Hector Hernandez's Quotes - Rotten Tomatoes


The Cameraman
The Cameraman (1928) 6 years ago
  1. Luke Shannon: This is my dressing room.
  2. Man in Dressing Room: Shut up... or it'll be your coffin!
American Graffiti
American Graffiti (1973) 6 years ago
  1. Curt Henderson: I'm telling you this was the most perfect, dazzling creature I've ever seen!
  2. Steve Bolander: She's gone. Forget it.
  3. Curt Henderson: She spoke to me, she spoke to me right through the window. I think she said I love you. That means nothing to you people? You have no romance, no soul? Someone wants me. Someone roaming the streets wants me. Will you turn the corner?
American Graffiti
American Graffiti (1973) 6 years ago
  1. Steve Bolander: You wanna end up like John? You just can't stay seventeen forever.
Casablanca (1942) 6 years ago
  1. Ugarte: Heh, you know, watching you just now with the Deutsche Bank, one would think you've been doing this all your life.
  2. Rick Blaine: Oh, what makes you think I haven't?
  3. Ugarte: Oh, nothing, but when you first came to Casablanca, I thought...
  4. Rick Blaine: You thought what?
  5. Ugarte: Huh, what right do I have to think?
Cat Ballou
Cat Ballou (1965) 6 years ago
  1. Jackson Two-Bears: Kid, Kid what a time to fall of the wagon. Look at your eyes.
  2. Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn: What's wrong with my eyes?
  3. Jackson Two-Bears: Well, they're all red, bloodshot.
  4. Kid Shelleen/Tim Strawn: You ought to see 'em from my side.
Cat Ballou
Cat Ballou (1965) 6 years ago
  1. Clay Boone: He did it! He missed the barn!
All About Eve
All About Eve (1950) 6 years ago
  1. Margo Channing: Fasten your seatbelts, it's going to be a bumpy night!
What's Up, Doc?
What's Up, Doc? (1972) 6 years ago
  1. Judge Maxwell: Get the court psychiatrist, tell him to bring straitjackets, in assorted sizes.