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This is one of the most suspenseful movies I've ever seen. The environment is so vivid, and the danger to the characters so palpable that, in the same way that people nowhere near the water had nightmares about sharks after they saw Jaws, you will be afraid of space after you see this movie.

I saw it in 3D. The director says that the experience is blunted by about two thirds if it's not seen in 3D, but I disagree. You will think it's awesome whether or not you see it in 3D. But if you're serious about fully experiencing it, go for 3D.


I fell asleep during "Pitch Black" and I fell asleep even harder during "The Chronicles of Riddick". The only reason I went to see this one, whose full title I assume is "Riddick 3: Riddick" and whose sequel will probably be called "RIDDICK RIDDICK RIDDICK." were personal circumstances having to do with the timing of my Saturday afternoon activities. But I didn't really hate this! Except the ending, the ending was dumb. And actually, some of the special effects were weak by modern standards (specifically, the hover-cycles). But the first big chunk was suspenseful, and then the next big chunk was suspenseful, and then by the time it was not as good, it was almost over. Hooray!

The Spectacular Now

You will like this movie. I liked it a lot. I wasn't expecting a main character like this; he's very flawed, easy to identify with, and although he feels familiar, I also feel like I have never seen a leading character like this in a movie. The light touch by the actor-centric director takes the movie down an unexpectedly dark path after teasing the audience with very little conflict for the first half of the movie. (You won't mind that.) I did feel like the overall message was one I've seen over and over again, but maybe that's because I'm super old & beaten down by life. Just kidding; you'll know what I mean if you see it. Which you should.

You're Next
You're Next(2013)

This will work for you if all you need is a murder-y home invasion horror movie with slightly creepy masks. But there is nothing else here. The story is pitifully uninventive. The characters mostly come across as stiff and unlikeable; at first I was thinking the actors were just shitty, but then one early moment capitalized on the unpleasant characters for one good laugh. Then there is nothing funny until the last five minutes, when the movie suddenly decides to be all Sam Raimi-esque. It comes across as sloppy filmmaking. It's as though they went with the first draft of a script that needed a lot of work.

Kick-Ass 2
Kick-Ass 2(2013)

Not as much fun as the first one, but still kinda fun. No longer present is the charming interplay between Hit Girl and Big Daddy. That's a loss, but it gains Hit Girl as a more central character, which totally holds the audience's attention. Just like the first one, this succeeds at its odd premise of having a superhero who is completely ordinary - just like you! It's fast-paced, and doesn't have action/fight/chase scenes that overstay their welcome. Jim Carrey's comedic abilities are not taken advantage of, and there is in general not as much tongue-in-cheek humor as the first one. But there is some decent shock value. It won't be anyone's favorite Kick-Ass movie, or favorite superhero movie, or favorite movie. But I've seen worse this summer.


This was pretty "meh". Most of its energy is focused on depicting Steve Jobs as a visionary with a bit of a temper. That side of it is pretty effective, but you definitely feel like other facets of his life are being ignored. It also is extremely vague about what his specific talents were, other than championing the aesthetics of the home computer. I feel like the biggest missed opportunity is in showing us more about the incredible boom of technology during his career. This should be the story of the rise to dominance of the information age, but instead it's the story of Steve Jobs working on some stuff and running into business conflicts. Ashton Kutcher works pretty hard to look Steve Jobs-y, but he still sounds really Ashton Kutcher-y. I liked Josh Gad and JK Simmons, but no one other than Kutcher gets much opportunity to create a full character. One last thing... if at all possible, I can from personal experience recommend not watching it near an Apple snob who mutters "ahh..." at the introduction of familiar new characters and laughs with unnatural loudness at moments that are supposed to be only a little funny.

Europa Report

This is by far my favorite Sharlto Copley science fiction movie of the past week. Lawl. Seriously I liked this. It reminded me of the good parts of Mission to Mars and Red Planet, and let's face it, no one ever reminds you that there are good parts of those movies. The ambitious idea of a "found footage" format applying to a futuristic space mission movie works perfectly well. I had heard that the movie would be really hanging its hat on realism and fidelity to educated speculation about the possibilities of deep space travel. However, it won't have that much appeal to those who are watching it for that quality. It is meant to appeal to moviegoers who want a mainstream sci-fi thriller. The movie only barely dips its toe in the waters of character development; as a result the characters don't feel particularly authentic, and some of the drama is blunted. Still a good suspense movie, though.


