Liz <3 Movies' Rating of Hugo

Liz 's Review of Hugo

5 years ago via Flixster


The first half of this charming film was often slightly dull, and had none of the Scorsese magic I was anticipating, but, as the film progressed into the second half it became a fantastic piece of cinema history. Wrapped up in a children's story, Hugo manages to build on the foundations of early film history and do it with ease. Scorsese is perhaps the only director who could have taken on the task of both false-biopic and children's tale and complete them both with an air of ease. Sadly, the film's star, Asa Butterfield, was very obviously coached into what little performance he managed. That being said, he did not detract from Chloe Grace Moretz, Ben Kingsley, or Sacha Baron Cohen, who all filled the stereotypes of their character and went beyond the script's fairy-tale essence.

The most enjoyable moments of the movie-- at least for a film aficionado-- were those that brought together the world of dreams and the world of Melies. Both world are equally passionate and equally beautiful.

Charming, and one of the better children's films of the last few decades, Hugo is a must see.