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Omen III: The Final Conflict
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The final chapter in the Omen series(until the Omen IV came out as a TV movie on Fox that was as scary as a flea.)This film starts off promising with a sequence involving the Ambassador to St. James meeting a grusome demise and Damien(well played by Sam Neill) taking over that position and is on a crusade to kill all the male babies born on a certain date which is the Nazarene coming back to Earth to destroy the Son of Satan. The movie has everything going for it but it falls apart by the ending by not tying up the loose plot holes that this film has and the ending is anti-climatic as it seems forced. Overall, this film has the feeling of an Omen sequel but it cannot match the the first two films in the series.

Evita (1996)
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

This lavish and epic musical benefits for a terrific performance from Madonna who is in her element and the supporting players who brings this musical to life. Underrated director Alan Parker(The Commitments, Angel Heart) brings to the screen the stage musical of Eva Peron(Madonna) and her life from a low class girl, who became a mediocre actress and then wife of Juan Perron. Antonio Banderas provides not only a great voice but a charamastic performance as well. Evita, made musicals enjoyable again as musicals were considered a thing of the past . Ambitious yet wonderful.

Beverly Hills Cop II
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Beverly Hills Cop II is a tired, lazy sequel that takes the gags from the first from and beats it down to the ground with a sledgehammer. While directed by Bill Scott who makes the action sequences over the top, it's really overkill and the running time feels it's moving along a snail's pace. The plot holes are a plenty as Axel Foley(Eddie Murphy, a paycheck role here) goes to Beverly Hills after Bogomil(Ronny Cox) is shot and assisting his buddies(Judge Reinhold and John Ashton)out bringing down the bad guys. While it does its moments, including the skilled camerwork and good performances the movies as a whole is not good.

Beverly Hills Cop
4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Eddie Murphy's performance is the highlight to a rather standard action/comedy films. The fish out of water story has Murphy as the Detriot cop who is trying to discover why his childhood friend was murdered. He goes on "vacation" to Beverly Hills where his friend was employed as a secuiry guard for a art gallery owned by Victor Maitlalnd(Steven Berkoff, in creepy villian mode.)Beverly Hills gives Foley a culture shock to say the least, and he is aided in bringing down the bad guys with the assistance of two bumbling detectives(Judge Reinhoild and John Ashton, who steal scenes.)Beverly Hills Cop is a good movie with good acting and a strong soundtrack but over the years have been overpopulated with so many action/comedy movies and the sequels to this movie that the movie has lost some of its luster but overall a good well made film.