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Beautiful Girls

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The Wackness
The Wackness(2008)

A coming of age comedy sure to please any fan of the genre. Of course the plot is all too familiar, but the film's script and pacing, helps it stand out. Set in '94, this film does a great job of bringing you back--with the choice of music and Luke's Nintendo system--to name a couple--if you pay attention to your movies, you'll notice at one point in the film a taxi passing by with an advertisement for the film Forrest Gump (which was released in '94.) The coming of age genre is one of my favorites besides horror and smart comedy, and this film definitely exceeded my expectations and stands next to some of the very best for me--such as Almost Famous, Adventureland, Juno and Outside Providence--of course, IMHO. Give it a try.

The House of the Devil

A very slow nail-biter that had me cornered. If you like your horror films to have more character development over mindless gore and teen sex--then this will definitely be a breath of fresh air for you. Everything from the cinematography to the chilling score, will remind you of the horror films most of us grew up on--such as Rosemary's Baby, The Shining, Halloween, etc.--and will leave you wanting more. Although a lot of today's audience will be snoozing through-out most this, I still recommend this to those of you who like your horror to be smart and clever, and without today's modern obscenities. Happy Watching.

500 Days of Summer

A bitter-sweet rom-com that delivers! Joseph Gordon-Levitt is proving to be a favorite of mine, ever since his roles in "Brick." From the get go, we're told what this movie isn't--a love story. I was pleased that it actually followed through with that statement, and instead of making this your cliche' filled rom-com with the typical ending, it cared more to look at the break-ups that shape us as people. A Must Rent, but also worthy of a blind-buy!


This may not be your cup of tea, but if you loved the two films 28 Days Later and The Descent--most likely you're going to like this film. It's very atmospheric because this film is a first-person narrative. That's right, another hand-held film. None really take the cake for me, besides this, Cloverfield and The Blair Witch Project. I was aware of [Rec], but due to the non-existent region 1 release, I haven't seen it. So, I don't care if Quarantine is a remake--it's new to me. This film surprisingly had alot of shocking moments, and those "jump scares," but what sold the film for me, was the incredible make-up done on the infected. A great thrill ride in my opinion. See it.

The Orphanage

Like "The Others", this movie didn't go too over the top. It focused more on the atmosphere and score. I found that focusing more on the character development was best needed to drive this film. If it hadn't, it might've ended up like every other ghost haunting film. Although the Trailer lead me to believe this was going to be the Pan's Labyrinth of ghost stories, it didn't quite live up to that title; don't fret, because this movie builds on tension and suspense like crazy--thanks to the atmospheric score. I recommend this movie to anyone that likes the darkness and atmosphere of "The Others". Definately a head turner for me. Buy it.

District B13 (Banlieue 13)

An exciting movie brought to us by Luc Besson (who even co-wrote.) The plot structure is average stuff, but the stunt work is great eye-candy. All stunts were done without wires or CGI work, and done by Parkour (free-running) trained professionals. If you like foreign action films, but hate the dubbed over versions, don't fear away from this movie, most of the voice actors do a good job. See it.


I mainly liked this movie because of Bill Paxton's directing. He did SUCH a great job with the way everything was shot. The two young kids did amazing jobs as well, and I was shocked to see all of the stuff they went through. It's got a very Hitchcockian vibe to it, and I loved the score. I also loved how the film was the cleanest slasher flick I've ever seen. The only problem I have about the movie is that Paxton's character and his kids are religious. I don't like the thought of God asking a family to kill sinful people, when in life, God loves us all, whatever our sins and will forgive us all if we seek it.

Antikörper (Antibodies)

Seeing that this film reminded me alot of Se7en and The Silence of the Lambs during my viewing, I was kind of skeptical that it would be another knock-off film. Then the twist came.. or the first of a few actually--and I was treated to what I believed to be something new. After the credits began to roll I realized that this movie can stand alone.

I wouldn't have found this movie if it hadn't been for my mood to watch a foreign film, and luckily Blockbuster had a copy. If you liked Se7en for it's great story, but hated it because of it's grittiness and rather sad ending, then check this one out. Not only does it have a great story--but a more positive ending. And the biblical symbolism greatly fits this movie's concept.

A Must-See for any psychological thriller fan--if not for your love of this genre, watch it because soon the remake will come, and you're going to wish you would have watched this one first.

Saving Private Ryan

One of the best War movies I've ever seen put to film. On the likes of The Longest Day and Black Hawk Down, the cinematography and sound join together to really give us the feeling of being there. Along with the great set designs and on-the-spot locations, the cast was phenomenal, especially Barry Pepper--one of the coolest characters I've seen in any war film. Such a great war film that I'm sure will be watched generations from now.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

This movie started out somewhat promising, but as soon as it became less about Zack and Miri and more about the morons that would agree to join in process with them--it became evident to me, that this is another excuse to make a movie with shock value. Kevin Smith has truely slipped with this one. Please don't waste your time watching this movie, it's fucking retarded to think that two people can find romance in making a porn for money.


I didn't quite know what to expect going into this, but being a Besson film--I was looking forward to whatever it was going to be. I was pleasantly surprised, it reminded me of "It's A Wonderful Life." It had smart humor and a beautiful relationship between two strangers. I thouroughly enjoyed this B&W romance. I recommend it to anyone who likes unconventional love stories.

Wristcutters: A Love Story

Wristcutters is one of those rare gems. It's completely original and I'm glad to have seen it. After I had watched Garden State, I refer all serious comedies as "Garden States", don't ask me why. Wristcutters' is a serious movie about what we could miss on this here Earth (IMO). It's one of those movie's that arent entirely specific on the meaning, you kind of have to figure it all out on your own. I honestly really enjoyed this movie. I think if you're into those weird quirky slow comedies, this should be right up your alley. Give it a try, I think you should atleast like most aspects of it. 2-Thumbs Up.

King of California

This movie is kind of a disappointment although I loved the undertone of the movie. I'm a big fan of movie's that reconnect people and make you appreciate loved ones even more. Great movie for families trying to bond and make their friendships grow. Give it a try, there are some seriously funny parts.

Moving McAllister

Here lately I've been renting nothing but low-budget indie-comedies (the last being Smiley Face, which was horrible IMO) and I'll have to tell ya, this has been the best so far. Like my girlfriend and I say, it has a Garden State feel to it, with it's slow paced quirkiness and sometimes offbeat humor - "a smarter-than-dumb comedy" is the term I'm trying to go for. I have no idea what else to say, but even though it was somewhat predictable, it still made me laugh my ass off. Just give it a try, you'll either love it, or you'll like it. Can't go wrong there.

