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Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

Funny youll laugh yo pants off

The Graduate
The Graduate(1967)

What an ending. It has the look of an ending that would be considered "happy", kind of like "Good Will Huntings" ending but it's really not due to the underlying themes of alienation, social pressures, generation gaps, etc. We see the two characters making a huge decision for their lives in a rushed manner, and in fact, the whole last quarter felt rushed, but it works in a sense, with the way the theme of the movie which is that social pressures and the generation gaps has made the adults want their children to make decisions and right away without aiming to truly live a proper experience. "Plastics" is said by a man about the life of today and it very much represents the superficial and not humane nature of people back then and today. The fact that this movie came out in 1967 is pretty amazing as it has many scenes that never felt like they were from a movie back then and the relevance stand strong, even today. I can very much see the major influences this movie has provided to films that came out afterwords and it is essentially, the first true "coming of age" film of it's time, and it's all done in a very scary manner then anything. All throughout the movie we see the main character, a young college graduate being forced to make life choices he just isn't sure about. First to have to talk to so many people when he is just so introverted, to go to graduate school by his parents, to get a job by relatives, then to have sex and in a sense, laughed at for not doing so before, by Mrs.Robinson, than to go on a date with a girl he hardly knows, etc. These adults feel their life is the best life and that to be happy, their children must do it as well, but it's very noticeable that their life is quite bland and lifeless, due to them following the system and not choosing the life THEY want. All of those pressures and what not, lead to a last quarter that is very rushed including the female making a choice she doesn't even truly want but does so anyways, but it makes sense, due to the theme of life being rushed for these people, and it ends off with the characters unsure if they even made a good choice of running away from all that stuff. What will they do now with their lives? It's very tragic and true. Life is not supposed to be a bunch of events to gain praise. If one wants that, then OK, but not everyone wants such. Never the less, in a sense, the ending is happy for the male lead as he has finally been able to do something "different" from everyone else...but now can he handle the typical family life ahead of him? Is this life REALLY what the female wants? The music is used very well and there are some truly iconic scenes such as the one with the main character in a swimming pool, drowning himself from everything...still as a tree...reminds me of that one scene in Wes Andersons "Rushmore". Another thing I really dug is the way the camera allows us to view life through the lens of the main male lead, with glances at the table and not the other persons face, and much more. There is more to be said, but The Graduate, overall, is a very good movie. I feel I will actually like it more with a re-watch some day. It's message hits hard and will continue to do so even in 2050. The Graduate is indeed, a classic.

Beasts of the Southern Wild

This isn't necessarily a great movie but definitely a very good one, and it's one to be seen and lived. The film meanders way too much but all that meandering has a reason as it ends in a very emotionally devastating and poetic but rather not very cohesive manner. The shaky camera work is at times rather annoying as it's hard to see what's going on, and then there are times where it is just beautifully shot. The actors are all very naturalistic and that just made the very devastating story more painful to watch but there really wasn't much depth on either of them including the little girl, who is the main character. Her father was developed very nicely and their relationship, overall, made me tear up at the finale. There are definitely parts in the movie where I can't help but feel like I am watching the works of a master filmmaker, and then parts where I am simply watching a documentary of poverty struck people without much of a cohesive structure to it's story. Never the less, it can still be looked at in a positive way, as the director simply takes real world situations and fuses a magical element to it and make it work, somewhat if the movie was a bit more cohesive and not so messy. There are undeniably parts where I was confused on what was going on and the meandering in a way, made me feel a bit detached from the characters, and simply had me in wow at the visuals. Never the less, Beasts of the Southern Wild is a beautifully moving film that I highly recommend everyone watches.

