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Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

As a big fan of the character, I am enjoyed by this movie. Even if it doesn't fully respect the original story (which is quite impossible to mix 45 years in a two-hours movie) like the Spider-man movies it fully respects the characters.
Robert Downey Junior was made to be Tony Stark and perfectly reflects the ambiguity of the character, Gwyneth Paltrow uses her low-time presence on screen to depict well the singularity of her character and her relation with her Boss. However, acting performances are great and the choice to do this movie with experienced actors was surely a good one.
Last but not least, what I feared the most, that is to say the aperance of Iron Man on real, doesn't look at all like an upgrated Power Rangers, nor a toy figure looking like a Transformer, but really brings some sort of credibility.
A very good introductionary film, let's now hope they will keep all this good points for the next episode.

There Will Be Blood

American dream, religion, personal goals in life, jealousy, ambition, and so on, it's what this movie deal with. A huge movie very agressive, with a lot of silence, unspoken feelings for the spectator to interpret, some good acting performances (but let's admit the truth, like always Day-Lewis is Awesome in this role of a man who you cannot tell if he's more a beast or still human).
However not the kind of movie that will make you laugh (except maybe the final scene with Eli) or that you can watch at any time just to have a moment of entertainment.


A very good surprise !
At first some kind of classic story about a child kidnapped, but the realistic treatment, and the great performance of Liam Neeson whose character is really doing EVERYTHING to get back his daughter ! Ouch !
A movie of which you don't expect anything, and finally you're left on your knees, what's best ?


A very good introduction, we are presented the character, his origins, what he did with his powers (the fact that he does not automatically turn to some kind of super-hero is more realistic), the setting of a certain mythology going with it...

For sure a well-done introduction, let's hope what is going next will be at the same level.


Far from perfect, for sure but this movie has for itself certain elements that show it is not the dud we can think.
The all-green atmosphere is rather well-done, there's some good ideas in terms of realization, the main actor is pretty charismatic in comparison with traditionnal actors in these kind of movies, and the choice to install some kind of Texas Chainsaw Massacre atmosphere was a good one (uh the brothers Thibedeaux ! ).
Nevertheless this movie is sadly doomed by a lack of money, the monster sucks and the "action scenes" if we can call them like that are ruining everything.
What a shame when this monster is supposed to be the Main interest of the movie...


To be honest, in terms of plot, this movie is just like every movies such as Godzilla, but it is rather a good experience because we see these typical events through another points of view, those of the poor normal people confronted to this without knowing what happens.
So it's kind of an original approach, the Dawson-like beginning makes you have the impression you watch the wrong movie, and the will to show everything as if it was "real life" make this kind of déjà-vu rather interesting.


One of the movies that you just love or hate...
As I'm concerned I enjoy the kind of extreme visuals, it seems like a clearly anti-commercial movie, a Tron-like but pushing the experience much further. If you were shocked by visual choices in 300, this was nothing compared to this movie. I must admit that it's not all visually perfect but it is at least trying something different ...


Disturbing ... Terribly disturbing ... Oh no visually there's no gore stuff or physical violence on screen, but if the director's goal was to make us think a little bit about Tv, it surely does.

When you read the plot, it is hard to believe that Russian Roulette could be in a reality show in our "real world", however it is constructed in such a way that we are not so sure of it after this.
Several times I really had the impression to be watching TV as all seems terribly true. And what can I say about the last half-hour when we see this "tv show" except that I was clearly in and that seems to be the case too for all the audience.
One thing also about Eva Mendes. I saw her recently in Ghost Rider and thought that it was just another so-called actress whose talent was just to smile and take a pose in cleavage ... Well I was wrong, and she proved with this ambiguous role that she was just a talented actress who is victim of the poor characters offered to her.
Anyway I'm not sure this movie will be interesting in a second viewing when you know all the details and particularly who will lose "the game", but it sure is something to see once for its (too) well representation of how reality-shows works.