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a small, quiet love story of sorts that takes place in the temporal/political outskirts of the vietnam conflict with understated but endearing performances. third or fourth viewing this time and i feel like i'm finally awake to appreciate all of the details and honor its narrative claim.

The Hangover Part II

wtf... missed most of it.

The Ides of March

trite but decent enough.

Who Is Bozo Texino?

beautiful shots and interesting people.

Dead Ringers
Dead Ringers(1988)

gynecological instruments for operating on mutant women

Machine Gun McCain

also not cassavetes' best.

Odd Man Out
Odd Man Out(1947)

disappointingly eh. not reed's best.

The Adventures of Tintin

nice visuals, etc. misc. and so on but couldn't get into it. popcorn was good but gave me gas.

Blue Note - A Story of Modern Jazz

this can really get you in the mood... for stuff.


book was better. this 'movie' sucked ass.

The Yakuza
The Yakuza(1975)

intense... makes you fall in love with robert mitchum as an old man

The Big Combo

"If you like to drink a pot of black coffee in the morning then gargle with the grounds, this is your type of movie."

Private Hell 36

too simple and weirdly moral.

The True Story of Jesse James

i'm being generous 'cause wagner & hunter are not hard to look at.

The Warrior's Way

entertaining with cool effects. don't look for more.

Seraphim Falls

started strong... lost it in the desert.

True Grit
True Grit(2010)

decent remake - some losses but also gain, with added sly humor.

Shoot Out
Shoot Out(1971)

henry hathaway flick with an aging gregory peck who's just out of prison set on getting revenge with an old pal who landed him there, only to become stuck taking care of a precocious little girl (a la paper moon) who may or may not be his daughter.

Young Billy Young

glimpse of a young david carradine... also mitchum sings the title song quite nicely.

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

better than expected.

Blue Valentine

men, apparently if you have a receding hairline with questionable facial hair and cop shades, your woman will stop wanting to have sex with you. everything else is white noise.


another one of those movies that sits better in my mind with multiple viewings. patricia neal is especially great.

No Name on the Bullet

audie murphy playing against type.


that blow to fonda at the end (sorry, spoiler) was like scratching a huge itch. infuriating to watch, too many passive people in this movie. now i just need a punching bag.

Destry Rides Again

laid back jimmy stewart & tough as nails marlene dietrich... surprisingly nice chemistry. the story may be seem old/predictable but then so is the movie. it has been retold since.

The Hospital
The Hospital(1971)

great singular performance surrounded by mediocrity.


the controversial/brutal rape scene did not bother me as much as the odd vilification of homosexuals.

Mesrine: Public Enemy #1

part 2 avail now on netflix for instant play:

Duel in the Sun

epic in proportion, mediocre in content.

Call Northside 777

i wouldn't call this a noir, but solid journalism drama. great details and some heart-wrenching scenes.

Wait Until Dark

both (unintentionally) comedic and (intentionally) terrifying at times. alan arkin is a great villain and audrey hepburn a convincing blind woman. poor girl though, she's put through the ringer... all for a few little bags of heroin.

An Affair to Remember

"If it had to happen to one of us, why did it have to be you?"

Bob le Flambeur

"locks are like pretty dames. to know 'em, you gotta work on 'em."

Too Late the Hero

good towards the end, but that end is hard to get to...

Touchez Pas au Grisbi (Hands Off the Loot)

elderly? perhaps, but still badass in their pajamas.
and how about them hand grenades?


loving in another's shadow is no easy affair.

The Killing of a Chinese Bookie

stark and warm at the same time... he may be dumb but he's no fool.

Kiss of Death

widmark's eye glinting through the slit between two curtains as well as his smirky maniacal giggling... he's really one of the best screen villains.

California Split

charming goofballs... elliott gould is as garrulous as ever. almost makes me want to go to reno. almost.

Shoot the Piano Player (Tirez sur le pianiste)

might have to watch this one again later sometime.

Mesrine: Killer Instinct (L'instinct de mort)

jumps around too much in attempts to gloss the sexy parts-i.e., not much substance.

