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The Shack
The Shack (2017)
6 months ago via Flixster

Yes, I saw this Christian movie in theaters. I can say I literally cried like 90% of the time, tears and all. Haven't cried in a movie since 2011's "Warrior".

Overall it was a great film, a beautiful story about God's all-powerful, all-redeeming love. (The only thing he can't redeem is the fact they used Tim McGraw in the film. Yikes, guess they had to keep some level of cheese for a faith based film)

The Shack doesn't pretend to offer us precise and perfect answers to all the big issues of existence-- the question of suffering, the problem of evil, the nature of God, etc.

But, The Shack DOES offer us better questions. Purer questions. More heartfelt questions. Fairer questions. Questions which spring from a conceptual well NOT pre-poisoned with poor presumptions and bitter accusations.

What are these better and brighter questions the The Shack presents?

What if God was ACTUALLY good?

What if God was ONLY good?

What if God was ALWAYS good?

What if there was NO dark side to God-- at all?

What if God was FOR us, not against us?

What if God doesn't allow evil, but rather seeks to DISALLOW it by applying His curative energies to both victim and offender?

What if God cares deeply, tenderly, and intensely for ALL our well beings at all times and places?