduction" could have turned out to be a good movie if only they casted two other actors in the main roles -- and changed something here and there in the script. There are a couple of good ideas in here, but they're put down in the wrong way so you can't see the point of the picture --- there was no plot in here, just elements glued together. And let's just say that those elements were not meant to be glued together.

Still, I had a decent time while watching "Abduction". I kind of managed to follow this plotless thing. So I would not say this is the worst movie I've seen in my life --- but this is not what I'd call perfection either. It's just slightly entertaining, but could be easily replaced with something better.

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

Kind of a big delusion. "Due Date" not only is unrealistic and forced, but it's also not as funny as I expected it to be. The whole premises sounded good but didn't turn out that well on the big screen -- Peter and Ethan just aren't well assembled, Ethan behaves in a really dumb way most of the time and at the end... Well, there's not much there. It's not that funny, or dramatic or meaningful. It's just another of those movie we'll soon forget.


Simply said, one of the worst movie I've seen in my life. Trust me if I say that you've already seen and heard all that, "Skyline" is just a very bad remake of 'War of the Worlds' -- in this case nothing makes sense. Why would aliens suddently start to attack planet Earth to harvest brains if they're so evolved and powerful? Then there's people running from point A to point B to C then back to A and so on. It almost seemed like not even the writers/direcors knew what to do with this crappy story and characters...

The one and only cool thing in my opinion is the 'black face' cause by the blue lights. That was really cool and unexpected, but again it also didn't make sense... let alone the 'red brain' at the end. Also, the airplanes attack to the alien spaceship was really cool, and the only reason why this movie is worth 1 star. Then again, what else did you expect from a couple of directors that used to be CGI technicians? Lots of confused CGI and really nothing more.

Just skip it. No plot, no tension, no fear. No turning point or deeper meaning. "Skyline" is like an empty box. At the end I didn't care anymore, I don't even have questions because it was all too dumb.

The United States of Leland

A very unusual, complicated, peculiar movie. The psychology behind "The United States of Leland" is a really taugh one, in order to understand what's going on in the movie you'll have to pay close attention and put all the pieces together -- I did like the way this movie was put together, my brain appreciated the fact that I had to go back and forward from scene to scene. It just felt right in this case.

Also, this is one of those movie that make you think. During these 105 minutes you follow a path that tries to explain why a kid would do what Leland did, and the 'best' part is that at the end of the movie you can kind of understand his reasons. A brilliant script, good acting by all actors involved -- it could have been better, an unforgettable cult, but for some reason it didn't hit its buttons hard enough.

Really enjoyable. And recommended.

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

It's just fun to go back in time and see Lindsay Lohan play an innocent, sweet character once again. "Just My Luck" is just a fun, relaxing movie with a happy ending. It will cheer you up and fill you up with hope and positivity. Sure, there's no deep message or meaning, the plot is really dumb, acting and dialogues are a disaster... but what should I say? I just liked it. It's nice to watch a meaningless movie every now and then, that's all.

The Babysitters

I have to admit that I found the premise of this movie to be really intriguing, and somehow meaningful. I see "The Babysitters" as an exaggerated metaphor of today's society: people 'selling' themselves for money, that's basically what most people do. But... (and this is a big but) this movie is close to phedophily. It's kind of disturbing to see a teen with good grades putting up an 'agency' for adult babysitting; not only it's kind of un-real, but it also turns out to be a selfish, meaningless operation.

I did like how it all started, it kind of made sense. Then, when the thing got wider, with associates... well, it felt sick and terribly wrong. And thinking about it, it just didn't make any sense. So "The Babysitters" is a movie that from its first minute to the last one gets worse and worse: it's meaningless, but could have had a meaning if only the story was held in a different way.

The Slaughter Rule

The story of a coming-of-age boy. It will get you through some really intense scenes and you'll get to know the main character step after step; I found "The Slaughter Rule" fascinating in its simplicity. It's a good movie to see, it's cold and it kind of reminded me of that inadeguate feeling I had when I was a teenager.

Recommended. But not unforgettable.

In Time
In Time(2011)

I just fell in love with this sci-fi, time-based future reality. It's difficult, painful, ruthless. The whole concept behind "In Time" is so interesting, I can't see why audience and critics didn't see the potential of this movie; it got me exactly where I wanted it to take me. The plot is good, no matter how many questions were left unanswered. Acting was ok, but the most important part is that the plot kept me stucked there. Too bad this movie didn't meet critics and people approval: it would have made a great sci-fi trilogy.


Laws of Attraction

Nice comedy. Julianne Moore and Pierce Brosnan do have chemistry but that's not enough to make "Laws of Attraction" a good movie: the plot is very dumb, predictable and meaningless at some point. You'll understand where this is all going after a few minutes, and if you're a fan of strong female characters you'll probably get terribly mad at Audrey... But the soundtrack is good, and some of the locations are just delightful.

I got relaxed. And that's good enough for me. Or at least it was yesterday night.

Nowhere Boy
Nowhere Boy(2010)

Very interesting. So basically John Lennon was just about to be put on a ship going to New Zealand with his father: if that happened, The Beatles would never existed and who knows who would have 'invented' modern music. "Nowhere Boy" was a great surprise under this and other points of view -- John grew up in a nasty, uncomfortable habitat. He was abandoned by his biological mother and he was raised by an adoptive family who kind of loved him. He had a difficult time growing up, but after this long, troubled path he found the strenght to fight back and become someone.

"Nowhere Boy" tells the story of a young John Lennon. Decent acting, good dialogues. Some unexpected turning points -- a really interesting story to follow if you ask me. I did also like the ending. Recommended.

The Art of Getting By

If you've been a teenager you might easily see yourself in the role of George, or at least I did see a part of me in him. "The Art of Getting" by is a sweet little movie that had lots of potential, but never got anywhere with that: I find it a realistic portrait of some nowadays teenagers, but on the other side I don't think that such wasted people are so common out there, thankfully. This movies outlines and sends out all the wrong messages, all those things that teens should not do: see Sally's mother who's ok with a boy sleeping in her 16 years old daughter's room, or being ok with her daughter drinking and smoking. That's really cool in a movie, but the message is SO wrong...

So basically you might want to watch this movie if you want to see a teenage who doesn't do his homeworks even if he has potential. It's like talking with a person who keeps on answering 'Why should I do that?' or having a dialogue with a kid who suffers from depression. You'll never be able to get him doing anything, because nothing is worth nothing... On the other side, it's true that teens aren't happy about home assignments, have other things in their heads, think about girls/boys all the time, etc etc. But come on, these characters were not really beliavable, they were a messed up mix of teens and adults.

But I did enjoy it. And it would have made sense if only the ending was different. Acting was good, dialogues spontaneous -- the plot was more than ok with me for most of the movie. I found "The Art of Getting" a little self-distructing and dumb. But a part from that I would recommend it.

The Hangover Part II

This was indeed fun. A pale copy of "The Hangover" in Las Vegas, but still fun and enjoyable. The real letdown to me is that nobody was able to think about doing something different from the first movie: basically we've already seen it all, same elements and situations, just add a bad, awful acting and scenes that were yes kind of funny but also really dumb and lacked a 'mood'. I kind of had the feeling that everytime the plot was starting to warm up and accelerate --- it would slow down. Why? And also, do you think it's funny to have a character cut his own finger down? I don't think it is, especially for a musician... My favorite character stays Mr Chow, even if I kind of expected everything that happened to him. Oh, and the monkey was fun too!

The first one was way more fun and original. In this case you can kind of expect what's about to happen next. "The Hangover Part II" might be worth watching, but the first one is just better. It's Vegas that rules, not Bangkok.

Lars and the Real Girl

I've been waiting for years before getting myself to see this movie. The plot sounded a little 'strange' so I really didn't know what to expect, and getting to understand delusional depression isn't an easy thing to do. "Lars and the Real Girl" is one of those movies that should be seen over and over again to be completely understood: after a first watch I've just scratched the surface, but I can tell there's still a lot to take and elaborate from this exceptional project...

The plot is simply unique, beautifully orchestrated and expressed. Dialogues are also pretty elaborate, and don't matter how unusual and unbelievable this story might be, it was successfully held from beginning to end. Great characters and great acting by all the actors involved -- I suppose it's not easy to act near a plastic doll pretending it is indeed a real girl... so kudos to them all!

After some time the whole plastic doll thing started to get on my nerves but I guess that's because I can't really get the whole depression thing. It does make sense, but I wasn't able to elaborate the concept completely: this movie is way more complex than it seems to be, but it's nice and gives you hope. I'll need to watch it again sometimes in the future.

Recommended if you're looking for something quiet and very different from anything you've ever seen before at the movies.

Drive Angry
Drive Angry(2011)

If you're looking for some non-sense action, bloody scenes where everybody is killed, referenced to the dark side and good looking cars "Drive Angry" is the right movie for you. Too bad that driving is not a main part of the plot and driving is not THAT angry: I kind of expected more action, car collisions, messed-up locations, brutal killings anyways something different than this. The movie isn't horrible, it has got a couple of good elements that should and could have been used way wisely than they were... Well, at least for once Nicholas Cage did put on another face that looked slightly different from the ones he used before.

So "Drive Angry" is not too bad, but could have been a cult - a movie to remember for the next 30 years. But it's not. The plot is too messed up and doesn't feel real, I just couldn't believe the whole story of getting back from the dead to seek revenge and save his nephew, not after abandoning his daughter. That just didn't make sense. But cars were good, and I did really enjoy a couple of scenes such as the punching at the beginning -- also, that gun was awesome. Looked really special.

Lame ending. Meaningless movie. But could be worth trying if you're in a cars/violence/killing mood.

Larry Crowne
Larry Crowne(2011)

Brilliant! A very enjoyable, pleasant movie. Julia Roberts' character is really funny, I did laugh more than once. The only problem with "Larry Crowne" is its ending: fairly predictable, not stunning and kind of ruins the whole message that I tought the movie was trying to send --- also, the character of Larry is not well explored or explained, the story is a little cheesy and feels unreal. What did this character gain after going to college for a semester? What was the point in all that, end up with his professor?

A part from that, if you don't really care about a logical, meaningful story -- well, "Larry Crowne" won't let you down. It will indeed make you feel better, it's a cheerful, positive story that will make you smile. But there's nothing more in it and that might be a delusion. Still worth watching.

Half Nelson
Half Nelson(2006)

Intense, deep, human, scary, dark, sad, happy, hopeful, depressing, awesome. . . "Half Nelson" is, simply put, one of the best movie I've seen in the last decade. It made me remember how important it is to put passion in every single thing we do: passion is what counts the most, no matter how wrong our decisions and acts are. There's a lot to learn from this film, it makes you think; it's beautifully shot and acted, the characters development is wonderful and complex... And there are historical/political references included, all surrounded by philosophical talking. What a great surprise.

Incredible acting from all cast members, kudos to Ryan Gosling for choosing such a complicated character and magnificently portrayed him at the age of just 25 -- that's not an easy thing to do. Great dialogues, they got me chained to the story from beginning to end, every single scene was so filled up with mixed feelings that it was difficult to bare them all at the same time. Great story. Great film. I enjoyed it a lot.

"Half Nelson" isn't half bad... In fact, it's rather perfect. Absolutely recommended.

13 Going on 30

No matter how stupid this movie is, it's funny and brilliantly portraied by Jennifer Garner. I enjoyed watching it despite the unusual, meaningless plot -- "13 Going On 30" is simply a nice, relaxing comedy worth watching with a nice ending and some sweet, immature scenes. That's just what it is. It's worth watching if you ask me...

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

Nice, enjoyable comedy. Can't understand why so many people and critics didn't like it. "The Switch" just makes sense in my mind, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman both did a great job, the plot is understandable and funny... Sebatian is probably the best thing that happens in the movie, he's the reason why I think it all worked out pretty well, he gave a meaning to this heartful project. Might be unrealistic and whatever, but I still enjoyed it.

Easy A
Easy A(2010)

I don't know exactly what I liked about it, but I liked it. I would say that "Easy A" has much in common with 'The Scarlett Letter' (why didn't anybody like the Demi Moore version?) and is quite an original movie - it's really modern and cleverly manages to picture today's teens, highschool gossips and friendships. It's fun to see how a tiny little lie can turn upside-down the life of a perfectly normal girl, but what's funnier is that this situation might not be so uncommon or unrealistic as it might seem.

The only thing I don't really get about this movie is which kind of girl would like to be called a slut or a whore? I really don't get this... I'm ok with the oveall plot, dialogues were really well-written, songs were also great for each scene and the location (Ojai, CA) was a lovely place. Emma Stone, Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci were all perfect for their roles - some scenes were just so funny!

I'm not sure you're gonna like it, and if you're gonna like it I'm not sure why you did like it but... "Easy A" is a movie worth watching for many mysterious reasons, makes me feel better every single time I see it.

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

A great surprise that kept me standing there, minute after minute, scene after scene. The best thing about "Rise of the Planet of the Apes" is that even if you know where all this is leading to, the movie will not stop to impress you: a surprise will always be around the corner, and you probably won't expect every single thing that's going to happen even if you're sure you do know the story. It was a blast to me, the perfect mix of action, emotions and story. A sci-fi masterpiece under all points of view, special effects were stunning and it was funny to learn that Andy Serkis was in it playing, once again, the role of a primate. Also note the amazing soundtrack, and the great locations -- great plot and development.

Probably one of the biggest, if not THE biggest surprise of 2011. I enjoyed it a lot and wished it could last longer. I would not have minded 30-60 more minutes, and I can't wait to see a sequel which I really hope they'll do. Absolutely recommended.

X-Men: First Class

A really enjoyable action movie, the perfect prequel to all the X-Men movies previously released. Not being a comics fan, I was surprised to learn how it all started and how Magneto become the big evil in the serie. "X-Men: First Class" is a brilliant action movie. It's worth watching and overall well developed. Most action scenes are simply astonishing. Recommended if you're into the superheroes thing.

The Help
The Help(2011)

You see, it's not THAT difficult to make a good movie. "The Help" is really simple, but also really enjoyable, rich of meaning and emotions: acting is just great and I cannot think about one single thing I didn't like - so here's the 5/5 grade... The plot just unfolds scene after scene in the best of ways: "The Help" made me laugh, put me on the edge of tears, I felt a strong connection with characters even if that realty is so far away from the one we're living nowadays: this is what I would define a strong, 360-degrees beautiful feminist movie.

Viola Davis is just amazing - the closing scene for some reason got straight to my heart. I did also love the song 'The Living Proof' they used in that peculiar scene -- it's so full of hope and leaves you with a beautiful message, a very meaningful thought. Emma Stone did a great job as always. And Bryce Dallas Howards played a magnificent evil woman; Jessica Chastain was a real surprise too, you could almost touch her pain, but at the same time her character was so full of live you couldn't help but getting infected by it.

Absolutely recommended for a long series of reasons.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

To me this is a very difficult movie to review, mainly because it's one of those rare projects that contains both scenes that I like and that I hate, so the result is that I'm really torn apart between loving and hating this movie. "The Notebook" is really well orchestrated, the plot is decently developed and acting is good. But the soundtrack is not strong enough for the story that's told here, characters seem to be kind of incoherent here and there -- and we do only see the beginning and the ending of the story. What about the in-between part? Isn't that supposed to be the most important phase of them all? The journey is what matters: not the starting or the ending point.

In this case the love story is greatly developed at the beginning, but after that when Noah and Allie finally get together there's a 40-something years gap with little or no details about what happened during all that time. I'm not satisfied at all with that detail and for some awkward reason I do hate that old couple, I think they do ruin the entire story.

"The Notebook" IS a depressing movie. But, as I did mentioned before, this movie also contains a couple of scenes that I love -- so I cannot tell I didn't like the movie. Is just that I don't like the depressing way it was put down and developed: this is not a story about hope, it's a story about lost chances and pain, and desperation. And fighting to get what you want, and not being sure about what you want. I DO NOT understand why "The Notebook" is considered, by many people, one of the best romantic movie ever made. To me it's just depressing and dramatic. But it's worth watching, for sure.


92 minutes of pure adrenaline, "Drive" is one of the best movie of 2011. The first minutes set the mood for the rest of the movie, which is not just about driving; plot is quite peculiar and is also orchestrated in quite a peculiar way --- rhythm is really different from any other movie I've seen before, scenes rich in action and adrenaline are alternated with emotionally meaningful moments. Oh, and the soundtrack is just perfect from the first to the last track! The one and only thing I would change about "Drive" are those horrible pink titles -- red or orange or even white would have made a way better, not so girlish impression...

The final moments are pure surprise, same for a couple of scenes in between. Ryan Gosling did a great job playing this silent, asocial character. Carey Mulligan was slightly delusional to me -- but those action, bloody scenes made it up to me. "Drive" is a fully enjoyable movie if you're looking for some bloody action mixed with some unexpected turning moments. Just go for it.

Herbie: Fully Loaded

Might be stupid, but I do enjoy this movie every time I see it. It's childish, un-realistic and all things like this, but it's got a plot, it makes me smile, brings me back to Summer 2005 --- and I'd really love to have a car as Herbie, it's kind of a funny thought to have a car with a soul and a brain, isn't it? On the other hand "Herbie Fully Loaded" doesn't mean a thing, doesn't have a message or anything, but it's full of good thoughts and it's always a joy to watch. Recommended if you're in a Disney movie mood.


You know what? I didn't feel a single thing while watching this movie: no fear, no emotions, no nothing. "Pandorum" wanted to be a strong phsycological thriller, rich of suspance and scary moments, with an umpredictable plot -- but it didn't succeed in any of these commitments. It's boring. That's what it is... Even the ending, which was meant to be a 'wow moment' isn't wow at all, while seeing it I was just thinking "Ok, so that's it. So who cares?" which is never a good sign... So there's people hybernated, other mysterious people who wonder around this space ship or have been wondering for 5 months --- whatever, how could they survive there for such a long time? Why were they awake? Where was food and water? Why am I asking so many questions??? Well, maybe because at the end of all thing too many questions are left un-answered...

Characters are not explored at all, at the end of the movie we don't know who they are or why they were doing this. It's all explained sooner or later throughout the movie, but to be fair I'm not really sure what to believe to -- because of that 'Pandorum' situation we can't really tell what was real and what was in their minds. And, once again, how come this ship was completely shout down but people were living in it? How could they survive?? And what about those vampire-like creatures, why were they there and where did they come from??? Mutations?

Many good elements wasted in the wrong way, a too confused and going-to-nowhere plot, a total mess in other words. "Pandorum" ends right where it should have started -- ok, that's why it was planned to be a trilogy. Save 2 hours of your live and skip this crap, you won't miss a thing...

Crazy, Stupid, Love.

It's hard to admit it to myself, but I did really enjoy this simple, sweet comedy. Made me feel home - and some scenes were simply hilarious! I just couldn't believe that Steve Carell could play such a role: he did make me laugh, but in a different way, and at the same time his character made me reflect about this crazy, stupid, love... Great cast and brilliant dialogues, the ending is kind of 'predictable' on one side, and totally unpredictable on the other (I really didn't see THAT coming!); I did enjoy all the storylines and it was interesting to see them all coming together at the end. Made me smile -- and yes, once again it was good to see how there are different kinds of love in the world, and how they are all lived in a different way by different people. Makes you understand how different human beings can be.

"Crazy, Stupid, Love" is a really nice movie, one of the best of 2011. Doesn't lack anything important and will cheer you up. Recommended.

Dazed and Confused

Apparently, I just didn't get it. To me "Dazed & Confused" is just a movie that dazzles and confuses people -- it's just about all these teenagers and their doings in the night right after the end of school. So school's out and they of course organize parties, make fun of freshmen --- bla bla bla. Now, I'm not saying that's not what really used to happen back in '79, I'm just saying that "Dazed & Confused" is about everything and nothing at the same time: nothing happens here, it just follows an undefined number of teens to show the audience how they spent this first night after the high school year is over...

It's not like a Tarantino's "Pulp Fiction" where you do have different stories coming all together, there's no plot it's all kept really simple and... I think it sticks to realty. My problem here is that when I do watch a movie I don't want realty, I want to see something that resembles realty but is exaggerated compared to realty. Here after 30 minutes or so I started to get bored to see this people keeping on doing the same things, over and over again. Just talking, smoking, drinking beers, having illegal parties --- is this what this movie is about?

If that's it I got it and I'm ok with it. But I think it might get boring after half an hour. Just my thought here. I would still suggest you see this movie because apparently most people did enjoy it. And the music soundtrack is simply great!

Sixteen Candles

Incredibly sweet movie, it succeeds in showing how torn apart teenage years are. How we always want what we cannot have, and how sometimes facts highly exceeds our expectations even if we think we're living in a nightmare. The way this movie is set down in simply magical, you'll probably feel a strong connection with Samantha who'll make you go back to those teen years...

I did like "Sixteen Candles". It's unrealistic and bizarre. But it's nice and I just love the final scene even if analyzing the movie in a deeply way it doesn't make any sense... I mean, why should a rich guy driving a Ferrari dump his previous blonde, nice girlfriend to get together with a person he barely knows, just like that? Well -- this doesn't change the fact that this movie is really sweet and pleasant to watch.

The Tree of Life

I did really enjoy this movie, but at the same time I can understand why so many people hated it and found it extremely boring and meaningless. "The Tree of Life" is a visionary movie that wants you to feel a part not only of planet Earth, but also a part of the Universe and yes, it does succeed in doing so. When I was done seeing it I felt so so small and also a part of something way bigger than me. It made me feel in balance with nature, made me remember we're part of something bigger - that's something we often, too often forget.

Terrence Malick once again did something really different, made me see the world with different eyes. In his own, peculiar way he's a wizard that manages to give you something. Just you have to be relaxed, and inspired to see this movie -- you won't enjoy it if you're in a rush or stressed out by your life. I think I managed to enjoy it because when I ended up watching it I was as relaxed as I can get: beautiful feeling, I enjoyed every single photogram.

I don't think that Malick intended "The Tree of Life" to be a movie about characters, he didn't want it to be another movie about people. He wanted this movie to be a movie about how people are a part of the universe even if they do forget about it. He wanted to remember us about that, and that's why it's not really that important for everything to make sense; much is left to your free interpretation, and that's something I do really appreciate in these kind of movies.

Got me really emotional, in a very different way. I did enjoy it, I would say that it 'woke me up' and made me remember about all the rest... A really nice feeling. Too bad I don't know if I'll ever feel in the right mood to see it again. But it's a great movie if you're in the right mood and able to enjoy it. Recommended.