The Hired Hand

one of those quiet, unassuming movies that somehow manages to sneak into your heart.

13 Rue Madeleine

i dunno... james cagney seems too small to take down nazis with his bare hands

Big Jim McLain

john wayne is an investigator for the u.s. house of un-american activities committee in all seriousness. nuff said

Beach Red
Beach Red(1967)

one of the strangest mainstream movies i've seen. there's something rather endearing though.

Bombers B-52
Bombers B-52(1957)

strange movie. most of it seemed like an advertisement for the air force.

Touching the Void

i related in ways i didn't expect.

Taras Bulba
Taras Bulba(1962)

unwatchable theatrics, ridiculous battle scenes


awkward at times... especially the firefly guy. also joey lauren adams is getting old.

Wake Island
Wake Island(1942)

pretty good action but that's about it, no real depth. it was made in 1942 so propaganda is to be expected.


a young tony fighting as a u.s. marine on a japanese-occupied island in the pacific


this isn't a conspiracy theorist. he points out observable trends. i wouldn't dramatize the doom and gloom or get caught up in his personal story but just be aware and respond to the fact that shit's gotta change in this world. there soon will be no other option, and this hard line will be felt in a very concrete way. better to start the transition now than later-when there will be even less expendable energy and movable parts.

Lust for Life

:*( van gogh always makes me cry for some reason

The Young Savages

despite the weak writing, decent performances. i do have a soft spot for shelley winters, mind you

Army of Shadows (L'Armée des ombres)

a good look at the soil from which french existentialism sprouted, including a fully dostoyevskian confrontation with death

House of Bamboo

post-war western domination of japan (symbolically or otherwise) with american gangsters in tokyo. it would like to be a noir but really is just a dud

Seven Days in May

prefer this to /the manchurian candidate/ actually... great line from kirk douglas to a drunk ava gardner "is that for quenching a torch or washing out a wound?"

Purple Noon (Plein soleil)

alain delon adds a certain naiveté to tom ripley's deviousness and brings out your urge to root for the underdog, as misguided as he may be... plus the ending offers a fantastic, morbid clincher that is missing in the american version

Hellcats of the Navy

ronald AND nancy reagan?! ... meh

A Prophet (Un prophete)

started off great and then fizzled during the next (unduly) 2 hours.

Le Deuxième souffle (Second Breath)

not sure why blot lied to manouche, i'm going to assume out of kindness rather than spite

The Big Risk (Classe tous risques)

a stylish french gangster film with an ending that may be seen as anti-climactic... which i characterize instead as quietly tragic, not to mention more 'adult' somehow in its consciousness

Anatomy of a Murder

george c. scott or bust...

Kansas City Confidential (The Secret Four)

it had the recipe for something great but is missing the hard edge of a proper noir

Violent Saturday

not that violent but interesting in that it threads together the lives of several key individuals as they are involved directly or indirectly in a bank heist

A Walk in the Sun

this is kinda what /the thin red line/ was going for, focusing more on dialogue and internal thought streams of the soldiers rather than just their outward actions on the battlefield... except /the thin red line/ sucked

Operation Petticoat

a lighthearted war movie involving a pink submarine and a bunch of women's undergarments

Born to Kill
Born to Kill(1947)

depraved on all accounts... kinda sorta reminds me of /gilda/ in terms of couple dynamics but much more desperate and selfish. that or catherine and heathcliff

Tora! Tora! Tora!

one giant reenactment of days leading up to pearl harbor. i spent most of my time looking for joseph cotten. "is that him? no... not unless he got his face reconstructed."

The Winston Affair (Man in the Middle)

insanity defense for murder in a military courtroom

The Westerner

coop ain't so bad... a little history lesson about texas too

The Racket
The Racket(1951)

already forgot the story...