Smiley Face
Smiley Face(2007)

So, basically the writer writes an exaggerated stoner script, based off of other exaggerated stoner movies. What'd he make? An exaggeration of an exaggeration. Wow. This movie was a complete embarrassment to watch. I figured maybe after viewing I'd watch the behind the scenes stuff to maybe see what they were thinking when making this. That was a big mistake; turns out, they thought this was the brightest and funniest script they've read in a long time. Which is complete bullshit for one, and for two, at one point, I thought I was watching a movie about shrooms. If hollywood is going to continue making stoner movies, atleast they should do their homework and get the reality of it right. Please, do yourself a favor, and stay away from this movie.

P.S. I Love You

Really great love story. Ranks up there with Wicker Park and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind in my opinion. I never really liked Hilary Swank, but she did a wonderful job with this role. Hard to believe Gerard Butler went from being a bad-ass spartan to this - he's truely versitile. The overall screenplay is truely original and a great telling of a love story. The death of Butler's character hit me by surprise, because before viewing, I had NO idea what this movie was going to be about - but made for a very powerful journey of a widow who doesn't know how she's going to deal without her lost love. I'm not much for chick flicks, but this movie was a delightful romantic comedy that is sure to please anyone. Grab your date, hold tight and enjoy this heartwarming movie.

No Country for Old Men

This high-octane thriller is the best to come out of 07'. From the first few minutes of this film, I knew I was in for one hell of a ride. Javier Bardem's acting was amazing, never have I seen a villian so cold-hearted like this. Tommy Lee Jones does a great performance here too. Although sometimes I found it confusing as to what was going on and why... I still figured it out. I loved the western feel to this movie; the actors and their accents, the Texas setting - it all makes for a soon-to-be classic. I recommend a view. Oh, and one more thing, shotguns with silencers are fucking boss.


This mature comedy has to be the greatest of buddy-movies. I laughed all the way through this, and everytime I watch it... it gets better. Thomas Haden-Church is down-right hilarious and one of the best characters in the film and Giamatti proves to me once again, that he'll always remain one of my favorite lesser-known actors. This witty comedy will not disappoint. I must mention, my favorite scene has to be one of Jack's first lines... the line that introduces us to his true personality; "Where the fuck have you been man?!"

We Married Margo

From what I saw of this movie on IFC, it's freakin' hilarious. I loved the way they filmed it, you had what was happening in real time, then it'd jump back to flashbacks; It reminded me of Family Guy. I can't wait to see the whole thing. It's been awhile since I laughed ALL THE WAY through an indie film. Highly recommended.

Lars and the Real Girl

This movie was beautifully acted by Ryan Gosling. It's about Lars (Ryan), a man suffering from a delusion caused by loneliness after losing his parents at childhood. He just so happens to find comfort in his small town; where the whole community bends over backwards for him. Finding love in a parapalegic sex doll (Bianca) causes consern from the community. Doing what Lars' doctor says, they treat Bianca as if she were real; giving her a job, making her part of the church, etc. - until the delusion passes. Once Lars finds feelings for a co-worker, his delusion tells him that Bianca has fallen ill and is dieing (his brain's way of beating the delusional state). I put this movie right up there with Forrest Gump. A Classic that shouldn't be missed.

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

This claustrophobic freak-out, is a disappointment. I heard from several people, that Cloverfield and The Mist are very much alike; which was a good reason for me to give this a try. Although some of the movie reminds me of Cloverfield, it doesn't give me the sense of danger. The Mist is simply a movie with critters, that are only a minor role in the plot. They are only secondary elements to the fright factor. The main scare here is, how far some people will go to save themselves. It's a screwed up sense of social division. The norms. versus the outkasts so-to-speak. Althought I enjoyed the frightening elements, I did not like the undertones of this movie and what it's trying to get across. A terrible ending, keeps this film from being worth recommending.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I haven't laughed in a theater in a long time, It was your typical teen-comedy, but I feel that, the characters more than made up for it. Russell Brand, even though playing the "bad guy" role, was the funniest character in this movie. Go see it for yourself.


This smart and heartwarming comedy is just what I needed. I'm without words right now, so I'll be sure to talk furthermore when I know of what to say. But until then, don't hesitate with renting this movie, you wont be disappointed.

The Blair Witch Project

At the time I knew this movie was fake, but I still loved it's originality and clever marketing. Everytime I'm in the woods around dark, I can always imagine hearing cackling sounds. I can see how alot of people would hate this film due to the lack of action, but if you have an appreciation for movies that build on the eerie side of things, check this out. It's a great movie to watch on a foggy night.


This below average thriller kept my eyes open for the most part, but it never seemed like it went anywhere. I'll admit after he kills his first victim, it left the film wide open, and opened my eyes some, but they failed to catapult the film any further. They played Bentley's character to be sympathetic, and I don't feel sympathy for these types of people. Yes, he could be lonely being in a parking garage most of his days, but he isn't a slave there, I'm sure he's able to leave. Anyways, a few gory moments, alot of F-Bombs, and an actress that just seems to want to show off her top half, doesn't help this movie achieve anything. It's a rent if you're into this sort of thing.

Mars Attacks!

This movie was alot funnier back when I was a kid, but it's worth owning to be apart of my personal autobiographical movie collection. Probably one of the first Tim Burton movies I've seen, along with Edward Scissorhands. Nonetheless entertaining. It's great to see Sarah Jessica Parker's head put to a dog's body, it suits her well.

Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street

I was pleasantly surprised by this movie, and if I hadn't seen and loved Across The Universe, I would've never given this a chance (well, maybe... since I do like Burton and Depp). I absolutely hate musicals, but like ATU, this one seemed to blend the music and acting perfectly. Instead of having a steady flow with the lyrics and music, it's more being told than sung. I really enjoyed Depp's dark character in this and the some-what humorous and overly exaggerated throat slashes. One of the best Tim Burton movies to come along, since Sleepy Hollow.

Who Framed Roger Rabbit

This movie is a hell of alot of fun. I greatly enjoyed it when I was little, and still do today. Warner and Disney toons put on the screen together, is just unheard of and amazing. I just wish I would've spotted Whiley Coyote. None-the-less, the animation is believeably well done with the live-action. The hours that the cartoonist pour into this movie... pure talent and patience. Being that this movie has a dark story, makes this fun for adults. Cartoon murderer, Framed Bunny, and an alcoholic P.I. makes this an original fun-filled film. 10 Cartoony-Thumbs Up

Urban Cowboy
Urban Cowboy(1980)

Today I would've never watched this, because I really HATE country music, but since I was little back then, and basically watched what my parents watched, I was surprised to find this movie to be a good drama. It kept me watching, and didn't bore me. I like John Travolta, and thought that him against Scott Glenn was a perfect cast. It's really a great love story with a little dose of the cliche "Cowboy's don't hit dames" theme, and I love how Travolta stands up to a man who goes as low as hitting a woman. If you can get passed the country music, you should be fine. Who knows, you may even like it; I did.