We Bought a Zoo

Despite it's flaws such as being tonally inconsistent, cheesy and having under developed relationships, the film is still a delight. The scenes that work are utterly beautiful and dearly touching, with the damn good performances (particularly from Matt Damon) really anchoring the movie. The overall theme of a father viewing his dead wife through his daughter and trying to fix up his life by escaping the conventions of society is very powerful but it definitely could have been handled better. The music in some scenes almost felt a bit too manipulative as it just didn't fit in with the way the film was going but overall, it was all pleasant. At parts, I could not help but feel a bit detached from the film since it contains a lot of big shot actors throwing out lines from a script, but never the less, there is a certain beauty around the film with the people and the animals. Solid movie.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

Jon Favreaus "Iron Man" was a great start to this franchise and still stands as the best out of the new Marvel Universe films, and Iron Man 2 while not as good, managed to be solid power packed fun with Downey Jr being the main highlight of the movie. With Iron Man 3, the director change, has made this franchise hit some lows that I was not expecting and leaving me rather disappointed and even heart broken. Visually, the film is fantastic with the final battle being tons of fun, but that's all that was good/great. I mean, I still can't get over how awesome those several suits were and the fact that the film has *SPOILER* Paltrow wearing it and getting some action with it. Everything else is more on the mixed side. The performances are all just alright, including Robert Downey Jr, who I found to have a bit of a character change as he was a fairly cocky smart ass in his previous adventures (which I enjoyed), while in this one, it's more on the angst side with the scenes that try to show his cocky side just not working, mostly due to the poor writing by Shane Black. I am all for a movie that deals with Tony and his inner struggles, and the first 2 do that but don't go into it as much, but it worked in those 2 never the less. In this one, it just felt awkward. Also, the fact that the film tries to make the audience laugh in nearly every single scene was just annoying as it took down any real tension the film could have had and I just didn't find it to be that funny. Also, where the hell is the signature AC/DC music!?! The minute the film opens up with Tony talking about a short adventure he had (cus the movie was pretty fast paced and felt like a short adventure than a real eventful movie), and did a dumb seductive dance before getting his suit on, I knew there was something wrong with this movie. In fact, the movie overall, felt kind of rushed.The fact that the film laughs at his PTSD instead of making us properly sympathize was pretty annoying. The second half is where I found the movie to become it's most infuriating due to certain major twists that basically mock the comics and the previous movies and an ending that just felt not necessary and clashes with what the first 2 films emphasize as impossible, and it is clear Tony will be Iron Man again and again just as James Bond is 007 again and again, It is a more serious movie, but in a more hallow and not very entertaining sense, particularly in the middle. I could get into a couple of other flaws but it would come off as a nitpicks, so I won't. As a blockbuster movie overall, it's a dumb fun action flick but as a third film in a franchise and having a character that appeared in other related films, Iron Man 3 is a disappointment. Hopefully, the upcoming films, or Avengers 2, I mean, fix up his character. In Joss Whedon, I trust.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

I'm pretty impressed with how much this sequel improved from the first which I was not a huge fan of and I mean it when I say, this movie improves nearly everything that was wrong with the first. How much? That depends. Not enough to make it anything great, but it is good. It definitely feels like the director was under studio pressure with the first film but due to studio confidence, Adamson was able to put much more creative input with this film and managed to bring out a much more darker, grittier, emotional and overall entertaining fantasy flick. There's no denying that the film has similarities with the first but it basically also feels like a better version as it takes on the consequences of the trio leaving Narnia, which was a very unique moment in the film but not so unique for Narnia, as it ends up war struck and destroyed of any hope. The acting is nothing amazing but it's all solid including the trio who I could not exactly stand various times in the first film due to the cheesiness. There are much more heavy themes and the Christian themes are also better in this one than the rather obvious and in your face ones in the first. Visually, the film is very beautiful and has a natural look seamed with CGI that works, unlike the first. The action sequences are close to being amazing in some scenes. There is less cutesy sentimental moments and more along the lines of suffering and loss of hope until it's last quarter which is still a delight due to how well executed many of it was. The film is much more daring as it has a lot of violent and sad moments that are all very well executed by the director. I actually found myself emotionally engaged in this one with the ending leaving a very magically poignant effect that really has me wanting to read the novels. It's really a beautiful allegory and while I haven't read the novels yet, I feel the director has actually made a fine adaptation of the novel. Looking forward to the next one. Oh but one thing I could not get over, is the lack of blood despite how violent the film gets. Oh well, it is aiming to be sold to families.

