BobAmaden's Rating of Elysium

Bob's Review of Elysium

3 years ago via Flixster


Elysium is fast-moving and fun to look at, but the story is surprisingly weak. The audience has to make enormous leaps ("there is data in my head that can fix all problems... I just gotta plug in...") in order for it to work. It's action-y, but the action scenes are kind of a blur. They should have invested more in the human drama of us-versus-them. As it is, the elite citizens of Elysium are little more than faceless richies that don't contribute to making us hate the conflict as much as we should. And Matt Damon's character is hard to identify with because he's never fully on board with being heroic or good. But again, it's really neat to look at when there are swooping shots of the Elysium paradise or the endless slums of Earth.