The Road
The Road(2009)

as expected... at least now i know the ending to the book i didn't finish

The Champ
The Champ(1931)

another (good) kid raises parent flick that induces tears

Crazy Heart
Crazy Heart(2009)

i do that sometimes... walk around with my belt undone. jeff bridges has come a long way and watching him pour his guts into the toilet just makes me more fond of him

In Cold Blood

great style (music by quincy jones), strong acting and time manipulated editing that well suits the story

Emperor of the North Pole (Emperor of the North)

"Stay off the tracks. Forget it. Its a bum's world for a bum. You'll never be Emperor of the North Pole, kid. You had the juice, kid, but not the heart and they go together. You're all gas and no feel, and nobody can teach you that, not even A-No.1. So stay off the train, she'll throw you under for sure. Remember me for that. So long, kid."

Between the Folds

the oneness of science and art, also hinting at secrets of the universe

The Devil's Brigade

comfort movie... one of holden's more badass roles

Tokyo Joe
Tokyo Joe(1949)

poor man's casablanca but in tokyo

Sergeant York

righteous, religious and patriotic... eh

To Hell and Back

audie murphy is playing himself so you believe it

Cross of Iron

coburn is about the only man that can make me root for the nazis

Aerial Gunner

more about the role of an aerial gunner and the training that is required to become one than a compelling story

Captains Courageous

yeah, not spencer tracy's best, though he won an oscar for this role. his character is easy to like, but his broken english and the 'leetle feesh' bit seems very... acted

Tender Mercies

maybe i'm not enough of a country music fan to fully appreciate this movie, but i was surprised when the credits started rolling to indicate that i had somehow made it through the entire thing... prolly cuz i was multi-tasking and too lazy to shut it off.


this is lame in that all of the 'tragic' events can be attributed to some dumb boy trying on a confederate soldier's hat he found in the river and then NOT TAKING IT OFF even as he gets dragged into war by accident. his wearing the hat costs three family members' lives (including the implied brutal rape of a new mom) and his own good leg.

The Big Lift
The Big Lift(1950)

unique in its setting of post wwii occupied berlin. interesting psychological insight into german civilians' tactic for survival by leveraging the easily earned sympathy of allied soldiers

Bad Company
Bad Company(1972)

a revisionist western covering the coming-of-age of paltry outlaws

The Navigator

dunno, maybe i wasn't in the mood for it

Thunder Road
Thunder Road(1958)

i like it for what it is, a simple, unassuming look at this trend as a part of history. mitchum co-wrote not only the story but the theme song and is rumored to have directed much of it himself. what can i say, i like the guy. seeing him interact with his real son is a gas too; their resemblance is uncanny. plus the hot rods, let's not forget those

Clash of the Titans

was i supposed to've viewed this in 3D?

Clash by Night

this is my 2nd time watching it. kinda got bored in the middle of it. robert ryan's chinese imitation left me speechless. seen him in 3 movies now where he plays the racist

Midnight Cowboy

voight is memorable, story is somewhat of a predecessor to /my own private idaho/ in that there are two hustler friends, one of them with a 'condition' though apparently mopi is based on shakespeare's henry iv parts 1&2 and henry v

Stella Dallas

this movie clinched my admiration for stanwyck, she's one of a kind and her performance in this moved me greatly, i.e., i'm a wreck with uncontrollable tears

Cool Hand Luke

at first i loved it, then after a few more viewings just thought it was okay. the most recent viewing

The Sting
The Sting(1973)

i totally forgot about the ending and found myself going, "oh yeah, clever" when it came time so i guess that means it's good

I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang

kind of a disappointment. there is something missing, perhaps the poignancy you'd expect considering the heavy topic at hand. /cool hand luke/ probably does better to provoke empathy, disgust and even hope at times despite its balls-out cynical sensibility. this movie falls rather flat

Hell in the Pacific

i couldn't finish this movie the first time i saw it, but i was an idiot then. you can't ask for more than marvin & mifune together on a deserted island... it's a quiet movie and would be great on the big screen as an immersive experience

Sands of Iwo Jima

it's not a good sign when the historical footages mixed in with the drama (awkwardly, no less) seem more interesting to the extent that when the movie cuts back to action on the set you wish you could just see more historical footages

