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Clash of the Titans

Really entertaining.

I really appreciated the humanist ethic that was evident throughout the movie.

Public Enemies

Stylish friom start to finish. Dragged in a few places, but well worth the watch.

I thought Babyface Nelson's death scene was one of the best death scenes I've seen in awhile.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

One of the funnest movies I've seen in a while though the last 5 minutes drove me nuts with it's giddy excitement and admonition to ignore your brain when it matters most.

Terminator 2: Judgment Day

Had some cool things, had some weird things. I liked how they took the events of the first one and ran with it, but there were lots of inconsistencies.

Terminator Salvation

Ok, in each area, this movie either excelled or bombed.

On the plus side, the atmosphere was perfect. The harsh white sunlight on the grimy, post-apocalyptic wasteland conveyed the idea of a hopeful future despite the circumstances. The acting was decent: Bale, Worthington, and Yelchin were very convincing in their roles and came across great. The Arnold cameo was cool and not too over done.
The action was brilliant. Can't ask for much better than cool ass machines like those battling humans across a scorched world.

On the downside, I could have sailed a goddamned aircraft carrier through the plot holes.

*Spoiler Alert*

Everyone acted illogically almost all the time. Blair (who was a pointless character only there for the boob factor) acted like a freaking teenager instead of battle-hardened post apocalyptic warrior when dealing with Marcus, Conner was paranoid and delusional (though in a way, that had an appeal), Skynet seemed to build it's inner workings to accommodate humans rather than it's machine self, and made many bizarre mistakes as well. Even the humanoid aspect of the terminators was something you'd think they'd do in 50's film, not now. I mean, specialized terminators who impersonate humans is one thing, but Skynet seemed to be grossly anthropomorphized.

Am I the only one who wondered why Skynet, after all this long term planning and brilliance managed to only throw ONE terminator at Connor and Marcus at the end??

The scene between Blair and Marcus after he saved her from the thugs was retarded.
'I'm a bad man.'
'No, you just don't know you're good.'
*sexual tension*
Please. I facepalmed through that entire part.

Also, Marcus giving his heart at the end was weird too. Firstly, wat? Secondly, How the hell can post-apocalyptic survivors to do double open heart surgery and organ transplantation in the field like that. It was just bizarre.

Also, what the hell is up with the whole, 'He's part machine, so he's definitely a tool of evil' thing? Having a badass over 9000 pacemaker doesn't make you a sub-human. He removed the control chip, so give the dude a break.

Worth the watch, but only for the action and atmosphere, not the plot.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Prolly the best of the movies so far, which doesn't surprise me, as the 6th book was one of the best books of the series.

The rating was kept absurdly low for the contents of the books. This should have been at least a PG13 movie with more appropriately intense scenes.

I thought they did better in this one about not unneccesarily modifying the book. There were still a few parts, but not as changed as the 4th movie was.

How to Lose Friends & Alienate People

Decent comedy. Pretty stereotypical jokes, didn't break any new ground, but worth watching.

Megan Fox was quite hot.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

Excellent. I absolutely love the dark Victorian, yet modern setting. It's reminiscent of the World of Darkness RPG and many things done by Tim Burton. The story had dark enough thematic elements that it could be taken seriously, while still keeping a whimsical air of childhood wonder, neither sinking into melancholia or skipping off into irrelevance.

I was told that my opinion of the film wouldn't be as high if I had read the books first (but isn't that true of every film based on a book? (Narnia being the notable exception)). Judging the film on its own merits, I was thoroughly entertained.


Funny how much can be communicated with so little dialog.



I haven't been this entertained by movie in a while. It was a touch formulaic, but very good none the less.


Imagine stitching together an undead monstrosity out of He-man, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Fear and loathing in Las Vegas, and Nickelodeon's Legends of the Hidden temple. Now do acid. Lots of acid. That's what this movie was like. A pure orgy of 'wat?'.

I don't even know what to say. You could have randomly rearranged the scenes in this movie and it wouldn't have damaged the 'plot' anymore than it was already damaged by the 'writers'.

I recommend it though. It's so bad that's worth watching. Seriously. You have to work hard and study to produce this much suck in one film. I mean, standard levels of incompetence couldn't produce this level of suck. This is a masterpiece, a veritable artifact of awful. You don't suck this hard by accident.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

I didn't think I would enjoy this movie at all, but I really did. The setting was absolutely gorgeous.

Pierce Brosnan's voice though. wtf.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Alright movie. Good for some laughs and there were a few unexpected twists.

The Machinist

Really gets into your head. I can't believe how weight Bale lost to play this part.


Very entertaining and definitely worth your time.

This movie brings up a lot of important ethical questions, and left me thinking hard about what I would do if placed in those situations.

