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Stockholm (2013)
1 day ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It is difficult to explain what this movie creates with me. With two clear parts put together by a twist, each one with its fans and haters: one in the night, but shiny, romantic or Amelie style (not very original, but fresh because of the spirit of the two young and promising actors), but with the feeling something goes wrong; and the other part, Haneke-like, perturbing, with nice shots full of light but a dark soul, unconfortable, and also with the feeling that this should not be happening because characters should not have been so stupid in the first part. For me, it is a bomb of emotions and, most of the time, I was bored or desiring to stop it. However, even predictable (but in the middle twist), I must recognize it made me feel things, even if I disliked. The actors were good, and it probably has a message, although it is so subtle and hidden that maybe there was not intention at all. I would like that you also see other movies from these actors, which have very interesting roles in their careers.