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Cars 3
Cars 3 (2017)
3 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Better than the over the top first sequel. This film had so much heart and was the perfect send off, of what really is a weak trilogy for Pixar. The visual are simply beautiful to look at and it's nothing less you'd expect from Pixar. The film is focused on more about getting old but done good with its simple script. Though the ending is predictable, it was still the right way to end it. Had some good moments, yet hit and miss comic moments but it's heart is in the right place. The highlights, of course, are the amazing race scenes, incredible.

Curse of Chucky
23 days ago via Movies on Android phone

I know it's hard to believe, but this sixth movie in the Child's Play/Chucky slasher series is actually surprisingly well made. It's visually good and pretty decent acting and it's just great that Brad is back as the voice of Chucky. It has some neat gory scenes and a pretty good back story and a perfectly good twist to fit in with its time line. Though very predictable at times, I've seen so many horrors I couldn't help think that they used all the clichés in horror and squashed it into this film. It was entertaining though but not the comeback I expected. Still, there's another sequel I've yet to watch and I've heard alot of good stuff about it. We shall see.

Seed of Chucky
23 days ago via Movies on Android phone

The twist here is that Chucky now has a son...hence the title. The voice acting is great and Billy Boyd is a great edition to the "voice of the dolls" series. It's great that they've kept the witty dark humour and daft death scenes and bloody gore, the problem is it was trying to HARD to be funny and some where hit and miss. The cast were ok but only there to be bumped off, the direction was good by the man who created the series in the 80's and also wrote the film. It was also trying too hard to take the mick out of the hollywood world of filming, as it's set in Hollywood. It's not the best but way better than Child's Play 2 and 3 and that's saying something. Keep 'em coming, Chucky...and surprisingly, he has.

Bride of Chucky
23 days ago via Movies on Android phone

This is easily the best Chucky film in the series and also the funniest. Set ten years after the third film (In the film world anyway) Chucky has been found and called back from the dead. The neat twist that Chucky has a "Bride" was a great idea with Jennifer Tilly doing the voice of Tiffany doll. Que some great moments of gore, great one-liners and funny outcomes. The script is witty and although it's directed sloppy, it breezes along at a fantastic bloody pace. Comedy horror at it's best and what the previous films should've done in the first place. It's brought Chucky back from the dead. Very gory and not for everyone, but a great comeback.

Child's Play 3
23 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Now set in an army camp, Andy has now grown up and using a different actor (Justin Whalin) who isn't that bad but my God, everyone else is. The acting is so bad. There are no scares and basicly no horror. The only good thing is that the special effects for Chucky have improved slightly and Brad Dourif has cemented his role as the voice of Chucky, other than that, this is the worst in the series so far and could've ruined Chucky forever. Bad directing, acting and the death scenes are rubbish...there are no shocks and almost laughable. A few good one liners though.