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Mario-Francisco's Review of The Devil Inside

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The Devil Inside

The Devil Inside(2012)

The main things that drags this film are the performances of its leads. In order for the gimmick of "found footage" to work, you have to believe that these are real people. They cannot appear to be acting. The "Paranormal" franchise deserves credit, then, for finding unknowns actors that are incredibly comfortable in front of the cameras. The same cannot be said for "The Devil Inside." If you're a fan of these kinda of movies, you're going to wonder as you watch it, "Why isn't this engaging me?" And the answer is that they're coming off so phony that they're preventing you from suspending your disbelief. Also, the camera work is needlessly manic. Even during the mundane "testimonials" and dialogue-driven scenes the director feels the need to zoom in, and jolt around- perhaps because he has so little faith in his actors to be convincing that he's trying to "add something." And the ending is a rushed cop-out that doesn't even follow the film's own mythology.