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Arrival (2016)
27 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Beautiful. Perfect direction, sound, cinematography. Awe inspiring. My mind is racing with how exquisite the ideas of this film are. Instantly one of favorites of the year. It's unlike any other science fiction film I've seen, it's so much smarter than just "sci fi" it's personal and profoundly human. Everyone must see this movie.

Doctor Strange
28 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Take the story arc of iron man 1 and paste in magic instead of tech. It was fun, well acted but really formulaic. Marvel please give us good bad guys, that'll make this feel like something more than just a 2 hour character introduction.

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne (2016)
3 months ago via Movies on Android phone

This movie is about as 50/50 as it comes. I love the Bourne franchise, but most of the time while watching this movie I kept asking why. This movie wasn't necessary for the characters story this all just felt forced.

Bourne is being Bourne and he's great at it. There's a crooked government that he has to bring down, there are parts of his past he has to figure out. It really is the same recipe as the first 3 films. One of the hardest things facing this production staff was probably figuring out how to bring Bourne out of hiding. His main goal during the first 3 films has been accomplished. What is it that brings Bourne back into the CIA crosshairs? a cheap and easy plot line about the death of his father. You could have done better Greengrass.   If the CIA director still wanted to take Bourne out, why wasn't he just always searching for him?

The opening plot line to bring Bourne back in, Nikki hacking the CIA after 8 years, is super silly. She's not a hacker, I guess she could have become one in her 8 years on the run for helping Bourne in the 3rd movie. Bourne is off in the middle of nowhere fighting dudes, because...?? His character never seemed to be one to do this. He only fought because he needed to, why is he in a fight club now?

So Nicki gets Bourne back into it because of his father. I don't know why he can't just get the info easily, after ultimatum it seemed like all the bad treadstone and blackbriar guys were put away. Where is Pam Landy, he should be able to just call her up and she can tell him. But she isn't in the movie at all so Bourne has to do it himself.

There's something about using social media to spy on us, completely useless. Bad guy agent is also tied to Bourne's past, cheap and forced. CIA director wants Bourne dead because...he needs to protect the agency, new girl has new ideas and wants to take over, pointless. There's a good movie in here.

Remove the stuff about the CIA and the Facebook guy tried to be big brother, give the girl a reason behind her motivation other than "I think I can do better". The asset wanting revenge on Bourne is good, they should have played that up instead of the surveillance story, but it's apparent the director wanted this film to be a social commentary, and the movie suffers from that. The surveillance has nothing to do with Bourne's dead dad. They should have simplified. Its set up for another one, if it's done, they need to keep it simple.