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Shadow of Doubt
1 day ago via Movies on iPhone

Melanie is the ONLY reason to see this! She's laughingly bad and a real joy to watch as she tries to piece together evidence for the murder trial!

The World of Apu
2 days ago via Movies on iPhone

In this final chapter you get to see trick camera shots that go back and forth to show the emotion of how Apu is feeling. The setting and feel of this movie is more independent since you feel Apu's (Soumitra) loneliness and struggles financially. Thr final chapter was very well done!

Pather Panchali
2 days ago via Movies on iPhone

such an amazing movie! Filled with tragedy and hope. The characters are brought together beautifully.

Aparajito (1956)
3 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Such a tragic, yet very realistic look into the world of Apu's family and his walk into the academic world!

King Cobra
King Cobra (2016)
4 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This movie is well done enough where it shadows the porn industry in a way that is accurate and lets the outsider view it with curiosity. Go Brent!