MartyDilzybhoy's Rating of Argo

Marty's Review of Argo

4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


Excellent movie with all the attributes I like in geopolitical spy thrillers. The fact that it's based on fact makes it even better. I'm as critical of American foreign policy as the next person but I have to say that the criticism of this movie being pro American propaganda is way off the mark. The movie accurately showed that the Shah's Iran was ripe for revolution and that revolution was inevitable if not warranted. It also showed accurately that the revolution turned ugly and that the religious fanaticism shown by the newly installed regime may have been populist but was hardly worthy of the popular support it at first received.

Aside from that the story was basically factual and poetic license was only used for entertainment, suspense and excitement. It certainly wasn't used to show America in any great light nor did it show Iran in an unfairly poor light.

In it's own right the tale was a good yarn and this film told it well. The acting was faultless, the direction spot on and the dark humour just about right.