Elysium is fast-moving and fun to look at, but the story is surprisingly weak. The audience has to make enormous leaps ("there is data in my head that can fix all problems... I just gotta plug in...") in order for it to work. It's action-y, but the action scenes are kind of a blur. They should have invested more in the human drama of us-versus-them. As it is, the elite citizens of Elysium are little more than faceless richies that don't contribute to making us hate the conflict as much as we should. And Matt Damon's character is hard to identify with because he's never fully on board with being heroic or good. But again, it's really neat to look at when there are swooping shots of the Elysium paradise or the endless slums of Earth.

The To Do List

Unfortunately this isn't all that funny. It's just okay. It definitely succeeds at edgy gross-out humor, and it works as a female-driven teen sex comedy (with stars that are, quite deliberately, well into their 20s) with just a touch of sweetness. And that will be enough for a lot of people. But I wish it had been funnier.

The Conjuring

This is a really typical contemporary-style supernatural horror movie. People who go to this want to be sucked into a fearful situation and be startled a lot. This movie gives you all of that in abundance. What it doesn't give you is anything to distinguish itself from all of the similar movies that came before it, and will surely follow. There is nothing unique or remarkable about the story, the characters are milquetoast from top to bottom, the style of the movie feels like typical modern filmmaking, and even the title is forgettable (especially after you see the movie and wonder to yourself, "wait, was there any actual conjuring?"). Again, if you feel like watching one of these types of movies, you will be getting what you came for. But years from now you will have a hard time separating this from the clump of movies in your memory that includes Insidious, Sinister, or any recent movie with the word "haunting" or "exorcism" in the title.

The Way Way Back

This is an enjoyable and simple drama/comedy that really worked on me from beginning to end. There are some noticeably formulaic scenes, but the movie as a whole will charm you into forgiving it. I've always liked Sam Rockwell, which is odd since he's never been anywhere near this likable before.

Much Ado About Nothing

This didn't do much for me. It seems like this can be an okay Shakespeare play if there's tons of fun charisma and chemistry between Beatrice and Benedick, but there wasn't enough here to make me smile much. It's weird and jarring how this story jumps around between tragic and comic. For those of you excited about this because of Nathan Fillion, be warned that he plays the minor role of Dogberry, so he's not in it much. If you're a fan of this play, you'll find some of the updates curious and interesting, but not mindblowing.

Pacific Rim
Pacific Rim(2013)

Very average summertime action movie. Despite the director's "visionary" reputation, this movie does not particularly distinguish itself. The basic concept, explained neatly in the first five minutes, is intriguing. Unfortunately, the rest of the story is not well-conceived and doesn't bring much to the audience that can't be gleaned from the trailer. Also there's a conspicuous pointless motif (spoiler alert: it's nosebleeds), and a huge timeline discrepancy.

I saw this in 2D. The effects came across as busy & muddy in a way that reminded me of the Transformers movies. That bothered me, but a lot of people like those movies so I might be in the minority. And it might work better in 3D.

Monsters University

The original Monsters, Inc. was driven by an inventive story and some exhilarating visuals. This sequel has none of that. And no Boo. It is a little funny and not particularly boring, but it does not belong in the same league as the likes of Up or Wall-E.

The Lone Ranger

I thought The Lone Ranger was going to suck. I would not have gone to it if I'd had to pay out of my pocket, but since I have a special deal and I wanted to go see something, I went last night.

There are, indeed, sucky things about it. The suckiest of which is called Johnny Depp Being Cast As A Comanche Indian Or Really Anything Else Because OMG I Hate That Guy. That's right, I can't stand Johnny Depp, even when he isn't going all Micky-Rooney-In-Breakfast-At-Tiffany's on us. He is about as talented as the funny babysitter we all had at one point when we were kids. And yet he gets to play Tonto instead of an ethnically-appropriate actor.

Also, the plot is kind of half-assed in a way that will seem familiar to those who saw the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies. At one point they even winkingly acknowledge that they didn't bother to explain how Tonto escaped from a particular situation.

But I have to admit that there is a successful sense of fun. It's never very boring; its 2.5 hour length gives you a sense that you're getting your money's worth. It feels summer-action-movie-y. It has fun visuals. And William Fichtner's show-stealing villainy is impressive.

So I suspect that if you think you might like this, you will. But I have a feeling that its enduring legacy will be that, despite the movie's message about an evil corporation trying to whitewash the Indians out of the picture, they cast Johnny Depp as a Comanche Indian.

Pitch Perfect

Works really hard to come across as an edgy, hip comedy. Often succeeds. Often succeeds at the expense of the musical experience.


Surprizingly engaging. Daniel Day-Lewis gives a really likeable performance. Not overact-y and blunt like he gets so often.