Suspect Zero
Suspect Zero(2004)

I really liked Ben Kingsley in this movie, he did a great job of creeping me out. "...because I wouldn't want to do this at 70 miles an hour." - That line got my heart pumping. I really enjoyed the overall story and concept of remote viewing, and how the images of what Kingsley's character was seeing, didn't confuse me. Good acting by Moss and Eckhart as well. Two-Thumbs Up.


I love this movie, it's got great music, colorful characters, and an ending that will leave you with a smile on your face. :) I'm sure this film appeals to me most, because of the hard-ships and the up-sides to life, that it captures. It makes me think of all the stresses that invade me every day, and reminds me that everything will eventually be ok. Two Thumbs Way Up.

Death Wish
Death Wish(1974)

I give this an above average rating simply for being one of the first great Vigilante films. I can see how alot of today's took a little something from this series. The only gripe I had were the effects; I know it's 1974 when this was made, but Taxi Driver, though not as action packed, had better effect shots. I really enjoyed the very last frame with Bronson giving the gun finger to some punks though, it made his character more likeable for me. I'm a sucker for these types of movies, and even though I don't like it as much as Taxi Driver, or say... The Brave One or Death Sentence, I still feel it paved the way for those films. It's a great watch. Thumbs Up.

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

I was more than a little disappointed with this film. Clive Owen isn't really in this film that much and there's no action. I found little backstory behind any of the characters too, I must've missed something. I did think it was an interesting story though, I just wished there would've been more of a reason to want to visit this movie again. I expected either alot of action or a big bang of an ending. What you do see of Owen was great, but being that I was expecting a kick ass revenge/vigilante film, I can't help but rate this movie below average.

Stranger Than Fiction

This is by far the best Will Ferrel movie I've seen. I don't like any of his other movies, because I hate the "dumb-comedy" genre. But this one had an originality to it. I liked the story, the cinematography, and the overall fact that Ferrel can play serious roles if he wanted to. Emma Thompson as the neurotic author topped the cake for me, but Gyllenhaal and Hoffman were great in their supportive roles as well. It's sad, yet histarical, but by the end you'll feel a heart-warming sigh of relief.


I liked the concept and the "live-action-anime-feel" it had, but being that it was too confusing for the first view, I wouldn't recommend it. I'm sure if you'd watch it a second or third time, you'd grow to understand it more, but for me it didn't keep me entertained enough the first time, to want to go back. I thought the first fight/battle scene with the robots reminded me of Samurai Jack, my favorite cartoon series, that's what gave this a 2 1/2 stars. If you're into sci-fi/anime/japanese films, check this out.


Wow, I know I say this alot about movies I really enjoy, but this one caught me off guard. I love Kevin Bacon's bad-guy-roles, and as much as I hate Coutney Love, I have to say, she didn't annoy me in this. Theron is great as always, and not to mention Dakota, who for her age, did a wonderful job in this. This film is like other thrillers, but because of the actors and the film's tension-building suspense, I feel it deserves more attention. I really enjoyed the end conclusion too, it reminded me of Hitchcock's high-octane endings. Don't let Courtney Love scare you away from this tightly crafted thriller. It's a must see.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

I liked how this movie started, but after seeing the infected humans, I was a little more than disappointed. They looked overdone and rubberish. I would've liked this alot more if it was more based on suspense, and rarely showed the infected. It had some cool moments I'll admit, but being that it's kind of unbelieveable that a Virologist just so happens to be immune to the virus, seems to be too much of a coincidence to me. Despite it's flaws and ending, it was still interesting and somewhat enjoyable. I recommend a rent over a blind-buy though.

The Tao of Steve

This was a decent film I suppose, I just felt that it seemed like all other comedies out there and didn't bring anything new to the character. I do like Donal Logue, but I prefer him on TV. I liked how his unethical way of dealing with the ladies changed when he found someone he cared for, that made his character a little more likable. I had a decent time, but found it kind of cliche'd towards the end. Anyways, if 'all-too-common' comedies are your thing, I'm sure this will fit right in with your collection.

Almost Famous

Almost Famous has to be one of my favorite music-based movies. It captures that 70's feel so well, and being that this is somewhat-of-a true story, you never stop and think "It's too good to be true". The cast of characters, the music, and feel of it all, just amazes me; Patrick Fugit is one lucky S.O.B. to have won this audition and to not screw this up. He really carried this movie on his shoulders and did a magnificent job. I love this film just as much as I love music.

Facing the Giants

I usually don't like football films, I think the only one I ever really enjoyed was Radio. Only because Radio's underlying message had nothing to do with football, and that's why I loved Facing The Giants. It was produced by a Christian Church, and is meant to be a Christian film. If you believe in your faith and in God, you owe it to yourself to give this film a try. It's clean and for the whole family, and makes you stop and think that if you're feeling down, you can always look up to God for help. I love this movie.

The Brave One

I had high hopes for this one, being that I love Jodie's acting talent and I'm a sucker for vigilante/revenge films. I think it's one of my favorite genres. Yes, all revenge films seem the same to me, but my favorites usually bring something new to the genre, and this one I believe did. Most revenge films have some high-octane action (Four Brothers, Death Sentence, The Crow, etc) whereas this one focuses on the drama aspect of it. In the beginning half of the film, Foster's character isn't really revenging her fiance, she's merely trying to cope and protect herself. When street thugs start to emerge and take notice of her, she does what she can to survive; and being that these criminals threaten her life, her actions turn violent. Of course she wants resolution, but it never really hits her until the cop that's on her case, finds a probable lead. It's then that she realizes what she must do, to stop who she has become. An emotional filled ride, that'll keep you rooting for Foster's character. Truely a great film.

Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who!

Although I'm not much into the animated film these days, I felt obligated to go see this movie because of Jim Carrey and Steve Carrell. Being that this is Carrey's first voice acting role, I felt that he did a decent job, though I found it hard sometimes to tell that it was him doing the voice of Horton, I still caught some of his signature persona coming through. I was glad to witness Carrey and Carrell working together again since Bruce Almighty, I think that these two actors are the best comedic performers of our time. This is a great family fun movie, but that's about it.