If Only
If Only(2004)

Plot-speaking, this movie isn't working at all. "If Only" is about a man who doesn't apparently give a damn about his girlfriend, then, after just 24 hours he's willingly ready to sacrifice his life for her - just because of this misterious taxi driver who is indirectly 'demanding' the life of somebody... If you think about this, it's just ridiculous and it's really not able to keep an entire movie tied together.

Ok, it's just a romantic drama. But it's predictable, badly acted. The song sung by Jennifer Love Hewitt is so terrible and it almost made me want to laugh even if I knew I was supposed to feel a really opposite feeling. Come on... This cannot happen, not even in a movie. I'd rather suggest you to watch "Meet Joe Black": much more romantic than this depressing piece of something...


This movie is a masterpiece, possibly one of the best CGI-animated movie ever made. It gives you so much with so little words, and that's its best quality. It's so difficult to make a movie with little or no words, and still make the audience go emotional, and cry, and feel something and "Wall-E" does it all. The soundtrack is beautiful, characters are extremely sweet and aiming at something and there's this strong, environmental message in the background throughout the entire movie. What else would you ask for?

This is a movie for both adults and children. Wall-E is such a strong character, he puts itself in everyday's work, trying his best to accomplish his mission. He understands what's really important and what's not... he's just lovely. And the way he falls for Eve is so so sweet, always moves me; and that scene in the open space with the fire extinguisher could be one of my favourite scene ever among all the movies I've seen so far.

It will light you up, get your heart warmed up. It will make you smile and give you hope. Absolutely recommended to everybody. One of the best movie of the last 10 years.

One Day
One Day(2011)

I have to admit that I did like this movie, it almost succeeded in making me cry which is really something. It's about two people who admit they're in love with each other too late in their lives, even if they met when they were just 23 years old after their college graduation -- so it's got a pretty clear and strong message: never wait till it's too late, take your chances whenever you can... This is probably the main reason why I did like "One Day". I did also enjoy the locations, the way scenes were put together, the whole concept of the movie, and the soundtrack.

BUT... Could this movie have been better? The answer is yes, for sure. First, I can't see this great chemistry between Hathaway and Sturgess, they just don't fit together in my opinion, and no matter what you do to Jim's hair, he'll never look like a 40-something man. Then, the story was someway confusing at some points, it took me more than one hour to realize how was this project structured... Once I did realize that, I saw how beautiful it all was but still it took to long to realize that this was the story of two people who wouldn't admit they are in love with each other. And the main characters kept on behave incoherently here and there throughout the movie...

Shocking ending. It really caught me by surprise and made me understand how much I got into the story, so that's another positive point. So yes, I think it's worth watching because it's really set in a very peculiar way; but be prepared to see a quite dramatic, depressing movie.

The Other Woman

I have to say I did enjoy this movie a lot. It's full of emotions, and Emilia is beautifully portraied by Natalie Portman -- loosing a child must be a terrible trauma, and you can feel every single drop of pain minute after minute, but after a while you start feeling the need and the willingness to start it all over again with the people you love. This message is so clear and strong.

I can't really see why most people and critics didn't enjoy "Love and Other Impossible Pursuits" (or "The Other Woman"). To me everything I was looking for was there, starting from the first scene and ending with the last one. Recommended.

Georgia Rule
Georgia Rule(2007)

I did really enjoy this movie. Simple, moving, with a good plot. It could have been better, but still I would watch it again. I did appriciate the acting, the story, the soundtrack, clothing, location -- everything. The dramatic part was there but not too present or heavy, and having a main character who was a pathological lyar did make it all funnyer.

Lindsay Lohan played an awesome Rachel, a very interesting character in my opinion. It was well explored througout the movie. Also, Jane Fonda and Felicity Huffman were both great! A great cast, and a very refreshing plot filled up with positivity. Recommended.

17 Again
17 Again(2009)

If you don't watch this you won't miss anything. "17 Again" might be enjoyable, but it's also a very dumb, meaningless movie; the first and the last scenes are both really lame, characters are not well developed, the plot is stupid and doesn't go anywhere. Still, the soundtrack and the locations were decent, Efron can act better than a 40-years-old Perry, and cars are pretty awesome.

But there's something sick in those twisted relationships that start right after the 'back-to-17 thing'. A normal person would have enjoyed the company of another teen girl, not wanting to get back to his 40s with the love of his life who magically forgives him and jumps in his arms -- why was that again? Just for a plain 'letter' this young guy read in a court room? And why did Scarlet believe Mike was really Mike?

As I said, plain characters that needed a way deeper introduction. And a plot that could have brought us someplace we didn't want to go -- like a teen + mother relationship, or a father/daughter thing. That's horrible if you think about it... I'm glad the producers decided to take another direction, even if that was not the most 'normal' one.

Human Nature
Human Nature(2002)

One of the strangest movie that ever passed through my dvd-player. "Human Nature" is a really peculiar one, but at the end what's its meaning and where does it want to go? I mean, I was sure I got it right -- the message was supposed to be something like 'men were happier when they were leaving in the forest, so let's get back there --' but, no that's not the message here. And neither is that a man living in a civilized world is better than a man living in a forest, just have a look at the ending and you'll know what I mean...

So yes, the intention was good but the movie that was produced turned out being really confusing. "Human Nature" wants to mix comedy with some very scentific-based theories and studies. And it just didn't work for me. Moreover, the main characters change their attitide so often throughout the movie that I'm still not really sure to 'know' them -- they all are very uncostant.

But I have to admit that "Human Nature" has many original and interesting scenes and ideas in it. The beginning was almost mouth-opening: a man in a white room, a woman in jail and a man living in the forest sounded relally intriguing. And it was, but could have been memorable and it wasn't.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

One of the most intense and involving thriller I've ever seen, a first for director David Slade. I felt disgust mixed with fear and pity, and many other different feelings that no other movie was able to get out of me. "Hard Candy" has an exaggerated plot, but it all makes sense, even if the main female character turns out to be crazier and crazier as the movie goes on -- more than once I was starting to feel unconfortable, which is what a thriller is supposed to make you feel.

Everything is kept really simple location-speaking and plot-speaking, but the emotional and thrilling componend is really strong. Acting is also really intense, both Wilson and Page did a great job even if their roles were really difficult. And it's amazing how this was all filmed in only 18 days, with less than 1 million dollars -- kudos to David Slade for this.

A thriller worth watching, even if it's not perfect and it might not make a complete sense.

Love and Other Drugs

Ok, the first minutes of the movie are very enjoyable and funny -- they seem to lead everything towards something interesting and new; too bad that after that opening scene there's nothing new or exciting. 'Love and Other Drugs' is one of those movies that doesn't know what it wants to be about: it's not about a man getting to sell more and more drugs to a hospital because of his skills, it's not about two people who madly fall in love and decide to spend the rest of their lives together, it's not about the Parkinson disease or finding its cure -- so what is it about again? What's the deeper meaning, or what's supposed to be funny about it? Because to me it all turns out to be drama or comedy, and 'Love and Other Drugs' isn't either of this...

It's nice to see Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal playing a couple one again after 'Brokeback Mountain', the soundtrack is really nice and appropiate, but dialogues are kind of lame especially towards the end and as the movie evolves and many situations could have been furthermore explored. Had potential but went wasted -- could have made a great drama movie.

Enjoyable, but I don't think I feel the need to see it again.

Friends With Benefits

Great writing! Dialogues are so natural and funny that keep you stick to the movie from beginning to end. "Friends with Benefits" is a really enjoyable movie with a quite interesting plot that evolves in a very nice way even if, I have to say it, the ending is really predictable and dumb. I wish it ended in a different way, that's probably the only thing I would change. Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis have a great chemistry together and did a great job: they'll make you laugh in more than one occasion and they both can act. Also, great locations!

Recommended if you're looking for a funny, romantic comedy.

Never Let Me Go

Sad, cold, bittersweet, "Never Let Me Go" doesn't make sense in all its parts but it's such a complete, deep movie that moves you and makes you think. This is a "what if" kind of story, and I ended up thanking God more than once because no such things exsist nowadays, at least as long as I know. The story is set over a 20 years period of time, and involves three kids who are raised in an English school: their final goal is to donate all their organs before they get old. As I said, this is what I call a cold story, and this plot really freezes my heart...

There are a few points I don't get. For example why didn't they try to run away? Why did they just sit there and willingly accept to donate organs without doing a thing? That's the main thing I don't get. A part from this the soundtrack was just amazing, and the story really involving no matter how tragic and painful the ending is.

Acting was ok, as for dialogues. Still, there's something different in "Never Let Me Go", there's this feeling of renounce and desperation that I had never found in any other movie. Even if this is not a true story it turns out being scary anyways.

Good movie, worth watching.

Country Strong

The whole idea surrounding this movie is not wrong or bad, but it should and could have been developed in a much better way than it had. First of all, the main problem of this movie is Gwyneth Paltrow: she might be a good actress, but she can't sing therefore her character in the movie cannot be taken seriously... Throughout the entire movie I just coulndn't believe that Kelly Canter was this great, troubled country singer -- Moreover, the drama gets too big and it's not completely explained. The ending is really 'theatrical' and 'stage-y' but there's no reason for it being so; she's rich, loved by millions of fans so why getting to that conclusion and ending? Just doesn't make any sense.

On the other hand, the few scenes shoot in Nashville are really realistic. They almost made me remember the feeling I had while there, with that fantastic music and people in bars. Garrett Hedlund and Leighton Meester are really talented singers, I did like the scens where they were starring in. "Country Strong" should have been either about the two of them or just about Kelly Canter trying to get over a shocking moment she had in the past... Trying to mix these two parts just didn't work. Should have been either drama or love, not the both of them and not this way.

Barely enjoyable, a little boring at the beginning but after 10 minutes it slightly grows on you. Watchable but NOT hardly recommended: there are better music-based movies out there.

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

Simply said, if what you're looking for is a good action movie -- well, Michael Bay is your man, always. And "Pearl Harbor" is, plot-speaking, his best movie: it just takes you straight back in the 40s and shows you how the US lived those WWII years, how it all happened and what happened after the Pearl Harbor attack... That's probably my favorite thing about the movie: we all remember the Pearl Harbor attack on Dec 7th, 1941 and the war declaration, but nobody ever talks about the Doolittle Raid on Japan (18 April 1942). That was so interesting to learn, and remember.

Special effects are great considering the movie is from 2001: the battle scenes are just awesome, and seeing Hawaii turning from being a Paradise to being a Hell is just so sad and powerful. It just makes you image how was it like, -- This said, is really easy to follow the movie in its 165 minutes of length: there's a good balance between war facts, battle planning by the Japanese, living on the military base, etc.

Being this a war movie, I think that the 'forced' love triangle between nurse Evelyn and the two pilots (Rafe and Danny) was just too much. I can see how this love story pushed more people into seeing the movie, but on the other hand it made the movie sound less realistic and truth. Oh, and the soundtrack was good but could have been much more better: it didn't give me any strong emotion or goose bumps as it was supposed to be, so something was wrong there.

"Pearl Harbor" is not a perfect movie, but it's a nice, easily accessible way to remember what happened on this very day 70 years ago. It moved me because of the historic facts, but it didn't manage to get me as emotional as I hoped to get so it's not a straight 5 stars... Again, Michael Bay is your man if you're looking for a good action movie. This one has a decent plot, too and it's really easy to follow from beginning to end even if it's a historic movie rich of dates and facts. Recommended...

Your Highness

This movie had so much potential that it was really a pain to see it going wasted like this. Seems to me that "Your Highness" had all the right elements but nobody who could mix them all together in the best way. The plot itself is kind of dumb, an 'adult' version of Shrek or Tangled, but if you take most of the scenes as single elements you might see the potential: the locations and the soundtrack were just great, the movie is rich with details, characters have always something unusual and unpredictable to say. The only problem with "Your Highness" is that it's a movie that doesn't know which direction to take and where it wants to end up to. Is this a comedy or what? Because it could have been way more fun than that... the potential was all there, just it wasn't used in the right way.

"Your Highness" tries so hard to make you laugh that ends up NOT making you laugh because you're too busy trying to get the joke. Characters are full with their own ideas and manage to express themselves pretty well but might get on your nerves here and there; for example, was that annoying robot-bird really necessary?!? -- Franco was ok as this stupid, brave prince but Portland was really difficult to recognize and this role just would not fit her.

If you're looking for a funny comedy go see something else. But if what you're looking for is some good (wasted) ideas to develope you might have ended up in the right place.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Probably one of the best movie in the Twilight saga, but one of the worst movie in the movie history. As a series fan, I did enjoy the movie because it's so similar to the book and it moved me as no other movie of the franchise (well, maybe the first 'Twilight' movie did). If I had to criticize the movie as a movie-person... Well, you see, I have this problem with the plot: it just doesn't make sense, it's all an unbelievable fantasy, something that would never ever happen in real life. Maybe it's Stephenie Meyer to blame here. It's just ridiculous. RIDICULOUS! I'm so torn apart about this.

On the other hand CGI is great, seeing Stewart so thin at the end made me feel sick, I couldn't tell that was a computer graphics effect. Also, the soundtrack was great for every scene of the movie. Surprisingly, Bill Condon did a great job and fit into this very female franchise perfectly. But again, acting is not so great, most of the scenes are just ridiculous and too over-the-edge, cheesy, like if we're dealing with a big deal here -- well, we're not.

"Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I" is not THAT bad, I've seen something worse than this. Still, I CAN'T consider it a movie masterpiece: it will soon be forgotten along with the other movies of the franchise as soon as BD Part II will be out. To be seen if you'e a Twilight fan. If you're not... Well, save the money and do yourself a favour: go see something more mature and decent and entertaining and mouthful. But this is just me, and my opinion.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon

Loved the first one, HATED the second one. The problem with "New Moon" is that is so similar and yet so different from the book: scenes are all run through, acting is awful, moments that were supposed to fill you up with emotion and excitement are lame, dumb and ridiculous. As I expected him to, Chris Weitz ruined another good book as he did with "The Golden Compass" by turning a beautiful story into an impersonal tale filled up with much CGI and nothing else.

The only reason why I give it a 1.5 star is Taylor Lautner - I was so impressed to see how much he changed for the role, he was probably my favorite character in this movie. Also, the wolves turned out to be pretty cool, but everything else was just horrible, boring: a waste of time, energy and money in other words. Read the book instead of watching this crap.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Really, not as bad as I thought it would be "Eclipse" is a nice movie that you should probably see once or twice after you've read the book. Special effects are not that awesome, and a few scenes are almost ridiculous, but the plot is really similar to the book and I really appreciated it, especially in the ending. I don't know if David Slade was the right person to direct this movie: I kind of expected something darker from him, but I do understand that he couldn't do more than he did. He's a good director, just ended up with a too romantic, high schoolish story that doesn't really resemble his style.

I see lots of potential in Stewart - she's probably destined to become a good actress in the future, just she needs some deeper, more interesting story to work on with. Also, what to me totally saved "Eclipse" was the soundtrack: once again Howard Shore wrote some good music that went along pretty well with the plot and got me emotional here and there.

So overall "EclipsE" is a decent movie, not as good as "Twilight" was, but surely way better than the previous "New Moon".

Morning Glory

A very sweet, actual movie that tells the story of a woman fighting with everyday difficulties in a TV network. "Morning Glory" gets through many turning points, it gets back on its steps, it evolves and changes colors but it doesn't carry any unpredictable surprise or great, life-changing message. At the end of its 102 minutes it does leave a feeling with the audience, but it's not a strong one. Still, it's a very pleasant movie to watch. Relaxing, not mind-consuming or violent or complicated.

Rachel McAdams did a great job as Becky. I'm sure she'll get someplace in the next years, too bad many people still don't appreciate her talent: she's so different in every single movie she's in. And it was fun to see Harrison Ford playing the part of a mean, feelingless (apparently at least) man -- that was something new. And DIane Keaton was as great as always too.

It's un-truth, nobody would ever refuse a contract with a famous TV network -- but it's also very funny, sweet and gives space to that 'women power' that I so often enjoy in movies. Its soundtrack went well with it. Reminded me of "The Devil Wears Prada". Enjoyable but not unforgettable or fantastic.


So 'Contagion' was kind of a letdown, at least for me. The first minutes were great and helped me jump straight into the story and characters -- but after that I've noticed just too many over-the-edge actions that were not justified considering that just a small part of the world population was affected by this not-so-lethal virus. In my opinion all those panick-filled scenes did not make sense: 26 million people over a world population of 8 billions is still a very small percentage of the population so the 'thing' should not have been as huge as it was showed in the movie. A world emergency yes, still not that problematic or lethal...

It was good seeing an happy ending and everything once in a while but still I headed into the theatre hoping for more blood, pustules, cysts, dead bodies, etc etc. Maybe that's why I didn't end up being too satisfyed. The final scene was good, it was nice to close the circle and see how it all started. And half Hollywood starred in this movie. And the soundtrack was really good and appropiate. 'Contagion' is overall a good movie, quite realistic in some ways, but if you're looking for a virus that will kill the 99.9% of the population I suggest you watch a more fictional, different movie.

The Adjustment Bureau

Starts out with what might seem a boring politics-based movie, but rapidly changes into something very different and unusual. "The Adjustment Bureau" is a very peculiar movie that stars Matt Damon and Emily Blunt: even if there are some plot holes here and there (why did the bureau want to divide David and Elise? And why does the black man help David with info?) and I wasn't completely satisfied with some explanations I have to admit that George Nolfi did a great job here.

The story is really simple, based on Philip K. Dick's short story 'The Adjustment Team' (1954). That man really wrote some interesting books, all set in worlds really similar and yet so different from the one we live in. So what if we're not really free of choosing our destiny? What if there's this group of 'angels' that choose for us and make us follow the path they want us to follow? That's an interesting concept for sure, worth being explored in both the movie and the book.

I like the fact that the movie manages to explain such a complicated concept in such a simple way. "The Adjustment Bureau" is not rich in details or emotions, or special effects. It doesn't have a great, complicated plot you could just get lost into. But I really enjoyed watching it. Recommended.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

There's magic here, and there, and everywhere else in this Chris Columbus movie. "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" is probably one of my favourite installment in the series, mainly because it takes me back to that age when I thought magic was real, when everything was simpler and I was living my childhood. And that soundtrack by John Williams gives that something to the project, which turns out to be kind of pleasant to watch when you're feeling down or nostalgic.

Visual effects are quite great, the opening and the ending are good, but acting stays just ok. It's fun and slightly dramatic in some scenes, but the movie is well-balanced and doesn't lack a thing from the book. It's fun to watch if you've read the books, really.

Columbus was the right director for the series, that was a great mistake to change him: all the following movie chapters lack in details, length and magic... such a pity, because this 'movies project' turned out to be just a money-matter thing after he left.

Water for Elephants

Being the first movie I've seen in a long while, I can't say that "Water for Elephants" was a letdown but neither I can say it was great. Not fantastic or particularly memorable, but relaxing and overall filled with a positive message; don't know why but it reminded me of Titanic. But did it move me as Titanic did the first time I saw it? Absolutely not. If you ask me the biggest attraction of the movie is Chris Waltz: he's such a great, talented actor and once again he manages to astonish the audience with his sharp, cold acting (the half star I added to the 3 stars totally goes to him). Reese Witherspoon is too blonde and cheesy in here, and Pattinson?well, let's just say he still has lots of work to do to convince me he's something more than a young, famous English actor.

The biggest letdown to me was the lack of chemistry between the main characters. I ended up asking myself how did they end up together and why, which is never good if we're talking about a love story in a movie. Witherspoon and Pattinson didn't work out for me here. Locations were good, and the story seemed to be good, but I think that the movie could have turned out being fantastic if only the director had been different or the project was held from a slightly different prospective. So basically what I think is that the movie ended where it should have started. I'm sure the book is way better than the movie, so instead of watching this mediocre movie again I'll just try to get myself into reading the book.

Another thing that I didn't like was the starting in the present, then jumping back and then back to the present. There was really no apparent reason to do that. Overall a decent project that I'm not looking forward to watch again, but that I indeed enjoyed the other night.

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

Made me laugh. Made me cry. Made me exit the theatre with a big, satisfied smile on my face. What more could I ask from a Michael Bay action movie? "Transformers: Dark of the Moon" doesn't keep it up to its previous installment, but it's better than the first one; it's action-packed, the plot is just too twisted for me but I was looking for a visually astonishing piece of film and that's what I found here.

It's not a 10 or a 5 stars because... Well, most lines we had already heard before. There was not enough Bumble Bee in here, the plot was really complicated and simple at the same time. The prologue was not that fascinating or intriguing (I would in fact say that the first 10-15 minutes of the movie are kind of disappointing). The soundtrack was not as cool and breathtaking as the one in "Transfomers: Revenge of the Fallen".

On the other hand I hoped that Bay would impress me and surprise me and he did. He totally did it. Not in the way I expected him to but still... I had a blast in the second half of the movie, I could not believe my eyes in the 'falling Chicago skyscraper' scene. Wow! Just Wow! I did not want that to end. That was mouth-watering, one of those scene that fills your mouth (or eyes) up.

Well, Michael Bay is the master of special effects and action-packed movies so (as always) go for it only if what you're looking for is an action movie. Do not expect much more than that, but... if that's good enough for you then you won't be disappointed. And if you do have the chance do yourself a favour and go with IMAX!!!

Last Night
Last Night(2011)

Not great or particularly memorable, but "Last Night" has a point and manages to convalidate its thesis from the first to the last minute. Happy couple. Have been married for three years. No children. Joanna and Michael happen to spend one night apart, and they both end up being with people they feel confortable with... or at least this is what it seems like. "Last Night" might seem a really straight, predictable movie but I think that it gives you more than what you might expect from it.

It's kind of a slow movie. The soundtrack is lazy and soft. Dialogues are interesting and might get sharp here and there. Sam Worthington was ok, Keira Knightley is not at her best but she's the pillar this movie leans on.
When I saw it "Before Sunrise" jumped into my mind (the 'whole in a night' thing I guess).

Overall a good, realistic story of a man-wife who claim to be in love with each other and profess their loyalty; but as we all know life isn't always as it is expected to be. Sometimes ghosts get back from the past and wake us up... Sometimes they just push us down in the abyss. You never know.

