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Who Can Kill a Child? (Quin puede matar a un nio?)
21 months ago via Movies on Facebook

This film gives me good reason to hate kids...

Ride in the Whirlwind
2 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Early Nicholson film is a pretty standard entry in the western time capsule.

Christiane F
Christiane F (1981)
3 years ago via Movies on Facebook

A harsh and brutal film focusing on a 14 year old girl's descent into drugs and prostitution. It does a fascinating job depicting the horrors of heroin in a surreal atmosphere amid a soundtrack filled with David Bowie tunes. I'll never listen to the song 'Heroes' again without feeling haunted.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey
5 years ago via Movies on Android phone

I honestly wasn't too enthusiastic about the return to Middle Earth for this trilogy of Lord of the Rings prequels. But it is a capable enough adventure with the same remarkable effects you've come to expect from this franchise. I'll happily sit through the next two films, but not with the same awe that accompanied the original trilogy.

Miami Connection
5 years ago via Movies on Android phone

Miami Connection is a true rarity of a film. This is one of those movies that is so indescribably bad that it ends up being great. This lost action flick from the 1980s is the best bad movie I've seen since The Room! And that is no small feat.