The Cable Guy

This has to be one of my favorite Jim Carrey movies. It's hilarious, but yet has this psychological thriller side to it, so to speak. Alot of today's top comedic actors make appearances; such as Owen Wilson, Jack Black/Kyle Gass, Andy Dick, and Ben Stiller (who also Directs). Yes it is a dark comedy, but if you just pay attention to the detail Carrey goes into with his performance, you'll be rolling on the floor. I recommend this to anyone who loves Carrey's movies, "This concludes my broadcast review, click".

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

How can people think this wasn't stylized?! Everything from "the man with no name" having sex while in the midst of a gunfight - to the sky-dive shooting scene, it's all uniquely shot. I knew before viewing that it was meant to be a cliche filled action-thriller. Giamatti plays the funniest villian I've seen; and Owen's character resembles that of Dwight from Sin City, which isn't a bad thing. The humor was over-the-top and the theory of Carrots enhancing eye-sight was awesome; it just added to Owen's personality. "What's up Doc?" - Two thumbs, that's what.

Wicker Park
Wicker Park(2004)

This movie was very well written. I really enjoyed the cinemagraphics and soundtrack/score. It all blended well to give you this very confusing story about trying to find a lost love who was thought-of to exist, but wasn't clear. After the plot stops twisting and turning it all makes perfect sense. It's very romantic, though I felt sorry for Hartnett's fiancee in this movie; but then again Kruger's character came first. Anyways anyone looking for a great date-movie... have no fear, this is a great one.

The Jacket
The Jacket(2005)

I really enjoyed this movie. Adrien Brody shows that he can be a very talented actor. I liked how the movie started out dark and cold, then towards the end, got brighter and warmer in story. I like the cinematography and the special effects when things were "flashing before his eyes" so to speak. It's about time-travel and saving the life of those who are closest to you. Don't let the previews distract you from what this movie is; It's beautiful and heartfelt.

The Frighteners

I remember renting this when I was a little kid, and found it to be quite fun and enjoyable. Watching it today, the visuals don't seem outdated to me, it still gives me the same feeling as it did back then. It's one of Peter Jackson's early films and with Robert Zemeckis producing and Danny Elfman behind the score, you can't go wrong. It's a great dark comedy with scares and laughs.


I love this movie's concept. It's a fresh and original story, and I wish more movies like this would come out. I love the way everyone in Pleasantville has no clue about today's society or about anything "sinful" for that matter. It creates some hilarious moments; especially with Paul Walker's character not knowing what an "O" was and thinking he was getting sick. I love that Don Knotts made an appearance, because that gave the movie an old-school 50's sitcom feel and was a great tribute to some of the black and white sitcoms of that time. I just love this movie, it's really something special.

After Hours
After Hours(1985)

This is nowhere near Taxi Driver or Bringing Out The Dead, but still deserves to stand next to them. It's a simple story really, but the crap this guy goes through, is hilarious. Did I mention Cheech & Chong make an apperance? No? Well, they do. A nightmare of a good time.

30 Days of Night

This movie started out promising, but didn't quite fullfill my excitment. I enjoyed the story and situations, it's just that some Vampires were annoying to me. All in all, it's a decent film, but no where near The Lost Boys.


This one had me convinced about one thing, then it took that of which I thought was real, and threw it out the window. Fear not when renting this movie, it won't disappoint you. Sure, people say the plot is simple, then again most movies are; but this film has other meanings to it. In the end, you'll feel relief and anger all at the same time. Great psychological thriller that kept me on the edge of my seat, so I suggest that you hold on to yours.

The Shining
The Shining(1980)

Great performance by Nicholson and Lloyd, but Shelley Duvall's acting is what kills this film. Other than her being an annoyance, it's a real enjoyment. The atmosphere, the tension, the score; it all comes together to creep me out. Jack Nicholson scares the shit out of me, and his character development is the best in Horror. I absolutely loved watching him turn into a psychopath. This truely is one of the first Epic Horror films.

The Science of Sleep

I love this movie, because I sympathize with Stephane. We've all felt rejected and wish we could make our dreams come true. I love the imagery and the quirky characters. It's about a man trying to get this girl into his life, and when he can't seem to get his wish to come true, he takes it into his dreams and fantasy world; it is there where he can have her. I'm sure that's what this movie is about, if I'm wrong... oh well, it doesn't take away how amazing this movie is.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

This was an unusually beautiful film. Great cinematography, acting, and score. It felt epic, kind of like From Hell mixed with Hannibal. I loved the voice-over-narrative, it gave alot of detail into the movie. It's a bit long, but the story overall makes up for it. It definately deserves your attention.

Kill Bill: Volume 2

Come ON people, this was such a let down. *Spoiler?* When she finally gets to Bill, she simply kills him... there's really no epic battle/fight scene. And both Volume 1 and 2 seemed like the same movie. Both had "hip" dialogue and a scene of "concentration".. and by that I mean the first volume had her trying to concentrate on getting her toes to move.. then the second volume had her concentrating on punching through wood. I just felt jipped ya know? It's one of those "over-rated" movies that people think is the best film in the history of action movies. To me, Volume 1 and 2 are the same movie.

The Crow
The Crow(1994)

Another great movie for my Vigilante/Revenge sweet-tooth. I loved the original graphic novel by James O'Barr and thought that the movie was the best book-to-movie adaptation ever. The movie is missing some stuff from the comic, but the majority of it is there. It's a simple story, but what makes this a great film is the tale of romance and how far one would go if that were ever taken away. Great film, but yet a sad tragedy to lose a great actor such as Brandon Lee.

Disturbing Behavior

This movie had a promising start, but failed to deliver. The writer and director figured, "Hey, lets make a movie about brain-washing teens in High School and give it a scream-like vibe.".. but they cared only for a quick buck, and forgot to make a movie. Poor acting, the usual cliches and Katie Holmes... need I say more? Don't waste your time.

One Hour Photo

This movie would've gotten a 5 star, only if his character got a little more extreme. Robin Williams still did a VERY good job of portraying a quiet shy guy, that's about to be pushed over the edge. I loved the story's message and how he opened up that father's eyes to what he's really missing out on at home. A very creepy thriller, that makes me wonder everytime I go into a Photo Center.

High Tension (Switchblade Romance)

I raised my rating on this, mainly due to the fact that, I missed alot of the small moments that foreshadow the end. I knew the basic ones, but this movie has more under it's "simple" surface. I'm being sarcastic about "simple"; if you look at this film, and watch it as if it were a fantasy and think outside of the box, you'll conjure up all kinds of heres and theres. This movie is gory as hell, but yet... it's necessary for the plot of the story. This movie is a crazy "tension" filled ride that I recommend to any horror buff.