Some great acting by Jackie Earle Haley as Rorschach. Dr. Manhattan was condescending and showed waaaay too much blue cawk. Malin Akerman was gorgeous as usual.

Interesting soundtrack. You'll either love it or hate it, as they don't use the kind of song you'd expect to set the mood.

Definitely one to see in the theater.


If you take this as a hard-hitting documentary filled with devastating facts to crush the religious opposition, you'll come away disappointed. If you take it as a satire that is a starting point for debate and further study, then it's a nice piece of work.

I am an atheist myself, and I agree with Maher's points throughout (though he overreached and exaggerated in places), though there were a few jumps in logic that weren't justified. Most notably was the way he went from silly satire to the very sober pronouncement that we must end religion before it ends us. While I generally agree, Maher failed to build a sufficient case to lead up to this. There places too where the research was a little sloppy, like where he stretched Horus' story a bit to make it fit Christ's more than it already does.

Again, see it as a satire and it's worth the time.


Passable. It has a few funny moments, but all-in-all, a fairly mediocre comedy.

Quantum of Solace

Daniel Craig is the best Bond ever. That's for sure. This movie, though, was a bit convoluted and hard to follow. It wasn't as good as Casino Royale in my opinion, but it's worth the watch just for the typical Bond staples: beautiful women, sweet guns, fast cars, and general asskickery.


Great movie. Langella and Sheen were both emotionally intense and really related the desperation that both Nixon and Frost must have felt to 'win' the contest between the two of them.

Role Models
Role Models(2008)

Absolutely hilarious! I laughed out loud on numerous occasions. Role models captures the spirit of great 80's comedy with unique characters, an interesting dilemma, and good dialogue.

I would recommend this to anyone.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

I enjoyed it. This movie turned out to be much sweeter than you would imagine a movie like this would be. The characters were believable, the dialog was very good, and the situations were oddly easy to relate to (though I doubt many people have been in those exact situations).

This movie is unique enough to warrant being seen, besides it's other merits as a solid romantic comedy.

As a side bonus to me, Monroeville (the setting) is right by Export, PA where I spent 3 months at a crazy little bible college, so it had some definite nostalgia value for me. :)

The Last King of Scotland

Intense movie. Really makes you aware of the things that have gone on in the world in the last few decades. Whitaker and McAvoy are both bursting with personality, and the pace of the movie is just right.

I would definitely recommend it.

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

Wasn't bad. Had a few unique ideas and wasn't too predictable.


I normally don't like horror movies, but this one was good. It was tense and genuinely scary, and (unlike the vast majority of horror movies) the characters acted realistically for the most part.

The beginning seemed long, but really helped to connect the viewer emotionally to the characters (especially Jennifer Carpenter).

Worth the price of admission.

Burn After Reading

Great. Took awhile to get started, but once it hit it's stride, the movie was a blast. The cast did an amazing job and oozed personality, and the plot wasn't too predictable.

The Boondock Saints

Amazing! Great humor, good action, enough drama, and a theme to dwell on for awhile. Definitely the best movie I've seen in more than a year.

I think the directing could have been better in places, but it's not distractingly bad, though I am curious how it would look if Tarrintino directed it.

Romeo + Juliet

Great movie. Some of the best cinematography I've ever seen. The dialog was done convincingly while staying true to the form of the original.

Downfall (Der Untergang)

Really good. It's always uncomfortably enlightening to see the enemy through their own eyes. These were human monsters, as much as we try to not let ourselves realize that. Dehumanizing enemies may help our emotions cope, but will not help us prevent future atrocities. Kudos to this film.


Very funny, and with a good point.

I came across this movie while discussing with my friend Sara about how people waste their whole lives doing what the establishment teaches them to do and wanting what the establishment tells them to want. She recommended it and it was spot on.

Who knows how close this could be to reality if people continue to refuse to question. Between religion, corporations, and other interest groups telling you what you are supposed to want, it's so easy to live your whole life doing nothing that you really, truly want.

The God Who Wasn't There

Ballsy and smart.

I'll admit that in a few places where passages that are obviously meant as illustrations are treated as though they were direct statements (for example, 'bring those men who did not want me to be king and kill them in front of me...') But all-in-all brilliant. The best part was the part dealing with the supposed uniqueness of Christianity. The Justin Martyr quotes were perfect.


This movie really opened my eyes. It's really interesting to see hecklers and critics approached from the view of the actual artists.

X2: X-Men United

Freakin sweet. One of the better movies I've seen. The part where Magneto uses the iron in that guy's blood was one of the most amazing scenes in a movie.


Awesome! Of course, I had six shots of Captain Morgan's Tattoo rum in me when I saw it, but still, Awesome!

The Sentinel
The Sentinel(2006)

Enjoyed it. I thought the cinematography was better than average, and at times had an almost graphic novel feel (which I wish they would have done more with).

