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4 years ago via Flixster
Europa Report

Europa Report(2013)

This is by far my favorite Sharlto Copley science fiction movie of the past week. Lawl. Seriously I liked this. It reminded me of the good parts of Mission to Mars and Red Planet, and let's face it, no one ever reminds you that there are good parts of those movies. The ambitious idea of a "found footage" format applying to a futuristic space mission movie works perfectly well. I had heard that the movie would be really hanging its hat on realism and fidelity to educated speculation about the possibilities of deep space travel. However, it won't have that much appeal to those who are watching it for that quality. It is meant to appeal to moviegoers who want a mainstream sci-fi thriller. The movie only barely dips its toe in the waters of character development; as a result the characters don't feel particularly authentic, and some of the drama is blunted. Still a good suspense movie, though.