I thought the build up to the story was amazing, and the shot of him jumping off the bridge to escape the police was a shot brilliantly. But you can't forget the famous Statue of Liberty scene. This film was amazing, it's sad to know that not so many people are familiar with this Hitchcock classic. The script, characters, and atmosphere are what make most films what they are, and this film has all of that and more.

The Others
The Others(2001)

The Others is about a paranoid mother, Grace, and her two children, Anne and Nicholas, who both have Xeroderma Pigmentosum. XP is the disease that forces its victums to stay out of sunlight. Giving this disease to the children, gives the director an excuss for constant darkness, which makes for a very eerie feeling. Once three suspicious servants show up at the house, Grace's paranoia gets worse; how did the trio know that she had an ad for servant work if she hadn't gotten the word out yet? Who are these people? You'll just have to watch and find out; beware though, this film is character drivin', no gore or freakish looking creatures here. This is about suspense and tension, so don't be scared if it seems to start out kind of slow, stick in there.. because you'll be in for such an ending that you'll think about this movie for days.

Come Live with Me

Great film for Jimmy "James" Stewart. I love how in most of his movies, there's always a blow-up scene. He's a wonderful actor and one of my silver-screen favorites. This cute movie is sure to please any romantic.


I absolutely love H.R. Giger's design for the Aliens in the films, they're so cool to look at. This would have to be my second favorite of the series (Alien 3 being my favorite). I just loved the dark atmosphere of the aliens, and how they hide just behind the darkness. It leaves you wondering what's really in the shadows at night. One of the greatest sci-fi action flicks of our time.

Hard Candy
Hard Candy(2006)

Ellen Page proves that she isn't your average teen star. This is a very dark and hard role for a teen to play, though Page does a very good job. This is one of those guilty pleasures for me, even though it's sometimes hard to watch, I can't help but fit it in with that revenge/vigilante genre that I oh-so love. If you're looking for a vigilante/thriller that's not only got a few scares, but has great character developement and dialoge, then give this a shot.

The Voice of the Turtle

Before this, I honestly didn't really know of Reagan's acting. This film was remarkably funny for its time; I loved Eleanor Parker's weird and OCD persona. Reagan and Parker's chemistry shines here and I believe anyone who likes romantic comedies, will find this to be a great one.


I know what this film is supposed to portray, but it didn't seem realisitic enough. I know I haven't been in any situation like this, and I hope no one ever has to, but.. after the two kids started shooting up the place.. students are just running around, not screaming; some kids haven't even made an effort to get the hell out of the school. Another thing, where the hell were the cops?! This would've been a better film had it used less violence, I found it to be in bad taste to show these two kids shooting students. More attention to detail on the emotions would've been better. Gus Van Sant should've ended his career when he tried to remake Psycho.

A.I. Artificial Intelligence

How come this is the most underrated movie I've ever seen? Great actors, great story, great cinematography and you've got a masterpiece. I love this movie's story of a Robot trying to become more human. Haley Joel Osment was amazing to carry this movie on his shoulders. This movie was extraordinary.


Great performances by Theron and Ricci. I've always loved learning about serial killers and how their brains work. Very good script, I enjoyed it. It makes you feel sorry for Aileen Wuornos. I think this drama-revenge tale is the best example of an actor's drastic transformation to play a character. A very tense and claustrophobic ride.


The opening sequence has to be the most frightening scene in horror movie history. The fear that Barrymore gives her character seems so real. I was truely scared shitless. Scream is a classic and will always be amongst my favorite horror films.

Heavenly Creatures

If this movie were to be made of fiction I probably would've thought that this movie was retarded, but since it's based on real events, its interesting to me. There are people out there like these two girls, and that's what makes this movie chilling. A less-than-average film.


2:09pm Monday; February 18, 08'

I watched Memento today. I thought that it was very creative the way the director put you in Leonard's shoes w/ a short-term memory. I found it sort of confusing at first, but quickly caught on to the moments that tie each scene together. I don't want to say much, nothing that would give anything away, so I'll leave you with this... don't forget to watch this movie. Try your hardest, try to focus, because you don't want to miss this original piece of cinema.

2:11pm Monday; February 18, 08'

Across the Universe

Absolutely beautiful. I was completely stunned by this one. I hate musicals, but this one is definately the exception. The music and story blend so well, you don't even realize you're watching a musical. The visuals and artistic style that the director put into this project was creative and gorgeous. The movie has quite a few funny moments as well. I recommend this definately to any Beatles fan or anyone who just appreciates a well made film.

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

This movie was kind of dull. I know that it's more about the invasion and story, but there wasn't any action; even the end was rushed and left you thinking "That's it?". Besides these flaws, the actors did very well pretending to be emotionless hosts and Kidman did a very good job.

Martian Child

I love this movie's story. It's so touching and heartwarming, and the thought of a man giving a little kid a family and a place to call home, would make anyone feel good. It's just a positive movie, and I think alot can be learned by watching this film. No matter how alienated you may feel from the world, there's always someone out there who can relate.

The Fountain
The Fountain(2006)

There are so many ways you can interpret this movie. Yes is does have a specific story and specific meaning behind it, but in the end, you can find things to create your own theory. It's very artistic, heartfelt, and original and I recommend it to anyone who likes movies that can have you believeing anything. Close-minded people beware, this film will have you pondering for days; it's truely a work of art.

Big Nothing
Big Nothing(2007)

This unexpected comedy caught my eye sight at the nearest Blockbuster and I couldn't help but rent it. Being a huge fan of the UK series Spaced and Shaun of the Dead/Hot Fuzz, I had huge hopes for this one and I'm glad I gave it a chance. It's a dark comedy that had something different around every corner. It caught me by surprise.

Fun With Dick and Jane

A nicely crafted comedy. It's short and to the plot, nothing drags on too long. The scenes of Carrey and Leoni robbing are histarical. If you didn't like this, I don't know what to tell you. Carrey is the man.

Punch-Drunk Love

Punch-Drunk Love is the perfect title to this movie. Sandler, like Jim Carrey, can do serious roles if he can pick the right ones, and I think based on Sandler's movie credit, this one was alot like his manic-comedies. Sandler plays a paranoid-lonely man, who can't seem to take control of what happens in his life, his fears control the better of him. After he meets a woman, that seems to good to be true, he finally gets the strength to stand up to his fears, and because of her he finally feels normal and safe. It's a love it or hate it movie. The score, the cinematography, the art, and the life of all the characters are so convincing to me, that I can't help but fall in love with this movie. Great indie film.