The characters behaved logically which is rare in cinema today. I am so sick of characters who act gratuitously out of emotion, or simply refuse to explain themselves.

This was a decent thriller worth the price of the rental.

September Dawn

Decent movie. The dialogue was a bit stilted and many parts were predictable, but I liked it all in all.

Although ,the movie did (somewhat) misrepresent the modern Mormon church's take on the events, I have no problem with a movie calling out a religion for it's atrocities regardless of whether or not it's politically correct.

Get Smart
Get Smart(2008)

Loved it. Funny, reasonably exciting, a few turns I didn't quite expect, overall a good experience. Each of the major actors fit their roles well, especially a very funny Steve Carell and a very hot Anne Hathaway.
It's worth the price of a movie ticket.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

Loved it!

Each of the actors did an amazing job, especially Ms. Blanchett, with her high brow, untouchable, but still human Elizabeth.

The costumes and setting took my breath away. My only complaint is that I wish it could have been two movies, so as to fill out the storyline more.

The Brave One

Interesting. The moral of the story is a bit iffy though. While this character certainly ended up being just, most vigilantes end up killing innocents (or at least people who deserved a punishment less than death). While I unashamedly root for Foster's character to come out on top, I hope that no one thinks that vigilantism ends up this pretty most of the time.

The Recruit
The Recruit(2003)

Pretty entertaining, with lots of plot twists. Pacino, Farrell, and Moynahan all did great jobs acting.

The Promotion

Passably entertaining. Reminds me of why I hate the emptiness of management culture. Attempting to clone yourself from people pretending to be happy is pathetic.


Clever. Worth a rental, and Anne Hathaway is hot even if it's only her voice. The animation felt primitive.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2)

Interesting, but the morals of the story ranged from wrong to bizarre. Belief without proof is good? Leaving your partner for the sole reason that he faces uncomfortable facts?
I thought that Scully was retarded when she presumed to tell a priest that God would't hear his prayers because of his sins. I'm sorry? Are you forming opinions about God while ignoring religion? Take away religion, you take away God.

It was entertaining, but the movie made no sense whatsoever.


Badass! This is the first movie in awhile to pleasantly surprise me with a plot hook! I loved Smith's character and the direction the movie went.
Will Smith did the Anti-hero gig right.

Amazing Grace

Amazing movie. I admire Wilberforce, although it doesn't seem that he read his Bible which openly supports slavery (Ex. 21, Lev 25, Eph 6, Phil.). But theology, aside, it was an inspiring film.

Be Kind Rewind

Worth a rental. Was a bit over the top at times, but all-in-all I enjoyed it. I loved how the characters just went with their zany ideas, which usually ended up working out alright in the end anyway. I thought the inconclusiveness at the end was appropriate. I also think I may have sensed a little jab at the MPAA and RIAA information overlords, which I certainly appreciated.

Casino Royale

Lots of guns, beautiful women, explosions, badassery, and everything else I watch a Bond movie for. Loved the way Bond handled the poker game.


Very enjoyable. By the middle, I didn't even mind the nose.


A fun movie. The theme was cool and Kate Bosworth was hot. I would have rated the movie a star higher if the ending didn't suck so horribly though. This movie probably had the least satisfying ending of any movie I've seen in years.


A solid action flick. Lots of matrixy spacetime bendyness. I thought the ending was a bit weird and forced, but definitely worth the watch.

The Dark Knight

One of the best movies I've ever seen. Heath Ledger is absolutely amazing as the Joker, and will go down in cinematic history for the role. The movie was perfectly cast, well written, and was thoroughly entertaining.

The Happening

Worth seeing, and definitely unique. I thought the final conclusion was a bit off the mark (and I am a reasonably environmentally conscious person), but worthwhile.

The Namesake
The Namesake(2006)

Starts off slow and is a bit predictable, but, all in all, is worth the watch.


I was thoroughly entertained, but I would not say that it was a great movie. It was definitely the kind that is worth renting or seeing in the theater, but its not going to win any awards.

Charlie's Angels

The part with Drew Barrymore and the steering wheel was hot, but other than that, FAIL

Fahrenheit 9/11

informative but misleading at times. watch with caution and research before believing

There Will Be Blood



Great movie. Very witty, and had the same kitschy appeal as Napoleon Dynamite while being smarter. I would definitely recommend.

The Kingdom
The Kingdom(2007)

Very intense. I thought it handled religion very well, portraying both the good and the terribly bad and not sugar-coating it for an overly multicultural audience. Reminded me of CoD4 alot lol.

Stomp the Yard

Only so many movies can be made about aspiring young hiphop artists. Please, stop.