Black Dynamite

Scott Sanders does a fine homage to 1970's blaxploitation films providing the exact dialogues, technical aspects, music, etc of those films. Sure, it could be said he is basically just chilling and re-making the exact stuff older filmmakers did, but there are enough moments of hilarious self awareness and intriguing plot/character development to show that there is indeed original creative input. Also, for a film shot in 20 days, it's pretty good. A problem I had with "Enter the Dragon" is that it kind of demands you to take it seriously at parts, and thus it ends up dragging, whereas Black Dynamite is full out ridiculous and is aware of it, thus being pretty darn entertaining and funny. Michael Jai White is perfect as the titular hero trying to stop the disastrous plot that deals with a villain who is trying to continue his white supremacy by using chemicals to shorten black mens "Johnsons" with the help of stereotypical Asian men, drug dealers who sell drugs to kids and orphans (which Black Dynamite expresses his deep sadness in the most hilarious manner for), and overall with Dynamite trying to find out the killers of his brother. I dug that the film is populated with black men and the minority being white people, which is a rarity for a Hollywood feature. Anyways, overall Black Dynamite is outrageous trashy fun that runs for only an hour and a half.

Universal Soldier

Flawed but Emmerich manages to make it entertaining enough. Van Damme is nice. Not much to say. Interesting concept. Nice little social commentary about the delusions of the American soldiers who went to war with Vietnam and came out alive. Yeah. Definitely the directors better films.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

used to love it when I was a kid but re-watching it's actually pretty darn mediocre. It has it's magical moments here and there with Liam Neeson being the main highlight. Unfortunately, even though I've never properly read the novel, it's noticeable that it shies away from going into the deeper aspects that the novel does so and aims to be a family friendly adventure that in my opinion, isn't even that exciting. The CGI, ESPECIALLY today, looks very outdated and with the actors/actresses who are...not good at all (except the actress playing Lucy) the movie becomes very cheesy and cringe worthy. The sets are also very boring as it's all basically just generic land shots with subpar CGI covering pretty much everything. An example would be: the scene where Lucy and Susan ride on Aslan...yeah, that whole scene was just hilarious due to how fake it looked. Of course, since I loved it as a kid, the nostalgia allowed me to not have too much of a bad attitude towards this movie and the music is quite good, at parts. During the action sequences, there was that music that is often used in parodies and thus I could not exactly take a lot of it seriously. Never the less, as I said earlier, it has it's moments of poignant magic and thus I will consider it an OK movie.

RoboCop 3
RoboCop 3(1993)

At least the second TRIED to respect the first film. This one just fucks it all up. Not necessarily a horrible movie but certainly a bad and predictably unnecessary one. The gore, the satire, etc, it's all gone. The movie aims to be a very cheesy, comedic, and sentimental action flick that just bored me to sleep.

Robocop 2
Robocop 2(1990)

Surprised to see all the negative reviews. I mean, compared to todays standards of action flicks, obviously this would be considered bad, but for a 1990 movie, this was pretty cool. It's much more nihilistic than the first but the first managed to make it's nihlism compelling, whereas it was a bit silly in this one. Definitely not as good as the first, but this one continues what the first started in a fairly well way with the commentaries, gore, and characters and adds in some big action that is entertaining. It does also basically re-hash many things the first does, is more illogical and cheesier, but never the less, it was pretty fun.