Red Riding Hood

This movie should probably change its name into "Disaster Movie" or "Meaningless Movie" because that's what it is, a whole lots of zeroes. "Red Riding Hood "was a great letdown to me: since it is directed by Catherine Hardwicke I surely did expect a lot more but I just got a very confusing, tasteless movie that doesn't really know what it wants to be about and turns out being an offense toward the original story written by the Grimm Brothers. They are probably turning over in their graves as I'm writing this.

Dialogues are pitiful, the soundtrack annoying and overall the movie is a complete disaster; no tension, it just didn't get me. Costumes were fairly good, I loved the grandmother's house and -- well, I can't really think about any other positive element in this project. This is simply a bad movie, and believe me if I say that I'm sorry to say this since you can tell people put lots of effort in bringing this movie to life. At this point I don't know who to blame: the writers who wrote kind of a poor, action-lacking, cold, static, false script or Catherine Hardwicke who opted for a distant, feeling free method of directing?

Anyways. One of the worst movie of the year 2011, "Red Riding Hood" is neither a horror, or an action, or a drama or a comedy or whatever. As stated before it doesn't event know what it wants to be about so why waste your time watching it? Do yourself a favour and skip it in favour to a juicier, more focused movie.

No Strings Attached

I honestly cannot say that I didn't like this movie. "No Strings Attached" doesn't add anything new to the movie database, but it's still fun to watch and somehow peculiar, intriguing and disturbing: totally suggested if you're looking forward to a relaxing, not too cheesy comedy. Dialogues are kind of good, all characters have their own highs and lows but everything is overall well mixed together and these 90 minutes go by really soon. Which is always good (the movie is not boring).

Natalie Portman was lovely as Emma, a shy sweet girl that doesn't want to accept love as a part of the relationships she's got into. I think that's a more common problem than you might ever image nowadays: it's not that easy to get completely lost with one person and forget the rest of the world, so Emma here was quite a realistic character from my point of view. Oh, and Ashton Kutcher played a really sweet guy who kind of added the sugar part in this movie that might have turned out being a lot colder and more static if it wasn't for him.

Overall pretty enjoyable but not particularly funny or memorable. "No Strings Attached" is a good movie to watch if you're looking for a comforting movie: you won't be disappointed and the ending won't let you down. Just don't expect a glorious message, or anything more than a simple (and reversed) love story that starts where most stories end and ends where the love story has just begun.

All Good Things

It took me some time to get into it (let's say half an hour), but when I did I enjoyed this movie completely. I don't know what made me sit down there for almost two hours, but something did keep me there; I suppose that merits goes to this mysterious, thrilling story that has so much to say and such a great potential. "All Good Things" hit me with his confusing, unique plot --- but the most tremendous thing about this movie is that these are all real facts, this is from a real story. I just couldn't believe this because the entire plot is so strange, and scary.

Well, this movie had an enrmous potential. Too bad it was once again wasted with a sometime boring script, not-so-strong dialogues, not-so-impressive performances by the involved actors/actresses. "All Good Things" is a good movie, but it could have been memorable if only they choose somebody else (sorry, this was no place for Kirsten Dunst).

In my opinion worth watching. Some scenes will stick with you and you'll be left with many unresolved questions.

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

I actually enjoyed it even if I tought I wouldn't. "27 dresses" is kind of a superficial movie, but it's realaxing and fun, and Katherine Heigl did a good job considering how lame her character was. The script could be improved so to have a more intelligent movie with a less superficial plot and actions. It will probably be forgotten soon, but I can't deny the fact that I had a good time while watching it.


First of all: Maximum the horse was the coolest character in the whole movie, he was funny and had a strong personality which I liked a lot. The ending blew me away, and I found the whole movie being really sweet and somehow instructive. "Tangled" is not the best movie produced by Disney, but it surely is a movie worth watching that doesn't lack a thing... The flying lantern scene was just amazing and totally took me back to when I was a little kid who believed in princesses, princes and farytales. That felt really good.

Charming songs, well-balanced story, among the best animated characters since "Shrek" (2001) --- yes, this is a movie I would deeply suggest to anybody. It will cheer you up.

Fierce People

Another movie that might have had potential, but lost it. "Fierce People" tries the best it can to make a great drama, it puts characters in some really unpleasant and difficult situations, it tries to link you to the movie but it doesnt succeed in doing this. The movie starts out being kind of slow, and keeps on being slow throughout its lenght but I would not call it boring.

Acting was ok. Diane Lane was great along with Donald Sutherland and Anton Yelchin; I don't really know what to say about the others, they were just there and Stewart acted as she always does: same facial expression, same way of 'looking' at things. I think I didn't notice them because of the lame characters they played.

An overall decent movie about living a difficult life: too bad it lacks some details, especially about characters. I think that "Fierce People" could have been much better if only characters had been explored more, and if they didn't follow some apparently non-sense actions --- I just hated those scenes that ended as they started leading the audience to no place.

Might be worth watching once, or not.

The Crow: City of Angels

This sequel to "The Crow" was just as I expected it to be: useless, a boring copy of the original. It makes you understand how right Brandon Lee was for his role, he was the heart and soul of the series, so no wander why these sequels kind of didn't work out. "The Crow: City of Angels" is basically a copy of the previous movie, but it lacks that malinchony, that gripping story, and that style, not to talk about a main character that was actually able to act.

Vincent Perez did a decent job considering how good his rivale was, but... he's not Brandon Lee. During "The Crow 2" I really didn't know whether to laugh or take Perez seriously, I ended up laughing at the scene most of the time - and I didn't really want to, but the story, dialogues and acting were kind of ridicolous most of the time.

After what happened during the shooting of "The Crow" I don't think that movie should have had a sequel: it was already perfect, so why ruin something good? To me this sequel was just a bad copy of the previous movie, I really wish I hadn't watched it.

Rabbit Hole
Rabbit Hole(2010)

I'm sorry to say that this movie bored me to death. I really wasn't able to feel the drama, or the pain given to these parents by the loss of their kid.


This movie had potential, but totally wasted it. Was it a copy of "Moulin Rouge", or "The Devil Wears Prada", or "Coyote Ugly" or "Chicago"? You pick the one you want, it really doesn't make that great difference: "Burlesque" lacked some good, strong dialogues and decent performances by most of the cast members... Aguilera and Gigandet and Bell can't act. But on the other hand both Cher and Tucci were amazing, one of the highlights (or probably the one and only highlight) of the entire movie.

"Burlesque" isn't really as bad as critics want you to believe, but it's not stunning or particularly exciting either. The story is quite predictable, we've already heard those dialogues over and over again - and you can't think a movie is going to work if the main actress (Aguilera) can't act. Cher saved the movie, which is still entertaining and worth watching.

Life as We Know It

This movie had a great potential, but wasted it turning what could have been a great dramatic movie into a ridicolous non-comedy, non-drama project. "Life As We Know It" resolves around this non-couple who end up adopting their friends' kid after they've died on a car accident; these two singles end up 'parking' this poor little kid from one corner to another, putting themselves and their career before the child. Oh yeah, and in the meantime they do also manage to fall in love (how? why? when did that happen? and why again) and even if the male character leaves and then comes back after 3 or so months he is welcome home as nothing happened... shame on you!

What woman woul act like that? And what couple of singles would adopt and ruin a child if they didn't want to? Seemed to me that the main characters did want the kid, but in the meantime they were bothered by tha little creature whom wasn't theirs. I realize that's not such a rare situation, but movie-spaking it didn't work out that well.

"Life As We Know It" might have been a great movie if only it was handled more carefully, with more tact and love, sweetness. This movie wanted to be about human feelings, but it ended up being pretty empty under the human point of view. --- Still, it was ok to watch, even if pretty pointless.

The Romantics

Slightly entertaining, but this movie has seriously no point at all. What was it about? Two people getting married, a not-yet-husband who betrays his wife on his last night of freedom?!? "The Romantics" is a well acted movie, there are some really cute songs in the background, the location is pretty, half Hollywood is there but -- the movie doesn't have a point or a trustable plot, or dialogues. This is yet another of those movies that do not know where they want to go or what it wants to be about.

Katie Holmes once again managed to stun me, she really is a good actress. I should say the same about Anna Paquin, although I didn't like her character at all. I had this problem with the plot that didn't get me, it was meaningless as the ending; the only thing I did enjoy were the performances by almost all actors - a part from that there really isn't any apparent reason to watch this movie.

"The Romantics" is overall a tasteless drama, or sub-type of drama. I can't think of a reason why this movie could be labelled as worth watching. It wasn't a waste of time, but neither was a glorious experience.

Toy Story 3
Toy Story 3(2010)

The best movie in the "Toy Story" installment, and easily one of the best movie of 2010. I've been waiting for this moment since the Toy Story movies started: what would happen to Woody, Buzz and all the others when Andy had grown up? Here's your epilogue, here's how it all ends or starts again depending on the prospective you're watching it from. Well, I found "Toy Story 3" being a lovely story, full of emotions that no other movie was able to give me durina last year (2010).

Brilliantly written and directed, an overall archievement that will stay in the movies yearbook for a very long time. The first Toy Story (1994) was the pioneer of animated movies, this third installment still teaches us lots of things.

This is the way all movies should be: movies should make you feel something. Since "Toy Story 3" is the only movie that made me feel something in a long while... this movie is a full success to me. And by the way the ending got me to tears, like it was supposed to be.

Thank you Lee Unkrich and Pixar Studios for making me remember about my childhood one last time. Absolutely recommended.

The King's Speech

Magnificent. Extraordinary. Absolutely one of the best movie of 2010. Colin Firth and Geoffrey Rush offer a lifetime performance in "The King's Speech" as Bertie (King George VI of England) and Lionel, they kept me watching and took my breath away. Tom Hooper did a great job as a director, everything was well balanced, there was not a single boring scene, and even if the story is kind of dramatic he managed to keep an overall positive tone all over the movie.

The soundtrack was also great. I usually enjoy classic music very much, especially if we're talking about movies. This one was gentle, delicate, and fit perfectly with this classy, emotional, breathtaking masterpiece.

British cinema has come back, and it shines in the best of the ways. Great performances, story, costumes, dialogues, soundtrack. Absolutely recommeded.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

There's nothing wrong with this movie, once again the Coen brothers knew what they were doing, and they did it in the best of the ways. "True Grit" is a magnificent story set in the West, it has strong characters, beautiful locations, whitty dialogues that I had a hard time understanding (English is not my mother language), great clothes, and one of the most exciting, beautiful movie epilogue I've seen in years. I loved the opening and the ending scene, I really was on the edge of tears.

Jeff Bridges once again took my breath away, he is the heart and the soul of the movie along with Hailee Steinfeld - we already knew Bridges was great, but Steinfeld was the real surprise here. I loved here in every movement, piece of dialogue - she totally made the movie to me.

The soundtrack sticked to the movie pretty well. I found it being very inspiring and helped me getting into this wonderful movie that totally deserved its 10 Academy Nominations. I wish I could say it's gonna win, but I don't think this is the case. Still an unmissable piece of movie.

Animal Kingdom

Sorry, I didn't like it even if seems like almost everybody did. It bored me, minute after minute. "Animal Kingdom" is just shooting, and dealing drugs, and arguing, and killing people, and shooting again - nothing more, nothing less. So I really don't see what's so special in here: it didn't move me, if not for the very first scene which was cold, still, you could almost feel the smell in the room. From there on everything was all the same.

"Animal Kingdom" is not a lame movie, it brings a very strong morale and portraits a very dramatic, singular story. But I found it being claustrophobic, repetitive, lacking a real plot rich of details. Many things happen and they don't make any sense apparently - as I said before it's just about people who shoot against each other.

I didn't find it particularly interesting, but I have to admit Jacki Weaver was really good in here. Still, I'm not sure she deserved an Oscar nomination for her role. Hmmm... If I was you I would skip this movie, it doesn't have much to offer, but then again it's all about what you like.

The Fighter
The Fighter(2010)

Wanna see Christian Bale at his very best (acting speaking)? Here you go, 'cause in "The Fighter" Bale gives a lifetime performance as a 40 years old man on crack who then reedemes himself and gets out of prison as a changed man. This is an incredible true story, and after seeing the movie I'm not really sure about who is the real fighter here: is it Micky Ward, a boxer pro, or is it his brother who managed to get over with a very unpleasant situation?

With no doubt "The Fighter" is filled up with many breathtaking acting performances by Bale, Wahlberg and Adams - they were all just incredible and got me into the movie. I really enjoyed their work here.
The soundtrack was also very appropriate, my fav piece of the movie was when the song "Strip My Mind" by RHCP was playing: perfect moment. Then also others songs were incredibly fitted for each scene.

It might take 30 minutes or so to get into the movie. I personally found the first scenes a little bit unattached, they lost a connecting wire, seemed like they didn't know where they want to go but... then something happens, and the story starts getting on a very difficult path tha will eventually lead us to a somehow unsatisfying ending that was too rushed and almost emotional, even if I didn't get to an emotion point. Still, between the first and the last scene of the movie there's a lot to watch, and most scenes blew me away in a very different way: that's why I really think "The Fighter" is a good movie.

Acting is great. I didn't find dialogues particularly exciting, but the story is quite amazing considering that this is a true story. "The Fighter" is not the best movie of the year and it's not the best movie about boxers ("Million Dollar Baby" is), but is still a very special project that has a beating heart and provides a message of hope and strenght. Never let yourself down, you'll find yourself able to climb even the steepest wall - just keep on fighting for your life and win this game that's called life.

It's Kind of a Funny Story

This is kind of a funny story, even if we're talking about a teenage who wants to attempt suicide and ends up recovering in a psychiatric clyinic. Keir Gilchrist, Zach Galifianakis and Emma Roberts did a fantastic job in this little, cute movie that makes you want to live - "It's Kind of a Funny Story" is an howl to life, brings on many important morales in a very simple way.

Absolutely recommended.

"Okay, I know you're thinking, "What is this? Kid spends a few days in the hospital and all his problems are cured?" But I'm not. I know I'm not. I can tell this is just the beginning. I still need to face my homework, my school, my friends. My dad. But the difference between today and last Saturday is that for the first time in a while, I can look forward to the things I want to do in my life. Bike, eat, drink, talk. Ride the subway, read, read maps. Make maps, make art. Finish the Gates application. Tell my dad not to stress about it. Hug my mom. Kiss my little sister. Kiss my dad. Make out with Noelle. Make out with her more. Take her on a picnic. See a movie with her. See a movie with Aaron. Heck, see a movie with Nia. Have a party. Tell people my story. Volunteer at 3 North. Help people like Bobby. Like Muqtada. Like me. Draw more. Draw a person. Draw a naked person. Draw Noelle naked. Run, travel, swim, skip. Yeah, I know it's lame, but, whatever. Skip anyway. Breathe... Live."

Wild Target
Wild Target(2010)

It is predictable and doesn't offer much of a morale, but it's also quite enjoyable and differently fun. It is good to see Emily Blunt and Rupert Grint playing Rose and Tony, a couple of people who don't know each other but end up waling on the same path along with the professional killer Victor magnificantly played by Bill Nightly.

A very British story with many funny scenes and much British humorism that I didn't get completely. The plot is quite enjoyable, and I would say the same for characters and dialogues.

Toy Story 2
Toy Story 2(1999)

Didn't thrill me as the first one, but "Toy Story 2" is for sure a worthy sequel that manages to mantain my attention up. New characters are here introduced, they're simply lovely but on the other hand the plot is kind of flat and lacks most of the moments that were present in the first Toy Story installment. I'm not saying that the movie is not good, I'm just saying that it's not as good as the first one and is just a paler copy of the first installment.

Flat dialogues, pretty simple and predictable plot. But I love these characters, and the new entry Jessie is a lovely cowgirl. A great story about a never ending friendship between toys.

Letters to Juliet

Boring, predictable, and unprobable. First, I'm not a love stories fan, second I don't like these sweet melodramatic romances especially when they have a happy ending or such. Amanda Seyfried did a good job here along with Vanessa Redgrave and the rest of the cast, but I have this slight problem with these unprobable and dreamy love stories. Maybe that's why I didn't enjoy "Letters to Juliet" as I would have liked to.

This movie lacks a decent plot, substance, fresh dialogues. Good to watch once, but I honestly would not care to re-watch it.

127 Hours
127 Hours(2010)

A man trapped with a rock: does this sound boring? Well, it turns out it really isn't. "127 Hours" has so much more in it than just a man and a rock, it's a howl to life, it makes you want to live and has a great main character who somehow manages to take the best out of a really unpleasant situation. And the best part is that this is a real story. I could not believe it, but it is and Boyle just made a great movie out of this.

Franco was stunning as Aron Ralston. This is one of his best performance s far; he's a great actor, just give him a few more years and he'll take us high. And then director Boyle... that hallucination sequece just blew me away. It's been more than a while since I last saw such a great scene. Well, it was almost perfect. Even the soundtrack was really indicated for the movie.

Just watch it. It's great. It's pain. It's life. It makes you wanna live your life to the fullest and appriciate this very moment, it makes you feel grateful to be alive. It makes you want to grab life from the horns. "127 Hours" just makes your day easier. A great morale for a great movie.

"You know, I've been thinking. Everything is... just comes together. It's me. I chose this. I chose all this. This rock... this rock has been waiting for me my entire life. It's entire life, ever since it was a bit of meteorite a million, billion years ago. In space. It's been waiting, to come here. Right, right here. I've been moving towards it my entire life. The minute I was born, every breath that I've taken, every action has been leading me to this crack on the out surface."

Get Him to the Greek

An extremely funny rock-comedy that doesn't lack a thing. Russel Brand's accent and character is just hilarious, or at least I found him being so: I think he's the main reason why I enjoyed "Get Him to the Greek". He has some great voice, I just liked every single piece of song he sung in the movie. Jonah Hill is also really funny in this crazy but intelligent comedy that thrilled me and kept me watching till the very end.

If you're looking for some crazy guys running from LA to London then back to LA, loosing themselved in too many parties, girls, bottles then here you are, "Get Him to the Greek" is the movie you're looking for. And the best part is that even if this is a comedy it has got a beautiful morale, a message of hope.

Funny, complete, clever. Absolutely recommended.


I remember that when I first watched this movie as a little kid I didn't get its point, to me "Instinct" was just the movie where Anthony Hopkins ended up living with gorillas in Africa. I really didn't get its point, but then when I had the occasion to watch it again the other night everything made more sense. This is not a bad movie, it's filled up with meanings, just you have to be in the right mood to watch it or otherwise you might get bored by it.

The ending is kind of disappointing, but all that's in between is somehow different and interesting to follow. All those gorillas scenes are kind of boring and unprobable but the whole psychological path we're lead into is with no doubt kind of intense even if it might seem ridicolous. "Instinct" contains some really powerful scenes that are a scream to freedom, rebellion, power, control and everything that's related to our modern society --- this is a very complicated subject, just put in the easiest of the ways.

The couple Hopkins-Gooding Jr. is just amazing, the movie could not work without them.The script is good, the subject is strange... I would suggest you give "Instinct" a look. It's not the best movie ever made, it's not fantastic or great, but the general idea is peculiar for sure and there's a very strong message hidden in between scenes.

Toy Story
Toy Story(1995)

Ever wonder what toys do when people aren't around? I've seen "Toy Story" a couple of times now and I have to tell you that it gets even better with time. This might be the one and only kid movie I've enjoyed more as an adult than as a child: I didn't like "Toy Story" when I was a little kid, I really couldn't stand it, but as I grow up I found myself liking this world more and more. And "Toy Story" is simply fascinating. Characters are great, there is some sort of morale, and friendship, delusion, mean people: nothing is lacking in this epic piece of movie that has earned a spot in the history of cinema!

Looking forward to watch number 2 and 3! Waching is of course recommended.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

Sadly not as good as I remembered it, but still very enjoyable and linked to one of the happiest time of my life. "Spider-Man 2" is my favourite in the Sam Raimi trilogy: way better than the third one, and more charming and polyedric than the first one. I really could not image a Spider-Man movie without Tobey Maguire or James Franco, I just love those two guys together. My only problem with this movie is the fact that it is kind of a slow movie: some scenes are almost boring and seem to be endless, but on the other hand there are many amazing scenes that even after 7 years give me a strong emotion.

And the soundtrack is amazing, I still listen to it sometimes here and there. And actors are just perfect in their roles, and special effects are still stunning and exciting -- "Spider-Man 2" still gets my attention, even if that was like the 15th time I saw it. The plot ends up being slightly boring in some point, but those scenes are helpful to better understand characters. The romance between Peter and Mary Jane is really sweet and well developed, it's all really well-balanced.

Not my favourite super hero movie, but still a very good one that is still capable of getting me emotional. Absolutely recommended.

Pineapple Express

One of the funniest movie I've seen in a long time. "Pineapple Express" is not as good as "The Hangover", but it's so damn funny that it won't let you down. James Franco is just hilarious as an always trippin drug dealer, and he just gave a great performance along with Seth Rogen and Danny McBride --- having a grandma starring in the movie was just a great idea dude. Even if the plot might seem out of the world, I don't know why but I like to think that this is not so far from being a real story: it's about corruption, smoking weeds, trust someone to death, making mistakes, make a big mess... what's so unreal or unprobable in all this?

Not the best movie of 2008, but surely worth watching. Just be aware that the word "fuck" and its derivatives are said 180 times!

What Just Happened?

So let's have a look inside this dirty, difficult, complicated, unfaithful, untrustable world that is Hollywood. "What Just Happened" resolves around this subject, but turns out being boring, exaggerated, it just doesn't feel real. Stories that are here told lack personality, I wasn't interested by any of them. This movie is just about talking on the phone, driving, arguing, then back in the car driving while talking on the phone.

Flat, emotionless, lacks a connecting wire... The only thing I did appriciate was acting and the fact that half Hollywood is in here. Nothing more than that...

The Social Network

Watched this the other night and was surprised by it. I thought it would be boring (what's interesting or fun about computers and social networks anyways?) but it really wasn't: the story is brilliantly carried on, dialogues are fresh and made me go 'wow' more than once. In other words, I felt something while watching "The Social Network", I forgot I was sitting there 'cause in my mind I was first in Harvard, then in California. That was a pretty amazing trip...

I don't feel like saying that "The Social Network" is going to win the Oscar as best movie of the year, but... it surely is the movie that better describes the society we're living in. This is a very modern movie that gives the audience a quick but solid overview of how many people live nowadays - we're curios, we want to know what is everybody we know doing and Facebook gave us that: the entire experience of college was taken to the internet, thanks to that genious who is Mark Zuckerberg.