A Beautiful Mind

good, but over-rated

The Wizard of Oz

Highly over-rated, but then again, maybe if I would have seen it as a kid...

The Matrix Reloaded

I thought it was much better than most critics gave it credit for. Has some of the best fight scenes of any movie

Minority Report

One of those movies you get on DVD and watch every few months.


Watching this movie is like having to much caffeine in an awesome way


Over-rated. The movie was just weird. There a million better vampire stories out there, as the concepts made no sense, and people seemingly did impossible things in a very deus ex machina style. DO NOT WANT

Anger Management

More Sandler alternating between rage and overniceness.

Mr. Deeds
Mr. Deeds(2002)

Tired and cliched. Sandler can't seem to manage any emotion in his earlier movies than sheer rage, retardation, or obsequious niceness. Of course later movies of his greatly improve his range of emotion (most notably so far 50 first dates)

The Italian Job

One of those movies that's not great, but you just enjoy watching. The kind of movie you get on DVD and watch every couple of months.

Ocean's Twelve

Thought the critics were too rough on it. I really enjoyed it.

Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story

Very funny. Perfectly parodies the type of movie.


This movie was both veiny and triumphant. Very funny


Highly over-rated. Ratings artificially inflated by the adolescent desire to see Kate Winslet's boobs.

The Princess Bride

One of the all-time must see classics

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

Here's one that'll make you feel good about the world.

The Benchwarmers

Worth a rental. Nothing special


A very whimsical fantasy. More storybook style than serious fantasy


Lots of nostalgia factor.

National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Not as good as the first one, but worth renting.

National Treasure

Alot of fun. Reminded me of the Indiana Jones movies. Cage does well in this type of movie.


One of the few movies I've seen to actually have plot turns that I didn't see a mile away. Worth renting.

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

Standard romantic comedy. I thought the main character kind of got what she asked for. But as usual, you're a jerk if you point that out to your girlfriend or wife. :/

Pearl Harbor
Pearl Harbor(2001)

I was thinking I was going to see a movie about Pearl Harbor... I got a friggin soap opera instead.


Special effects are the real reason for this movie.

Notting Hill
Notting Hill(1999)

The movie didn't make the slightest bit of sense. It was as if someone dropped the script and reshuffled it. Especially Julia Roberts lines. I was like WTF almost every time she opened her mouth. Nonsequiters everywhere. The tall blond guy was funny though.

The Passion of the Christ

Kind of difficult to rate. It was good in a way, but not the way its key audience (Christians) thought it was. Of course, watching a person get tortured for an hour will evoke sympathy, that doesn't make Christianity true. But at the same time, Gibson was simulating the medieval passion play, so I appreciate the art there. See it once, but its hard to watch a second time

First Knight
First Knight(1995)

The costumes were horrible

Batman Begins

Finally redeemed the crappy batman movies of the 90s

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

Very weird movie. Have alcohol handy while watching.

Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within

Advent Children was better. This had a weird storyline, and relied on the fact its computer animated to bring in viewers. FAIL.

Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Finally a computer animated movie that is good on its own merits!

The Lost World - Jurassic Park

Other than Ian Malcolm's daughter who dropkicks a raptor (WTF?!) it was much better than the critics gave it credit for.

Jurassic Park III

The whole bit with the kid was total nonsense.


I don't even know how to rate this, I've never seen a movie that was so good and so bad at the same time. It's weird. You'll either love it or hate it.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

Watching it the second time is a completely different experience, as an important detail is revealed at the end that changes the meaning of almost every line of dialog.

Lake Placid
Lake Placid(1999)

Forgettable. The only reason anybody watched it was to hear Betty White cuss like that.


Better than it looks.

Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

No goatee on Robin Hood. Weird. Alan Rickman made an awesome Sheriff of Nottingham.

The Man in the Iron Mask

The focus in this movie is fairly different than in the DiCaprio version (1998). Enjoyed it tho.

The Man in the Iron Mask

Prolly the most underated movie of all time


Not as cutting edge as your teenager wants you to believe, but worth watching.

Trading Places

prolly my favorite comedy


One of my very favorites.

The Matrix Revolutions

Not as bad as the critics said, but the ending was disappointing.

The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

It was my favorite of the three books, and my favorite of the three movies. I thought that the places where they had to deviate from the book were well thought out (though I would have sat in the theater for 6 hours myself to watch a truly exhaustive version). One of my favorites.


Most well made movie ever. Every bit of the soundtrack is perfect, every line of dialog is important. Possibly my favorite movie of all time.

Kingdom of Heaven

Possibly my favorite movie of all time. It had great costumes, a great soundtrack, great acting, and an amazing theme.

Lady in the Water

Thought it was just weird. I don't mind suspending my disbelief for a little while, but this was beyond straining credulity. In real life those people would/should have called the police.