I saw this when I was 5 or so. Loved it then and still think it's damn good. I dug the satirical commercials. "Nukem" haha. The movie is pretty brave for a Hollywood blockbuster as it's got plenty of gore and several themes about human nature, identity, media, etc. The performances are all good. I can't help but feel like the movie could have been longer and perhaps trying to include a larger story while also developing its characters more, but never the less, it's good. I can very clearly see the influences on films that came afterwords.

Salmon Fishing in the Yemen

Nicely shot, nicely acted, and nicely written. It's just a very pleasant movie that had potential but after the first 30 min or so, it ends up jamming several underdeveloped stories and thus ends up being just decent.

To Rome with Love

A rather messy movie that tells a couple of rather absurd stories all taking place in Rome. The characters are all very one dimensional and somewhat unlikable, but it's quite clear Woody Allen was just lazily fooling around with this one. I admired the fact that he brings in quite a bit of unconventional stories and his appearance was neat but it all just felt so muddled. Average camera work. I found myself bored quite a bit and it never really goes anywhere and ends up being a rather mediocre experience.

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Hated it a few years back, but enjoyed it somewhat more now. The first half was rather boring and just lame, but it gets much more exciting in the second half. The CGI and action sequences are pretty sweet but everything else is fairly mediocre. I dug the cheesy vibe but sometimes it gets cringe worthy, particularly JGL's performance. Overall, a decent action flick.

A Clockwork Orange

This was one helluva bizarre movie. It's filled with ridiculously silly things and I found the first 30-40 min rather boring/silly, but as soon as we see the human side of the story with Alex going through "therapy" and what not, with the questions of morality arising, it becomes much more interesting. Many of the performances were over dramatic/exaggerated. The camerawork was solid. None the less, I cannot deny the major influence this movie has on later films. Interesting is mostly all that I can say...

Four Rooms
Four Rooms(1996)

A really weird little movie about a bellboy who goes through various life threatening events in 4 different rooms in a hotel. Each room is directed by a different director. The first 2 rooms were rather boring and stupid but watchable. It's the third and fourth, directed by Rodriguez and Tarantino that were quite amusing. It's overall just silly fun.

Aadhi Bhagavan

I admired the unconventional characters and plot points but in execution, it all falls to the familiar and boring tropes that Tamil films are plagued with. Also it's portrayal of transgenders was irksome.


I haven't seen many horrors and this just makes me feel that I really should go check them out before watching these self aware satirical horror comedies. Wes Cravens "Scream" is kinda brilliant though. Definitely makes me feel that The Cabin in the Woods is somewhat overrated, as it hardly scared me and it's commentaries were very simple with one dimensional characters. This movie on the other hand is actually pretty horrific, with good amounts of development on it's characters and fused with good dosages of self aware/satirical comedic moments and social/cultural commentaries on the world today and it's inhabitants, particularly the youth, media and horror film cliches. Very enjoyable...but I don't see how I would enjoy sequels of this. It feels like a one time thing. Still thinking about that fucked up ending though. Quite hilarious yet tragic and thought provoking at the same time. Very good movie.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

I saw this back in 2009 with some old pals and liked it quite a bit. Found parts of it boring but overall, it definitely somewhat got me into the universe. Re-watching it now, I definitely like it more than I did in 2009 due to how much I've grown as a cinephile. Visually, Star Trek is breathtaking...despite the somewhat irksome usages of lens flare. Abrams learned to use it better in Super 8 though, just as well as adding in emotional depth and toning down on the mindless action, so it's cool. Anyways, the opening scene was wonderful with it's strong performances (mostly referring to Hemsworth), breath taking visuals, and tragic story. Abrams executes it all very well and manage to get me rather teary. I don't know SHIT about Star Trek, so that was a hell of a scene. After that, the film doesn't necessarily stick to an emotional tone, but more on the side of a light hearted yet somewhat tension filled fun tone and the first half is hella fun! You could really feel Abrams putting in a ton of work to keep it exciting and he succeeds. It's the second half where I found it's constant usage of dialogue pertaining on what has to be done and mindless explosions and laser fights/fights, that I found myself a bit exhausted, but it manages to not kill my spirit too much, as it often goes back to it's goodness and end off as a warm hearted sci fi, that definitely has gotten me on board as a fan of this series and while I haven't seen many of the previous Star Trek stuff, many of the homages were quote noticeable, so cool! Overall, a good sci fi. I'm definitely looking forward to Abrams take on Starwars and his upcoming Star Trek 2!


