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Arrival (2016)
27 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Anchored by a thoroughly solid yet subdued performance by Amy Adams, this is thoughtful and intellectually fascinating science fiction. Dives deep into the nuances of language, communication and even time and the choices we make. The attempts to pull at the heart don't resonate as strongly as other aspects of the story, but never to the detriment of the film. Not the most crowd-pleasing of films, but an intriguing one with a lot to say (especially in the current political climate)

The Invitation
39 days ago via Movies on Android phone

Solid suspense drama. An estranged couple (and their friends) reunite years after a tragic event left them broken. Daftly walks the line of "is there something rotten afoot or is it just grief and unwarrented suspicion?" and it works so well that either outcome would be cathartic and satisfactory (and no im not saying which way it goes). A little bit of a slow burn but always intriguing.

Push (2009)
3 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Great cast trapped in a bunch of stylish, non-sensical bullshit.

Sausage Party
Sausage Party (2016)
3 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Very funny, if occassionally plodding and relies a little too much on ethnic-stereotype humor. And yet, there is some seriously heavy stuff going on here regarding the nature of existance (and the faith/skepticism divide), but never at the expense of some sophomoric but oh-so-hilarious humor. And it acconplishes what any good comedy will do, leaves you laughing your ass off at the end.

Wild (2014)
4 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Buoyed but i strong performance by Witherspoon (not quite up to the standards as Tracey Flick in Election) this small, quiet film is an affecting portrait of a damaged soul working through personal issues. A little pretentious (kind of a stereotypical Oscar grab role) but nevertheless, it works.