I've loved this movie ever since I was little. I just loved how it wasn't about the gore, it's about the suspense. I liked how you hardly got to see him, and if you did.. it was for a split second in the background of a shot. Also not knowing where he was, but still hearing him breathing creeped me out. Great thriller that set the bar for most of today's suspense/boogyman flicks.

Lost In Translation

I love this movie simply for it being shot in Tokyo. It's beautiful. It's a simple film, about being lost, and no matter how lost you feel, you're always going to find someone. Whether It turns to love or a close friendship, you're never alone; I loved how Sofia Coppola put this simple idea to story and film. A Must See.

Head in the Clouds

This is one of those movies I would've never watched it if hadn't been for my girlfriend finding interest in watching it. It's a refreshing love story between three people, and while Townsend and Cruz are ready to fight for their countries in the war, Theron is stuck being a socialite. Though Theron ultimately realizes that she was wrong, and decides that she has a part in this war as well. The war sub-plot is a nice break from the sometime's slow scenes and gives the film an epic feel. I recommend this to anyone that loves that 1930s-1940s era and the lifestyle.


I love tornadoes and stormy weather. When I was a kid my dream was to become a meteorologist. For it's time, this film's acting was real, and the effects were phenomenal. I recommend this to anyone who likes tornadoes or Bill Paxton.

Lady in the Water

I love M. Night Shyamalan's movies. Even though this is my least favorite, I still have even more respect for him for making this movie. It's based off of a bedtime story he tells his own children, and for him to put his reputation on the line to make this movie for his kids... means he's not just in it for the money. He makes films that are close to his heart and with full imagination and originality. It's a wonderful film, and I promise that if you keep an open mind about it and pretend you're a kid all over again, you'll think so too. Just ignore the negative reviews, people clearly are too much in love with Shyamalan's older films, that they can't open up to something different.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

The visuals in the film blew me away. Never before has a comic book based movie, done it's predecessor justice. I love Marv's and Dwight's storylines, they're my two favorite characters in the Sin City series. Props to Frank and Robert for pulling this off.

The Longest Day

Best war movie I've ever seen. It's more authentic to show it from the perspective of the allies and enemies. I really loved the way this was shot, and the overral quality of the film was a huge achievement. I love the history behind the Paratroopers. If you love this film as much as I do, you should definately check out "Band of Brothers", a 10-hour long mini-series (10 episodes).


This film reminded me of Hitchcock's Psycho. I really wasn't scared of Christensen's character at all, until she shoots the two cops towards the end. I found it to be a very good take on the obsessive/psycho genre. I can see how most wouldn't like it, but anyone with an interest in characters that are insane, should like this.

Four Brothers

I liked the chemistry between these four actors, they did a tremendous job. I love revenge flims, and this is among one of my favorites next to Death Sentence; and what do ya know... Garrett Hedlund is in both of those films.


I loved this movie. I'm glad when I started this movie, I knew what to expect.. an origin story and not a full-blown action hero movie. M. Night Shyamalan proves to me yet again, that he can create a story that's original and enjoyable to watch. This movie left me full of thoughts and wanting to write my own comic book story.


Even though I found this film kind of cheesy, I still loved the thought of someone getting back at Paparazzi for all the shit that they lie about and do, to humiliate some of Hollywood's "Innocent" Actors and Actresses. A great rollercoaster ride.


Bleh, it was ok.. mainly because I liked the way Michael looked and the Score.. but the countless amounts of boob and sex.. not needed; and it didn't have the suspensful effect that the original had. In the original you barely got to see glimpses of Michael, in Zombie's you see him like all the time. He's the main character in it, opposed to Laurie being the main character in the original.


This movie was decently suspenseful. I thought Wahlberg's character was very convincing and creepy. I just wish there were a few things different about this film. Oh, and I especially loved that they put Bush's music in the film 3 times; I love that band, it's just too bad they're not making music anymore.

Samurai Jack: The Premiere Movie

This rating is based on the TV Series itself, being that you can't really rate shows on here. This is basically the first three episodes of Samurai Jack, and they're not bad, but the show gets so much better the deeper you get. There are four seasons, and I recommend them for anyone who appreciates art. This show is full of beautiful scenic atmospheres and great action. I love the epic-vibe this show gives. I especially love the "Birth of Evil" episode, which is Aku's origin story. Anyways, this brilliant show will be sadly missed. I can't wait for them to make a motion picture ending Jack's quest (which Genndy said "will" happen).

Little Giants

I can't help but rate this movie high. I loved this movie when I was a kid, and haven't seen it since, as soon as I see that it's on TV, I'm going to watch it.

The Bone Collector

I can't remember this film much, but I can remember liking it. I'm just going to have to give it another watch, and then post a more thorough review.

House of Wax
House of Wax(2005)

I was surprised by this film. I haven't seen the original, but I'm sure it's good. The only thing I really liked about this film was the slasher aspect and the Wax house. The Wax House was just cool as hell.


I don't care what anyone else will say about this movie. It's very much original, and doesn't rely on gore like most horror films. This one plays with your mind, and I thought was pretty realistic; the writers definately did there homework on Gross Anatomy. The only gripe I had on this movie was the score, I didn't like the whole tribe-style sound, sometimes if fit and sometimes it didn't. Still, this movie was unlike any Horror film I've seen and I enjoyed it. Best of the 8Films To Die For in "my" opinion.

The Gravedancers

I loved Unrest and The Abandoned, both being a part of the 8Films To Die For. After those, I was conviced that maybe the rest would be good. I picked Gravedancers and was completely disappointed. It was too cheesy and dumb for me. The ghost effects looked retarded, and the acting was poor. Because of this movie, I can't get the nerve to even try the other "5Films To Die For"; I'll just leave it with Unrest and The Abandoned... they're most likely the only good ones to come out of this collection.

The Butterfly Effect

I don't care what most people say, I loved this movie. I always thought before going into this movie, that it'd be so complex, there'd be too many plotholes. Well, I couldn't find any, for the most part, the screenplay was perfect. I love how the story telling flows; it's an artsy type-of film. I also love that no matter how bad Evan's life got, in the end he still made everything ok; instead of fixing himself, he managed to fix his childhood friend's lives. A powerhouse filled cast, and a gripping story puts this one up there with my favorite movies.

Donnie Darko
Donnie Darko(2001)

I don't know why, but I love this movie. I so desperately want to know everything about it though, because some of it, well most of it, confuses me. Even though I have the majority of it understood, there are still some stuff left for discussion. This movie always puts me in a artsy-fartsy mood when I'm finished watching it, and I like that about this film. Definately a crossword-puzzle-of-a-movie.

Forrest Gump
Forrest Gump(1994)

A timeless classic about a man with a low IQ, but a huge list of accomplishments. I love how Forrest, over a period of three decades, manages to be in all kinds of historical events. A great film that has stuck with me for so many years. I love this movie.