Peeping Tom
Peeping Tom(1960)

way better than expected. karlheinz böhm does not need to do much to seem creepy, however as the movie progresses and you learn more about him, your feelings shift. the psychology revealed is rather sad, and yes he's a killer, but there are qualities about him that are innocent and more beautiful than most

White Heat
White Heat(1949)

cagney's like... psycho, oedipal style

The War Wagon

wayne and douglas pair up again in this western caper flick involving gold dust, nitroglycerin and an armored wagon that's more like a tank

Crime Wave
Crime Wave(1954)

it's a noir, yes, but not outstanding. it's the standard ol' plot of a former bad guy who's gone clean but gets dragged back into trouble against his will. sterling hayden is the cop on his tail

The Road (La Strada)

masina reminds me of my mom, with those big eyes and artichoke head. much love

Zorba the Greek

anthony quinn has nice lashes... just sayin'

Paper Moon
Paper Moon(1973)

their roles fit them like a glove... the movie is great, most likely due to the realism of their dynamic. unfortunately in real life there's more at the end of that long stretch of road

The Killers
The Killers(1946)

kitty's not as bad as i remember... young burt lancaster is quite yummy, but unfortunately also a chump in this. the way he treated his gf at the party, he had it coming

The Battle of Algiers (La Battaglia di Algeri)

when you have to use military force to stay in a country where you are not wanted... maybe you should leave. it's always a losing battle fighting against those who are seeking their freedom.

The Last Detail

hilarious and realistic at the same time... nicholson delivers

The Naked City

the plot itself is unimpressive as a noir. the best character in the movie is new york itself; everyone else is forgettable

Objective, Burma!

quality leadership through an arduous trial full of uncertainty

Ballad of a Soldier

it's wonderful to get a russian take on the war, especially since the perspective is of someone young, simple and good at heart

Meet John Doe

i've never seen gary cooper be so likable... i don't blame him because stanwyck, his love interest, is absolutely adorable in this as a spunky, wide-eyed idealist. both of them did quite well to make me leak a few tears in the end

Stalag 17
Stalag 17(1953)

the first time i saw this i thought the characters were more caricatures than anything else (in that yuk yuk kind of way) apart from holden in the main role. it was just taken too far, i thought, and i was too distracted by them to really appreciate holden whose badassery really overcomes any far fetched retardations. it makes me want to watch /the bridge on the river kwai/ again because he plays a similar cynical role.

ps. look for peter graves. i totally missed him the first few times

Love Is a Many Splendored Thing

you kinda get sick of the theme song, which effectively brings out the melodramatic, soapy aspects of this wartime romance

Destination Gobi

ha ha ha ha ha... is how it ends

I Wake Up Screaming

slow and boring w/ a cheeseball unlikely ending

Heartbreak Ridge

clint eastwood is pretty much the same character he was in /grand torino/ except about 20 years younger and still in the marines training a bunch of 80s wayfarer fags into hardcore recon fighters

WWII: The Lost Color Archives

footages are chronologically organized. /the color of war/ is better, organized by theme. i recommend that over this

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

good pace and unfolding of clues & events. well constructed, it kept me engaged. got cheesy towards the end, however

Scarlet Street

pretty tragic, though at some point i blame edward g. robinson's character for being conned so easily. dan duryea is convincingly despicable and the tell-tale heart ending is creepy alright

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(1957)

less sentimental than the remake, which is a good thing

The Ladykillers

alec guinness with buck teeth... and then there were none

The Strange Love of Martha Ivers

the ending may be extreme, but it actually makes sense.

MacKenna's Gold

despite the fortified cast that includes gregory peck, omar sharif, telly savalas and eli wallach, it's mediocre in all aspects

A State of Mind

as a korean i recognize the commonality of all koreans while also seeing the drastic differences that have resulted from the two different forms of government. i recommend watching /planet b-boy/ which seems to me a direct counterpart to this documentary. the two documentaries compared aptly illustrate how the passage of time following the korean war has put the two sides on vastly dichotomous paths both culturally and economically

In a Lonely Place

someone needs lessons in anger management...