For a film that consists of a budget of 45 million in 2012, I kind of expected the visuals to be better. I mean, the landscape shots are while generic looking, are good stuff but the rest of the film feels like the work of someone still in the process of learning, with things like just coating the whole film with red in some scenes, or some other odd fluorescent looking colours, etc. I mean, it's not a huge complaint, but it is something I wondered about. As never the less, the movie overall, looks and feels like an experimental film by a director who has dreams of getting big in Hollywood and that's a good thing. Some people thought the colour palette of this film was ugly, but to me, it came off as very comic booky, or cartoonish and I say that as a compliment as the rest of the film is actually really fucked up and yet kinda funny in a sense(deadpan humour is used a lot), which is pretty much what the Dredd comics were like. When I watch an action flick, I expect explosions and fight scenes, etc but I will not enjoy it, if there is not some sort of innovation or experimenting with styles in the film, as the film most likely will not have much else. The visuals of this film basically created a whole world to throw myself into, and I really admired that aspect. The slow motion scenes were easily one of my favourite parts of the film and anyone whose seen the film, will know why. I also greatly admired the diversity of the characters in this flick. We got a black transsexual minion, a white female rookie, a black female captain, Asian hobo, white female (ex-prostitute) villain, etc. Anyways, enough talk about the visuals. The movie overall while having it's share of flaws like cliched dialogue and story, has tons of ultra violence, visual experimentation, ridiculous yet serious characters that are nicely developed for such a flick, and even some pokes on questions of morality and what not, to overall, satisfy me all throughout. Now I heard a lot of people complain that this is a rip off of the Indonesian flick "The Raid", to which I can simply say, fuck off. Dredd has so many things The Raid lacks, but Dredd lacks the awesome fight sequences of The Raid. I am giving both films the same score, but I think of Dredd in a higher manner due to all the work put into it. Overall, Dredd is bad ass fun and does far more justice to the source material than the Stallone held flick.

Pitch Perfect

Amusing, but most of the time, I never felt like I was watching a movie but instead a TV show, and I probably would have thought so if it wasn't for the presence of Rebel Wilson and Anna Kendrick, who weren't anything good either. I did laugh once in a while, but most of the laughs were tired and stupid/disgusting. Vomit jokes in an opening scene is never a good thing. Plot's as cliched as cliched can be, with a touch of todays "popular" music. It's not bad though. I was amused by most of it, but I felt like most of the dancing/singing could have been better choreographed/sung. It's alright.

Death Proof
Death Proof(2007)

FUCK YEAH! While the first half is a bit slow, it's nothing bad as it's got all the makings of a Tarantino flick, and that's good enough for me, cus Tarantino is just awesome. Tarantinos films usually never have much character development, but they do have loads of characterization...and usually I find that aspect a bit irksome, as usually he thinks making his characters talk about their boring lives, is going to be enough, but in this flick, Pulp Fiction and Kill Bill, the characterization was quite good. It's not as smart as those flicks, but it's still entertaining stuff due to how Tarantino totally throws himself into his movies, both literally and figuratively. You can see how insightful of a man he is through his films. The first half is a bit on the horror side, as it's about a really fucked guy guy stalking and eventually murdering a bunch of beautiful and fairly bad ass girls, but the second half is on the usual Tarantino revenge side, and oh how hilarious and awesome it was to view 3 bad ass chicks give the man what he deserves (I actually kinda felt bad for him though, but that's clearly the work of Tarantinos knack for good characterization in this flick). The style of Tarantino is something that will never be forgotten in Cinema, and Death Proof is a fine example of that. I'm not saying this was anything good, I feel weird saying it's "good". but it's certainly a pure fun flick.