Dead Man's Shoes

This film was a little weird at first, and even though I somewhat disliked the ending and how it all turned out; now that I think about it... It was a pretty decent revenge/thriller.

28 Days Later

Best zombie-movie ever made. Unlike most zombie movies, that are filled with over-the-top action sequences and head shots.. this ones more about the story. It's more realistic and because of that, it makes it scarier than most zombie-movies. Cillian Murphy is starting to become a favorite of mine, as well as Danny Boyle. If any of you zombie fans are wanting a movie that's a little more than just the dead, check this out.

Death Sentence

This was a very powerful film. I loved towards the end when he shaves his head, but leaves a little hair left behind; it reminded me of DeNiro's character in Taxi Driver and was a great representation of a man slipping into madness. I also liked how he wasn't a skilled FBI agent or Retired War Veteran character like most revenge flicks; he was simply a beginner with guns. If you like revenge/dramas, this one tops the cake in my opinion.


I liked the overall supsense of the film, and that it had somewhat of an important message attached to the end. Be careful what you wish for. I liked the thought of what this movie can teach some kids out there, think before you take certain actions, because you could get in serious trouble.

Groundhog Day

I've loved this movie ever since I can remember, and now in celebration of it's 15th year anniversary, I will tell you, if you haven't seen this yet... it's a must, because you can't miss it, it's on TV like a few dozen times a year and it's a really good romantic-comedy that only Bill Murray can pull off; and no I'm not talking the romantic parts, the first half he's a lunatic, in which he plays with style. Great film.

The Breed
The Breed(2006)

I'm going to rate this movie higher than I originally thought, just because it stayed away from being too gory. Gore does not scare me people, dogs attacking for no reason.. now that's scary. This is a suspense/thriller, and that's what it relies on, suspense. I really enjoyed watching this, and if you're in the mood for a movie without the sex and gore that plagues most of today's Hollywood bullshit, you should check this out.

Cold Creek Manor

This movie is at the bottom of my thriller list, if I had one, but it's still good. Stephen Dorff does a very convicing job of being mentally unstable. I thought the horse in the pool scene was pretty shocking, and it got my nerves pumping. Sharon Stone usually annoys me, but she did an ok job nonetheless. A decent film, which deserves a decent word of mention.


Wow, I was expecting alot from this movie, and it delivered. I didn't find the camera to be to bad, to most, that was their only gripe. The actors are convincing and did very well with little to help them, but their imaginations. It was definately worth a theater ticket, and I would most definately go see it again. Total entertainment.

The Machinist

This movie reminds me alot of The Number 23, without the clues or foreshadowing. The score was very reminescent to Hitchcock movies, which was good for the movie, but sometimes I wish they would've done something more original. Christian Bale's dedication for this film was spectacular and for him, it must've been hard to endure all that he had been through on the making of this, but... I'm sure for die-hard fans of this film, it paid-off. I recommend this to anyone who likes dark movies.

Gin gwai (The Eye)

I only give it 2 stars for it's elevator scene. It was the only scene that was remotely creepy. All the rest of the movie, reminded me of made-for-tv movies. I was expecting too much from this movie, but the cinematography and crappy score, did nothing for me.

Cat People
Cat People(1942)

This movie had a very sinister tone. It's what you don't see, that scares you. I think horror movies these days should learn from movies like Cat People and Halloween (Original). Instead of filling the screen with pointless amounts of blood and gore, because gore is not scary. Cat People was a weird movie, but I couldn't help but stay glued to the screen. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates a true horror classic.

Running Scared

This movie was INTENSE. It really does make Kill Bill look like Sesame Street.

Dazed and Confused

Who doesn't love this movie? It's got a great cast of characters and the muscle cars are beautiful. The music rocks as well.

The Crow: City of Angels

Not as great as the original, but still the only one of the sequels that lives up to it. It's the same premise, but different setting. The Crow has a rainy atmosphere, while City of Angels has a foggy atmosphere. Eric Draven's wife was killed, Ash's son was killed. Even though they are almost identical plot wise, I just feel this would be just as good as the first, if the first hadn't came along, nor the graphic novel.


This movie is amazing. Great performances by all the cast. I especially loved that Mark Heap was in it, I haven't seen him in anything other than the UK Series "Spaced" as Brian. It was just a great romantic faiytale with action and humor. I love it.

The Host
The Host(2007)

I thought this movie was an ok monster flick. Although, I thought the monster looked a bit stupid. In the beginning sequence after it gets out of the water and shows the perspective of an on-looker on a train, you see the monster attacking people, but not really killing anyone. It just looks like it head-butts them. Interesting Government sub-plot, even though I was quite confused at the time as to what it all meant. Still worth watching.


It's been over a year since I've seen this, I'll have to rent it again. I do remember I liked it alot for a korean movie. I'm not much for foreign films either.

The Wizard of Oz

This timeless classic is one of the biggest achievements in film making history. I love it.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

I really enjoyed this more than Shaun of the Dead. It seemed to me when it reaches the scene in Shaun of the Dead, where they are in the pub taking shelter, it got boring and the drama aspect dragged on too long. Anyways, Hot Fuzz seemed to get more action packed the further you get into it, and I felt the humor in it was top-notch. It resembled that of Spaced and Shaun of the Dead put together. I just wish this gets so much buzz that they release "Spaced" on DVD here in the states.

Halloween: Resurrection

BUSTA RHYMES?!?!?!? What the hell Hollywood?!

The Night Listener

I don't hear anything.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III

I loved the first two when I was a kid.. but this one.. I don't know... maybe I'd have to watch it again

Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2

Wow... boooorrrrinng, and cheesy, and not deliciously cheesy either.

Halloween III - Season of the Witch

Where's Michael? That's all I have to say.


Had a good idea, but failed to deliver on a good story to put against it.


Two words: Disgusting and Disturbing.

Man on Fire
Man on Fire(2004)

One of my favorite action movies. I simply love how Washington's character seems to think he has nothing to live for, until he meets a little girl, who opens up his heart. Once she's kidnapped... he simply snaps, and thus the movie is titled "Man On Fire". He most definately is too, and it's a great power-punch ride.


I love the realistic-ness of this movie. I'm sure if aliens really came and visited us, it'd be somewhat like this. The little glimpses of the Alien were suspensful.

The Lake House

I really liked the pase of this movie and how it all came together at the end.

It's a Wonderful Life

It's the greatest Christmas movie ever made. Period.


One of my favorite twist-ending movies I own. I was totally surprised, and so will you.. go watch it. It's a Cusack fan's must.

