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The Theatre Bizarre

The Theatre Bizarre(2012)

Surprisingly solid anthology. While the frame for presenting these stories is fairly mediocre, the actual short films range between "better than expected" and "whoa, holy cow that was much better than i expected." Even the low end of the spectrum managed to engage me as a viewer, even when the storyline was ridiculous, absurd, and downright gruesome. The story hooked me and I couldn't wait to see how they ended it. And that's pretty good. But the two standout stories (The Accident, Vision Stains) are what take this up a few grand notches. The Accident is a poetic exploration of a defining moment in a young girl's life. A number of the scenes in that are shot in a way that made it feel like it was taken out of a Lars Von Trier film. Vision Stains has one of the most beautifully ambitious sci-fi plot I've seen in a long time. It should be made into a full length, though it stands fairly well as-is.