While I applaud Kamal Hassan for exploring areas that Tamil Cinema has not done before, I found this flick to be a fairly dull experience. Hardly much character development and all just us viewing people doing stuff, with Kamal being a bad ass and then throwing in some Indian pride near the end as well as introducing abruptly a sequel. A lot of aspects could have been done much better, including showing the point of view of the Al Qaeda, which felt very...I guess fake. The film needed a more raw feel.

The Cabin in the Woods

I haven't seen many horror films, but I have a general idea of what they are like, from what I've seen and heard about. Cabin in the Woods is hardly anything amazing, in my opinion, as it has been hyped to be, but it's a very good piece of satiric, self aware, comedic horror. I was reminded of "The Hunger Games" as I watched the film, as that too, makes commentaries on how sickening society has gotten for it's thirst for entertainment, except that film is better in my opinion, and this is about horror films and it's audiences. The film mocks horror films with things like: characters getting beaten the fuck up and stabbed/watching people they know go through such but managing to somehow do everything perfectly and never show much emotion, or parts where characters go through contrivances like Hemsworths character who tells everyone to stick together and then suddenly changes to telling everyone to split up, just so more shock value could be thrown for the audience. I found myself relating to the black man who is revolted and comments to the film-makers about how they could do such things and feel no remorse, etc. I didn't find it to be hilarious but it was funny at parts, but mostly just really fucked up. Heartless, which is how most horror films are. The second layer in the film, which is basically about how a ritual must be done to make Gods happy, was pretty neat stuff, and thus the film overall, gets points for it's fairly original concept. You can always count on Whedon for the tongue in cheek writing. Overall, it's a pretty damn good horror comedy.

Wake Up Sid
Wake Up Sid(2009)

Being my second Bollywood flick, I was rather eager to view this, a movie recommended by someone I know. Now after viewing it, I won't say I hated it, but I didn't particularly love it either...or even like it. It was just OK. I've seen a ton of tamil films, and most are crap, but no matter what, there is this sense of realism in most of those films due to how they are usually about really poor people suffering, while this, was about a really privileged dude who needs to pick up his life, and become a better person...and then the second half of the movie throws on this typical rom com story that just slowly killed any liking I had of the movie. There are never any perils, just us viewing a spoiled brat being spoiled, and even at the lowest points of his life, life is on a silver platter for him. The biggest problem of this film was that there was this sense of detachment from the start...I'm not sure why...I just could never really feel for most of the characters except Sids father/mother, but even then, it was just me reflecting on my own parents, as the film uses a ton of stereotypical characters, and throws in sentiments to make the audience feel like they can relate a lot, but to me, those tricks don't go down too easily. It's definitely much better than most Tamil films as far as technical aspects go, and even script writing, but unfortunately, it's not much. The main actor though, I have to give points to, as while he looks like a dude whose probably much older than the character he plays, he manages to come off as a young guy, due to his acting. Also, the montages were just...really boring.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Wow. I can't believe I just saw this. I loved it. Nothing I can really complain about except that I wished it was longer. I was reminded of 500 Days of Summer, as both films are about a character going back through past memories in their relationship with this girl they love, but of course, there are differences, and this movie, clearly was an influence for that movie, as well as other movies like: Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. Anyways, I loved the surrealism used by Michael Gondry. It works perfectly, and the depressing atmosphere with a bit of hope always present, really just did it. I cried a bit in the middle, but the montage sequence in the ending, just totally did it for me. First of all, being able to relate to the main character helps, a lot. Secondly, watching a man trying to del- oh wait, if I go any further, I will most likely spoil the movie, so yeah. Jim Carreys performance is just astounding. I really didn't think he was capable of such naturalism. Kate Winslet, Mark Ruffalo, etc are all great as well. The best thing about this movie is the fact that it's pure experimentation at it's best...heck, it's art, at it's best. I loved how despite how depressing the movie gets, there is this light hearted comedy throughout, with the usage of music and script, perfectly. There is also just so much the film has in it, that I have to give it a re-watch to clearly grasp it all. The themes the film goes through, like questioning the ethics of using science to destroy love, is it really healthy to live with the memory of someone you loved but doesn't love you back, etc. Oh man. The best way to describe this movie is: tragically beautiful. The ending was just...perfect. I was totally satisfied with it. It's as real as real can be. I'll add in that this film also basically made me appreciate the one I love so much more than ever. Anyways, yeah...this is definitely among the best movies I've seen.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