A few things let me down, though. The soundtrack was far from being called amazing: I almost didn't hear it, and that was kind of disappointing for a movie that could have been a "A Beautiful Mind" set in the new century. The other thing is that I think the movie could have been perfect if only they turned the first day of the facebook online into something bigger, fancier, memorable --- what they did in the movie was ok, and kind of faithful to what really happened I guess, but I would have liked to have more since this is a movie.

These two are the only defects I'd like to point out: other than this the movie was perfect, made me fly like no other movie did in 2010. David Fincher provided us with a great movie that could have been boring but, for some reason, really isn't.

I wouldn't call "The Social Network" a masterpiece, but it surely has some great scenes and pieces of dialogues. It's a winning movie, not so rich in personal detailes, but still really enjoyable, interesting and breathtaking. Watching is absolutely recommended.

Let Me In
Let Me In(2010)

A great love story that goes way beyond friendship. "Let Me In" is a slow movie that puts you into a different, never seen before world: it's another movie about vampires, but it's completely different from anything you've seen before. It's bittersweet, nostalgic and cold. The plot is very straight, very calm, simple but it keeps you there for whatever reason.

I think the reason why "Let Me In" works out so well is having kids as main characters: that puts a note of innocence that's lacking in all the others vampire movies. That's the point: this movie mixes innocence with murders and violent facts, and that's what makes it special.

I don't know if I would say that this is the best vampire movie I've ever seen, but I surely enjoyed watching it. It's different and made me feel something different. The ending was really sweet.

Watching recommended.

Mission: Impossible 2

Too much slow motion, too many fake feelings and just few good action scenes. The opening sequence is just great, but on the other hand it's way too slow - we're talking action here, not climbing the unclimbing to get a message and destroy a cool pair of sunglasses. Most action scenes are good, but not memorable: they won't make your eyes jump out of your eyes...

But I still appriciate this movie. It's different from MI 1 and 2, John Woo made a somehow very personal movie. It didn't turn out being wonderful, but it's still very enjoyable. "Mission Impossible 2" had lots of potential, but it wasn't used in the best way - there's no adreanaline, no excitement. I didn't feel a things. The plot was good, actors were also quite right for their roles (Ving Rhames is still my fav character). What ruined the movie for me was its rythm: it was just too slow being an action movie. But no matter what, "Mission Impossible" is still very enjoyable.

Blue Valentine

The movie is good, the story intriguing but kind of unrealistic. "Blue Valentine" is about a real love story - what Dean did for Cindy, that's what I would call real love. The only thing that I don't get is Cindy's behave. Why was she mad at her husband, after all he did for her? I've given that much tought and, despite the fact that he was an alcoholic he still married her and helped her throughout the most difficult moments of her life. So why was she yelling at him after 5 years or so? He was still sweet and passionate, and he still respected her, so what was her problem?!? She had a beautiful family, a husband she could still count on, a man who respected her. That's really the only thing to me that doesn't work in "Blue Valentine" - they didn't give me enough of a reason to believe in this woderful story.

Dialogues are pretty good, acting is also good but not as stunning as I expected it to be. I'm not even sure Williams deserved that Oscar Nomination... she was good, but not nearly as astonishing as Natalie Portman in "Black Swan". Ryan Gosling was just there...

The story was amazing, but unbelievable. Still, what I enjoyed the most was the comparison between the past and the present life of this couple. And the look on Dean's face the first time he sees Cindy is just pricelesss... it makes you want to fall in love with someone.

Watching recommended. But if you're looking for a more ralistic and dramatic story you might want to check out "Revolutionary Road" by Sam Mendes.

Precious: Based on the Novel Push by Sapphire

So this was a pretty intense experience. I would suggest you watch this movie only if you are in the dramatic story mood because "Precious" is one of the saddest movie I've seen in my life. It ends with a positive light about life and living, still you have to go through a pretty long list of bad, dramatic things before reaching the ending.

Harlem, 1987. This is the story of Precious, a 16 years old girl who is already a mother and a mother-to-be for the second time in her life. She cannot read or write, so she is sent to this special school that will change her life thanks to the helpful people she meets there. "Precious" is a movie about hope. No matter how much your life sucks, no matter how bad your situation might be: you can still work out a way to rise two children and go to college if that's what you want. You just have to believe in yourself.

The pain you feel at the ending is so strong you won't even find the strenght to end up crying. Great story. Really touching. Absolutely recommended.

Reign Over Me

When you watch a movie 'cause you've forget you've already seen it, that's never a good sign. The opening is great and gives you chills, then I don't know, the story starts getting so slow, and lacks details and it bores me. I really wanted to like "Reign Over Me", but I wasn't able to like it - I've tried but this is one of those misty movies that do not want to enter and stay in my mind. I'm not saying this is a bad movie, just that I'm not able to enjoy it for whatever reason. Who knows.

Saw it years ago, and completely forgot about it. The other night I started watching it again, I was sure I hadn't seen it but after 10 minutes I remembered I already did... That's really unconventional to me. The only thing that entertained me was the soundtrack ---

In the Land of Women

I thought I wouldn't like it, instead I was really surprised by it. "In the Land of Women" is a polyedric movie that gives you a quick overview of the different phases a woman get through: childhood, teenage, adulthood, and old-age. Adam Brody plays the part of a guy who is surrounded by a child (little sister), a teenage (Kristen Stewart), an adult woman (Meg Ryan) and an old woman (his grandmother). He somehow manages to help them all, to show them the way... that was kind of sweet and made some sense.

Brody is good here, but Stewart and Ryan gave a better performance. I'm not saying this is a great movie, but it's fairly decent and has a morale and a sweet guy you could count on. That's good enough for me, or at least it was when I decided to watch this movie.

The Cake Eaters

Bittersweet movie, just as life is. If you think that Kristen Stewart is no good and that she'll be remembered just for her role in Twilight then you have to see this movie. "The Cake Eaters" is the movie that will make you change your opinion abour Stewart: her role as Georgia was just so sweet, sad and difficult and she just did a great job.

It's not that difficult to fall for this story or its characters. Director Mary Stuart Masterson did the most amazing job in portraying this great story, and writer Jayce Bartok wrote some amazing piece of dialogues: simple, but yet so touching and I don't know... different.

Recommended if you're looking forward to a simple yet touching movie which will leave you with a positive message about life.

The Exploding Girl

Slow but meant in a good way. "The Exploding Girl" is the story of an epiletic girl who looses what she tought was love, but ends up gaining real love. What makes this movie special is the fact that dialogues, rythm and the story feel real: "The Exploding Girl" is not one of those exaggerated love story where characters say some unbeliable, unrealistic line that you would never ever hear in real life. Dialogues feel so real, and the movie is slow as real life is: it takes time to reach some quests...

Actors did a good job. I never saw any of them before, but I tought their performances were quite convincing. Still, as I said before the best part of the movie is the fact that it feels real. That's why I suggest you to have a look at this movie: it might seem boring, but it contains many little joyces that will light up your day and give you faith. And the final scene is just amazing, at least to me... I expected a kiss, instead I got lots more.

The Crow
The Crow(1994)

There's something special about "The Crow": don't know if that's because of what happened to Brandon Lee, or if that's just because of the story or the location, but there's definitely something different going on here. Strong interpretation by all parts, rocking dialogues, stilish clothing make "The Crow" one of those cult movie you have to see at least once in your lifetime.

The story is so simple, straight, it's about revenge but then again about much more than that. You can feel there's a deeper background here. I felt sorry, I wanted to cry and I loved Eric Draven: I wish there were more characters like him out there. He totally made the movie for me.

Good movie. Great characters. Rocking soundtrack. A must see.

The Weather Man

"I remember once imagining what my life would be like, what I'd be like. I pictured having all these qualities, strong positive qualities that people could pick up on from across the room. But as time passed, few ever became any qualities that I actually had. And all the possibilities I faced and the sorts of people I could be, all of them got reduced every year to fewer and fewer. Until finally they got reduced to one, to who I am. And that's who I am, the weather man."

Forgot how good this movie was. "The Weather Man" is probably one of the best movie starring Nicolas Cage: it brilliantly portraits the modern society and it manages to explain how even someone who's supposed to be happy and shiny could be sad and alienated instead. This is a story about frustration, it's about feeling lost and realizing we'll never be able to find ourselves if not towards the end...

Dialogues are just great. A few parts towards the ending are just stunning, the perfect description of the world we live in. Acting is also quite good. Dave's daughter got on my nerves a lot: she doesn't know what she wants... Poor Dave Spirtz!

A good movie full of meanings.

"People don't throw things at me any more. Maybe because I carry a bow around."

Welcome to the Rileys

Slow and good, I don't think this movie is as bad as everyone says. "Welcome to the Rileys" is another of those movies that had potential, but wasted it in a stupid way. This is a story about broken people who end up finding each other and then loosing once again... The Rileys have lost a daughter, while Mallory has lost her family, her everything. It's somehow a touching story that was handled in the wrong way: I tought we were heading somewhere, but the ending is far from being classified as a finished ending. That was more of an open ending.

Kristen Stewart is a good actress. Look at her past career, she always choose different roles and that's absolutely no true that she always use the same 'face'. She's good and convincing, just give her little more time -
James Gandolfini was also great in the role of the depressed, tormented father. And Melissa Leo was somehow the only steady character of the entire movie, she was the only one that made me keep the faith.

On the other hand, I don't get a few actions. And even if I think that the ending was good, that was not what I was looking for. "Welcome to the Rileys" is a nice movie worth watching, but it doesn't lead you far away from where it started.


This is actually a good movie that might surprise you. Even if "Speak" is a low-budget, small and infamous movie, it contains a very strong, powerful message that is brilliantly lead to the public: just speak up, don't keep tragical facts to yourself. Speak up and you'll feel better. I was really surprised by "Speak" because I think it's one of the best teenage movie I've ever seen: it portraits the confusion that's going on in a teenager mind, it just makes you remember how alienated you feel during those strange, uncnfortable years of your life. I did really appriciate that, even if this story was a little bit more tragical and kind of dark.

I understand Melinda. And Kristen Stewart gave a wonderful interpretation considering how young she was at the time; I tought she was perfect for the role, this is probably one of her best so far.

Strong, powerful message. "Speak" is a convincing, intriguing, involving movie that won't let you down.

The Yellow Handkerchief

Kind of slow, but positive about life, "The Yellow Handkerchief" will steal your heart with its simple sweetness. This little movie set in the US but directed by an Indian director has it all: teenagers are confused, adults are too and they do also make mistakes. So where's this tiny little bond between childhood and adulthood? Do we ever grow up? For sure not everybody would have been mature enough to spend six years in jail for a non intended crime, and not everyone would have been commited in waiting for six years for a person they had fallen in love with.

Acting was just ok. Stewart was not that convincing in her role, but I tought William Hurt was perfect as a lonely, destructed man not sure about his future. Locations were also a really great background for the story that was being told.

"The Yellow Handkerchief" is a tiny little story that simply tells you a great live-living story. This is another of those movies that want you to live your life to the fullest, no matter how hard, sad, depresssing a situation could seem or be. The sun is gonna shine again someday, just keep the faith. This was the positve message I was looking forward, and here I found it.

Riding in Cars With Boys

"Beverly could've had it all. Instead, she had a son." Pretty lame movie with very lame characters. How could a girl who claims to be smart and intelligent end up being pregnant when she's 15 years old? "Riding in Cars With Boys" is about the true story of Beverly Donofrio, a real person who's now a writer/jouralist... This movie is full of controversy, it's inchoerent, it just feels wrong. There's something deeply wrong in all these characters who embraced some really stupid actions.

Drew Barrymore did a decent job, still I could not completely believe in what was happening. I'm still not sure she was the best choice to play Beverly. She was not that convincing.

"Riding in Cars With Boys" is a disturbing story. It might be interesting to watch it once or twice, but that's it. It won't teach you anything interesting. It's won't stick with you. Won't leave you thinking about a great morale, or ending.


A good movie, but I have to admit that the main character (the little kid) got on my nerves a lot. The message contained in "Millions" is a beautiful one, but then again why burn a million pounds instead of donate it to poors or keep it for yourself. That just sounded so wrong, and that kid seemed really disturbed: he saw things, he was able to talk not only to saints, but also to dead people apparently.

Maybe it's just me. Maybe it's the fact that I don't get English humorism, I don't know. I usually enjoy Danny Boyle's movies a lot, but I can't say this about "Millions": this movie just got on my nerves. I got the message, but on the other side if the message is 'burn your money instead of helping other people who might need it more than you do' well, I didn't like it. And what was the story of England leaving pounds for euros? That's never happened and never will.

Lords of Dogtown

1975. Venice Beach, CA. Great cast, rocking soundtrack - and who wouldn't like to skate in an empty pool? I'd like that, those scenes made me fly. This is the amazing true story of Stacy Peralta, Tony Alva and Jay Adams... But the most amazing thing about "Lords of the Dogtown" is that it was directed by a woman, Catherine Hardwicke. I would have never guessed that.

Casting is also unbelievable. Heath Ledger was terrific as Skip Engblom: he felt so real. Same goes for Emile Hirsch who played Jay Adams. These guys have potential, they're so skilled, they made me believe in what they were fighting for.

I'm not a skater or a surfer. Never been there, never wanted to do that, but I enjoy watching people skate or surf. Maybe that's the reason why I liked this movie. It is different in a nice way, it's got a decent ending and as I said before I liked all those surf-in-a-swimmingpool scenes. I'd like to try that and those scenes were beautifully shot.

Great cast, great stories. It works for me.

How to Train Your Dragon

I actually tought it would have been better, but it was not bad. I loved some parts, and kind of disliked a few others. "How to Train Your Dragon" is a movie that will make your imagination fly - I actually would like to fly on a dragon, and change the living style of vikings as the main chracter did, just that's not very realistic. Dialogues are very standard, the ending was very predictable.

Even if this is not my favourite animated movie I did enjoy watching it. Kids will probably enjoy it more than I did. It lacks details, and the beginning of the story is kind of... well, let's say that it seemed like if they didn't know where they were heading to.

Still, enjoyable in many ways.

Dear John
Dear John(2010)

If you're looking forward to some sad love story, here you are. "Dear John" is another story from a novel written by sad-love-stories writer Nicholas Spark. I'm pretty sure the book is way better than the movie, but I quite enjoyed this Lasse Hallstrom project, too. Dialogues were just ok, but I ended up crying as I was supposed to, so that's a green dot to me.

The movie works. It might be slightly slow in some parts, but the tension between John and Savannah is quite palpable - that's what I was looking foward. I'm not saying this is a perfect movie, just that it works out pretty well. And locations were just amazing.

Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried as lead characters worked for me. They did a good job. Hallstrom let me down. He usually directs deeper, more detailed stories such as "Cider House Rules" or "Chocolat".... "Dear John" missed something, seemed like they just DID want you to cry.

Still, a good movie. Absolutely recommended if you're a sad love stories fan.

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy(1992)

Poor in details, very trashy, and the plot is not that convincing. Then again, the ending is really predictable and most actions just do not make any sense - how could a perfect stranger install in a rich family house and do what Ivy did? Ok, that's a broken family and everythng, but seriously, who would be so dumb and blind?

It was fun to see Barrymore play the trashy character of Ivy, and Sara Gilbert along with Tom Skerritt did a good job, too. The main plot of "Poison Ivy" is different and original, but it lacks in details and to me there are some huge plot holes... The entire movie doesn't lead to anything, if not to betray and revenge. And sorry, that's not too appealing to me.

If I was you I would just skip it. Not because it's a bad movie (it's fairly decent), but because it's an empty movie that doesn't have a thing to tell.

Mozart and the Whale

A surprisingly good movie. I didn't expect it to be any good, but it was. "Mozart & the Whale" is about autistic people and there's this couple affected by the Asperger's syndrome - it just gets you there, you are fully able to explore that disease and what it means to live with it. It's really an interesting movie, you just give it 10 minutes or so to get used to it, then it'll go.

The only thing I'm not really sure about is Hartnett. I'm not really sure he was the best actor to fit in the role; he was credible, and the part was far from being easy... just in a few scenes I didn't know if I was supposed to take him seriously or crack up laughing. That's never a good sign.

An overall good movie. I suggest you give it a chance. It's got something different, the entire plot is kind of unique.


"It started with a chair": isn't this like one of the best opening line ever? Simple, fresh, involving, emotional, serious but also incredibly fun. I end up crying every time I see it, it just gets you there with many mixed but very solid feelings... It's so sweet. "Juno" is an incredible movie that I always enjoy watching because even if the situation is really serious, the movie isn't - there are lots of jokes here and there and the screenplay is just awesome. It's simple, yet awesome in its own peculiar way. Diablo Cody can really write some good stuff.

Ellen Page - I just love her as Juno, she really bought the character to life. And Juno is a pretty damn good character, so solid and strong. And Michael Cera is just the perfect Paulie... and Jennifer Garner is just the perfect adopting parent. And all the other did a great job, too. I could not really picture a "Juno" movie with any different actresses/actors.

Great movie. It always manages to make me feel better.
It puts your life under a brighter light, it cheers you up. Warmly recommended, it probably won't let you down.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

At the beginning I thought this movie was about the 10-years-marriage crisis which would have been good enough, but after half an hour I understood that this was some sort of comedy mixed with some non-sense drama. "Date Night" is not a bad movie and will make you laugh genuinely in more than one occasion; what I didn't like is that form the premesis it seemed like we were heading to a fun (but still mature) analysis of a copuple in crisis for then ending up watching a movie that makes fun of a stupid married people.

Dialogues are kind of standard but still interesting and in line with the entire plot which is... well, kind of dumb. Steve Carell and Tina Fey were both great in their roles, and I would say the same about Wahlberg. It's a good, fresh movie to watch, just don't take this too seriously.

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

I just don't get it. I just felt scared, unconfortable and jumpy while watching "Black Swan", I didn't get emotional, I didn't cry. So why is everybody saying that this is Aronofsky's masterpiece? This movie is so odd, even music felt strange... I put this movie in the same category of Lynch's Mulholland Dr or Inland Empire, just because nothing makes sense in here, and yet it's all let to your interpretation: you have to decide what's real and what's not, and in "Black Swan" almost everything is up to you. That's what I don't like: I need some steady points in a movie, not everything can be left to my personal interpretation.

It's now been days since I saw it, and still I'm really confused. This is not Aronofsky masterpiece to me, "Requiem for a Dream" is. A part from a few inspired dialogues I'm not really sure about what I liked in this movie. For sure I didn't like that oppressive thrilling component that was constantly present throughout the movie.

Natalie Portman gave a good interpretation as Nina, she was really brave going back to ballet at her age (29). Still, that interpretation is not worth an Oscar in my opinion.

So this movie scared me to death, made me feel unconfortable. I still can't tell what is it about - it's not about balley for sure. So what? Is it abou crazy people? Because that's the best bet I could end up with so far. I really don't get it: why did everybody like it? To me it seems like it's about nothing -- I'm still not sure about what was real and what was not...

So I can't give it a rate. Because I don't get it. "Black Swan" is not a bad movie but it didn't hit me, so it's not a 5 stars to me. And it's not a 1 star for sure because there was something in it, the problem is understanding what something... And it's really unconventional, unique, scary, so it would probably be around 3 and a half/ 4 stars ----


The whole situation, the way the plot is pointed out at the beginning is just amazing. "Freeway" really astonished me at the beginning, the character of Vanessa is among the most original characters I've ever seen portrayed on screen... Dialogues are fresh, there are many unexpected twists, and the story is not as improbable as we might think it is. There's violence, killing, crazy people, but also a smile on people faces and the capacity of always see something positive in the situation you might find yourself in.

This is a dramatic movie, but still manages to make you smile in a few scenes. The best thing in the movie is Vanessa, a character that has such a positive note in herself... she's a force of nature. Reese Witherspoon and Kiefer Sutherland are both great in their roles.

So why the 3 stars? Well, simply because the ending let me down in so many ways, it was dumb and exaggerated. I'm not saying it's not in line with the rest of the movie, I'm just saying that I tought the movie was trying to communicate something but, giving that ending... Well, it didn't. It was different. With a different ending it could have easily been a 4 stars.

Watching is recommended. It's "Monster" made in a funnier way. And it's just great seeing Witherspoon so young and yet so talented.

Staying Alive

I actually didn't hate this sequel. "Staying Alive" lacks almost all the elements that made me love "Saturday Night Fever" but still, it's an enjoyable project that kind of makes you relize how hard the world of ballet and dancing is. Songs were good, acting was decent and dialogues were kind of poor, but what disturbs me the most is that "SNF" had the most perfect ending I could have ever imaged, so why ruin it with a sequel? Seems to me like they did it only for money and fame. And once again, what was Stallone doing there? This isn't exactly his field...

I really enjoyed it, but found it kind of superficial and empty. Where did Tony left his human feelings? He just seemed a puppet here, a soulless puppet...


A good movie that takes you into the hell of drugs in the nowdays NYC. The first minutes are quite intense, but after that tension decreases and we end up watching a pretty standard movie; "Twelve" has good dialogues, it's a good drama but it's far from being outstanding. Still, it's set in a peculiar situation and the main character White Mike is kind of different from most drug dealers and that's what makes this movie different: the reason that makes him do what he's doing.

I enjoyed this movie, just I would have liked to have a more defined ending filled up by a stronger morale or message. Far away from being as good as other movies about drugs, "Tewlve" is still worth watching.

Dawn of the Dead

"When there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth." Scary. The opening titles were just great, I loved every single piece of music in here, from beginning to end. "Dawn of the Dead" is a tense movie that will keep you there till the very end; it's quite an unconventional horror movie, there's something different in it. Acting is good, most scenes are just awesome - and this comes from a no-horror fan - dialogues are also quite different even if this is just that same old story we've seen over and over again (see Resident Evil and tons of other zombie-based movies). Just "Dawn of the Dead" is different, it's more visual so it gets you out there in that scary world.

If you ask me, one of the best if not the best horror movie I've ever seen. I'm now really looking forward to watch the original Romeo's movie. I just loved it, it's worth every single minute, even if I found the ending titles a little bit disturbing.

