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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Animal Crackers

Animal Crackers(1930)

A middle of the road Marx Brothers movie. Not the best, not the worst. Only their second feature film, you could tell that they were still not quite sure how to transfer their comedy to film. One of the big problems is just how many times there isn't a brother on screen. The other actors are stiff, their timing is very weak, and they almost seem to be struggling to remember their lines. Sure, the brothers are fun, especially when they share the screen. There are a few noteworthy bits including the famous, "Shot an elephant in my pajamas..." line. When it hits, it's fun, but it doesn't get to the level of Duck Soup or A Night at the Opera, nor is it as forgettable as Room Service or Monkey Business. Glad to say I've seen it, and glad to say their films got better.