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Born to Win

Born to Win(1971)

As great as Segal is with his character, it is Karen Black who steals the show. Her portrayal of Parm feels oddly contemporary--were this a current film we'd be drawing comparisons to Natalie Portman (particularly Garden State-era) and Zooey Deschanel. The love story between her and J (Segal) is alluring to the romantically-inclined viewers. But J's heroin addiction has him in constant danger. And his addiction has him going back for more. For as much delightfully humorous moments make up this movie, there isn't really any romanticization of the drug lifestyle. Perhaps one of the more scarily accurate portrayals of junkie life I've seen. Even when things are looking up and escape is so close you can taste it, the siren call of one more hit resounds...