Personal Effects

I can't see why many people hated this movie. "Personal Effects" is sad, nostalgic and makes you appreciate your simple, easy life. It's about loosing the most beloved people who surround you, but it's also about the many connections that that loosing might lead to. Michelle Pfeiffer and Ashton Kutcher were good in their respective roles; the main characters all had something in common and something to share so it's not so difficult to understand where all this is leading us.

To me the first scene is really strong - the whole story is told by a deaf teenager whom father has been killed by a gunshot. This points out a lot of tragic facts and emotions that will stay with us till the end of the movie.

"Personal Effects" is well acted, has some good dialogues here and there. Overall it's a pleasant movie to watch. I'm not really sure about what kept me sitting there for almost two hours, but something did - I found this movie really intense.

Mission: Impossible

Entertaining, it will keep your tension up till the very end. It's not epic, it's not one of those movie you'll fall in love with, special effects are really out-of-date but... I don't know, "Mission Impossible" is involving, it makes you wanna watch it till the ending.

There's quite a lot of tension, and mysteries to be solved and much action. It's fun to see such a young Tom Cruise, and it's a pleasure to have DePalma behind that camera. Some scenes (the helicopter one and a few others) are a little bit exaggerated, but after all this is meant to be a mission impossible, isn't it?

An entertaining action movie. The third one is slightly better but hey, this is the first one and it's 1996 so who cares if computers look a little bit outdated.

Great opening song. Love that theme.


This movie rules, that's the point. If you don't believe in comedy mixed with horror then you have to watch it: you'll probably change your mind about that. "Zombieland" is differently scary, fun, unpredictable and totally entertaining. Even the soundtrack is just great and sticks with each scene perfectly. This is the parody of all parodies, just it's not a parody or a comedy, or a horror: "Zombieland" is a new genere.

First we have the 32 rules that will make you laugh so hard that you'll die. Then we have those incredible opening titles - and the 4 main characters are just perfect: director Ruben Fleischer or whoever for him choose just the right actors for the parts... I really could not image a "Zombieland" without Woody Harrelson, Jesse Eisenberg, Emma Stone or Abagail Bresin.

Dialogues rocked, destroying scene were so fun. I loved the cars. And Bill Murray's home. The whole concept of "Zombieland" is really interesting, alternative and well-balanced.

A unique, unexpected movie that will not let you down.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

It just blew me away and all the way till the very end. Special effects were great, and the story was really entertaining and stimulating, so I really suggest you watch this movie even if you')re not a fan on the TV show "Star Trek". The script was brilliant, fresh and full of unexpected twists that astonished me, some dialogues were also quite fun; most actors were almost unrecognizable but I think they all did a great job playing their parts.

"Star Trek" is absolutely a must-see if you're in the sci-fi genre, not to mention that it's probably one of the best movie that was made back in 2009. It's really involving and nice to watch because it never gets boring, each scene is up to something --- I didn't know it was directed by J.J. Abrams, but I have to say that after this I'll keep a close watch on him. He really knows how to work the world of movies and TV shows out, and I just can't wait to see a sequel to this thrilling movie.

Just watch it, ok? I promise it's totally worth it.

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

It lacked rhythm, it lacked some good action scenes. "The Tourist" is an insipid movie that cannot be classified as an action, a romantic or a thriller movie: it's just nothing. I got the whole story right from the beginning, all was way too predictable and once again Depp ended up playing a boring, meaningless and ridicolous (meant in a bad way) character. So lame.

Even costumes were just horrible, not to talk about the music choices. We all know why Jolie signed up to do this unsignifican project - she wanted to spend some time in Europe - but what I don't get is why amazing actors like Bettany and Depp choose to do this movie. What did they see in it? Just money?! Because I don't really get the whole sense of this... Even looking back, knowing what happens at the end - I don't get the why of many actions. It just doesn't make sense. It's boring, repetitive and dialogues are just lame and we've already heard all those words.

I found it boring, not entertaining. Still, it was ok to watch it probably beause I wanted to see if my theory was right or wrong. It was just right, and that tells me that the movie is predictable. The only thing I did like was the locations.

By the way, I wish I could say that trains here in Italy are as clean as they're in this movie! 'Cause you have to know that Trenitalia sucks.

Winter's Bone

A terrific acting for a quite uncommon, different and realistic story. Jennifer Lawrence is really the newborn star here, but she's also surrounded by others actress and actors who are as good as she is - that's what I liked the most about "Winter's Bone": the acting. Dialogues are also really realistic as the whole story that is told here... Then I stop because I don't think there's nothing more I liked about this movie: when and where is it set? And isn't the plot just too depressing, or the whole story just a little bit too exaggerated? --- I didn't get where all this was meant to lead me. What is the purpose of this movie? Something like never back down, no matter how hard life can be? Anyways this is not a bad movie, really. It is a movie to appiciate, not a movie to enjoy as somebody pointed out early. Still, I was kind of disappointed.

Cold, depressing, poor in warm feelings but rich of many other feelings and emotion that you'll rarely find in any other movie. For sure a diverse, unconventional project worth watching once.

Definitely, Maybe

One of the sweetest movie I've seen in years. The way this father tells his daughter the story of he and her mother falling-in-love, and the fact that despite a divorce this story has a happy ending... that's just like honey. "Definitely, Maybe" is a great movie that will surprise you in many different ways. It's filled up with many unexpected twists, there's lots of love and emotion and if that's not enough for you well, Abigail Breslin's reactions at some poin of the movie are just priceless. I love that kid.

Then there's that Nirvana song ("Come as You Are"), and the story is set for most part in the 90s which is kind of uncommon. Sweet and just a very good movie that you'll probably enjoy if you're a romantic.


A remake still worth watching in my opinion. "21" is fun, not boring and different from all those others gabling movies set in Vegas. Jim Sturgess and Kevin Spacey are just the perfect student/teacher couple, and I loved them both in the movie, they were just right for the part.
Plot isn't that complicated - actually it's very linear, doesn't add any deep emotional feeling or sensation, but it's still good and makes the movie pleasant to watch.

Characters are good, and make "21" a complete, genial, exilarathing movie to watch. I would recommend it if you liked the Ocean's movie or if you're just looking for a light but somehow meaningful movie to watch.


One of the best movie I've seen so far, it sticks in my personal top 25. Every single shot is incredibly involving, the soundtrack helps to put more and more energy where there's already too much adrenalin, and the screenplay is just pure poetry. "300" is such an epic, great movie. You'll never get tired of watching it because there's so much details and you'll notice something new ever other time around.

Zack Snyder did an awesome job as director. And whoever was involved with the production followed his example because everything in here turns out to be perfectly mixed together.

A must see, especially if you did enjoy "Sin City". To me this is even better. It's got rythm.

Mission: Impossible III

For the first five minutes it's all pure adrenaline, then it slows down and then it's pure adrenaline again. "Mission: Impossible III" is an awesome action movie that won't let you down, even if you're not a fan of the series and you do not like Cruise.

It's really entertaining, the scenes that were shoot in China are just great and the script is also well-written. There's lots of action mixed with many human feelings such as love, friendship, loss, betrayal - all well mixed and cleverly directed by J.J. Abrams who I admit is really starting to impress me. The soundtrack is also great as always.

Even if a few scenes are just a *little* bit exaggerated "M:I:III" turns out being a great movie where no much elements are missing. After all, what more to expect from an action movie if not action, some great special effects, tension and a few unexpected twists?

Music and Lyrics

Cute little movie, but I honestly couldn't completely believe to what was happening here. "Music & Lyrics" is still really interesting because it makes you understand how important lyrics might be in a song: I'm with Sophie in this, lyrics are so much more important than music, you can fall in love with the lyrics, not the notes. On the other hand, there was just a slight chemistry between the two main characters.

Songs were great for the movie, and both Grant and Barrymore did a great job in their respective roles. It was so fun to hear them sing and the song they wrote together had the most amazing words in it.

Fresh, relaxing and fun. Just don't expect something really profound or involving.

Resident Evil: Afterlife

I was actually surprised by this last "Resident Evil" installment. The first 10 minutes were very noisy and kind of pointless, but after that the real story begins -- ok, it's all the same, we've already seen all this in the previous chapters but still I found the movie entertaining and 'fun'. I got lost in the plot here and there, it was just kind of intricate but I really enjoyed it. A 3D screening might have been nice.

Better than the previous one, you'll probably enjoy it if you liked the three previous chapters of the saga.

PS. Special effects, action scenes and the soundtrack were just awesome. Especially some ralenty action scenes will blow you away!

Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

A personal favourite during my childhood, I still find this movie entertaining and thrilling. "The Last Crusade" is like a good book, it slightly flows though your mind and gets you to many wonderful, adventurous places all over the globe. And we've got a little bit of history, and fun, and religion --- all these elements are cleverly mixed together. Indiana is still youg, and having Sean Connery playing his dad was just the most amazing thing that ever happened in a Indiana Jones movie.

You're going to enjoy this movie now, as in 10 or 20 or 50 years from now. A timeless classic. And what a soundtrack! John Towner Williams is just a genious.

The Last Airbender

This movie had so much potential, too bad it was once again wasted. "The Last Airbender" is filled up with many great action scenes, and I ended up being really interested in this new, exciting mythology. I really liked the story, but characters were not fully explored, dialogues were pretty standard and well, there was an overall lack in details. Still, I liked it and I wish we could see more from that cold, mystical world in the future.

I don't get why everybody hated this movie so much. The soundtrack written by James Newton Howard is just great and fitted perfectly with some great scenes, special effects were also quite good --- and the story was amazing, although I have to admit that it should be revisited here and there.

P.S. I don't see the point of making it in 3-D anyways... I haven't see it at the movies, but it doesn't seem like the 3-D would have been worth the price.

Shrek Forever After

So this was a great delusion: I used to love those characters, but with this last Shrek instalment I almost ended up hating them all, or maybe I should say I ended up hating the producers for what they did to those wonderful characters. "Shrek Forever After" has nothing to offer, it's just a made-up puzzle from all the previous movies of the saga, even dialogues are just a copy of what has already been said!

The only thing that happens in this last, sad chapter is that all your favourite characters will be destroyed. Fiona is ugly and unpleasant, Puss is fat but still enjoyabe, Donkey has that sad look in his eyes and is all flurry, and Shrek is just no more himself. He loved Fiona and had everthing he wanted, he was happy and would have never signed that dumb contract offered by that tiny, little stupid man because... Shrek is not stupid, or at least he wasn't till the previous chapter.

Poor in detail, the plot was dumb and characters were different. If I was you I would just skip it and re-watch "Shrek" (2001) instead. That was just so much better...

The Painted Veil

Tragically beautiful and moving, "The Painted Veil" is one of those movie that will stick with you for years after you've seen it. I saw this masterpiece 4 years ago, and I still remembered most of it: it's so profound, and realistic, and tragic. The location is just amazing, as for the soundtrack, costumes, dialogues and acting; I've always thought that Watts and Norton did a great job as a couple in crisis and Liev Schreiber was as amazing as always. So as a total I would say that director John Curran could not have done a better job.

"The Painted Veil" manages to turn China into an interesting destination, even if there's a cholera epidemic... There's so much more to discover in this great story that might seem simple even if it really isn't because it hides so many secondary paths and stories.

A pure pleasure for eyes, ears and mind. Watch it.

The Age of Innocence

There's something unique in this sweet, melanconic movie. "The Age of Innocence" by Scorsese is about society rules and scandals back in 1870. The plot is really simple and genuine, but what I really like about this movie is costumes, music (another great soundtrack by James Horner) and acting, not to talk about the screenplay which is really cleverly written. Dialogues seem to be so genuine and will give you much inspiration...

A great movie by Scorsese. A great proof of acting by Daniel Day-Lewis, Michelle Pfeiffer and Winona Ryder that will leave you with that bittersweet sensaion. Very relaxing and totally worth watching.

Reservation Road

A kid is dead. And whose fault is that? "Reservation Road" makes you realize that when something that tragic happens everybody feels guilt, but nobody really is because that's really just the result of a coincidence controlled by many unrelated facts... Such things happen, and killing who's guilt in your opinion, or turning him in to the police will not make the pain go away or give your son back. You'll just need to live with it.

Great cast. The music in the background is also fantastic and managed to get me in the right mood to follow these characters. "Reservation Road" is a bittersweet, tragic movie that might will help people who loose someone feel less lonely. Not a masterpiece, but it knows what is wants to be about and truthfully reports the situation and the feelings some people have to get through.


As an action movie, "Salt" could be considered just decent, but under the 'thriller' point of view is surely much more solid and consistent. The plot is simple but also complicated for many different reasons, and the story will keep you tangled to your seat till the very end because it's really not possible for the audience to understand what's going on till the very end of the movie which is, in my opinion, just great and exhilarating.

Angelina Jolie did a good job as a CIA secret agent with a very mysterious and dirt past; don't know why but it's always fun to see her play with guns and bombs. I think that her role isn't as simple as it seems to be because there are so many emotions and feeling involved here and there. Action sequences were great, but somehow exaggerated (see the jumping form van to van on a highway); anyways "Salt" turned out to be entertaining, dramatic and involving so I did like it. Director Phillip Noyce ("The Quiet American") did a good job and managed to keep tension up till the very end, when the movie goes out with a really unexpected 'boom'.

Even if it was a little bit dark, sad and 'cold' the ticket was totally worth the price; I would have never imaged such an end, really.

The Ninth Gate

Not as good as I remembered it. I would have really liked to see how "The Ninth Gate" would have turned out to be if it was directed by Kubrik, I don't know why but I keep on finding many similarities between this Polanski movie and "Eyes Wide Shut". First of all, the soundtrack is great and the story is kind of unique: I really can't think about a movie with a similar plot.

This is one of my favourite characters played by Johnny Depp (my favourite one being Inspector Abberline in "From Hell"), so that might be the reason why I'm still able to enjoy this somehow redicolous movie. It's just that I like books, and all those ancient books that might have the power to call the prince of darkness... well, that's really an interesting and somehow scary story.

Still, the movie is filled up with a few scenes that always make me laugh even if I should not - i.e. when the countess is dead at her tongue is sticked outside - that's always a redicolous scene because you can tell that's fake. And then again, Dean Corso is quite an unstable characters that builds his faith on 9 little images and ends up believing in the devil. That was... I don't know, kind of rushed.

Anyways, after having see "The Ninth Gate" ten times this movie is still able to give me chills because of the final scene and many other things that happen in between. It's an interesting thriller; not perfect, but rich with tension and worth watching sometimes here and there.

Breaking and Entering

Slow, but I would not call it boring. "Breaking & Entering" is a deep movie that makes you reflect about relationships nowadays and how even a rich architect may be unhappy and willing to look for happiness elsewhere. I think the first lines are just so truth: you might be staying with someone for years and then end up not being listened or not listening to your partner... and what's the point of all that?

Once again Juliette Binoche prooved to be a great actress. I think that hers was the best character in the movie, even if I still don't completely understand her actions or Will's action. Anyways their story was so bittersweet and made me feel something...

Not Minghella's best movie, but still an inspired project. It's worth seeing it once or twice.


It was a pain to watch: "Hulk" is probably one of the worst movie I've ever seen in my life so I'm still trying to understand how come that great artists such as Lee, Bana and Connelly signed up to do this. Boring, totally predictable, special effects are so out-of-date after just 7 years! The only decent thing were sound effects. Acting and dialogues (especially dialogues!) are simply tasteless...

And I have to admit that my heart broke when I saw those missles destroy Bryce canyon or another canyon around there. That was such a sad scene, people should not even think about that so I considered that action so out of place...

If you ask me skip it. It was just ridicolous and boring seeing that green thing jumping around, so don't waste your money on this.

Knight & Day
Knight & Day(2010)

The worst James Mangold movie I've seen so far, but still good in comparison to many other action/comedy projects out there. May be the fact that I find kind of difficult to take Cruise seriously, or Diaz as well, but I thought that the plot was a little bit inconsistent even if it was really fun. I found myself laughing in more than one occasion, and I was really involved with the story toward the ending so I cannot say that "Knight & Day" is a disaster movie.

Dialogues were pretty standard, you can tell that's not Mangold speaking. The story was different but let lots of open and unresolved questions to answer, and the soundtrack got along pretty well with the whole story. Still, how can a person who does not even have a passport travel 3 continents within hours? And why would that strange guy choose this unknown girl? Just for faith? Come on. That was kind of lame, but I have to say that Cruise and Diaz have this strange but believable chemistry that made me really enjoy the ending. And Paul Dano once again prooved to be one of the greatest actor of his generation: I almost didn't recognize him, again! He's just too amazing.

Worth seeing if you ask me, but "Knight & Day" surely isn't James Mangold best project.

Going the Distance

A pretty standard story that didn't exactly blow me away. "Going the Distance" is just too predictable, superficial and unrealistic: there are a few funny lines, but a part from this the story is kind of lame and unimaginable. Still, it's an entertaining movie, the soundtrack is decent and performances are sufficiently convincing even if there's really no chemistry at all between Barrymore and Long who are supposed to be emotionally involved in here.

Superficial but relaxing, if you miss some minutes here and there this won't prevent you from understanding the main point of the movie which is... well, I'm still working on that since just a few things made sense in "Going the Distance".


I flipped, and for the first and only time in my life I've cried because of a tree. This tiny little story is really emotional and fully explains what's going on in a boy's and a girl's mind while falling in love; "Flipped" was so involving and nice, and everything made sense and felt so real and genuine. Dialogues are natural and actors did a great job: those kids were so cute together, and seeing them growing and accepting their feelings one after the other and not at the same time was really amazing.

I just wish the movie was longer, I would have really enjoyed to see the end of the story, something like and they happily lived forever after but I guess that would have turned the movie in a pretty standard project so I'm perfectly ok with that ending, which was just one of the sweetest I've ever seen. I totally cried. So nice.

The Rules of Attraction

I just can't see the point of this ridiculous movie. "The Rules of Attractions" is kind of a messed up movie that wants to explore life at the university but doesn't succeed in that; it's just confused and keeps on jumping from one scene to another with no apparent logical flow. Dialogues are not poor but my impression is that they want to impress the audience with some strong language; well, I don't know about you but that's not what impresses me when I'm watching a movie. Acting was also quite good considering the not-so-logic story but...

But even if this might be slightly realistic college movie it still didn't make sense. I did like a few scenes and I have to say that some dialogues and facts really surprised me; the problem is that a part from that I didn't get it. I got a few scenes here and there but I wasn't able to get the complete picture. So what was this movie about? Drugs, parties, sex and love (should I call it that way?) are just not enough elements, especially if they're mixed and exposed in this original way.

P.S. The ending was just horrible, but I have to admit that it was in line with the rest of the movie.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

Nice, entertaining and relaxing to watch. Special effects were also quite convincing, and for the first time in my life I think I actually liked a character played by Nicholas Cage, he just seemed right for the role. "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" is entertaining but misses some real action-packed scene, the ending felt a little bit rushed. The script which was fun in some parts and kind of boring in others. My guess is that the producers didn't know if they wanted to make a kid movie or an adult/teenage movie; that would explain why we needed that 10 years jump in the past.

Still, there are many interesting parts and a few exciting, unexpected moments. The overall plot turns out to be confusing, I still don't know where all this story led us - but as I said before "The Sorcerer's Apprentice" was entertaining. And the soundtrack was also great, I almost got emotional in some scenes. If that's enough for you then watch it, you probably won't be disappointed.

True Women
True Women(1997)

A real feminist movie, or at least this is what I got while watching the movie. "True Women" is set in Texas and reminded me of "Gone With the Wind", but it explores other sides of the late XIX century such as women not being able to vote and trying to get on with their lives while their husbands were busy fighting war or working, and slavery. Pretty great values for such a small, forgotten movie but that completely makes the movie to me.

To me this really was a surprising, profound story about three generations and how times do always change. "True Women" is not perfect, but it kindly mixes a story that feels real with many great human values such as love, kids, and rights. I ended up watching it just because Angelina Jolie was in it, but I found lots more than what I expected.

Cheaper by the Dozen 2

Not as bad as I thought it would be, still not one of those excellent movies I would like to watch over and over again for the rest of my life. "Cheaper by the Dozen 2" is a family movie that will make you laugh here and there but nothing more than this; it‚(TM)s just the same old story we‚(TM)ve already read or seen over and over again. It‚(TM)s entertaining if you‚(TM)re so tired and brain-dead but it‚(TM)s either not profound or deeply emotional. It‚(TM)s just standard or below the standard, still it‚(TM)s nice and I can‚(TM)t say I didn‚(TM)t like it.

Material Girls

This movie is as superficial as its title. "Material Girls" has a non-sense plot, or at least I think it doesn't know what it wants to be about and the main characters are just way beyond being lame. There's so emotion, no logic in this story of these two rich and annoyed white trash girls - there's really nothing more to say about this movie. The one star goes to the attorney who showed little compassion for those girls who did not need any compassion; then again, the plot was so predictable and most of the movie was painful to watch. Point.

Vampires Suck

I hate to say this, but "Vampires Suck" is just better than the Twilight Saga movies, or at least it's more pleasant to watch than "New Moon" is. Everything is exactly the same, just there is so much more attention to details and characters are all way more alike I pictured them while reading the books. Now, I am a fan of the books, but I was never completely satisfied with the movies (maybe the first Twilight movie was good, but still not as the book); against all my expectations "Vampires Suck" made me laugh from beginning to end.

Except from a few scenes that were just not in line with the others, most of them were just perfect. And what should I say about the actors? They were just perfect, I wish they could play their roles in the official saga. I even liked Buffy cameo, so... this is another sign that tells me that even if I don't want to admit it to myself I did like this movie, iit was just hilarious. One of the best parody I've ever seen, there's just too many things to tease on about Twilight!

He's Just Not That Into You

A nice, fresh comedy that brilliantly explains and shows how men and women see everything under a different point of view and act consequently. It was really interesting to analyze the many different and common situation, dialogues were funny and the many stories were not boring to follow; at the end you get some happy endings and some other not-so-happy endings, which is also quite similar to what happens in real life.

Watch it if you're a romantic comedy fan. I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed.

The Perfect Man

Stupid, dumb and superficial. "The Perfect Man" is just so superficial, when watching this movie seems like women could not live without a man at their side or without running miles away when they get dumped. Come on, tha's just silly. The script was really lame, music was just ok and acting - let's just not talk about that. I usually like to watch movies starring Hilary Duff because they're relaxing and I don't need to think to follow the story, but this one is just too much.