The Dictator, as a movie, isn't much, but it passed the time pretty well and made me laugh out loud all throughout, even if those laughs were for stupid stuff. One part of me felt like I was rewatching a not as good version of Borat though, but I admired the outrageous nature of some scenes, like the scene where a girl was beating the shit out of Aladeen with her humongous slow motion. Just a decent comedy overall.


The fact that this film is a critical and financial flop, is saddening, as this was easily one of the rare genuinely "good" Tamil films. With beautiful visuals, fairly good performances, a story with emotion and themes, beautiful music provided by A.R.Rahman, and essentially actually quite innovative, as far as Tamil cinema goes. Mani Ratnam makes commentaries on religion, particularly Christianity, and does a modern adaptation of Jesus Christ along the way. The characters all feel like genuine people (a rarity for Tamil Cinema), and thus, there was actual emotional investment. The romance aspect genuinely worked. I particularily admired one scene where there was jazz music to indian dance, while a boy sings about why a girl is messing with him and BOY did it work! When you sit back and look at the film, it's basically a large masala-like story being jammed into a small and poor location and, it sure does work, how? Mani Ratnam. There were some scenes that were just so gracefully done, that you could feel that you are viewing the film of a man who genuinely has an appreciation for the art of cinema. Ratnam does a fine job at displaying accurately how these villagers lives are and he actually explores categories, I don't think I've ever seen a tamil film do! Of course, there are flaws, like the fact that there were parts where A.R.Rahmans music was so loud that parts of the dialogue were hard to hear, the story could have gone in a much more unconventional route, there were 2 INCREDIBLY silly scenes involving some techno music and bad people being bad, the tonal shifts were a bit irksome(not as bad as the tonal shifts for most Tamil films though), and the film kind of loses itself in the last quarter. Never the less, it's a good movie but it seems Tamil Cinema is not ready for such things...oh well.

The Expendables 2

I enjoyed it...but it's overall, just an OK effort. Visually and in terms of dialogue, it's an improvement, but the dialogue is still crap but excusable because it's an action flick. I've just seen so many action films, that this just didn't do it for me much. I am a fan of most of these dudes past action flicks, and I have also hated some of their action flicks, but overall, it was cool to view them kick ass again, together. The action sequences could have been innovative and the story could have gone in a less conventional route, along with the love story of Rambo 2 literally being thrown in your face. I wanted more Arnold.


It was pretty cute. Wonderful animation...the twist at the last quarter was a bit random but never the less, aided in it being a cute little magical tale. Yeah. Nice.


amazing film. The feel good movie of the year, and very emotional movie. Pixar at their best obviously!


a hiloarious love story will smith is at his funniest

A Walk to Remember

a sad sensational movie very good.

Bruce Almighty

funniest movie ive ever seen

Mr. & Mrs. Smith

excellent and had a good storyline.

War of the Worlds

sick movie the aliens look great!

King Kong
King Kong(2005)

i luved the fighting scenes especially the vrex fight. An excellent movie but had a sad ending.