MartyDilzybhoy's Rating of Limitless

Marty's Review of Limitless

6 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Excellent S/F, suspense, fantasy thriller. Definitely want to see it again. There were enough twists and turns in there to keep any football/soccer full back in the world going round in circles trying to bite their own tail. Bradley Cooper just about pulls it off well enough but I can't help thinking that a hell of a lot of the credit must go to Mr Burger for his direction. All the actors in this played their parts well and yet it was the lead role that was probably the weakest link. Having said that, I think it was down to poor casting because as I say, he pulled it off well enough. Maybe they didn't want to have a super charismatic lead actor in their in the first place but rather make him grow like that to give the plot more realism. You don't want to give some young Robert de Niro or a young Pacino or any of the usual suspects the lead role or what could NZT do to make any of them anything more special. No. I reckon it was done just right and I hope all involved get the plaudits they deserve, including Bradley Cooper :)