There is no "Perfect Man" in here, and the plot is ridiculous and somehow offensive toward females. Still, if you're really desperate and have just one single neuron still working late at night you could give it a look.

Can't Hardly Wait

‚Can‚(TM)t Hardly Wait‚? focuses on that strange period of life that stands between graduation and freshman year at college ‚" it manages to describe pretty well all the confusion and disorientation that characterize those months, just it does it in a too exaggerated way. The plot of the movie it kind of dumb, as the same could be said about the main characters actions; it‚(TM)s somehow very immature, unrealistic and most things that happen here are just really improbable.

There are a few really cute scenes and it‚(TM)s funny to see half Hollywood in this little funky movie; if you grew up in the ‚(TM)90 you‚(TM)ll be able to spot most of your teenage heroes acting in here and see how they looked like back in 1998 ‚" that‚(TM)s probably the main reason why I ended up watching ‚Can‚(TM)t Hardly Wait‚?.

A part from that, dialogues are pretty standard and didn‚(TM)t sound that funny to me; acting was also ok and characters were just mildly interesting. Give it a shot, you might enjoy it more than I did.

The Ugly Truth

I‚(TM)m ashamed to admit that I did like the movie, just because it was kind of fun in some scenes. ‚The Ugly Truth‚? is misogynist, sexist and offensive is so many different ways ‚" that‚(TM)s what it is: offensive. Watching the movie, seems like women have no brain and need a man to support them and give them the right idea to get anything going. This is the reason why the movie got on my nerves right from the beginning and it still does if I think about the main plot of the movie. It‚(TM)s sexist, and there something deeply wrong with the whole concept which is controversial and ridiculous. Still, I did like it and found it enjoyable because it was fun. Even if the ending was simply pitiful, lame and totally predictable.

I really blame Katherine Heigl for doing this, as a woman I really can‚(TM)t see how she could get as low as she did acting in this women unfriendly project. As for Gerard Butler, he should be ashamed as well: jumping from wonderful projects as ‚300‚? to this crap ‚" well, ‚The Ugly Truth‚? is a different project. Just be ready to feel offended in many different ways because that‚(TM)s what I felt especially for the first 30 minutes or so.


Scary, but really changeling from a psychological point of view, which is more than I could say about most horror or thriller movies. ‚Saw‚? was really surprising, it made me jump on my seat a couple of times, kept my attention up for the whole length of the movie, and managed to show me an ending that I would have never imaged. The ‚killer‚? had a reason for doing what he was doing, he wants to make those people understand how valuable life is, and I think he brilliantly manages to do that by the worst of ways. That‚(TM)s what makes ‚Saw‚? different from all the other horror movies to me; it‚(TM)s strangely plausible.

The script is very basic and flat, and acting is kind of pitiful, too. But that‚(TM)s not really important considering that the reason why I would like to re-watch this movie is far away from acting or dialogues. It‚(TM)s all about being in a ‚~Saw-mood‚(TM) ‚" there are some really enjoyable scenes, especially towards the end. Also, it must be so interesting to explore this strange world a little further ---

You shouldn‚(TM)t miss this. It‚(TM)s probably one of the best horror/thriller movie ever produced.

Dark City
Dark City(1998)

I don‚(TM)t really know what to think about this movie. I loved some parts and hated many others, but the overall project was so fascinating, different and unpredictable (truly unpredictable) that I really can‚(TM)t say this was a failure. I would consider ‚Dark City‚? a cult movie: there‚(TM)s nothing like this out there, but many movies after this followed the same path; it‚(TM)s such a cold, restless movie --- it got kind of scary in some scenes here and there. The script was simple but quite enjoyable, and by observing photography I think that this was inspired by a comic book or something like that.

Rufus Sewell, Jennifer Connelly and Kiefer Southerland all gave a good performance considering the absurdities they were supposed to say. I mean, ‚Dark City‚? plot is such an out-of-mind thing that it must have been really difficult to believe in it.

For some reason it should be a 1 star movie, but for many others ‚Dark City‚? should be quoted 5 stars --- so let‚(TM)s make an average of 3.5 stars. That was scary, but absolutely recommended especially if you‚(TM)re a sci-fi fan because ‚Dark City‚? will surely blow you away.

The Time Traveler's Wife

An awesome, romantic, touching, involving story that was brilliantly turned into a great movie you‚(TM)ll stick with from beginning to end. I couldn‚(TM)t stop watching and feeling what I felt toward the main characters; I felt so sorry for them every now and then. The script was brilliantly translated from what I suppose to be a great book by Audrey Niffenegger, and every little piece was held together with lots of attention.

Acting was also astonishing, both Rachel McAdams and Eric Bana gave a great performance as two very complicated and somehow confusing characters (I got lost here and there, but hey, that was the first time I saw the movie). I deeply cared for what was about to happen to Clare and Henry, and this movie only made me want more ‚" that‚(TM)s why I suppose I‚(TM)ll soon buy and read the book .

‚The Time Traveler's Wife‚? is the best romance movie I‚(TM)ve seen in 2010; I can‚(TM)t recall the last time I have seen such a romantically involving movie, really. I absolutely recommend you watch this if you‚(TM)re in a drama/love movie mood.


Michael Bay is a god of action movies and special effects, but I have to say that ‚Armageddon‚? turned out being a ridiculous, exaggerated, boring movie that doesn‚(TM)t know what it wants to be about. I didn‚(TM)t know if I was supposed to laugh or take the whole story seriously, that‚(TM)s what ruined the movie to me ‚" was it supposed to be an apocalyptic movie or a let‚(TM)s-make-fun-of-it movie? Special effects were great considering the year the movie was made (1998), photography was stunning and the soundtrack by Aerosmith was also quite involving even if it was totally out of place.

Acting was really poor and pitiful, but the script was way beyond that: I just couldn‚(TM)t believe to a single dialogue, or to a single action made by any character. And what about the many speed-related errors? It‚(TM)s not possible to reach the moon from Earth in a few hours (60?) of navigation, come on! That was just so ridiculous!!!

A part from all this, ‚Armageddon‚? may be a movie worth watching once in a lifetime because it is a decent action movie by Michael Bay ‚" or maybe you could just jump directly to a more juicy and solid movie like ‚The Island‚?. You would not miss much, but you would save more than two hours of your life!!!


Different, original, fun and clever. This is "Go", a quite small but interesting movie that might surprise you in many different ways thanks to the many unexpected twist that are just around the corner.
The strength of the movie might reside in its script, which is told under three different point of view: my favourite part was the first one, but I have to say that the second and especially the third got their highs and no lows as far as I recall.

Acting was also very entertaining, but the reason why I suggest you watch the movie is the very unexpected plot: might seem all about drugs, and parties in the '90s and similar subjects but it really isn't. One or two screenings are absolutely recommended.

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

A very sweet, simple and involving movie; at first I thought it was the typical teenage/romance movie, but then I got so surprised by it! "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist" has something fascinating in it, not only just typical scenes or arguments between teenagers: main characters are all really involving and interesting, so peculiar and yet it's so easy to get in their shoes. Cera abd Dennings were both nice in their parts - the ending was just lovely... I thought the script and the whole story were really interesting to follow, I just loved it and I suggest you watch it -- you might be heading off for a very exciting NYC night.

The Runaways
The Runaways(2010)

First of all, I‚(TM)m not a Runaways fan and I had never heard of them before watching this movie, so I can‚(TM)t fully judge this project. It took me a while to get into it, but after 10 minutes or so I was quite amazed by their story: ‚The Runaways‚? is a movie that gives you the idea of the ‚(TM)70 even if you‚(TM)ve never lived them. It‚(TM)s just so exciting to think that characters like Joan Jett and Cherie Currie really exist and then find out that you had heard some of their songs even if you didn‚(TM)t know it was theirs. I was really thrilled by more than half of the movie, and the ending didn‚(TM)t disappoint me as I would have expected.

The thing that disappointed me was that nothing about the group itself was fully explored ‚" this was more of a Joan Jett (and Cherie Currie) movie, not really a movie about the Runaways in my opinion. In fact you can see them play here and there, and then in Japan, and you get to understand what they were trying to do, but it‚(TM)s not really clear how many years they stayed together or which goals they achieved. For example, how many albums have they published? That‚(TM)s not really explained in the movie ‚" but toward the end you get to understand that the real star of the group was Joan who managed to pursue a successful soloist career writing very popular songs such as ‚I love Rock & Roll‚? and ‚Bad Reputation‚?.

Also, Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning kind of pissed me off ‚" they were very good in playing their parts -- I don't know, maybe it was their hair, but I was really shocked by a few scenes. Michael Shannon was also great in his part: somehow funny, somehow scary but always very believable. Director Floria Sigismondi also did a great job: you could feel that she put lots of effort and passion in the project.

What else to say? I felt like if this movie was really made in the ‚(TM)70 ‚" and I ended up being very interested in what these girls were trying to do: they were trying to change the rock and roll music scene, they were so ahead for their times and what they did was really amazing. Details were just great, same with the soundtrack: all the songs were just amazing and helped me getting deeper into the project.

That‚(TM)s why I suggest you watch this movie, it was so interesting even if it might seem too girlish to some of you --- simply a great rock band biopic.

Sliding Doors

A nice, relaxing movie to watch ‚" just don‚(TM)t ask me to watch it again. It‚(TM)s too depressing, both her lives seem to lead at the same point, the only real difference is the man who‚(TM)s standing (or not standing) at her side at the end of the movie. ‚Sliding Doors‚? surely develops an interesting concept: what would have happened if‚¶

Gwyneth Paltrow nicely plays the role of this broken character who is betrayed by her boyfriend and finds out at the beginning or at the end of the movie ‚" depending on which story you want to consider. I didn‚(TM)t really appreciate the ending, it was just too exaggerated and I couldn‚(TM)t really understand where the authors meant to lead us, which path wanted us to follow. A part from ‚what would have happened if‚? what was the message of the movie? Be happy if they fire you, and almost rob you ‚~cause everything is going to be alright, you‚(TM)ll find out that your boyfriend is betraying you and then you‚(TM)ll finally met the true love of your life? Just come on.

A part from all this, ‚Sliding Doors‚? is a movie worth watching. As I said, it‚(TM)s an interesting project to explore, just it's way too dreamy in my opinion.

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

That was the performance of a lifetime, Jeff Bridges gave himself while playing the role of country singer Bad Blake: that‚(TM)s why I really suggest you watch this movie. ‚Crazy Heart‚? is a nice, emotional movie that will blow you away and get through you like fresh water. I'm not saying it's a perfect movie, I'm just saying that it was made with lots of efforts and love and you're gonna feel that while watching it.

What I liked, a part from the wonderful performance by Bridges and Gyllenhaal, were the songs and the quite depressing story of this man who has everything but doesn‚(TM)t realize it. That was so simple, and so convincing at the same time ‚" and maybe that‚(TM)s what I liked the most about this movie: its simplicity. So ‚Crazy Heart‚? is absolutely a movie that needs to be explored and watched in its entire length: it‚(TM)s a winning mix, for sure.


Might have turned out well as a TV series, but not as a full-length movie. "Timeline" was boring, it lacked any kind of unexpected twist - but what really killed this project was the acting: that's for sure because I found myself laughing out loud when I was supposed to cry and feel despair for the death of most major characters. Death scenes were so funny, and I'm pretty sure they weren't supposed to be so but I just couldn't help it, that people couldn't really act. And let me just say that the plot was ridiculous, I tried to but I wasn't able to believe in a single word or action... something went really wrong (I don't know if the book follows the same path because I haven't read it) and didn't make sense, characters' actions just couldn't be justified. Were they just dump people just able to give or follow orders? SO lame. If you ask me I suggest you to just skip "Timeline" and use your time to watch something better - won't be that difficult to find a project more worthy of your precious time and attention.

The Town
The Town(2010)

And yet another Boston movie was produced. "The Town" (referred to Charlestown, Boston) is a good movie, a little slow and boring in some parts, but still worth watching. Robbing and action scenes in general are awesome, that's why I suggest you to watch the movie; but the all sentimental part turned out to be pretty normal, unreal and predictable - to me that's what ruined the movie. Affleck did a good job as a director, but I wasn't thrilled with the script at all: I had already heard all those lines in many other actions movies I had seen before...

Still, I did really appreciate all the action scenes: the "nun robbery" scene was with no doubt my favourite in the whole movie: you could just feel all the tension there, I loved the chasing scene and sounds effects were really good.
The first minutes of "The Town" are very strong and solid but then the movie starts loosing that something, and turns out to be too long and stretched, filled up with way too many pitiful dialogues between lovers. Anyways I suggest you to watch the movie: it gives the audience a good Bostonian overview, and action scenes are great. Just be prepared to watch a pretty lame and unrealistic ending.


This is with no doubt my personal favourite ‚miracle movie‚? ‚" a movie that took much effort to be done, but that hit me on the right buttons when it got out. If you did love the TV show ‚Firefly‚? then you‚(TM)re probably going to appreciate ‚Serenity‚?; Joss Whedon could not have done a better job in writing the script and directing the movie, you just can tell how much he loved the characters he created, and how much he suffered in letting them go that soon. The first time I saw the movie I hadn‚(TM)t see the TV show, and I really didn‚(TM)t enjoy it as much as I did now -- you really need to first watch the TV show and fall in love with the characters, and then get to see the movie ‚" it will blow you away, it‚(TM)s so emotional and sweet. And it makes you want more of this world that was sadly axed by FOX television way too soon.

Considering all the many beautiful things that were left to say about that spaceship and its passengers I have to say that I really wish that the TV show had gone on and no movie had to be done but⦠the movie turned out to be good under many points of view and managed to tide up most of the loose ends we had from the axed TV show.
Characters are well explored here and there, the spaceship Serenity shines here more than ever. After seeing the show and the movie I really wish that the show was sill on air because River was such a great, interesting character ready to be explored much further. The movie ‚Serenity‚? just gives us a little glimpse of what we were about to see in the following seasons of the TV show, and that‚(TM)s really a pity. I miss the Serenity, and I miss the crew ‚" they were probably the best characters ever created for a TV show, and the actors choice was just right.
I did cry at the end because I knew that was the end and I so wish that I could stay on the Serenity a little longer. We would all have enjoyed that. What a pity, probably the biggest lost of all television history.

The first 15 minutes and the last 5 are just gold if you like this new sci-fi western genre. Watch it when you're done watching the TV show!

The A-Team
The A-Team(2010)

Pointless and useless, a waste of money under all points of view ‚?? a great delusion in other words. ‚??The A-Team‚?? is another movie with no plot, but just great explosions and plain, boring dialogues‚?¶ Even the opening titles turned out to be a pointless experience, which is something that never happened to me before. There were a couple of scenes that I did like and found funny but a part from that I have to admit that this movie has nothing to offer ‚?? I had already heard those dialogues over and over again, action scenes were all messed-up and I could not really understand what was the main story about.
I just hope that the TV show was slightly better than this project‚?¶

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time

Simply the best visual effects and movie ‚??colours‚?? I‚??ve seen in years. ‚??Prince of Persia‚?? turns out to be a good adventure movie that follows the path of other Disney movies, but adds some unexpected twists here and there; dialogues are a little bit lame, we‚??ve already heard all that before, but I think that director Mike Newell put his heart in this project, you can tell that by watching the movie. Battle scenes were amazing- really amazing, probably the best parts in the movie; ‚??Prince of Persia‚?? is a bloody, violent Disney movie, but after all what should we have expected from a movie that was born form a video game?

Soundtrack was great, it fitted perfectly. Acting was also ok, even if seemed like everybody was mean and aggressive and seeking for power to control the world‚?¶

It‚??s a giant trilling ride that ends exactly where everything had begun, it‚??s fun and entertaining: that was just way more than enough for me.


A pointless, slow, predictable and boring movie ‚?? just Hartnett & Stiles were in it, so I wanted to watch it. I can see the point of the movie ‚??O‚??: jealousy, and then again - jealousy, but still there‚??s too much basket, and cell phones, and drugs and cars in there considering that this is inspired by a Shakespeare‚??s play‚?¶ Everybody seems to be doing the wrong thing, there‚??s too much violence, and there‚??s a scene that resemble a porn movie. There‚??s a big drama that turns out being ridiculous ‚?? the suicide scene was freaking funny even if it was supposed to be hyper dramatic.

I have to say that despite a horrible opening scene, and an even worse in-between mess ‚?? ‚??O‚?? gets much better toward the ending, which I found good and truly inspiring. You might like it if you liked other Shakespeare movie set in our times ‚?? e.g. ‚??Romeo + Juliet‚??.

About a Boy
About a Boy(2002)

‚??In my opinion, all men are islands. And what's more, now's the time to be one. This is an island age.‚??
Simple, breathtaking, and enchanting ‚?? ‚??About A Boy‚?? is probably the best Weitz brothers project so far ‚?? it‚??s spontaneous, it jokes about a real life so ordinary and yet so dramatic and sad, but it tries not to be a sad movie. Sometimes it‚??s funny, some others is transmits some deep thinking about living our lives in the best way‚?¶ this is a complete movie under each point of view. Will is brilliantly portrayed by Hugh Grant, a man who changes completely throughout the movie, and Toni Collette is a depressed mother who attempt suicide ‚?? they‚??re so different, but they manage to help each other and both their lives turn out to be much better than what they were when they were alone.

A beautiful movie that will enchant you and leave you with a clam, warm feeling of hope for the future. Totally worth watching.

Raise Your Voice

A good movie, worth watching because of the message it transmits: never let yourself down, even if everything is going in the wrong direction and nothing is like you expected it to be. Duff is kind of a good singer, and a decent actress; ‚??Raise Your Voice‚?? might seem a dumb movie, but I don‚??t think it is ‚?? it is about something, there‚??s an unexpected twist right at the beginning and, even if the ending is flat and totally expectable, I did enjoy watching it. Just don‚??t expect this to be a non dramatic movie, it was much sadder than what I did expect.

The Quick and the Dead

The quick lives, and the dead is dead ‚?? I like the idea. ‚??The Quick & the Dead‚?? by Sam Raimi is a good western movie, not stunning but still kind of unpredictable and enjoyable to watch. That good mystery that surrounds Ellen at the beginning of the movie flows away more and more as the movie goes on, but still you can get what she wants and why she wants that so badly ‚?? that‚??s called vengeance, and you can totally understand that because she has some very good reasons.
To me the ending was kind of rushed-through and disappointing, but the soundtrack was ok for the movie, locations were perfect ‚?? and actors choices could not have been better.
Not my favourite western, it missed something here and there, but‚?¶ still totally enjoyable.

9 1/2 Weeks
9 1/2 Weeks(1986)

A soulless, boring movie. There‚??s no drama or love, there‚??s nothing hot in all those scenes ‚?? ‚??9 1/2 Weeks‚?? is a movie about grown-up people who are still looking for a meaning in their lives, for people who are bored by themselves and need to find an escape.
Well, I‚??m still trying to get why some scene entered movie history because I truly hated the whole movie, I can‚??t stand it when a woman in treated like an object by a man ‚?? that‚??s sick and revolting, that‚??s not loosing personal inhibition. I‚??ve been waiting for 2 hours for something to happen, but truth is that nothing happens in here, we don‚??t move from one point to another‚?¶ we start and end in the same exact spot. It‚??s almost a meaningless project.

Lack of details, a poor soundtrack and a very plain, boring and useless story (was there a story at all?) is not what I consider being a good movie; the only reason to watch it might be seeing Rourke and Basinger‚??s great acting abilities.

Clash of the Titans

A boring mix between "The Lord of the Rings, "Troy" and "300", with a way too predictable plot and ending. "Clash of the Titans" has nothing new to offer, a part from some quite stunning action scenes involving a scorpion and some very cool Greek mythology characters.
Visual effects were very disappointing (it was like getting back to 2000-2001...), but the 3-D adds something to the experience, it was worth those 3 more euros but... I got bored, I wasn't interested in what was happening because they told me exactly what they were up to at the beginning of the movie, so no surprise at all, no tension at all!
Soooo predictable, the script was a complete disaster - it told the wrong things in the worng time... and this was a real pity, because this movie had a great plot that, if used in a different way, could have turned "Clash of the Titans" into a movie to be remembred for generations to come.

Not a complete disaster, but unexciting - that's it - this movie wasn't as excitig as I expected it to be. It's sad to read these words, but the trailer is 10 times better than the whole movie... Watch the trailer and you'll have already seen what the movie has to offer and probably the best moments in the movie.


Could have become a cult, but I don‚??t think this is the case. ‚??Daybreakers‚?? is an untypical vampire movie that has some brilliant hints here and there, but turns out to be boring and slow most of the time ‚?? it‚??s so silent, and the plot is kind of poor. I liked most of the elements, but they were joint together by very poor dialogues and acting, tiny little action scenes and just too much blood.

It‚??s a different movie that embraces the myth of vampires in a kind of classical way, adding this sick thirst of human blood, and this rebelling humans, but there is no tension at all, and action scenes were just ridiculous. But the movie still has some good alternative element, so I guess you might like it for some other reason.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

Don‚??t go watching this ‚??Robin Hood‚?? by Ridley Scott expecting it to be a normal movie about Robin Hood ‚?? this is a completely different story, and you might like it or not. I cannot say I loved this movie, but I have to admit that costumes, weapons, and the plot were all original, you could tell that there was a different signature. But dialogues were not that good, and my impression was that the movie got lost in itself sometimes here and there‚?¶

Seemed like Scott wanted to make a movie out of a line he liked (‚??Rise, and rise again. Until lambs become lions‚??) ‚?? might seem a good idea, but it didn‚??t really work out that well. It just turned into an apathy movie with good massacre scenes, poor dialogues and plain characters.

Story and characters weren‚??t involving, and the few interesting scenes ran by so fast that I wasn‚??t even able to catch the moment. Scott‚??s ‚??Robin Hood‚?? could have been a good, stimulating project but it wasn‚??t for two reasons: first of all film editing was just a huge mess and turned this simple movie into a story so entangled that was almost impossible to follow even if everybody knows about Robin Hood; secondly Crowe and Blanchett didn‚??t seem to fit that well in their parts even if they‚??re both terrific.

I have to say that the soundtrack was just amazing, probably the best part of the movie, it just fitted perfectly in each scene adding something.

‚??Robin Hood‚?? surely isn‚??t Scott‚??s best project or his masterpiece or an inspired movie, but some moments were quite enjoyable.


