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Excellent movie with all the attributes I like in geopolitical spy thrillers. The fact that it's based on fact makes it even better. I'm as critical of American foreign policy as the next person but I have to say that the criticism of this movie being pro American propaganda is way off the mark. The movie accurately showed that the Shah's Iran was ripe for revolution and that revolution was inevitable if not warranted. It also showed accurately that the revolution turned ugly and that the religious fanaticism shown by the newly installed regime may have been populist but was hardly worthy of the popular support it at first received.

Aside from that the story was basically factual and poetic license was only used for entertainment, suspense and excitement. It certainly wasn't used to show America in any great light nor did it show Iran in an unfairly poor light.

In it's own right the tale was a good yarn and this film told it well. The acting was faultless, the direction spot on and the dark humour just about right.


I was left wondering who the real victims were, if any? We should all know that online friends that we have never met in real life cant really be judged because you are never going to see the whole. You only ever see what they want to put out there and even that, in most cases, cant be verified without knowing the person in real life. Not for sure at any rate. So Nev was right in feeling uncomfortable doing this knowing he himself, along with his brother and Henry Joost, were perpetrating a ruse for their own nefarious ends. It was they who were doing the cyber stalking more than Angela. She was merely living a harmless Walter Mitty life online. I don't think anyone came out of this smelling of roses. But at least Angela's deception was harmless and certainly not fraudulent like the Schulman Bros.

The Possession of David O'Reilly

How can I put it without sounding pretentious? Pure jobbies. In fact, I've had more enjoyment squeezing out a jobby that resists every attempt to be expelled from my anus than from watching this drivel.

Men in Black III

I was actually pleasantly surprised by this 3rd instalment. I thought it had ran it's course. But this was funny and had some good moments. No classic by any manner of means and neither were it's preprocessors but still, it was worth watching and in an era short of quality in comedy/sci-fi/horror or whatever this genre is, this does stand out as a good action packed, gag filled family movie.

Of course much better has been done this year and much better will still be done. I don't anticipate any awards for this effort in any category. But it still stands as a good movie if not to go and watch then at least rent out... Unless of course you hated MIB 1 and 2.

The Pact
The Pact(2012)

Disappointing when considering the concept. It could have been much better. I often judge a horror or suspense movie by whether or not the musical score, or in this case, sounds, are really necessary to make the film chilling or dramatic edge of seat stuff. In this case, it appears to me that without the sound there would be nothing, zilch, nada. Still, it helped kill an hour and a half after going to see my mum. The Docudrama from Discovery, "Haunting in Connecticut" was much better by miles and for far less production costs most probably. I can't fault the acting. It's just that it could and should have been so much better. Nicholas McCarthy wants to take up some other career if this is anything to go by. If he had got some other person in to direct his story, then it might have been a much more worthwhile experience.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

Slapstick usually not my cup of tea but this one's got enough wit in it to make me laugh out load occasionally. It's not many comedies can do that to me. It's a bit slow but it manages, just, to keep me smiling for long enough to recommend it. It ain't great, but it has it's moments.

In the Name of the Father

Absolute must see for anyone who hasn't seen it already and who is interested in the long list of British injustices. Obviously, there is some poetic license bee used but the the general drift of the story is factual, even right down to some of the seemingly minor, at first glance, details.

It has everything a good yarn should have. In fact, it's hard to believe the British Government were committing these human rights abuses and downright racist policies directed at the Irish and their descendants long before the Bush family and the oil conglomerates got together to commit even worse atrocities against Muslims. With the full backing of Blair and the Labour party, including logistical support as well as joining in with making up the fibs to go to war and helping out with torturing British Muslims. But it's true. They did and Anti-Irish Racism is still institutionalised in North Britland. It's prevalent in the media and throughout society. One has only to google "Asda celtic boys club Motherwell" to see an example of it in action.

That aside, as I said it is in and of itself a great yarn with everything - Thriller/Suspense/Tearjerker/Courtroom drama - that you would expect from a well made Hollywood blockbuster. If your Irish or have Irish connections and it doesn't raise passionate emotions in you, then there is something wrong with you. If you have no Irish connections whatsoever, it should raise the same emotions in you. Just remember that this happened and was only a small snapshot of what the British Government got up to in their dirty war with Ireland and the Irish.

Also, spare a thought for those in the world that suffer inhuman treatment at the hands of US and Brit backed right wing dictatorships that puts what we had to put up with in into the shade. I speak of rogue states like Israel, Syria, Egypt before the Arab Spring, countless countries in Africa and US backed right wing traitorous Governments in South America. We at least have the rule of law, such as it is, where we can achieve some kind of Justice, whether it be in the European Courts of Human rights. We can also march to highlight past injustices to achieve some kind of closure for the families of the victims of British brutality. It takes the British government 40 plus years to listen, a cynical ploy so that those responsible can avoid prosecution. The problem is that the orders came from Downing Street and if Army and Police commanders are prosecuted, it would come out that Ted Heath ordered the massacres in Ballymurphy and Derry. Both Massacres were carried out by the same Parachute Regiment.

The Lincoln Lawyer

Loved it. I'm biased though, I'm a sucker for courtroom/ legal/ drama/thrillers but I just wish they would quit with the love angles. Luckily this one doesn't have any of that corny shite. Or at least not much of it to ruin it. I love they way they've used the old clichéd Lawyer defends rich kid who's probably guilty and then has to find a way to walk the tightrope and do the right thing, which of course he does in the end. Or does he? I'll leave that up to the viewer.