For All Mankind

h: considering the subject, less engagement than expected

w: I watched this recently too, and I have to agree with you.

h: the main problem is the lack of editing. i've seen other real-footage docs that do a much better job of stitching together pieces to create a compelling narrative. this one has too much fat, maybe due to the director's own interests; he couldn't bring himself to trim them away

In Which We Serve

the british are so weird when it comes to panicky situations... cheerio! shall we have a cup of tea now?

Das Boot
Das Boot(1981)

gruesome all around... with /the wages of fear/ ending

Green Zone
Green Zone(2010)

hey look! it's jason bourne in iraq

The Atomic Cafe

ok doc on cold war and atomic paranoia

Run Silent, Run Deep

gable seems selfish and obnoxious in this, just sayin'

Fixed Bayonets!

like other samuel fuller war flicks... weak

The Dark Corner

not bad but predictable. mark stevens is pretty cute, though i like his character in /the street with no name/ more. his cockiness suit him as a rookie agent. in this he's trying to be a little too grown up and comes off like a kid wearing his dad's suit

Empires of Industry - War Planes of World War II

it's just okay. doesn't cover much, i think there's a 4+ hour documentary with the same title that might offer a more in-depth look. this is just an episode of the series 'empires of industry'

Foreign Correspondent

eh... not very suspenseful nor engaging. dumb ending too

The Street with No Name

widmark is so much more compelling as a villain. all of the little nuances conveying neurosis/paranoia add to his character

Panic in the Streets

not really panic... but you do get to see walter (jack) palance be a jackass

The Twilight Samurai (Tasogare Seibei)

it's an average 'good story' that i enjoyed watching but will forget about eventually due to low impact

Remember Me
Remember Me(2010)

bought this movie by accident on itunes... good thing i got a refund. what a waste of HD

Life and Death in The War Zone

yeah... we shouldn't be there. saving lives is great and all, but maybe it's better not to drop bombs on them in the first place.


the only thing this movie has going for it is joseph cotten in color... and even he fails to impress. marilyn is in her cliché sexpot role which does not do her justice and casey adams is plain ridiculous.

The Bridge at Remagen

watched it again hoping for improvement... yes, but slight

Color of War
Color of War(2005)

real footages and voice over narration of written letters describing battle and other experiences. well stitched together.

Our Hospitality

the waterfall swing is amazing... as are so many of his other stunts. he pushes it hard


better than expected despite the abundance of fog machines on set. also better than /back to bataan/ with john wayne and anthony quinn, which has the advantages of their star presence in addition to a larger budget and more realistic environments. with its relative simplicity and limited setting, it manages to cram a lot in in terms of interpersonal nuances and character development.


i wanted to punch that yeller belly stinker in the face, that captain cooney with no regard for others' lives. paralyzed by fear... not into those types especially when their safety is maintained by the sacrifice of others based on their 'superior' judgment and orders.

ps. jack palance has well-defined cheekbones, damn

pps. cooney is a fucker, i'd have kicked his teeth in myself

The Steel Helmet

reasons why i can't give this flick a higher rating:

1. the 'koreans' in this are not korean actors so when they speak korean, it just sounds really awkward. you would think you could just overlook this as a korean-speaking korean but it detracts from the credibility of the characters and the movie itself seems less intelligent somehow.

2. the korean boy who sings the korean national anthem--that is not the korean national anthem. not sure what that's supposed to signify, intended or not.

3. these things aside, the outdoor sets were rather clumsily made, complete with fog machines. in 1951 you should've been able to come up with a more believable battle environment as a backdrop.

4. one of the best war films ever made? i don't think so. the plot was pretty weak and although it was not a total waste of time, it certainly isn't something i'll remember longterm.

Sergeant Rutledge

it's how you wish the trial in /to kill a mockingbird/ would've went. woody strode baby

Monkey Business

the cover is misleading, considering marilyn only plays a bit part. it's mostly cary grant and ginger rogers. it's okay. cary grant does another cartwheel.