A movie that stimulates your brain to think about important matters as tolerance, and makes you realize that nothing has changed in the last 2000 years. ‚??Agor√†‚?? is a brilliant movie that takes you in, and doesn‚??t leave you after the screening is over, it‚??s one of those projects that may change the way you watch at the world. I see the movie as divided in two acts: the first one about culture, and how this culture was somehow destroyed (taking of Alexandria Library was a tremendous scene, perfect in each shot), and a second one regarding religion matters and tolerance, but not really against Christianity as somebody said.

Hypatia of Alexandria is the main character ‚?? a great, interesting, beautiful character beautifully interpreted by actress Rachel Weisz who once again put her soul in the role. I‚??ve learned something new by watching the movie, I didn‚??t really knew she existed, but she now has my respect because she was a very wise woman of our past, and a splendid astronomic and scientist ‚?? a character that should not be forgotten by textbooks, it wasn‚??t a man (Keplero) to find out that Heart is not at the center of our galaxy ‚?? that was a woman, and her name was Hypatia.

Then, I‚??m not really able to find the right word to describe Alejandro Amen√°bar‚??s work. The script is awesome, most scenes just blow me away, I felt sorry for everything that happened in here, and I started to reflect about past matters, I started to ask myself who are the good ones and the bad ones, and why do we refer as some religions as ‚??good‚?? religions ‚?? seems like all religion lack a certain tolerance. ‚??Agor√†‚?? is not a controverse movie about Christianity; if you look more closely you‚??ll notice that the movie criticizes also Jews, and other religions that were not able to accept that people believed in other Gods, or just in science. Terrible things happened in the past, and we should not forget about them‚?¶

Soundtrack by Dario Marianelli is also great, perfect for each scene. So classic and yet so powerful, it was able to transport me straight to the Alexandria of many centuries ago.

I absolutely recommend this movie to you all. It‚??s just outstanding: a masterpiece by director Alejandro Amen√°bar, with a powerful main character that had to question what she believed to.

‚??If I could just unravel this just a little bit more, and just get a little closer to the answer, then... Then I would go to my grave a happy woman.‚??

Le Divorce
Le Divorce(2003)

Another movie that doesn‚??t really know what it wants to be about. ‚??Le Divorce‚?? is pleasant to watch, but a part from that it wants to include to much family drama mixed with an out of case rebelling behaviour. It‚??s fun, and real, but on the other hand there‚??s too much confusion in a plot that seems to be leading the audience nowhere. I‚??m still trying to understand what the director was up to ‚?? in other words, which is the meaning of this movie? Is it a movie about living in France, or is it a movie about a divorce, or about a paining, or about a murder? Kind of confusing, isn‚??t it?

Might not be worth watching because of its tasteless script and useless plot. Kate Hudson and Naomi Watts were ok in their respective roles, but not exceptional ‚?? they also seemed to be tasteless, dressed up to play two very confused main characters that had nothing exceptional to do.

You can skip it, or watch it and forget it soon after.


Choice, choice, choice ‚?? seems like this is the only really important thing in our lives, but maybe it‚??s not - maybe it‚??s the lest important one, and nobody realizes that because we‚??re just too busy in choosing a life, a job, a career, a family, a fucking big television, a washing machine, a car, and tons of other things. But why would a group of young people choose all this, why would they not choose something else instead? Well, all the answers are in this eyes-opening movie by Danny Boyle.

‚??Trainspotting‚?? is a cult, a movie that is capable of portrait youth as no other movie. Danny Boyle shoot a tremendous movie, with a shockingly amazing script ‚?? it just highlights the best parts of being dependent on heroin, and I don‚??t really like that‚?¶ but I have to admit that the whole project is rich of meanings and gives lots of emotions away ‚?? it‚??s hilarious and sad at the same time, it‚??s hopeless and still rich of many hopes... as life is.

The greatest thing about ‚??Trainspotting‚?? is that the movie was so brilliantly shoot that it is completely able to describe the confusion, the lack of reasons that a teenager, or youth person, suffers. Then, after the many mistakes we all commit, we all learn what we want, and end up choosing things that we‚??ve been criticizing till a few years before. This is life - we have to move on and start choosing a life, always.

It might seem that ‚??Trainspotting‚?? glorifies heroin ‚?? well, it really doesn‚??t. It just doesn‚??t.
I hardly recommend it if you liked ‚??Requiem for a Dream‚?? or ‚??Pulp Fiction‚?? ‚?? it‚??s a timeless cult that needs to be seen and understood completely.

The Crazies
The Crazies(2010)

A good, entertaining thriller - not a scary horror movie. ‚??The Crazies‚?? has an original plot, dialogues are good and somehow different, and there‚??s tension here and there ‚?? in other words, it was kind of a pleasure to watch. I loved the very beginning, and the ending, and all those action scenes that got better and better minute after minute‚?¶ the car wash sequence was so original, finally a scene that was never seen before, or at least not by me.
It was intriguing to see that somebody had the situation under control, but we don‚??t know who that was, we can just suppose that was a military force or something like that. Maybe that‚??s why this movie remembered me of the ‚??X-Files‚?? that much.

But I have to admit that the movie is something we‚??ve already seen before, for at least a thousand times: a small city taken by a virus, citizens infected, the disease spreads‚?¶ and there are just a few survivors. Still, something was added to this general plot, and the movie turned out to be pretty good.

With a predictable ending, ‚??The Crazies‚?? is still a movie worth watching, mainly because of a few great action scenes, some unexpected turnover and human bonding, that add something to the plot.

Veronika Decides to Die

‚??These days most people have replaced almost all their emotions with fear, and everyone has dreams but only a few realize them - makes cowards of the rest of us.‚??
‚??Veronika Decides to Die‚?? is a dramatic movie that contains a deep message; it is a strong, psychological story that will make people reflect about their lives ‚?? life is a gift, and it‚??s really a pity to waste it ‚?? that‚??s something people might forget, but that‚??s a truth we cannot ignore.

Sarah Michelle Gellar brilliantly portrayed Veronika ‚?? a very difficult role in my opinion: it‚??s such a task to look depressed when you‚??re happy and have a perfect life.
Script is good, too. You can easily understand what‚??s going on the characters mind, and you get interested in understanding the motivation of their actions.

I recommend it if you like life-savers movies that contain a good ending morale about life. After all we all live on borrowed time, and should consider each day as a miracle to live at its best, till the very end.

An Inconvenient Truth

Just one word: SCARY ‚?? scarier than any horror movie you might have seen. ‚??An Inconvenient Truth‚?? is a documentary that contains profound reflections about nature and environmental problems we need to face before it‚??s too late. There‚??s lots of data, and Al Gore who explains what‚??s global warming, and how it might affect us in the future ‚?? interesting, but that‚??s something we‚??ve heard over and over again for years now. Still, a very interesting way to put it.
What‚??s powerful in this movie is the way Al Gore speaks ‚?? you can tell he‚??s desperate, he‚??s tried anything to make people listen because he loves this planet. That‚??s the difference between this documentary and many other ones: there‚??s love, an endless love for nature in this one.
It might be just political, but I absolutely prefer to see it as a movie made for the planet ‚?? and not to seek a political revenge. The intention was good, and the movie turned out to be very instructive‚?¶ and seducing, because Earth is beautiful, and nobody wants to destroy it.

The ending is very powerful, but I still don‚??t trust all that data ‚?? data can be manipulated, what counts is the final result, that we have yet not seen, and that we‚??ll never be able to see.
Totally worth watching.


An overall good movie that brilliantly tells the story of Amelia Earhart ‚?? the first woman in the world who first flew all around the globe as a pilot. ‚??Amelia‚?? is a relaxing movie, there are some really beautiful shots and Hilary Swank shines here more than ever, but director Mira Nair didn‚??t really managed to transmit the audience Amelia‚??s passion for flying. She just told the story, and the few emotions that we get from the movie are to be read on Hilary Swank‚??s face‚?¶

‚??Amelia‚?? could have been a tremendous, great movie if only there was more emotion and passion - not only the great exciting story that we all already knew and some lovely landscapes, and those dreamy dialogues.

I recommend you watch this anyways because of Hilary Swank performance and costumes ‚?? ‚??Amelia‚?? is not superb, but neither as bad as critics say.

Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones

Not my favourite movie in the "new" trilogy, not really. ‚??Star Wars: Attack of the Clones‚?? is a good sci-fi movie, but it resembles other action movies too much. There‚??s no unexpected twist or giant event that made me love it: in other words the plot could have been a little bit more peculiar and a little less stereotyped. Still, it is Star Wars, and those opening titles, the laser swords and fighting, and Joda are always worth the entrance ticket. And visual effects were just stunning ‚?? but I would have loved to see more of the galaxy.

Still a fantastic movie, a fantastic series that‚??s always a pleasure to watch.

I Love You Phillip Morris

Seeing Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor play as a gay couple could be enough of a reason to watch "I Love You Phillip Morris", but the fact is that this true story is about much more than that... After watching the movie you'll hardly believe that Steven Russell did really exist because he just had a great, stunning, amazing and funny life despite all his imprisonments, and law problems. He just lived his life the way he wanted to, he was very wise and tried to take the best out of this ‚?? he actually tried to take the best out of a life that seemed to be doomed to perdition: a life looking for his biological parents, and a life that made him hide his real sexuality. He was so brave in changing everything from one day to another because after all our days are counted.

There are some great scenes here and there but I don‚??t want to spoil anything here; and there‚??s luxury, and fun, and love, and play, and an unbelievable true story ‚?? surprises and hilarious parts will be just around the corner in this movie about a life that‚??s so interesting to observe.

"I Love You Phillip Morris" is one of those movie that will keep you stuck on your seats because it‚??s different ‚?? in a good way. And seeing Carrey and McGregor playing a happy gay couple is really something you don‚??t want to miss, believe me.

Absolutely recommended if you enjoyed ‚??Catch Me if you Can‚??.

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Magnetic, fresh and exotic, it will blow you away thanks to all those beautiful places and to that Spanish soundtrack. But "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" is a winning movie mainly because of its brilliant, unrealistic and spontaneous characters. They all have something to say, and we all can relate to one of them even if they are so out-of-the-world.
A story is told here - a story that is so normal that might seem boring - but it surprises us minute after minute because it's somehow spontaneous, relaxing and wants to shout out 'live your life now, don't think about it too much!'.

But at the end, despite all the experiences we had, most people choose to stay in their way and not to exit this normality that's so common now in most of our lives... Why do people like normality so much? Is it so difficult to just take the chance and follow destiny as Cristina did? ... Well, it is apparently.

All the actors added something to the movie; in my opinion this is the best Woody Allen movie so far - it's about real life, there's no comedy here, but yet it's just a whole giant comedy. Locations are just great - if you're a Gaudì fan or if you're in love with Barcelona I hardly recommend you watch this movie.

It's a strange journey through human psicology, it made me reflect about how difficult it is to understand what we really want - that's a very hard task sometimes, isn't it? After all, I would feel lucky enough by knowing what I do NOT want... wouldn't you?

American Beauty

It's so difficult to find the right words to describe this masterpiece by director Sam Mendes. ‚??American Beauty‚?? is such a different, funny, sad, dramatic, exaggerated movie that turns your life upside down and makes you see your life from a different point of view thanks to those wonderful, great characters. It‚??s unrealistic ‚?? but so real in the meantime - the script is just terrific, one of the best ever written, and Kevin Spacey‚?¶ well, there could have not been a better actor to portray Lester Burnham, one of the greatest character movie history has ever seen. I love how he changes from being subdue and irrelevant to being the boss of his life.
There‚??s frustration, there‚??s craziness, there‚??s pain, and sufference, and discrimination, and destruction in all those families, and people and kids that we see as normal, even if they‚??re so far from being called so. ‚?? But then again, what‚??s good in being normal?

A must see, go and watch it if you haven‚??t yet.

"I guess I could be pretty pissed off about what happened to me... but it's hard to stay mad, when there's so much beauty in the world."

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

"Green Zone" is a noisy, fast and confusing movie that wants to talk about too many arguments in a too short time. There's not one stable shot in the whole movie, even a scene with two guys talking at a table is filmed as if there were a riot going on. Still, the movie is very realistic and the first 5 minutes are really worth watching - they fill you up with that sense of urgency that stays with you throughout the whole movie.
"Green Zone" is a good war/action drama, but it doesn't focus on anything, you don't get to know anything about the characters and at the end you really don't care if they live or die. That's why you'll have forgotten most of the movie the next day - there's not a single scene that stayed impessed in my mind, everything was just regular.

I cannot say this is a boring movie, but it is too noisy - the soundtrack doesn't leave you for not even a second, there's no silence in the movie and you end up exiting the theatre with a terrible headache not because of exploding bombs, but thanks to that oppressive soundtrack... Since this is a war movie I would have appriciated more sounds and less music.

Still worth watching if you like war movies set in Iraq, or if you liked other Greengrass/Damon collaborations.

Two Lovers
Two Lovers(2008)

We always aim to that something or to that someone that we cannot have, that‚??s it. ‚??Two Lovers‚?? is a slow, but bittersweet and nostalgic movie that scene after scene fills you up with sweet melancholy ‚?? it‚??s a gloomy, but incredibly deep movie. It might seem boring, but if you look at it more closely you‚??ll find out that it‚??s not ‚?? it‚??s just a different kind of movie, something we‚??re not used to.
I found Joaquin Phoenix perfect in the role of Leonard, I tought he gave even more emotions to his character, and Paltrow‚??s character was someone we had seen before, but never experienced in such a deep, detailed way.

I found ‚??Two Lovers‚?? a relaxing and somehow sad movie. Good script by James Gray, who really managed to beautifully portrait a whole bunch of noble and less noble human feelings.

Saturday Night Fever

A timeless classic, a quite realistic painting of how was it like to live the night in the US dancehalls in the '70s. The most amazing thing about ‚??Saturday Night Fever‚?? is that the movie is still up-to-date; after watching it you realize that not much has changed in 40 years, not really ‚?? people still want the same things and have the same feelings.
This movie is not only about love for dancing (although it seems like it is in the first 10 minutes); in fact it‚??s about much deeper messages than only this one: there‚??s friendship that wins on love, sex, drugs, abortion, religious crisis, family matters, poverty, ‚?¶ In summary, a quick but complete overview of the ‚??70s.
At the beginning we‚??re so near NYC, but yet so far away from it ‚?? and at the end we get there, filled up with a new lifelong friendship. I just loved the ending, it was perfect.

An unforgettable performance by John Travolta, a great soundtrack ‚?? and ‚??Saturday Night Fever‚?? turns out to be a movie totally worth watching, even if you‚??re not exactly a disco fan.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Shockingly funny movie, hilarious in a new, fresh way; it's a comedy that (stunningly) gets better and better minute after minute. The opening and the ending scene are just perfect for the movie, and what happens in between will turn your mind upside-down... So refreshing and crazy at the same time. The soundtrack is just perfect for the movie, each track is capable of making the scene more and more special and hilarious - loved it.

"The Hangover" lacks an 'original' plot (bachelor party in Vegas? That's something we've seen before), but on the other hand it has a very peculiar cutting that doesn't reveal what the heck happened in Vegas that night till the very end, and just by pictures... I found this SO original!
Not to talk about that chinese man, and the tiger in the bathroom, and other crazy moments... Even the tooth story was damn funny.

Todd Philips shoot a great comedy - to be seen if you are or if you are not a comedy lover. I'm not and I enjoyed this movie much more than I tought I would.

I hardly recommend it if you liked movies such as "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" and "Superbad".


Great opening scene, stunning action scenes, unpredictable plot and... much more. This is the new "Pulp Fiction", and Mark Neveldine/Brian Taylor are the new Tarantino. I actually enjoyed "Gamer" very much, and had lots of fun watching it, even if it took me some time to get into the idea of people controlled by other people. "Gamer" is a very original movie, full of stunning scenes and a moral; Gerard Butler was perfect in the main role, and the shooting scenes were great.

I would absolutey recommend it if you're an action movie fan, or if you did like movies like "The Matrix" or "Pulp Fiction". "Gamer" is different, but still follows a similar path for some point of view.

The Scarlet Letter

Great interpretation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's book "The Scarlet Letter", this movie turns out to be a relaxing, nostalgic and pleasant film to watch. Costumes, plot, dialogues, location, historic details were all amazing. The soundtrack is just great, it just gets you in the right mood to follow this gloomy love story, and stays with you from beginning to end.
The message is there, and it's easy to read - a direct message that regards prejudices againts indians and women, but also the oldest discussion in the world: what's right, and what's wrong?

Religion, mixed with politics, mixed with the difficulty of colonizing a new land, and then the past, which is always following us, even when we think it isn't. Simply a great movie.

Alice in Wonderland

Just perfect, a Disney's masterpiece that made children dream all over the world for generations, and will continue to do so. It will make you mind fly beyond your imagination because of its dialogues - beautiful, just beautiful, because of the enchanted world it brings you into. Not astonihing from a visual point of view, but still much better than all those CGI movies that are in movie theatres nowdays.

Songs are special and timeless, the movie makes you dream also because it's animated - and what a good animation! That's why the new "Alice in Wonderland" by Burton doesn't work - Wonderland doesn't work in CGI, it only does when drawed manually, not when animated by a stupid computer.
We're not looking for lots of details here, we're looking for a good story and for a beautiful, colorful land. And you're gonna find Wonderland in here - in the one and only Disney's classic.

So nostalgic, to me is an important childhood memory that lives again everytime I watch the movie. A timeless classic that needs to be seen at least once in a lifetime.


A good thriller, but still a useless movie that doesn't offer anything more than a few slightly tense scenes and a quite dumb and rediculus ending... I liked how the director managed to bring the pre-graduation tesion and stress to the screen - that was probably the best thing about this movie.
On the other end, I didn't get Catherine's behave in a few scenes - was she a whore or just an outstanding student? - and didn't like how she just killed people with no remorse and no consequence at all, if not getting promoted to a great job in NYC.

Still worth watching if you feel in the mood for some thriller mixed with psychotic people and policeman who have a troubled past.

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

Slightly dramatic in some parts but funny in others, "Remember Me" is a movie filled up with many beauiful and touching ideas that are put together in the wrong way. It's a good movie that doesn't seem to know what it wants to be about... Predictable and boring in some parts.
"Remember Me" is able to highlight some difficult relationship between parents and their kids, this is its one and only scored point.

That little girl who played Tyler's little sister, her name is Ruby Jerins, was just great - the best character in the movie, very good performace, so genuine and rich of emotion. Pierce Brosnan, Robert Pattinson and Emilie De Ravin all gave a proof of their acting abilities - if it wasn't for that, the movie would have been even more useless than what it is.

Still, the plot is predictable and almost nothing new happens. For two hours we just see things we have already seen before and hear dialogues that we've already heard in other movies. - Dialogues between two people in love always sound the same... so pitiful.
There are some "new", exciting things that happen here and there, but they don't seem to add anything to the main story - which is the love story I guess (or is it the parents/children relationship?!). I don't understand why the director wanted us to see Ally's mother homicide, or other things that were not necessary in my opinon...

I just loved the very ending, which was the best part of the movie. I would have never expected that, it added a sad veil to the story - it wasn't necessary, it wasn't appropriate, but I did like that ending. Still, I can see why some people may have find it offensive...

Worth watching if you like the romantic/sad/teenage drama, or if you're just looking for another R. Pattinson movie. Just be aware of the fact that "Remember Me" is not perfect, not unforgettable... but just ok.

Underworld: Evolution

This second chapter is just a copy of the first one - same good action scenes, lack of details, a confused plot ... but this time we get to know more about this mysterious world's mithology, which is quite interesting. Once again, "Underworld: Evolution" contains many good ideas, but they're not used in the best way - the plot is there, ready to be used to make an awesome, cool movie out of it - but who's behind the camera isn't able to take the best out of it.
You'll probably like it if you did like "Underworld". There are more booms and bangs in here, and the plot is more complicated and seem to be heading nowhere... Just another action/horror movie.
Good but not awesome.


Why does rock music always have to go with vampires and other night creatures? Anyways the problem with "Underworld" is that a part from some stunning action scenes at the very beginning of the movie and a good ending, there's no much more to see. The movie just bumps out of nothing, but ends into something (at least seems like it does).
The story is good, "Underworld" has its own mithology, but lacks in details and many things are left unexplained... boring in some parts, but I have to say that it gets better toward the end.

I would recommed to watch it if you like the genere. If this is not your case just skip it: you won't loose anything a part from some good fights and shooting scenes.

Sense and Sensibility

Nostalgc in many different ways, "Sense & Sensibility" is a delight to watch. Relaxing, detailed, and very sweet... costumes and location were also great, just perfect for Jane Austin's world. And there could not have been a better director than Ang Lee behind the camera!
Emma Thompson was just amazing, not only for her acting performance in the movie, but also for the screenplay she wrote... that was just great and very realistic. Kate Winslet was quite astonishing and gave her character all the vitality and energy that was required.

Another Jane Austin book adapted to the screen. Not my favourite of her story, but still a relaxing and pleasant movie to watch.

Mystic River
Mystic River(2003)

Intense. This is the word I would use to describe "Mystic River", a movie that doesn't reveal the meaning of its title till the very end.
We follow the three main carachters from their childhood to their "ending" - which is complitely different from one to another. One is killed, another one gets to a "mysterious" happy ending (who's the blonde woman and why did she need to get away?), and another one will have to live with regret and sufference for the rest of his life.

It didn't "touch" me, I wasn't that interested in the plot, and after some time I found it boring and predictable. But... I felt sorry for what happened to Dave because he was the best of the three, the only one that managed to get himself a normal life despite what happened in his childhood. Still, I'm not able to get all this revenge thing, and I didn't experience this great climatic ending.
Not my favourite Eastwood's movie, but still a good one, worth watching.

Alice in Wonderland

Saw Alice, but not the Wonders, even if the movie was in 3-D. Boring, nonsense and useless, probably the worst Burton's movie so far. Wonderland was awful, the Disney original one is much better and colorful... Burton's echanted word is dark, predictable, scary and boring. This new version doesn't add anything to the original version, but looses the story and the magical instead. Starts and ends in an awful way - "out of the world" - and then the plot just jumps from here to there making a big mess out of the movie which barely stands up...

Depp is once again a "crazy" catachter that is quite similar to Willi Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" - just the chocolate factory was a much better place than Wonderland.
The 3-D doesn't add anything, it's just a way to make you pay a more expensive ticket, that's all.

