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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
The Artist

The Artist(2011)

Someone explain to me how a black and white silent picture wins the "Best Picture" award, along with a few other awards. I mean ok fine let's look at the list shall we, The Descendants, wouldn't go see if it was free. Extremely loud and incredibly close, maybe. The help, ok a comedy not bad I'd see it. Hugo, hell why not Martin Scorsese directed it. Midnight in paris, no. Moneyball, ehh maybe. The tree of life, no. War horse, no. And out of all these movies, a group of no sense of humor, stick up the ass, persons, decided to pick this, this black and white silent picture as the best thing out there? I mean come on Hugo sounded like it had a better chance, hell I would had even put money down on the help. I'm not bashing the actors or actresses of this film, how could I? You have people like John Goodman, and James Cromwell. What I bash is the incompetence of the people judging these films. The fact that a silent black and white film won the best picture award in 2011 is down right stupid. Granted, not like there was much out there, but a movie with no talking was better than a movie with...I will not be surprised if the Dark Knight Rises doesn't get nominated for any awards, those people wouldn't know a good movie if it leaped from the pages of a script and bit them in the ass.