A History of Violence

I really enjoyed this movie.. It's a short movie, but if it were any longer, I probably wouldn't have liked it. The only reason I didn't like it, because of the skitso-origin plot. I'm a big fan of the original graphic novel, and in it.. he simply witnessed and experienced the mofia life, got caught up in some bad shit, and was forced to leave the life. But soon, his past follows him, and then the rest of the movie hit the spot, with him and his family being stalked. Either way, it was an ok movie.

Final Destination 3

Wow, I was HIGHLY upset about this movie. It was cheesy, and had a crappy plot.

Falling Down
Falling Down(1993)

Wow, this guy bitches about the things I bitch about. Been late for Breakfast at a fast food restaraunt by a minute anyone? I disliked the ending though, other than that, a pretty good experience. For those who like Taxi Driver.


I really loved how this movie fooled me into thinking it was going to be a scarier ghost flick. Don't get me wrong, it has its suspensful moments, but overall... not scary. I still loved it nontheless for it's positive and heartwarming ending. Check this one out.

Detroit Rock City

"... but they make porno movies that start out like that too man." - That right there was the funniest line of the movie. I really dig this flick, It's got good 70s tunes, and a kick ass cast. Did I mention it's really funny? Check it out.

Red Eye
Red Eye(2005)

I really enjoy this movie. Mainly because of Cillian Murphy (28 Days Later). I love his approach to acting, he's very convincing. Another reason why, is because I love Wes Craven's personality, he seems like a professional behind the camera, but a kid at heart in-between takes. The build up to this movie is very claustrophobic. I love how it slowly gets to Jackson's true identity, and the way that Cillian's face looks in the scene. I recommend this thriller to anyone who loves Wes Craven's thrillers.

Shaun of the Dead

Ever since I saw spaced, I had to see this movie. Simon Pegg and Nick Frost are hilarious together. I think they're the greatest duo since Farley(R.I.P) and Spade. It's not scary at all, but the humor and dark comedy of it all, makes up for it.


I thought I was going to like this movie, since I liked 40 Year Old Virgin and Knocked Up, but I liked those movies only for their somewhat positive endings. Superbad is nothing at all special, copying off a plot that's been done several and way too many times. Dazed and Confused is the only movie that did this "plot outline" right. By plot, I mean... a movie that takes place in one night, with partying and drinking. Superbad was realistic in a sense, that... most teenagers in High School these days try too hard to be cool and cuss alot, but then again... way too unrealistic. Cops are not going to take out some skinny little retard and get him hammered, let him shoot a gun, or incourage him to have sex. Superbad had some funny quotes, but they can't make up for how unoriginal this movie is. Like my girlfriend said to me, "It's just Hollywood, pumping out a quick fix with no originality, to make a quick buck."


This is by far my favorite 'cat and mouse' thriller. It feels so real, and when I watched it as a little boy, I was hooked on the history of serial killers, and wanted to be a forensic scientist. I can still put this movie in and get the same feeling I did when I was 11. In my opinion, this is way better than the Scream trilogy.

In Dreams
In Dreams(1999)

I can't believe I never caught this movie on TV at some point. Someone recommended it, and I'm glad they did. It was very entertaining, and it reminded me alot of one of my favorite films, "The Jacket".

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind is about a thirty-something who gets a procedure done to erase his memory of a past girlfriend, and while doing so (in his head), he decides he cherishes their memories together and tries to figure out a way to keep them.

My favorite movie of all time and the best love story put to film.


This movie totally blew me away. One of my favorites next to Eternal Sunshine. I thought the story was kind of confusing the first watch, but my girlfriend and I had fun discussing it. After the second watch though, we completely understood it's complex meaning. Marc Forster's directing style truely shines in this movie. All of the scenes flow together in these genius ways, and even though I don't think I'll like Marc's newest movie Kite Runner, I'm sure he'll do a wonderful job of directing. Check this movie out people.


I'd give this no star if I could.. but I'll go with a half a star, just because of its good ideas. The ending was the cheesiest ending to a horror movie I've ever seen.. and I truely regret watching it.

Mr. Brooks
Mr. Brooks(2007)

I loved this film. Great performances by Hurt and Costner. I especially liked the sub-plot of him goin' on a small rampage to create a different serial killer, in order to keep his daughter safe. Watch the movie and you'll see what I mean. It seems this is the start of a trilogy, according to the special features and I can't wait.

High Fidelity

I absolutely love John Cusack in this movie. I love how he talks to the camera as if he were talking to the viewer. Jack Black is histarical in his role in this as well. I simply love it because the whole theme of the movie is music, and that's my other passion besides cinema and movies. It's one of the funniest movies in my opinion.

Edward Scissorhands

Edward is the most beloved character in film. It teaches us to look beyond the cover of a book. Depp's best movie role if you ask me. I loved the whole '50s suburbia setting, it's very colorful. A classic that's never out of date. In 40 years, it's still going to reach people.

Léon: The Professional

Leon is by far, the coolest hitman-movie I've seen. He's the biggest softy, but when he's put on the job, he's dead on. I like good moraled characters in films these days. If I wouldn't like them in real life, I probably wouldn't like the movie; even though there's exceptions to some films (Taxi Driver, Dead Man's Shoes, etc). If you're in for a different kind of action flick, one with a heart ... check this out.

Taxi Driver
Taxi Driver(1976)

Robert De Niro's portrayel of Travis Bickle is exciting to see on film. He's one of my favorite movie characters. The voice-over stuff is great too, I love voice-over narrative movies.. it gives alot more insight into a character's personality. Great film.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

This here is Zach Braff's best role since his character in 'Scrubs'. I loved how it was truely heartwarming, but insanely funny. "By the way.. it says Balls on your face." - I love that line. Great date movie.

The Number 23

I love the imagery here. Jim Carrey once again proves he can keep a straight face for most of a movie. I think the writing of this film was really good, even thought I kind of had it figured out, it still had a very positive message at the end, and I love any movie that can do that.


I give it the 5 star, because it's my favorite of the series, and I've been a fan of Aliens ever since I was little. I remember being a little kid, collecting the Keener alien toys. I didn't like the film when it first came out, but it slowly grew on me, because I realized it held true to the original. Don't get me wrong Aliens is a classic, and I loved Cameron's alien designs. Alien 3 went back to the basics, with one alien, and made it more sleek and stealthy. Have an open mind people, this is David Fincher first film, and a magnificent start to a career.

The Password Is Courage

I thought this movie was very well paced. Just when I thought I might get bored, something un-expected would happen. It kept me entertained. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates silver screen movies; and a good laugh.