If you're looking for a good kids movie or for a fantasy for kids just skip this one and go back to the original version. That was much better, and didn't need the 3-D excuse to make people go and see it.

The Life of David Gale

I loved this movie, from the first to the last second. It's able to explore both negative and postive sides of capital punishment without setting on one side or another... It's rich of energy, tension, doubt, and makes you think and get to your personal opinion.
Alan Parker got to its point in a very different way, with a story not very realistic but still intriguing. The story is not realistic, but I think that the movie was meant to be this way so te audience could set on whatever side. Winslet and Spacey were both amazing in their roles, they gave the movie that dramatic tone that would not have been so highlighted without their beautiful and intense performance.
The script is also awesome, it contains beautiful and profound quotes that could be applied to real life as well. It all does make sense toward the end... and it's very intriguing througout the whole movie.
Totally worth watching.


A peculiar love story that does not offer anything more than what you would expect it to. The plot is fairly good - it lacks something here and there, and after 30 minutes or so it becomes quite repetitive; as time passes by "Silk" looses its meaning, and starts to become a useless film that jumps from here to there apparently following no path at all. Alfred Molina, Keira Knightley and Michael Pitt were all good in their roles, and help the movie being more realistic and dramatic.
A part from the repetitive story and the discrete/peculiar plot, locations and costumes were great, as well as the garden story and some dramatic scenes.
Still, I didn't understand how he could possibly fall in love with a Japanese woman he had barely meet... Skip this one - unless you love the genere - and watch "The Painted Veil" instead - similar and much better.

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

"Along the way you bump into people who make a dent on your life. Some people get struck by lightning. Some are born to sit by a river. Some have an ear for music. Some are artists. Some swim the English Channel. Some know buttons. Some know Shakespeare. Some are mothers. And some people can dance." ... Simply one of the most beautiful ending of all times - these are some of the most beautiful words I've ever heard- this movie will fill you up with a unique emotion that you won't forget so easily, it's so diffcult not to cry at the very last scene...

"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is a movie not as good as I tought it would be, mainly because of that sad first scene which I didn't like. A part from that, the movie is really good, Blanchett was as always amazing... my problem is with the story because I find it very depressing.
"The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" is one of the greatest and in the meantime most depressing movie I've ever seen, it's the story of all the failed stories, where everybody ALMOST get what they want, but nobody gets it all. Nostalgic and totally worth watching.


An intriguing and pleasant movie that explores the many different kind of love we can find here on Earth - love for people, things, money... and the obsessive kind of love. "Chloe" is a different movie that's able to carry the audience into a "parallel" and somehow oniric world rich of jelousy, prejudice and other feelings.
This movie is a perfect example of how sometimes we're so scared to do what we really want to do only because of people, olny because we fear their judgemet. I just loved that final shoot on Moore's hair and on the hair clip: so rich of feelings, even if nothing is said about that...
This movie also manages to show us how our immagination is sometimes able to rule our world and ruin our lives... Moore was amazing in the movie, and Neeson was good in the part too. "Chloe" is a movie that I would recommend to everyone who enjoy watching movies where love is somehow mixed with a thrilling sesation. Totally worth watching, even if it's not a perfect movie the script is solid and the plot is very peculiar.


Funny, but NOT the kind of horror movie that will make you jump over your seat... ‚??Legion‚?? contains some really good and thrilling action scenes, but the overall project isn't that satisfying. The plot is confused, and doesn‚??t have a real point since the audience isn‚??t able to understand who are the evil ones and who are the good ones. Paul Bettany did a good job as the ‚??good angel‚??, my favourite character in the movie, the only one that did make sense in his own way. Still, you could enjoy ‚??Legion‚?? if what you‚??re looking for is just a bible-based story seen from a different point of view, or many bangs, booms and killing. But if what you‚??re looking for is a good horror movie‚?¶ well, I suggest you to skip this one.

Shutter Island

A tense, mind-stimulating thriller by director Martin Scorsese that will surprise you in many different ways and needs to be followed step by step. The ending is quite unpredictable, and still leaves space to personal immagination, mainly because of a very interesing plot. Actors did an amazing job, first of all DiCaprio, who once again managed to show us all that he was born to act.
Scorsese once again surprised me with another intriguing Boston story that was very pleasant and interesting to follow. I think that the overall plot hides more than what we can see by watching the movie just once, so I would recommend a re-watching...
An overall very good movie that may make you jump over your seat, totally worth watching even if it is NOT Scorsese's best movie.

The Blind Side

Sweet, delicate and touching movie. It's just amazing to think that "The Blind Side" tells a real story, a story that is capable of filling your heart with emotion. Sandra Bullock did a great job in the role of Leigh Anne Tuohy, she was just perfect, really a great character; I have to say that also Quinton Aaron was impressing in the role of Michael Oher, which was not an easy role in my opinion. Some scenes are really capable of moving the audience toward a different state of mind, so far away form racial and social prejudices, important themes that are discussed in the movie in a very subtle way. I loved how the story was told, and once again, I was super impressed to learn that this is a true story. The beginning was just perfect, ‚??The Blind Side‚?? is a movie totally worth watching.


Just another apocalyptic movie filled with good special effects; a part from some running-against-time sequences, ‚??2012‚?? doesn‚??t have much to offer: we do already know the story, and we do already know how it‚??s supposed to end‚?¶ somebody will survive and ‚??start‚?? the world again: this is something we‚??ve already seen in hundreds of other apocalyptic movie. There isn‚??t really anything new in the story, the only difference here is that we do have much more special effects that make the movie more realistic‚?¶ The problem is that even at the end of the movie we don‚??t end up caring for the characters, the audience just ends up in watching tons of non-sense action and devastation scenes.
An ok - but pointless - movie that could be easily replaced by ‚??Deep Impact‚?? or anything like that.


"Invictus" is a caress over your skin, a blow over your face... Clint Eastwood is probably the only director capable of making me cry just by showing me an helicopter flying, or by showing me a rugby game. I'm not interested in rugby, and I didn't know anything about the World Rugby Championship in 1995, but I did enjoy this movie a lot.
Freeman is a perfect Nelson Mandela, and the story that surrounds this great character of our times was amazing; I loved how Eastwood portrayed him in the movie... such a great man that managed to understand that sport was the only thing that could have bought together all the people in his Country. Thanks to this movie we're capable of understanding how much Mandela loved South Africa, and how much he scarified for it.
Racial and political matters are here wisely mixed together, the message is there, and it's also very strong. Loved it, so full of energy and many beautiful examples that should be followed to make our world a better world.

‚??I thank whatever gods may be
For my unconquerable soul.
I am the master of my fate
I am the captain of my soul.‚??

The Book of Eli

I did actually enjoy "The Book of Eli"; a very good action/sci-fi movie set in a post-apocalyptic world where nothing is predictable at all. The ending will make your mouth fall open because you'll never expect that... The opening scene is great, very original, but what I did like the most was the second half of the movie. In the very beginning of the movie we get to know Eli in a better way (Denzel Washington is great in the movie by the way), and we start caring for him; I did actually felt a great sympathy for him.
The only thing I didn't "like" was the fact that everybody seemed to be interested just in two things: water and women. Ok for the first one, but I just didn't get the second one...
The movie has a very good plot not predictable at all, great action scenes (that silhouette action scene at the beginnin was really something), wonderful weapons (loved his sword), and also great colors: all that white/brown/grey mixed together was just perfect.
Least but not last, that old married couple in that house were great characters, the Hughes brothers could have make a movie out of them too! Not as good as "From Hell", but still worth watching.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

A dark, predictable and pointless movie. "Wolfman" is one of those movie that could have been much better if only the plot was different and less boring; the story itself was good, but told in the wrong way, with many details in each scene, but very few details about characters. If Joe Johnston was trying to make an horror movie‚?¶ well, he didn't hit the right ‚??button‚?? because the fighting scenes and what was supposed to be "scary" turned just out to be ridiculous.
The only thing that I did really like was the actors choice; each actor/actresses was perfect for the role. Same for the castle; that was really an interesting location. It was very interesting to see Emily Blunt in a very different role from the previous ‚??The Devil Wears Prada‚??; she‚??s a great actress.
A fairly decent movie not really worth watching, with an opressive soundtrack that does never stop; ‚??Van Helsing‚?? or ‚??Sleepy Hollow‚?? are similar, just way better and less predictable than this.

Rachel Getting Married

A rather disappointing and not very surprising movie that hasn't got much to tell; the beginning is rather good, but the ending is just too repetitive and well... boring. "Rachel Getting Married" still is a movie worth watching, mainly because of the stunning interpretation by Anne Hataway, who is so "real" in this movie, and beacause of the very realistic story that tells.
This movie is a stay-on-the-ground movie that's able to poirtrait in a very faithful way all the drama a family can go through for one reason or another, but, except from this and except from Hathaway's perfomance, there aren't really many reasons to watch it.

Mars Attacks!

Such an hilarious movie, an alien parody that will make you laugh in most of the scenes. "Mars Attacks!" is a family movie that still mantains a serious plot mixed with good humor. Kids will love it, as well as others in the family.
It's just funny, it doesn't need to have a point or a certain meaning; it's another Tim Burton movie free of deep thoughts and sufference.
I did really enjoyed watching it, and loved THE song... that was such a hilarious moment!!!
An overall different and pleasant movie that helps us see Burton under a different kind of "light"; this is not his best movie, but it's a good one indeed.

Vanilla Sky
Vanilla Sky(2001)

‚??Vanilla Sky‚?? is a very peculiar movie where real life and dreams are so tightly mixed together that it's really difficult to understand whether we‚??re in the first or the second one. The movie starts and ends with a dream, and has a quite interesting plot that is completely undiscovered just at the end of the movie. There are some lacks and for some reason seems like there‚??s something wrong: too much jealousy, too much indifference and ignorance, but‚?¶ quite a nice way to image how the future will look like. An overall good movie, unique in its gender. Acting is fairly good, but the story does make sense and contains surprises and lots of human interaction.
Cameron Crowe has always been the ‚??director of dreams‚??; his projects are always kind of out-of-the-world, but that‚??s why people like him, right?

The Lovely Bones

Not a bad movie, but neither a brilliant one. "The Lovely Bones" is a difficult novel to translate into a movie; the movie is quite different from the book, and just too stretched (how can you make a 2 hours movie out of a 300 pages book?). There's just too much of the Salmon family, and not enough of Susie; I would have liked her to interact more with her past world, as she does in the book... The script was just ok, and was actually boring and repetitive in some parts; but I have to say I did love some lines.
Heaven was simply perfect to me, almost as I did image it, but I think Saoirse Ronan wasn't the best choice to play Susie. Some scenes were simply amazing, and I actually got emotionally involved.
The beginning of the movie was quite disappointing to me, but then it got better and better... at the end I felt like if I was flying, Peter Jackson left me with that feeling again. I think he's the only director who's able to have that effect on me, but I have to admit that this movie wasn't like his previous movies... it was different, and I didn't enjoy it like I did with many other projects of his.
"The Lovely Bones" is a good movie worth watching, full of high and low points; Heaven is amazing, same for the ending.
I think the problem stays in the book, which is too short and not too dense with details to make a movie out of it. Certainly NOT Jackson's best project.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Simply the greatest surprise of 2007. I saw "August Rush" at the movies just thanks to fate, I didn‚??t really plan this, but‚?¶ I remember this movie kind of wakened up that emotional, deep feeling that movies don‚??t evocate that often anymore. ‚??August Rush‚?? is a very simple movie, full pleasant moments, and a great love story. Freddie Highmore is perfect in the part, I love the way he acts and how he seems to be having lots of fun when surrounded by music.

This is the movie all musicians should watch at least once in their lifetime; it‚??s somehow capable of mixing life with music and love. The scenes you get from this explosive mix are just amazing. I‚??m always astonished to see how the soundtrack composer was able to mix rock music with classical music: that was just amazing, man!
Not depressive, but not even a happy story; we do get the happy ending anyways. ‚??August Rush‚?? is a unique movie, I‚??ve never seen a movie similar to this one, so shining and yet so simple and close to the audience heart.

Still, a part from the wonderful story and all the emotion, we don't get anything from this movie. The story is very good, but we don't learn anything from this, there's no moral, it doesn't make you reflect about any deep meaning, and such a story couldn't be real...
Anyways it's a very pleasant movie to watch.

Little Children

‚??Little Children‚?? contains lot more than what it seems; it‚??s not only a story about adultery or making amends‚?¶ it‚??s a story that highlights the most important ‚??thing‚?? we do have in life: our family. Kate Winslet gifted us with a fantastic interpretation, same for Patrick Wilson.
I love how we have an ‚??extra voice‚?? that explains how the main characters feel, and what they‚??re thinking about; that‚??s something we do not find often in a movie. With this movie we get through the visual parts, and get straight to human psychology which is actually very interesting.
Still, we don‚??t get to know characters that well, and in some points the movie gets too slow and repetitive, especially towards the end. Certainly a movie worth watching.


Avatar is an amazing movie from a visual point of view, but if you look further... there's not that much more, it lacks human emotions & realism.
Still, it's probably the best sci-fi movie ever made, and it's something to experience at the movie theatre, in 3-D.
It's surely the best if you're looking for great action scenes and distruction, but if you're looking for something more you'll probably get disappointed.

The plot is very predictable, but the almost 3 hours go by very fast... if you're watching it in 3-D you get really cought into Pandora, and fall in love with that exciting planet.
Once you think you're done with Pandora you understand that you just want more, you wanna go back there.

This is probably Cameron's secret: create such a beautiful place to be (in 1997 that was the Titanic, in 2009 that's Pandora) that the audience comes back and back again to be there again...
Me myself, even if I haven't found THAT much in "Avatar" (except from army, military bases, colonization, destruction, ... - Come on guys, this is another overrated movie!), after seeing it for the first time I just wanted to see it again, just to get back on Pandora and be surrounded by that marvellous plants and animals, and FLY... the flying scenes were probably the most exciting to me.

With "Avatar" director James Cameron demonstrate he deserved his Academy Award as Best Director for Titanic; I still think it's amazing to watch all the work he did.

Somebody said that there are messages in this movie, and that these messages are about racism and naturalism... In my opinion, if you're really looking for those messages you're gonna find them, but if you're just watching Avatar because of the acion scenes you won't get those messages because they're very hidden ones.

Is this movie going to change movie history, or the way movies are made? Could be, but I won't be so sure about it... Filmakers in the past tried many times to get all movies in 3-D, but didn't make it.
I really don't see the reason why everybody thinks that after "Avatar" more and more movies will be made in 3-D, and that this movie will succeed where other movies didn't succeed...
My opinion? "Avatar" is just an exception, the story starts and ends here, or maybe could work with animation and action movies. We'll never get "Gone With the Wind", or "There Will Be Blood", or "No Country for Old Man" in 3-D.


Director Rob Marshall once again brought to the screen a quite sexist and immoral movie. Songs are fairly good, and women are treated like objects by Guido when they dance or sing... He is unfair to them all, and this is so disgusting. The only good reason to go and see "Nine" are acting performances and music choreographies. It's also interesting to see that Marshall made a movie about a director who's about to start shooting a musical that hasn't got a script yet; Guido Contini has lost his inspiration, and has these open-eyes dreams where we see Guido himself and his women singing about their feelings. This will help Guido by giving him inspiration; he's nothing without his women, and he'll understand this just toward the end, when he'll take the decision to leave his musical project incomplete. Daniel Day-Lewis, Marion Cotillard, Penelope Cruz and Kate Hudson entertain the audience with a beautiful performance, but this is not enough to make "Nine" one of the best musical of our time.

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

I just hated every single minute of this movie, from when she gets pregnant to when she has the baby. "Knocked up" is a non-sense movie to me, that highlights the funnier parts of this kind of situation. Well, I found this all very un-realistic because there's nothing funny in getting pregnant at 24 years old with somebody you barely know. Just another dumb and funny movie to me.

The Concert (Le concert)

A very simple, relaxing and emotional movie dressed up with some good Russian humor. My impression is that Radu Mihaileanu wanted to do a movie for musicians, and that‚??s what he actually did. This movie contains lots of surprises, and is able to get you in the right mood to completely understand music and a lifetime story. It starts in Russia and ends in France; you have to get used to it at the beginning, but I sweat it gets better and better as time passes by. The last 15 minutes are great and will probably lead you to tears because those ending scenes are just perfect ‚?? something I really didn‚??t expect from this little movie.
Overall it‚??s a funny ‚?? but not dumb - movie that never gets ridiculous, and never lets your attention down. ‚??Le Concert‚?? will lead you to different kind of love for music, and to some deep, funny and touching stories.

The Hills Have Eyes

Too much blood, and yet not enough deaths or scary scenes - was this a horror movie or what?!? The ending is quite predictable and most of the plot doesn't make sense: why are those people so angry with the world, and why would that man at the gas station help them in finding people to kill? That's a mistery to me... Also, there are just too many mutants out there, and I really can't understand how they can all survive in the desert where there's almost no water; same for the happy family who is apparently able to anything in the warm desert climate.
An overall "funny" and dfferent movie... just it doesn't make lots of sense. I suppose the original one by Wes Craven is way better.


One of the best opening scene of all time, rich of energy that immediately leads the audience into "Chicago". Music is very good, choreographies are simply great, but this movie wasn't worth the Academy as Best Picture of 2002, and Marshall wasn't worth the Academy as best director.
Renée Zellweger acted wonderfully as Roxy, a really great character that will be remembered in the history of movies.
I still hate to see how Marshall USES women that appear in his movies; Bill using Roxy as a puppet on the stage was really a revolting scene, but many other musical scenes were really good.
After watching "Chicago" seems like all women are just interested in sex, killing and fame. I think and hope it's not like that, this movie gives a wrong impression, as all other Marshall's movies.
The ending is quite predictable, and some scenes are a little bit too long, but "Chicago" is still worth watching if you do like musicals.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

Not too bad, but neither a glorious movie. I would define "Band Camp" a mediocre movie, surely not the best in the American Pie serie... At the end eveyone gets what they want, Matt gets through his lesson and kind of makes amends for all the disasters he did at the band camp. Funny and sweet at the same time.

Epic Movie
Epic Movie(2007)

Probably the worst movie I've ever seen. It isn't funny, it doesn't have any meaning at all, it is just a good try for making money out of blockbuster movies that did make money. Capitan Jack Sparrow is much funnier in "Pirates of the Caribbean" than he is in this dumb movie, and the "Chronicles of Narnia" movies are way better, too.
I really don't see any reson for watching this movie instead of the real ones that are ruined in it. You'll just waste your time if you'll watch this because "Epic Movie" doesn' contain anything new at all... a totally different thing from "Scary Movie" - which is way better in my opinion. In fact, it is funny to make fun of horror movies, but I don't really see the point in making funny of action/fantasy movies.

Scary Movie 3

Funny, but since this is the third "Scary Movie" it sounded a little bit repetitive. I also found some scene a little bit too "strong" and out of place... Passing trough mother Theresa of Calcutta's painting was a very unpolite thing to see, and picturing the US president as a complitely out-of-the-world person was too.
The start was good, as well as "8 Mile", "The Ring" and "Signs" parody.

30 Days of Night

Set in Barrow, Alaska and shoot in New Zealand: this sounds perfect already. Great start, and very sweet ending that helps making "30 Days of Night" one of my favourite vampire movie. Director David Slade was born to make movies about night creatures; vampires seem to be so real in the movie, and I just love the way they move during action scenes: they're fascinating and scary at the same time.
Tension is at a medium level throughout the first half of the movie, and gets a little bit higher toward the end, which is just perfect.
Hartnett is perfect for the role. I liked his character: very calm and with cool blood, he did exactly was he was supposed to do in each situation he was in.
The ending with the sun rising again was just perfect. Action scenes were very good, blood is in the right measure, and the "drama" was explained perfectly. A very good movie to be seen if you like this kind of movies.

Bangkok Dangerous

Quite good action scenes, the city of Bangkok and sarcasm aren't enough elements to make "Bangkok Dangerous" a good movie.
A decent start, an awful (really awful) ending, and a no-making-sense plot all between. Cage always wears the same treated-with-makeup face throughout the whole movie, and his actions don't seem to have any sense. Why would a killer teach the art of killing to somebody who barely knows? Why save that boy instead of anybody else? ... Also, I'm still trying to understand what was about that girl; he just did the most stupid thing: break a rule on his last mission. This just doesn't make sense.
Still, you'll enjoy the movie if you'll expect just booms and bangs.

Lťon: The Professional

A killer. A plant. A girl. These three simple elements are able to move the audience toward an emotional and in the meantime excited state of coscience. Action, but also lots of basic human feelings make "Leon" a great movie, probably Besson's best one.
Set in NYC, this movie is capable of showing a different face of the Big Apple; that's NYC, but has got lots of Europe in it. I would say that Besson highlightened the european part of the city.
Least but not last, Reno, Portland and Oldman were great in this movie. I just loved how Jean Reno acted as Leon!
Great beginning, and a simply perfetct ending.

Blood Diamond

Another underrated movie that needs to be followed minute after minute to be complitely understood. "Blood Diamonds" cointains lots more than what you might think by looking just at its surface; it reports facts that have really happened in Africa, and helps you understanding how the world is divided into those who produce paying with their lives and those who buy... but poor people dying don't get anything out of this. We often forget about this, but this movie helps us remember.
This movie is capable of getting the audience emotional (especially toward the ending), and in the meantime entertain people with action scenes and a quite interesting plot. Director Edward Zwick once again choose to bring on the screen a profound movie deep with meaning.
Actors Leonardo DiCaprio and Djimon Hounsou are both terrifying in their performances; they do really manage to make you understand how do their characters feel in each scene of the movie. They should have won an Oscar for this.

Inventing the Abbotts

"Inventing the Abbotts" is a relaxing, nostalgic movie that tells a quite atypical love story. Set in the 50s, it's a movie about not only love, but also about revenge and sufference; it's kind of interesting to notice how similar and, in the meantime, different the Holt brothers are. They see the Abbotts in a complitely different way.
Doug loves Pamela, while Jacey is just seeking revenge because of some conviction he has... and, as in real life, at the end of the movie we find out that his conviction was complitey wrong, and set on some very non-solid bases. People has always liked to chat around, and we all know that gossip news very often aren't true.

Another good reason to watch this movie is seeing Liv Tyler and Joaquin Phoenix act together. They make quite a good couple, and they both did a fairly good job.