I like all the Grisham adaptations, and courtroom dramas, so it wasn't such a leap for my to like this one. But I'd say this was one of the better one's. Anyway, I liked it. It had the drama, suspense, intrigue etc. we all expect from this genre, in bucketloads. In my humble, it's well worth watching.

Sucker Punch
Sucker Punch(2011)

I couldn't possibly give this a proper review other than repeat the synopsis from Warner Brothers and add that it is not named Sucker Punch without good reason. TBH after reading some of the comments about this film before watching it I was worried I was going to be watching some deep action thriller without the action or thrills or a Mystery & Suspense with only the mystery. People were clearly not getting it. But without chucking in a spoiler, all is explained at the end and if you don't get it then... Well there's little hope for you.
I thought it was brilliantly played out with the idea that in your own mind and your own imagination, everything is possible and in fact reality itself is sometimes given too much respect for our own good.
I can see why some folk wouldn't like it but I thought that it played out the potentially difficult parts just right and left us with a good moral to the story. I'll let you work out what that was for yourself because like most good stories, it will be different for some people than my experience.


Excellent S/F, suspense, fantasy thriller. Definitely want to see it again. There were enough twists and turns in there to keep any football/soccer full back in the world going round in circles trying to bite their own tail. Bradley Cooper just about pulls it off well enough but I can't help thinking that a hell of a lot of the credit must go to Mr Burger for his direction. All the actors in this played their parts well and yet it was the lead role that was probably the weakest link. Having said that, I think it was down to poor casting because as I say, he pulled it off well enough. Maybe they didn't want to have a super charismatic lead actor in their in the first place but rather make him grow like that to give the plot more realism. You don't want to give some young Robert de Niro or a young Pacino or any of the usual suspects the lead role or what could NZT do to make any of them anything more special. No. I reckon it was done just right and I hope all involved get the plaudits they deserve, including Bradley Cooper :)

The Mechanic
The Mechanic(2011)

Jason Stratham and Ben Foster turn in enjoyable performances, but this is no "superficial" remake and has no "mind-numbing and action thriller cliches" There's been that that many action thrillers that it would now be impossible not to spot one or two cliches in any new one out. Remake or not. In this one I never noticed any that jumped out at me. So if the cliches are subtle enough for me then that just fine. It's a film after all and of a genre that used to be full of them. This one's slick and has a nice twist at the end without putting any spoilers in. It also kept me up watching it till 03:44 without falling asleep. That is a rarity these days.

I Am Number Four

As far as I could make out. John Smith - Number 4 (Alex Pettyfer) is next on the list of people from his own planet (I'm not sure about that but they don't like the guy and they've already killed numbers 1, 2 and 3) who are hellbent on killing him and ultimately decimating plant earth. "they don't assimilate they decimate" I think Henri ( Timothey Olyphant ) meant destroy rather than kill exactly one in ten of the population of planets. Anyway, Number 4 is the guy thats been protected by Henri so that he can save the day and defeat the Mogadorians who are trying destroy him and all the rest of the good guys and girls.

This is the poor mans's superman and it is a woeful attempt at that. There is definitely an attempt to start a franchise in the same vain.
Doesn't have an ending and not much to speak of a beginning. I can't believe that as much as 70% of the Audience liked it.

If you don't like films that leave you asking questions at the start of the film and have them mostly unanswered at the end than stay clear of this. If you like Action & adventure, Mystery and Suspense then this isn't for you. It's a Fantasy film with Dianna Agron for the romantic element. Rubbish, 2/10

The Great Debaters

I was very surprised by this little gem that I found tonight in the corner of my room, neglected and unwatched for 3 years. I'm so glad I found it and disappointed at the same time at how it managed to slip my attention for so long.
I don't normally go for these kinds of films to do with race that seemed to have been done to death. But this was different. It was so much more than the underdog overcoming adversity with righteous dignity. It was a film, however hopeful, that showed that with a cool head and a well researched argument, minds can be changed for the better. Melvin Tolson appeared to teach that debate, like chess, is war without the death, blood and senseless carnage and can achieve so much more good. The debates were hardly ground breaking stuff nowadays but back then, they must have seemed revolutionary. James Farmer Jr was depicted giving his final response and it basically meant the same as the words of John F Kennedy years after when he said "if you make peaceful revolution impossible, you make violent revolution inevitable" To appreciate the film at it's best you have to cast your mind back to to 1930s USA and keep in mind what it was like then. It was a pivotal moment in American history and if the many people like Melvin Tolson and the IWW had managed to get the working class to unite and make class the issue, rather than race, as the rich and powerful people behind the politicians often do, it would be a country worthy of it's status in the world. A good film that leaves some things to think about.

The Motorcycle Diaries

Rodrigo De la Serna is magnificent in this and Gael García Bernal is even better as the budding revolutionary that would go on to inspire the socialist movements in South America to this day. They say Che Guevera is alive and drives a Taxi in Buenos Aires. I'd like to believe that rather than those huge whoppers in the Bible.

Motorcycle Diaries

Brilliant. A must see for anyone interested in South America and it's socio-political cultures.

No Country for Old Men

Great film and a must see for all Coen fans. The acting is superb throughout. As usual the Coens take us on a ride through the bizarre and sometimes surreal. They make you work just enough to keep it interesting but not so much that's it arduous. They have the balance just right again.
I wouldn't say it was especially violent and I felt there was enough dark humour there to keep me amused. I highly recommend it.