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Bob's Review of Jobs

4 years ago via Flixster


This was pretty "meh". Most of its energy is focused on depicting Steve Jobs as a visionary with a bit of a temper. That side of it is pretty effective, but you definitely feel like other facets of his life are being ignored. It also is extremely vague about what his specific talents were, other than championing the aesthetics of the home computer. I feel like the biggest missed opportunity is in showing us more about the incredible boom of technology during his career. This should be the story of the rise to dominance of the information age, but instead it's the story of Steve Jobs working on some stuff and running into business conflicts. Ashton Kutcher works pretty hard to look Steve Jobs-y, but he still sounds really Ashton Kutcher-y. I liked Josh Gad and JK Simmons, but no one other than Kutcher gets much opportunity to create a full character. One last thing... if at all possible, I can from personal experience recommend not watching it near an Apple snob who mutters "ahh..." at the introduction of familiar new characters and laughs with unnatural loudness at moments that are supposed to be only a little funny.