Wild River
Wild River(1960)

post-accident monty & lee remick... somehow makes sense

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

maybe i saw it too many times.

Broken Arrow
Broken Arrow(1950)

despite the white actors and their brown-painted faces (think charlton heston as a mexican), it still fares better than /dances with wolves/ which amounts to no more than 'not interested' in mine eyes... basically the same story


despite the ridiculous premise the carry through is engaging

Twelve O'Clock High

leadership is hard... especially when you know you're leading your men into death traps

Jeremiah Johnson

got about a quarter through this languor.

State of the Union

i love spencer tracy, but the platitudes...

Shutter Island

what can i say, i appreciate a good mental case.

The Heiress
The Heiress(1950)

oh hell yeah, i approve of the ending. good job catherine.

Some Came Running

if she's a pig then i am too.

Shadow of a Doubt

i wish i liked this more considering it has joseph cotten as the villain but apart from his dinner table tirade about fat rich women the story was a bit slow and bland.

The Desert Rats

woah, richard burton actually passed on the eyeliner this time. good call, fella.

Stopover Tokyo

wagner can be such a cheeseball.

D-Day: The Total Story

rating based largely on subject matter

Modern Marvels - Battle Gear

rating based largely on subject matter

The Man Who Knew Too Much

i've seen this more times than i'd care to admit only because after a short while i forget all about it.

Strangers on a Train

immature. color is an asset for hitchcock and this is noticeably subpar.

William Eggleston in the Real World

the doc itself is not that great but eggleston is.

The Mountain
The Mountain(1956)

this is off the back of the dvd and i agree wholeheartedly:

Tracy spent 20 years at MGM and this was his first film outside that studio's aegis. It was a mistake. Wagner is Tracy's younger brother (Tracy was 30 years older than Wagner when the picture was made and looked it) and a rotten kid. It was filmed in the French Alps and in the studio. The faked climbing scenes are awful, the real ones are terrific. They just do not match very well and the result of 'The Mountain' is a molehill.

horrible. just horrible.

Wanted Dead or Alive - The Best Of

watching this entire series from start to finish changed me. it now marks a certain period in my life.

The Blue Max
The Blue Max(1966)

george peppard is already hard to like but now he's german and arrogant, shooting down allied planes? i quit watching after i realized i wasn't rooting for him at all as the main protagonist, but hoping he'd get shot down and explode in a fiery death. he was in the middle of stubbornly searching for the remains of 'a kill' to mark on the scoreboard by his name (cuz it's all a game you know) when i abandoned ship. honestly george, you should just go back to searching for audrey hepburn in the rain and stop shooting down the good guys.

The Sundowners

this is a model marriage at work, how all of them oughta be. mitchum & kerr have a great laid-back chemistry together (also seen in 'heaven knows, mr. allison'). loved the sheeps, not to mention the sheepdogs

Requiem for a Heavyweight

what a great role for anthony quinn. seeing all the busted up mugs at the bar watching his fight with cassius clay for the opening shot while he's getting beaten to a pulp... then the horror of seeing his own face in a mirror post-match. you just want to hug him. washed up old boxers have a special place in my heart

The Thin Red Line

wrong generation of actors with their sensitive post-war existentialism, 'deep thoughts' are annoying as hell. just off in this sense and unfinishable

Command Decision

less action on the battlefield, more pushing around pieces on the table map which makes sense considering the title

Letters from Iwo Jima

clint, i expected more from you. it's nice that you try to give the japanese point of view during the battle of iwo jima and show us some grisly group suicides (take the pin out of a grenade and crack it on your helmet for a fun time, meat flying everywhere) but it fails to be poignant like you'd hope with all that sacrifice and display of extreme human behavior

The Young Lions

marlon brando with bleached blond hair and a german accent surprisingly avoids being ridiculous, montgomery clift post-accident, visibly worn out from pills and alcohol... it was only five years ago that he was in 'from here to eternity' wearing he same uniform, looking fresh and ready for action. poor guy. he gets beat up in this too. i think he really does like to fight, like his character says. [marilyn later described him as 'the only person i know who is in worse shape than i am' as she was spiraling out herself during the filming of 'the misfits.'] dean martin is basically dean martin, a singer who does his best to avoid danger while his buddies are sent to the front lines... not a bad movie, but maybe too long

Behold a Pale Horse

despite having gregory peck and anthony quinn... totally predictable, cliche and unworthy of the two hours. i was hoping it would get better the entire time. it didn't.

