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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Girl Walks Into a Bar

Girl Walks Into a Bar(2011)

Talking talking talking talking talking talking talking talking...
It's as if some film makers go through the whole process without it ever once dawning on them that one of the cool things about a CAMERA is that you can point it at things that are DOING stuff.

I mean, can you believe it? That an audience can watch somebody doing something without a bunch of laborious attempts at being clever coming out of their face?

Anyway, the first scene is pretty good. It lasts about 7 minutes, watch that if you want but the rest is a total waste of time.

Also, there is a strip club scene without boobs and a naked ping pong scene with black bars over everything that makes a person naked.

Whoever made this film, yeah, I'm too lazy to look, truly doesn't appreciate the art of moving images.