The Hindenburg

if it weren't for george c. scott i would've only made it half-way.

Kelly's Heroes

not realistic but not that funny either

The African Queen

look for a valuable lesson. it's in there somewhere.

Decision Before Dawn

unusual point of view with a german p.o.w. who ends up spying for the allies with a strong conviction and a clear sense of purpose elusive to most allied soldiers


it started out good... but the artsy shots eventually became repetitive and tiresome, including the clumsy sexual innuendos

1968 Tunnel Rats

this situation is anyone's worst nightmare. gory and no chance for character identification at all. i'll admit i watched most of this movie via peripheral vision because it was just too much to take.


you can forget heston's NRA schticks for the duration because he is the good guy, the hero, therefore easily likable

Hamburger Hill

i just can't get into the vietnam war like i can wwii. maybe cuz we shouldn't have been there in the first place. there is no poetry, only madness... and jungle warfare is a bitch.

Umberto D
Umberto D(1955)

don't watch this if you're sad or you'll start looking for trains too

Beneath the 12-Mile Reef

wagner wears a ridiculous curly-haired wig in this (he's italian, guys) but you forgive him cuz he's got such a nice smile

The Bridges at Toko-Ri

oh william, why are you such a wuss in this? take off your bright yellow life vest immediately upon crash landing or you'll be prime target for the enemy, don't you know?

Destination Tokyo

watch out for major blocks of cheese

I Confess
I Confess(1952)

rather hard to believe montgomery clift is a priest but that overlooked, it's pretty good. he still broods so the universe is still in order

Night People
Night People(1954)

a different side of gregory peck, saltier

The Enemy Below

the two captains just need to get a room together

The Wages of Fear

the ending is a bit... (c'est la vie) but magnificent as a whole


you get to see buster's well-toned body cuz he wears gym outfits. swoon~

On the Waterfront

i wish brando didn't wear so much eyeliner. i get that he's a washed out boxer with permanent facial damage, but really now... he wears it in other movies too

The Professionals

i own this movie. that says enough.

Heaven Knows Mr. Allison

i wouldn't mind being the nun in this movie (played by deborah kerr) but unlike her, i'd convert

Only Angels Have Wings

jean arthur is adorable in this, and cary grant charming as usual

Ice Station Zebra

the foam rock sets and fake snow are less of an eyesore with an engaging plot and decent acting

The Frogmen
The Frogmen(1951)

you learn so much about the UDT. the observable details are great.

The Big Red One

not the best of its kind but lee marvin with a bunch of flowers on his helmet is enough compensation for the time investment

The Hunters
The Hunters(1958)

wagner kills. the last star is basically for him.

The Set-Up
The Set-Up(1949)

robert ryan was really a boxer in college and held the heavyweight title for all four years... so the fights are believable


slow and lyrical, interesting mashup using real historical footages

The Unforgiven

the ending is uncomfortable to watch because it is so wrong yet audrey hepburn is undeniably white so in a way it makes sense


kinda odd seeing bogie stick his neck out so far for his country, but it suits him in this flick

The Story of G.I. Joe

there is a very cute puppy in this

Dogfights: The Greatest Air Battles

you can smell the testosterone... and it smells good

Death Hunt
Death Hunt(1981)

marvin-bronson love affair

Angel Face
Angel Face(1952)

proper noir... hot damn

Fat City
Fat City(1972)

subtle and unassuming, "a sorely overlooked masterpiece" by john huston. kris kristofferson soundtrack to boot.